How To Airplay On Lg Tv

Any architect of a account soundbar has to cut corners in one way or another; bottom-line amount is bent by area those compromises get made. In the case of Samsung’s $280 HW-S60A, there’s no Dolby Atmos support, but you do get some adorable allowances in return, including congenital Alexa, AirPlay 2, and 5.0-channel sound, with side-firing drivers bartering the beleaguer channels. Also, you can advancement the HW-S60A with Samsung’s alternative beleaguer apostle kit and subwoofer.

How to Use Apply AirPlay on LG TV
How to Use Apply AirPlay on LG TV | How To Airplay On Lg Tv

How does the HW-S60A admeasurement up compared to its competitors? Well, that depends on what you’re adorable for in a soundbar. While I admired the HW-S60A’s decidedly advanced and abundant sound, I adopted the warmer, sweeter complete signature of Denon’s $249 DHT-S216H, but that Denon all-in-one soundbar doesn’t do Alexa or AirPlay 2. Yamaha’s $200 SR-B20A has the acme furnishings (courtesy of DTS Virtual:X) that the HW-S60A is missing, but the Yamaha apostle doesn’t accept Alexa or AirPlay 2 either. Roku’s $180 Streambar Pro does accept AirPlay 2, not to acknowledgment an chip Roku alive player, but the HW-S60A sounds better.

In the end, the Samsung HW-S60A delivers solid complete and affluence of amount in a compact, $280 package, but its collapsed complete signature won’t be for everyone.

This analysis is allotment of TechHive’s advantage of the best soundbars. Click that articulation to apprehend reviews of aggressive products, forth with a buyer’s adviser to the appearance you should accede back shopping.

The Samsung HW-S60A is a 5.0-channel soundbar, but it doesn’t appear with a set of concrete beleaguer speakers that would about accord it a 5.0 (left, center, right, beleaguer left, beleaguer right) designation. Instead, the HW-S60A takes an access we’ve apparent from aggressive all-in-one soundbars: It uses side-firing drivers in the capital soundbar assemblage to animation the beleaguer channels off your walls, carrying (ideally) beleaguer furnishings afterwards absolute speakers abaft your sofa. Does it work? We’ll altercate that in a bit.

The Samsung HW-S60A uses side-firing drivers to animation the beleaguer channels off your walls.

Besides the left, center, and appropriate drivers (Samsung didn’t accumulation us with disciplinarian specifications), there are additionally a brace of “Acoustic Beams”—Samsung’s name for an “inward”-firing disciplinarian with a alternation of holes advised to activity complete absolutely throughout the room.

If you appetite to bolster the HW-S60A’s low-frequency effects, you can about-face it into a 5.1-channel soundbar with the optional, $280 SWA-W500 wireless subwooferRemove non-product link. And if you’d adopt concrete beleaguer speakers, the soundbar is accordant with Samsung’s $180 SWA-91005 beleaguer apostle kitRemove non-product link. Samsung didn’t accumulation us with any added speakers, so we focused our testing on the capital soundbar unit.

The HW-S60A lacks upfiring drivers for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X acme cues, and it doesn’t abutment any acme virtualization modes either. So if you’re adorable for a soundbar that delivers immersive Atmos or DTS:X sound, you’ll accept to pony up for one of Samsung’s pricier models, or a analogously priced adversary such as the Vizio M51ax-J6 or the Yamaha SR-B20A that can aftermath virtualized acme cues.

Measuring 30.1 x 2.7 x 4.9 inches (WxHxD) and belief 6.6 pounds, the HW-S60A is almost attenuated and manageable, with a rounded, fabric-wrapped exoteric that’s adorable but dust-prone. At 2.7 inches high, the soundbar may block a sliver of your TV’s awning back placed anon in front; it absolutely did with my low-slung, 55-inch LG C9, although the slight cavity it fabricated in the basal of the awning didn’t bother me too much.

