How To Make Sponge Cake

Making a archetypal blot is accessible if you chase these able tips.

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A light, aureate blot band cake, covered in passionfruit icing, or abounding with chrism and drupe jam, is a beatific occasion. 

Usually fabricated with aloof a few capacity – eggs, sugar, flour, and, often, cornflour, milk and adulate – a archetypal blot is both ablaze yet decidedly athletic and flexible. It can be layered, iced, blood-soaked in abstract or formed and filled.  

It’s additionally a block that sometimes causes abhorrence in the hearts of some bakers – but it absolutely doesn’t charge to.

To admonition you adept the archetypal Australian sponge, we talked to two baking experts: Anneka Manning, a adept contributor to SBS with her Bakeproof column, runs Sydney-based affable academy BakeClub, which offers in-person and online classes in aggregate from the science of baking to souffle, sponges and sourdough. She’s additionally accounting several books on baking. Nelleke Gorton is an award-winning block maker and antagonism adjudicator who’s been baking her way about the apple aback she was a jailbait – built-in in the Netherlands, she mostly grew up in India (her ancestor was transferred to abounding genitalia of the apple for work), and afterwards she affiliated she and her ancestors confused a lot too, including time in the United States, area she formed as a pastry chef in hotels and restaurants. She abutting the Country Women’s Association aback she alternate to Australia 15 years ago and is now the admiral of the CWA of NSW’s Bega branch. She’s won abounding awards for her baking, including her sponges, at competitions including the Sydney Royal Show and the CWA’s anniversary baking competition. She shares her affable on her Facebook page.

The brace accept abundantly aggregate their admonition for arrive a sponge. Reassuringly, both say that there’s no charge to abhorrence a sponge. Aloof use their top tips and ablaze aureate layers can be yours, too.

The blot ancestors is a big one – about the world, it includes cakes alignment from the French-Italian genoise to the chiffon-style cakes accepted in America and genitalia of Asia. They are all fabricated with some aggregate of aerated eggs, abrade and sugar, with variations on how they are alloyed and what abroad is added. You can analyze some of that array in Manning’s Bakeproof cavalcade on blot block recipes. 

Bakeproof blot recipes accommodate chiffon cake, a archetypal band sponge, a citrus plava and Japanese castella cake

The way cakes are alleged can overlap a little but here’s a simple adviser to blot types:

Victoria blot with gooseberry jam

What we’re talking about in this commodity is the archetypal Australian blot best generally apparent layered with chrism and jam or a simple passionfruit icing – like Manning’s august passionfruit sponge.

Anneka Manning’s adulation of a blot dates aback to her childhood.

“My Mum acclimated to accomplish a approved block which, aback I was growing up, I didn’t realise a sponge. It was the block that she fabricated all the time, it didn’t amount whether we were activity to a Pony Club affected or a barbecue or a appropriate break or whatever, she’d whip it up. I realised afterwards in activity aback I started accomplishing my training that it was a sponge, and it was article that she acclimated to whip out afterwards fear. There are assertive things in baking area bodies tend to go “ooh, I can’t try that’ because there’s a faculty that it’s difficult. But Mum grew up with her mother authoritative that cake, it was article they fabricated regularly, and there was no abhorrence about it. So that’s how I abstruse to accomplish sponges, with her hot milk blot recipe.

“Then I abstruse added and realised that there was this accomplished brand of altered sponges from all about the world, and altered combinations of ingredients, but about the abject of it was whisking eggs and amoroso and a little bit of flour, sometimes cornflour, sometimes milk, butter.”

Essentially, it’s consistently the aforementioned basal additive list, she says, with slight variations in the method. “There are three altered basal methods for authoritative a sponge. One is to barrel accomplished eggs with amoroso (such as her elderflower gin sponge); one is to barrel yolks with amoroso and again the whites with amoroso and again amalgamate those two; the added adjustment is to barrel egg whites and amoroso and add yolks.

“When I went to college, I started to apprentice the science abaft what the aerated eggs absolutely contributed to a sponge. It is the air that was actuality congenital through that whisking but it was additionally the protein in the egg that was giving the sponges the anatomy and flexibility. A lot of bodies anticipate sponges are absolutely fragile, but actually, they’re ablaze and aerial but additionally absolutely adjustable because of that adjustable protein that the eggs accord them.”

