How many gallons of water are in a 24 foot round above ground pool?

The colorful Intex Pool Set includes a 110-120V filter pump with a 530 gallon-per-hour flow rate and a water capacity at 90 percent of 1,718 gallons. An easy-to-understand setup and maintenance DVD is included with the Intex 12′ x 30′ Pool Set to help get you started.


Aboveground Pool Sizes 48 Inch Deep 52 Inch Deep
24 Ft Round 11,895 gallons 13,595 gallons
27 Ft Round 15,050 gallons 17,205 gallons
30 Ft Round 18,585 gallons 21,240 gallons
33 Ft Round 22,485 gallons 25,700 gallons

Beside above, how many gallons is a 12×30 pool? The colorful Intex Pool Set includes a 110-120V filter pump with a 530 gallon-per-hour flow rate and a water capacity at 90 percent of 1,718 gallons. An easy-to-understand setup and maintenance DVD is included with the Intex 12′ x 30Pool Set to help get you started.

Accordingly, how much water is in a 18×33 above ground pool?

Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Volumes by Size
12x24ft Oval 5,948 gals 6,797 gals
15x30ft Oval 9,293 gals 10,620 gals
16x32ft Oval 10,573 gals 12,084 gals
18x33ft Oval 12,267 gals 14,019 gals

How many gallons is a 16 foot by 48 inch pool?

Includes 110-120V filter pump with pump flow rate of 1500 gallons per hour. Convenient drain plug connects to garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area. Also includes high-impact slip-resistant steps pool ladder, ground cloth, debris cover and handheld vacuum. Water capacity: 5061 gal.

How much water is 1000 gallons?

The average price of water in the United States is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons.

How much bleach do I use to shock my pool?

Calculate the amount of bleach you need based on the fact that 1 gallon will raise the free chlorine level of 30,000 gallons of water by 2 ppm. If you need to mildly shock a 30,000-gallon pool by raising the free chlorine concentration to 5 ppm, you need 2.5 gallons of bleach. To raise it to 10 ppm, you need 5 gallons.

How many gallons of water is in a 27 foot round pool?

For example, if the pool is 21 1/2 feet in diameter, use 22 feet as the diameter. 3- For the Average Depth, it is best to use whole numbers, rounded up. How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Swimming Pool? SIZE GALLONS OF WATER 18′ Round 7,646 21′ Round 10,407 24′ Round 13,593 27′ Round 17,204

How do you close an above ground pool for the winter?

How to Close or Winterize Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Before closing your above ground pool, make sure the water is clean, clear and chemically balanced. Remove all deck equipment, including ladders, stairs, etc. Brush down the sides and floor of your pool and then vacuum. Add winterizing chemicals by broadcasting them into the deep end of the pool.

How many gallons is a 36x18x18 tank?

Standard US Tank Capacities and Stocking Levels Dimensions (LxWxH) Volume in US gallons/type Volume in Liters 48x13x16″ (120x33x40cm) 40 long 151 36x12x24″ (90x30x60cm) 45 170 36x18x18″ (90x45x45cm) 50 189 48x13x20″ (120x33x50cm) 55 208

What is half gallon?

a half of a gallon, equal to 2 quarts (1.9 liters).

Can you shock your pool during the day?

Shock your pool late in the evening or at night, when the sun is down to make sure free chlorine will stay longer in your water. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from direct sunlight greatly reduces free chlorine levels, so shocking during the day will not be very effective.

How do I calculate gallons of water in my pool?

Length x width x depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons) Length times width gives the surface area of the pool. Multiplying that by the depth gives the volume in cubic feet. Since there are 7.5 gallons in each cubic foot, multiply the cubic feet of the pool by 7.5 to arrive at the volume of the pool, expressed in gallons.

How do you winterize a pool?

Winter Closing Balance the water chemistry. Remove skimmer baskets, wall fittings, cleaners, solar blankets and ladders from the pool. Clean the pool. Lower the water level in the pool. Drain all pool equipment. Lubricate the o-rings on equipment. Winterize plumbing to and from the pool.

What is in a winterizing pool kit?

Description Three stage swimming pool winterizing kit. Use with Aqua EZ winter aid. Contains demineralizer, sodium bromide and non-chlorine shock. For above-ground and in-ground pools. Makes winterizing easier. No staining, no bleaching. Helps keep clean, covered pool water clear and odor free.

How many gallons of water are in a 10 foot pool?

Pool Capacity Cheatsheet Poolsize Round Capacity (Gallons) Poolsize Oval 15 Round 5,000 10×15, 10×16 18 Round 7,500 10×21, 12×18 21 Round 10,000 12×20, 12×21 24 Round 13,000 12×24, 14×20

How much bleach do I put in a 20000 gallon pool?

15,000 gallons water – 10 cups bleach, 20,000 gallons water – 13 cups bleach, 25,000 gallons water – 17 cups bleach, 30,000 gallons water – 20 cups bleach, 35,000 gallons water – 23 cups bleach. Note: 2 cups = 1 pint, 4 cups = 1 quart, 16 cups = 1 gallon.

How big is an Olympic pool?

Olympic-size swimming pool are approximately 50 m or 164 feet in length, 25 m or 82 feet in width, and 2 m or 6 feet in depth. These measurements create a surface area of 13,454.72 square feet and a volume of 88,263 cubic feet. The pool has 660,253.09 gallons of water, which equals about 5,511,556 lbs.