If you don’t appetite the HW-S60A sitting in advanced of your TV screen, you can consistently arise it beneath your TV, and Samsung carefully food ascent accent and a arise adviser for that actual purpose. Additionally in the box: an HDMI cable, an accent that not all soundbar manufacturers (cough—LG!—cough) bother to include.

LG reicht AirPlay- und HomeKit-Support für ältere Fernseher nach
LG reicht AirPlay- und HomeKit-Support für ältere Fernseher nach | How To Airplay On Lg Tv

The HW-S60A has a pared-down alternative of interfaces in the rear, including a distinct HDMI-ARC port, optical (Toslink) in, and a microUSB anchorage for installing firmware updates.

The Samsung HW-S60A comes able with a distinct HDMI-ARC port, an optical (Toslink) input, and a microUSB anchorage for installing firmware updates. Additionally pictured is the barrel-type DC ability input.

Because the HW-S60A has but the distinct HDMI-ARC interface, you alone accept one advantage back it comes to abutting the soundbar to your TV via HDMI: active your video sources into your TV’s HDMI inputs and afresh sending audio to the soundbar via HDMI-ARC. On the one hand, that agency you can affix as abounding video sources as your TV allows, and it additionally agency that you can aqueduct complete from your TV’s congenital tuner and apps to the soundbar. On the added hand, because the HW-S60A doesn’t abutment eARC (an “enhanced” adaptation of HDMI-ARC), you won’t be able to accept to lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio tracks, which are frequently encoded on Blu-ray discs.

A workaround for the eARC affair would be to affix a video antecedent (such as a Blu-ray amateur or bold console) to the soundbar’s additional or third HDMI inputs, except as we aloof mentioned, the HW-S60A doesn’t accept any. For those who beck videos rather than comedy them on concrete Blu-ray media, the eARC affair is abundantly moot, back alive casework about bear audio in the lossy Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus formats.

If you appetite to use the HW-S60A with an beforehand TV that doesn’t accept an HDMI-ARC port, you can use the optical connection. No optical achievement either? Well, that’s a problem, because the HW-S60A lacks a 3.5mm audio jack that ability contrarily acquiesce you to affix a best TV with stereo output.

Want to skip the cables altogether? If you wish, you can affix the HW-S60A to your awning via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but that’s alone accessible with a accurate Samsung TV.

Once you accept the HW-S60A positioned in advanced of your TV or installed beneath it, and your HDMI or optical cables and ability bond (which has an in-line ability brick, acceptance for a accepted two-prong bung afterwards a bank wart) are all set, it’s time to affix the soundbar to your Wi-Fi network.

The action is adequately simple: Aloof accessible the Samsung SmartThings app for iOS or Android, tap the “ ” button in the top-left corner, tap Samsung from the “by brand” tab, afresh tap “AV,” and assuredly “Soundbar.” The app will adviser you through the process, including entering your Wi-Fi credentials. Within a few minutes, the soundbar was affiliated to my wireless network, all on the aboriginal try.

There are alone four buttons on top of the HW-S60A: a multifunction button that serves to ability on the soundbar as able-bodied as change inputs, aggregate up, aggregate down, and microphone aphasiac (for back you appetite some aloofness from Alexa).

The HW-S60A’s indicator lights are analogously minimalist. The bristles lights—four white, and a average checkered LED—peek out from the soundbar’s bolt up top and appropriate abutting to the buttons, and the lights beam depending on whether you’re adjusting the volume, swapping inputs, muting the sound, alteration complete modes, bond a Bluetooth device, and so on. There’s a acquirements ambit to addition out what the beating lights mean, and because the LEDs are on the top of the soundbar, they can be difficult to see back you’re sitting on the sofa.

LG Smart TV: How to Turn AirPlay 9 ON/OFF (Built-In AirPlay)
LG Smart TV: How to Turn AirPlay 9 ON/OFF (Built-In AirPlay) | How To Airplay On Lg Tv

The HW-S60A ships with Samsung’s accepted soundbar remote, a sleek, ergonomic baton with aggregate and bass rockers that sit appropriate abutting to your thumb. Mute, complete mode, and settings buttons are in anniversary ability appropriate beneath the four-way abyssal pad, while power, ascribe select, and Bluetooth buttons are positioned in the top division of the remote. Overall, it’s a simple, automatic layout. It’s additionally account acquainted that you can best acceptable ascendancy the HW-S60A’s aggregate with your TV remote, accord the soundbar’s HDMI-CEC support.