“Eggs are the best important ingredient,” says Nelleke Gorton. “The best important aspect to authoritative a ablaze blot is that the eggs should be fresh. So consistently analysis the dates – unless you accept your own chooks, which I do, but alike then, I pencil on a date anniversary day! Beginning eggs are abundant firmer and whip up abundant bigger than old ones which are adulterated with no adeptness to actualize any volume. A way to analysis an egg is to able one into a saucer. Both the yolk and the white should angle up proudly afterwards hardly any adulterated basin about the outside.

“The admeasurement is additionally important… so I counterbalance them. Imagine a four-egg blot fabricated with baby eggs belief 55 g, let’s say. Another blot fabricated with 70 g eggs is activity to be abundant higher. If you use baby eggs, you will not be accepting the aftereffect you want. So, attending at the date and the admeasurement of the eggs afore you buy them.”

Manning, too, advises application beginning eggs, at allowance temperature. Beginning eggs, she explains, booty best to barrel but will crop a added abiding foam. Allowance temperature eggs are quicker and easier to barrel and will authority added air, creating added volume. (You can apprehend added on this on her website)

Simple Sponge Cake Recipe
Simple Sponge Cake Recipe | How To Make Sponge Cake

The added key affair is to barrel the eggs and amoroso for continued enough. “Whisk the eggs for the breadth of time accustomed in the recipe,” says Manning. “The protein in the egg can become anemic if you over barrel it, but it’s absolutely adamantine to do and if you’ve congenital amoroso into them that acts as a stabiliser.

“You charge to get to a point area best recipes will say a award trail. What I advise my acceptance is that you should be able to draw a amount eight boring on top: lift your barrel up and with the abaft admixture draw a amount eight, and if that amount eight is still sitting on top of your admixture by the time you accomplishment the amount eight, that’s aback you can activate abacus abrade and milk, if that’s what you’re using.”

You may see some recipes that use both accomplished eggs and added egg yolks – “that gives a richer flavour and it will additionally accord a added breakable block crumb, but I’m not a fan of it, as it takes a little of the animation away,” says Manning. The aftereffect is a ‘cakier’ blot with a added colour. “Because you’re not alone abacus fat with the yolk, but additionally colour, it will becloud the colour of your blot block as well. It will accomplish it richer in mouthfeel, and hardly added in texture, although added breakable as well.”

Most often, Manning uses a accomplished egg hot milk blot method: accomplished eggs are aerated till frothy, again amoroso is added and the admixture is baffled until blubbery and anemic afore the accession of a admixture of hot milk and butter.

“I calefaction the milk until it’s about alive because the warmer the milk is the easier it is to absorb through your mixture,” she says. This helps in two ways. “Firstly, you’re not activity to overmix your mix accumulation it through, so it helps anticipate developing the gluten, so that you don’t get a boxy sponge. The added acceptable affair about accepting application balmy milk is that because it melds with your aerated egg admixture a lot added easily, you don’t lose a lot of the congenital air.”

The archetypal band blot is generally fabricated with self-raising flour. Because it contains baking powder, it contributes actinic leavening to the cake, with works forth with the air congenital during whisking to actualize the archetypal fine, ablaze blot block texture.

A accepted catechism is whether application some cornflour forth with wheat-based abrade is the abstruse to a abundant cake. “I like cornflour in my sponges, although it depends on the blazon of blot I appetite to actualize in the end,” Manning says.

“Because it’s gluten-free and because it has a altered texture, cornflour adds a absolute animation to the mixture. You can get a actual agnate aftereffect by application a lower-protein apparent flour, article accepted as block flour, which usually has a protein agreeable of about 8.5 grams per hundred grams or 8.5 per cent – the protein that you can see in the comestible console packet of abrade tells you the abeyant of that abrade to actualize gluten. So if you’re not activity to use cornflour in aggregate with a apparent or self-raising flour, application block abrade is a absolutely acceptable idea, it aloof helps abate that abeyant of gluten development and accordingly you will get a lighter atom texture.”

Although self-raising abrade is common, some recipes use apparent abrade – such as Gabriel Gaté’s rolled Savoy blot with blueberries, which gets its leavening from baffled egg whites. 

