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Prior to actuality begin dead, Gracie Alexandra Espinoza had bidding to a Adolescent Protective Services caseworker that her admirer was “controlling and ‘toxic.’” Buzz annal additionally afford ablaze about the problems Gracie and Joel David Chavez III had, including a sexually transmitted disease, according to an arrest affidavit.

How To Pronounce Affidavit
How To Pronounce Affidavit | How To Pronounce Affidavit

The case abundant at about 7:48 a.m. Sept. 10, 2020, aback Laredo badge responded to a address of a “man down” by the circle of Plum Street and Arctic Buena Vista Drive. An administrator accustomed to ascertain the anatomy of Gracie, 19. Laredo Fire Administration paramedics accepted that she had died. LPD’s Crimes Adjoin Persons detectives would booty over the case.

Forensic Identification Services Division board were summoned to certificate the arena application agenda photography and action the evidence. Badge said Gracie was lying face down. Her anatomy was on the arctic ancillary blooming breadth amid the sidewalk and fence of the Albert Ochoa Park in the 1800 block of Plum.

Gracie’s high accouterment was bloody. A Nixon High Academy letterman anorak was placed on top of her. Badge said there were signs that she was abject from east to west in the blooming breadth amid the blooming breadth and fence. Authorities apparent a accurate bedrock with what appeared to be claret at the starting point of the annoyance aisle forth and burst eye decree glasses.

A distinct atom of claret begin in the pavement abreast the southeast bend of Plum and Arctic Buena Vista affronted out to be Gracie’s, according to police. Gracie’s mother and a changeable adolescent accustomed at the area at about 10 a.m. The mother declared that at about 9:30 a.m., she went to her daughter’s adjacent accommodation to bead off a aliment brand card.

“What afraid (her mother) was that her daughter’s accepted chambermaid admirer answered the aperture in his shirt and boxers and appeared to accept been crying. The admirer told (the mother) that he and (her) babe were in an altercation aftermost night and she larboard afterwards her phone. He afresh bankrupt the door,” states the affidavit.

The mother begin the appointment with Gracie’s admirer odd. Authorities would analyze the admirer as Chavez, 24. She acquainted anxious for Gracie and absolved up from her abode to the abomination scene, area she bidding her concerns. The mother added told badge that Gracie was two months pregnant, according to cloister documents. Badge would afresh analyze Gracie’s anatomy with her mother’s description of a boom on Gracie’s anatomy and a adenoids ring.

The mother led badge to a babyish accommodation architecture amid about a block abroad from area Gracie was found. Authorities accustomed at an accommodation in the 1900 block of East Frost Street area Gracie and Chavez lived. Board forth with convoying admiral agape on the aperture several times to no avail. A acquaintance told badge that he heard the brace arguing the night before. The acquaintance afresh heard “a loud banging babble afore aggregate became quiet” as if article had hit the bank or arena hard, states the affidavit. He anticipation about calling the badge but concluded up not accomplishing it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Corinne Stern, Webb County Medical Examiner, accustomed to accent Gracie asleep at 10:04 a.m. Stern conducted a basic appraisal of the anatomy at the scene.

“It was accepted that Graciela had able-bodied on her close and petechiae in her eyes that would advance she was asphyxiated. Graciela additionally had several ache wounds and incised wounds on the appropriate ancillary of her neck. On Graciela’s cheek, chest and high abdomen there were abrasions,” states the affidavit. “Later, afterwards an dissection was performed, Dr. Stern disqualified the official annual of afterlife as chiral asphyxiation in affiliation with assorted ache wounds and incised wounds. The address of afterlife was disqualified a homicide.”

Gracie’s mother was interviewed at LPD headquarters. She declared that on Sept. 9, her babe and son, both juveniles, were at Gracie’s apartment. An altercation amid Chavez and Gracie led Gracie and her two ancestors to leave the accommodation and airing to her mother’s home in the 400 block of Palm Drive. A acquaintance of Gracie best them up forth the way, according to cloister documents. The mother afresh batten to badge about that first, odd appointment aback she went attractive for her babe at the accommodation to bead off the aliment brand card.

“On altered occasions, Joel (Chavez) would allure (the mother) into the apartment, but this time he did not and alike chock-full the aperture with his bottom to anticipate it from aperture all the way. Joel (Chavez) told (the mother) that he and Graciela had an altercation and Graciela had larboard afterwards her phone. Joel (Chavez) told (the mother) that he bent Graciela texting with a guy,” states the affidavit.

The mother told badge she begin the appointment odd because Chavez would chase Gracie any time she would leave. Her mother additionally declared that her babe would never leave afterwards her cellphone, according to cloister documents. The mother added that Gracie confided to her that could not angle Chavez “because he was all over her.” Chavez consistently capital to be on her abdomen to apprehend the babyish and capital to be on top of her.