The Samsung HW-S60A’s sleek, ergonomic alien has a simple, automatic layout.

Another advantage for demography allegation of the HW-S60A is via the SmartThings app. Using the app, you can ability the soundbar on and off, acclimatize the volume, change complete modes, dabble with EQ settings, and trim the ancillary and rear approach levels.

You can’t accept aggregate back it comes to a sub-$280 soundbar like the HW-S60A; for archetype (and as I’ve already covered), Dolby Atmos is one of the appearance you’ll accept to do without. What you do get, however, are a brace of appearance that are almost aberrant at this amount point: congenital Alexa and AirPlay 2.

With Alexa on board, the HW-S60A functions as any added Alexa-enabled acute apostle would. You can ask Alexa to analysis the weather, accord you a briefing of your schedule, set alarms and reminders, comedy music (Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Tidal are amid the accurate music alive services), or ascendancy added acute accessories in your home. You can additionally ask Alexa to acclimatize the soundbar’s volume, aphasiac the audio, or skip to the abutting music track.

One ache about Alexa on the HW-S60A, however: She can get shockingly loud, alike back the capital soundbar aggregate is alone at a abstinent level. Indeed, Alexa fabricated me jump out of my armchair a brace of times afterwards I’d cranked the aggregate for a movie. Samsung absolutely needs to body in a abstracted aggregate ambience for Alexa, and I’ve been told that the architect is actively alive on such a feature. 

AirPlay 2 is addition absorbing affection for a soundbar in this amount range. With AirPlay 2, you can beck audio to the HW-S60A from any accurate Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and you can additionally add the soundbar to AirPlay 2 multi-room setups.

Finally, the HW-S60A acts as a Spotify Affix device, acceptance you to beck tunes to the soundbar anon from the Spotify app.

The HW-S60A has four complete modes: Standard, Music, Game, and Adaptive, the closing actuality an AI-powered approach that automatically tweaks the complete depending on what you’re watching and/or alert to.

I’ve begin Samsung’s Adaptive approach to be absolutely able on its added soundbars, and the aforementioned holds accurate here. I begin that I adopted the added all-embracing Adaptive approach beyond the board, so I ashore with it during my testing.

Updated] LG TV AirPlay not working : How to fix it?  Android Gram
Updated] LG TV AirPlay not working : How to fix it? Android Gram | How To Airplay On Lg Tv

Besides the capital four complete modes, there’s additionally a voice-enhancing ambience for advocacy dialogue, as able-bodied as a night approach that compresses the activating ambit during late-night examination sessions.

A $280 soundbar won’t be able to attempt with high-end A/V gear, so afore I began my testing of the HW-S60A, I spent some time alert to the rarely acclimated centralized speakers on my LG C9 OLED TV. While the LG’s speakers are able of Dolby Atmos output, they’re still appealing tinny and bass-deprived. So here’s the question: Will the HW-S60A accomplish for a abundant advancement to your own TV’s speakers?

After added than a anniversary with the HW-S60A, I can say the acknowledgment is yes, admitting with some caveats. While the soundbar’s side-firing drivers do a nice job of addition with the soundstage and carrying some nice basic beleaguer effects, I was never tricked into cerebration that there were apparition beleaguer speakers in the room, although that’s not aberrant with all-in-one soundbars.

Also, the HW-S60A’s complete signature is somewhat flat, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; afterwards all, best audiophiles adopt a collapsed abundance response. But I doubtable the HW-S60A’s ambition admirers is adorable for article a little sweeter (heck, I’m not allowed to the pleasures of a acquiescently acquainted speaker), and for acceptable or ill, there’s a absitively abridgement of amore to the HW-S60A’s sound. That’s not to say that the soundbar’s acquiescent subwoofers don’t crank out any bass; indeed, they best absolutely do.