Rolled Savoy blot with blueberries (biscuit de Savoie roulé aux myrtilles)

A few bond tips from our experts:

First, add the amoroso gradually, whisking able-bodied afterwards anniversary accession to accomplish abiding the amoroso is dissolved. “Test amid your fingers if charge be, to accomplish abiding the admixture is smooth,” says Gorton. This will admonition abstain amoroso spots, which are a boycott in affable competitions (“Layers to be analogously risen, identical in array and baking. The top should be bland and afterwards amoroso spots. The arrangement should be fine, aerial and absorptive aback agilely apprenticed with fingertips,” says the area for Apparent Acceptable Blot in the CWA’s The Land Cookery Competition. These days, the CWA works to aid rural communities in abounding ways, from acknowledging aridity and emergency abatement to lobbying about issues such as cloister bike safety, but it additionally maintains a able affable tradition, and aback 1949 the Land Cookery Contest has offered adults and accouchement a adventitious to attempt in a ambit of categories.)

When abacus abrade to the baffled egg mixture, it’s important not to overmix. Overmixing will advance the gluten in the flour, authoritative for a tougher cake, and lose some of the air you accept so anxiously incorporated.

Make sure, aback you add milk or the milk-butter admixture that it’s analogously alloyed in, Manning says.  

“Say you’re application a hot blot recipe, you cascade your milk bottomward the ancillary of the basin and again you add the abrade on top and mix it with a angle mixer or use a spatula to mix it through. Absolutely generally admixture can get ashore bottomward the bottom, so you charge to accomplish abiding it’s analogously congenital because if you again disconnected it amid your tins, you’d cascade the top into the aboriginal tin, and that’s ablaze and airy, that’s area all the air is, and again you cascade the blow of the accumulation into the additional tin, and that’s area the abundant admixture is, and you end up with a band that’s absolutely aerial and aerial one and one that’s not so risen and a little bit dense.”

Gorton and Manning both advance application scales aback abacus the blot concoction into tins. Counterbalance your tins – to analysis if they are the aforementioned – and again use the scales to bisect the admixture evenly. This will accord you two according layers.

“Just chase the rules, and you can’t go wrong,” says Nelleke Gorton.

And while we’re talking tins, accession tip from Gorton: “Prepare your block tins by abrasion basal and abandon with ashen butter, again abacus a tablespoon of flour, blanket the buttered surfaces thoroughly, again axis upside bottomward and borer out balance flour.” Manning does the same, with the accession of a amphitheater of baking cardboard in the basal of anniversary tin.

Victoria Sponge Cake
Victoria Sponge Cake | How To Make Sponge Cake

Bake your cakes until they bounce aback with apprenticed agilely in the centre and alpha to cull abroad from the bend of the tins. Overbaking can be one acumen for abundant sponges, or sponges that collapse a lot aback cooling (a little abbreviating is normal). Opening the aperture too anon during baking can additionally account a blot to fall. (Read added tips from Anneka Manning here).

A tip aggregate by both of our experts, which is abnormally advantageous if you’re planning to serve your blot afterwards icing: Aback axis the cakes out of their tins, about-face them assimilate a arbor covered with a tea towel. This will accomplish abiding you accept a bland top, afterwards marks from the arbor on the top of the sponges.

Make abiding your sponges are absolutely air-conditioned afore abacus icing or cream. “Always leave a blot to air-conditioned absolutely afore bushing it or the chrism will liquify and it will be a awkward mess. Alike aloof a little bit of amore will cook the cream,” says Manning.

There is one adorable treatment, though, area you do appetite to assignment with hot cakes: aback abacus a syrup.

“Sponges aren’t abundant the abutting day, but one way you can extend their activity is to accomplish a flavoured syrup, say with auto abstract or orange juice, or spices – so I ability do a cardamom and biscuit abstract – and again put that over the sponges.

“The ambush is hot syrup, hot blot – it will absorb up added than if you let either or both go cold. Poking holes [in the cakes] will admonition but if I’m not accoutrement the apparent of the cake, I don’t do it as I don’t appetite holes in the top.

Manning again fills, amaranthine and acme the cooled blot layers. “The bushing booty cues from those flavouring. So, if I do an orange syrup, I ability use an orange marmalade I’ve attenuated bottomward a bit.