“Joel (Chavez) acted like a babyish and consistently capital her attention. Joel (Chavez) capital for Graciela to block all her accompany so that he could be the alone one she talks to. Joel (Chavez) capital to abstracted Graciela from her ancestors and consistently capital Graciela central the apartment. Joel (Chavez) was anxious of Graciela’s asleep ex-boyfriend because she had a boom of his altogether on her torso. (The mother) recalled Joel (Chavez) as consistently crying,” states the affidavit.

Chavez already alleged Adolescent Protective Services on Gracie’s ancestors afterwards an adventure area a window was airtight on his duke because he was attempting to access the mother’s home afterwards actuality told to leave. Gracie’s mother was in accident of accident her housing. She told Gracie that if she capital to breach with Chavez, she would accept to acquisition an apartment, authorities said.

“(The mother) declared that the alone acumen Graciela backward with Joel (Chavez) was because she did not appetite the babyish to be afterwards a father,” states the affidavit.

Gracie’s adolescent sister additionally batten to badge apropos the case. She declared that she and her brother were alone off at Gracie’s accommodation on Sept. 9. They were watching Netflix with Gracie aback Chavez accustomed from work. The sister declared she noticed that Chavez was agitated by her and her brother actuality at the apartment. Gracie and her two ancestors larboard walking to their mother’s home on Palm. The sister afresh appear that Gracie alleged a macho friend, who best them up in his red agent by the Laredo Medical Centermost and collection them to Palm.

Once at the home on Palm, Gracie larboard her cellphone with her sister and larboard with the macho acquaintance to an alien location. During this time, Chavez kept texting and calling Gracie. The sister added that Gracie alternate afterwards for her cellphone and larboard afresh with the macho friend. The sister recalled that one time, Chavez’s parents went to allege to Gracie’s mother cogent her to be accurate with Chavez, according to cloister documents.

How to Pronounce Affidavit
How to Pronounce Affidavit | How To Pronounce Affidavit

“Joel (Chavez) would get out of duke and will not be able to ascendancy himself. Joel’s mother went on to explain that Joel (Chavez) approved to bite an ex-girlfriend of his and bankrupt a aperture and a window,” states the affidavit.

A detective alleged Chavez’s father, a retired LPD lieutenant, by calling the cardinal provided by Gracie’s mother. The ancestor told badge he would booty his son to LPD address to be interviewed. Chavez accustomed at about 12:57 p.m. He handed over his cellphone and Gracie’s cellphone to a sergeant. Chavez waived his rights and agreed to allege to police.

Police abreast Chavez they were administering a assassination analysis but withheld the name of the victim. He was told he was a actuality of absorption in the case. Chavez did not ask who the victim was. He declared he lived with his girlfriend, Gracie, who was two months abundant at an accommodation in the 1900 block of East Frost Street. Chavez added he formed at the H-E-B on 2310 E. Saunders St. in the business center.

“Shortly thereafter and afterwards (the detective) allurement to accord his annual of contest from aftermost night, Joel (Chavez) began with ‘We had an altercation yesterday/I haven’t apparent her,’” the affirmation states.

Chavez mentioned that he accustomed from assignment at about 10:30 p.m. Sept. 9. He begin that Gracie and her ancestors were at the apartment. He declared he noticed that article was aggravation Gracie. He said he asked Gracie several times about the way she was acting. Gracie afresh larboard walking with her ancestors to her mother’s abode on Palm.

At about 11:20 p.m., Chavez said he larboard the accommodation on his bike to attending for Gracie at her mother’s residence. Chavez added that Gracie fabricated it bright through altercation letters that she did not appetite him to go to her mother’s residence. Chavez afresh waited for Gracie at the bus stop on Cherry Hill. Chavez allegedly accepted to blockage Gracie’s GPS area via the Life 360 app, which is a GPS locator for accompany and ancestors who articulation up the accounts.

Chavez alternate to his accommodation at about 12:08 a.m. Sept. 10 and took a shower. Gracie afresh accustomed at about 1:18 a.m. He declared Gracie’s address as actuality “lovey dovey” and afresh axis algid anon after. Chavez afresh took her cellphone abroad to see her altercation messages. Chavez abstruse that Gracie was texting the macho friend.

An altercation afresh followed. Gracie’s asleep ex-boyfriend was brought up during the argument. As per Chavez, Gracie began babble and told him she was affronted with him. She additionally told Chavez that she did not appetite to be with him anymore, according to cloister documents.

“Graciela declared to Joel (Chavez), ‘I don’t appetite to be with you. I don’t adulation you anymore, and I can’t angle you.’ Joel (Chavez) declared that Graciela threw him the ‘ring’ back,” states the affidavit.

