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As Chair of the Committee on Health and Human Services, Councilmember Alexander is instrumental in ensuring that all District residents have access to and receive quality health care services. She led the passage of the Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation Certificate of Need Exemption Emergency Amendment Act, which paved the way for United Medical Center to launch mobile health units that will provide full primary care services for residents in Wards 7 and 8. Passionate about teen pregnancy prevention, she included language in the Budget Support Act to establish a teen pregnancy prevention fund. With the legislation in place, Councilmember Alexander was able to secure $2 Million in FY16 to be used for distribution to organizations whose mission is to end teen pregnancy.

HEALTHY HEARTS OF BABIES ACT OF 2015: Law 21-20 mandates the Department of Health to require hospitals and maternity centers to perform congenital heart defect screening, using pulse oximetry, on every newborn at its facility prior to discharge, unless the procedure is refused based on the parent’s religious beliefs. The Department of Health must be notified on a quarterly basis regarding the number of infants screened, the results of those screenings, and any documented parental refusals.

COPPER INTRAUTERINE DEVICE ACCESS ACT OF 2014: Requires the Mayor to review utilization and reimbursement rates for copper IUDs. It also allows the District State Plan for Medicaid to provide supplemental add-on payments for the reimbursement of copper IUDs immediately post-partum and the Mayor to develop a methodology for doing so.

LIMITED ACCESS TO ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES AMENDMENT ACT OF 2015: This will prevent the sale of e-cigarettes to minors; those under 18-years-old.

CLINICAL RIGHT TO TRY ACT OF 2015: This will allow patients with advanced illnesses access to FDA drugs that are currently only available to those who are able to participate in clinical trials.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SYSTEM OF CARE ACT OF 2014: Establishes a behavioral health access project to improve the mental health of children in the District by promoting the integration of mental health care and primary care by increasing pediatric primary care providers’ understanding and ability to treat children and adolescents with mental health issues, which can be appropriately managed in primary care.

COMPREHENSIVE PEDIATRIC DENTAL SCREENING AND EDUCATION ACT OF 2013: Requires the Chancellor and the Department of Health to implement a community health program for dental health education, screening and treatment referrals in D.C. Public Schools and public charter schools.

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