Now, both of the aloft issues could able-bodied be addressed by abacus Samsung’s wireless subwoofer and beleaguer apostle kit (although as I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t able to analysis either of those accessories). Still, there’s a lot to like about the HW-S60A’s sonic performance, and you could consistently advancement afterwards if you acquisition the complete wanting.

Starting off with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on the iTunes Store via an Apple TV 4K (I streamed all the videos for my testing, as I’m academic best added users of this soundbar will be accomplishing the aforementioned thing), I was afflicted by the HW-S60A’s advanced soundstage, such as back Luke’s X-Wing soared off Hoth against its destination of Dagobah, or as a band of Storm Troopers accursed laser bolts at the artifice Millennium Falcon. Speaking of the Falcon, the soundbar’s acquiescent subwoofers kicked into accent as the ship’s engines roared during the hunt with the advancing Star Destroyers—we’re not talking ample bass, apperception you, but absolutely bigger than I was assured accustomed the abridgement of a powered subwoofer.

But while the HW-S60A’s complete delivered affluence of details, abnormally in the mid-range, it still articulate a little… well, flat. Again, collapsed isn’t inherently bad, but I still begin myself absent a little juicier, as I did during the acclaimed aperture credits of 1978’s Superman. As the credits soared beyond the frame, the soundbar managed added absorbing beleaguer cues, and John Williams’s activation affair articulate bright and detailed; there was alike a appropriate “thunk” for Richard Donner’s “directed by” credit. But again, yeah, a little flat, for bigger or worse.

Switching over to the blood-tingling barrage arrangement in Apollo 13, the HW-S60A accurately handled the barrage of the Saturn V’s engines as the rocket rose off the barrage pad, and James Horner’s account soared appropriate forth with it. I did apprehension that some of the beleaguer furnishings in Apollo 13 pushed the HW-S60A to its limits; for example, the gurgling of the ammunition pumps didn’t complete like it was advancing from abaft the daybed as it ability on a arrangement with able beleaguer speakers. Also, the chat of a CAPCOM that pans to the appropriate (“We’re aloof activity to bake those engines for a little bit longer”) articulate a bit bogus as the articulation confused to the ancillary of the screen. Not a huge accord (and annihilation that Samsung’s beleaguer kit wouldn’t solve), but there it is.

I additionally streamed some tunes from Spotify, Tidal, and my own Plex media library to the HW-S60A via AirPlay 2, and as I teed up Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” the soundbar afresh showed off its all-embracing soundstage, with The Boss’s additional vocals aural brittle and clean, with solid low-frequency furnishings as the balmy synthesizers rose up. Meanwhile, Vlado Perlemuter’s about miked achievement of Ravel’s abandoned piano works articulate appropriately airy, with affluence of amplitude registering amid the bright keystrokes. I additionally admired the ample reverb and almost abysmal bassline of Billie Eilish “Oxytocin,” although again, it was a tad flat.

The Samsung HW-S60A has a collapsed complete signature that I adore rather than love, and I anticipate abounding added admirers will allotment my so-so appraisal. That said, Samsung has arranged a lot into the HW-S60A’s affordable shell, including its Alexa and AirPlay 2 capabilities, and you can consistently advancement the HW-S60A by abacus a subwoofer and beleaguer speakers (although accomplishing so would jack up the price). The HW-S60A would be a solid aces for those who appetite a account soundbar with allowance to grow, while those adorable for actual delight ability be bigger off with a sweeter-sounding but beneath able speaker, such as the Denon DHT-S216H or the Yamaha SR-B20A.

LG is adding Apple AirPlay and HomeKit support to its TVs  TechCrunch
LG is adding Apple AirPlay and HomeKit support to its TVs TechCrunch | How To Airplay On Lg Tv

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Help library: LG TV support of Apple AirPlay 9 and HomeKit LG Canada | How To Airplay On Lg Tv

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Help library: LG TV support of Apple AirPlay 9 and HomeKit  LG Canada
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