“I do a aggregate of chrism and acerb chrism that I whip, it makes this admirable blubbery dolloping bendability which is absolute for blot cakes. Again I’ll attenuate bottomward marmalade with baptize or Cointreau – depending on how boozy I appetite it to be! – and dribble that over the chrism afterwards belief it down.” Her accomplished cake, therefore, is again layers of syrup-soaked sponge, chrism and marmalade-y drizzle.

“It’s absolutely appealing and you’ve got the acerbity of the marmalade and the slight acidity of the acerb cream, and a attenuate sweetness, and bodies who don’t accept a candied tooth adulation that combination.”

Other favourite fillings accommodate auto acerbate afflicted into agilely aerated chrism (her tip is to use a chrism that’s at atomic 45 per cent fat, so that it whips up thicker than accustomed whipping cream, and accordingly isn’t aqueous aback the acerbate is added), or chrism and raspberry jam.

She additionally uses blot block in her tiramisu squares.

Gorton’s favourite blot has a Chantilly chrism and passionfruit acerbate bushing with passionfruit icing on top, although she says the acumen she loves sponges is that they are so versatile.

“You can use it as the abject for a many-layered ambrosia cake, cut in one, two or three layers and ample with any affectionate of bushing or ganache. Or you can accomplish a Swiss cycle out of the mix. Or accumulate it as a layered blot block abounding with apish chrism … amaranthine possibilities!”

More superb sponges

My nan’s blot cake

Nans abiding apperceive how to blot cake, abnormally Donna Hay’s. This blot is light, airy, and aces of casual bottomward for generations. 

Basic Sponge Cake Base Recipe  HappyFoods
Basic Sponge Cake Base Recipe HappyFoods | How To Make Sponge Cake

Crucifix acclaim sponge

A acceptable blot cake, which is as ablaze and admirable as you may bethink from childhood, with a animal allure in all those blooms. 

Peach meringue block (el postre chaja)

This beatific aggregate of blot cake, cream, meringue, dulce de leche and peaches takes its name from a built-in Uruguayan bird – allegedly the meringues resemble the appearance of a chaja bird. I charge accept I acquisition it adamantine to see the affinity and feel this admirable block has been dealt a slight disservice in its naming!

Sponge cakes from Castebottaccio (pesche di castelbottaccio)

Silvia and her mother set about authoritative blot cakes that resemble little peaches, acknowledgment to a brownish liqueur alleged alchermes.

Coffee and almond genoise (gateau moka)

Based on a coffee syrup-soaked genoise blot (thought to accept originated in Italy) and layered with coffee buttercream, this French archetypal is the absolute block for a celebration.

Poached Satsuma plums, amber blot and asset cream

Blood plums are a accurate favourite of mine, both for their accomplished colour and affluent plummy flavour. This accurate blazon is absolutely candied but has a deliciously absinthian bark that after-effects in a ambrosia that is not too sweet. The amber blot compound is accessible and quick and oh so actual ablaze and the chrism becomes a absolutely adorable adumbration of pink.

Japanese blot block (castella)

Castella is one of the best absorbing blot cakes you’ll anytime make. With its ancestry advancing from Portuguese traders but with centuries of adjustment in Japan, and fabricated from aliment abrade leavened alone with egg, this half-baked, half-steamed block is as absurd in its adjustment as it is in its origins.

Einen Victoria Sponge Kuchen zubereiten
Einen Victoria Sponge Kuchen zubereiten | How To Make Sponge Cake

Lemon chiffon cakes

Adaptations of Western-style desserts, such as chrism blot cakes, are abnormally accepted with the adolescent Japanese. While yuzu may be the citrus of best in Japan, we accept flavoured these cakes with lemons and accept fabricated them in the appearance of a ablaze and creamy American chiffon cake.

How To Make Sponge Cake – How To Make Sponge Cake
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Sponge Cake Recipe
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The Perfect Sponge Cake (Only 9 Ingredients) - Momsdish
The Perfect Sponge Cake (Only 9 Ingredients) – Momsdish | How To Make Sponge Cake
Basic plain sponge cake recipe - All recipes UK
Basic plain sponge cake recipe – All recipes UK | How To Make Sponge Cake
Victoria sponge
Victoria sponge | How To Make Sponge Cake

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