Gracie capital her cellphone back, but Chavez told her he was the one advantageous for it. Gracie afresh larboard the accommodation about 1 ½ hours afterwards and did not return. Chavez declared that he did not go afterwards her because Gracie told him she would scream for help. Chavez afresh apparent that Gracie’s sister was the one texting him during the time Gracie was gone.

Chavez added that Gracie’s mother accustomed at the accommodation at about 9 a.m. He told her that Gracie had larboard afterwards they had argued. Chavez afresh alleged his ancestor and asked him if he could aces him up. Chavez took a haversack with a change of H-E-B assignment clothes. Chavez mentioned he accustomed at his father’s home not afore demography a abbreviate cruise to the Ancira Volkswagen of Laredo on 2701 Bob Bullock Loop. Surveillance video from the business recorded a gray Volkswagen action annual agent acceptance to Chavez’s ancestor in the lot of the business at about 10:19 a.m. to 10:21 a.m. Sept. 10.

“Joel (Chavez) was notified that Graciela was begin dead. Joel (Chavez) stated, ‘I don’t apperceive what to say. I’m speechless.’ He afresh asks (the detective) what happened to her. Joel (Chavez) showed little affect to the annual of the afterlife of Graciela and her approaching adolescent and about anon was aback to normal,” states the affidavit.

Chavez allegedly gave accounting accord to accept his Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max searched. He additionally provided accounting accord to accept his accommodation searched. Oral/buccal besom samples and attach clippings were additionally taken from Chavez pursuant to a accounting consent. In a aftereffect interview, Chavez connected to appearance little affect and added that he was afraid to his adventure because he gave the detectives all the facts. In addition, Chavez asked if he was the alone “culprit” and asked several times what was the affirmation badge had adjoin him.

“When told that we could see that he capital to allocution about it, Joel (Chavez) declared that he did his allotment in allied and has done aggregate we accept asked, but to acknowledgment that was to assurance his ‘death wish,’” states the affidavit.

Authorities told him at one point during the annual to stop absorption on himself and acquaint the truth. Chavez afresh stated, “I anticipation I played my cards right. I anticipation I did aggregate I was declared to do,” according to the affidavit.

A detective afresh asked Chavez what had happened afterwards the altercation in the apartment, what set him off and what he did afterwards he got set off. Chavez afresh invoked his appropriate to abide silent.

Police additionally batten to Chavez’s father, the retired lieutenant. He accepted that Chavez had alleged him absent him to aces him up at the accommodation because he had an altercation with Gracie, according to cloister documents. Chavez told his ancestor he was done with the accord and capital to acknowledgment to his parent’s house. Afterwards actuality contacted by detectives, the ancestor asked Chavez if he did annihilation so he could get him a lawyer. Chavez allegedly replied, “We had an altercation and she left.”

How to pronounce affidavit
How to pronounce affidavit | How To Pronounce Affidavit

“(The father) declared an adventure that occurred not too continued ago area Graciela had airtight a window on (Chavez’s) hand, appropriately abasing him. He attempted to argue Joel (Chavez) to end the accord with Graciela, cogent to Joel (Chavez) that Graciela had acrimony issues. Joel (Chavez) assured (his father) that he was action to assignment things out with Graciela and told his ancestor that he can ‘change her,’” states the affidavit.

Chavez’s ancestor gave accounting accord to chase his abode in the 300 block of Glen Cook Drive. During the search, a detective begin a bankrupt black, red and dejected haversack in a additional allowance of the home that was brought by Chavez.

Police afresh batten to the 25-year-old macho acquaintance who had best up Gracie and her two siblings. He accepted that afterwards Gracie alleged him, he best up the leash in his orange 2016 Hyundai Tucson at the Laredo Medical Centermost and collection them to the home on Palm.

Gracie larboard her cellphone with her sister so that the cellphone would ping its area at the home on Palm aback Gracie knew that Chavez would analysis her area on the Life 360 app.

“(The macho friend) and Graciela afresh accustomed at the Cactus Motel amid at 4119 Santa Maria Ave. to accept consensual sex,” states the affidavit.

The macho acquaintance afresh collection Gracie aback to the home on Palm to aces up her cellphone. He afresh alone her off in the 1800 block of Plum Street at Gracie’s appeal ancient amid 1:40 a.m. and 1:45 am. on Sept. 10. He afresh saw Gracie walking south on Buena Vista until she affronted against the east.

During the advance of the investigation, detectives batten to an ex-girlfriend of Chavez. She declared she and Chavez had a two-month continued accord in 2019. She declared him as “violent, controlling, and jealous,” states the affidavit. She recalled an adventure aback Chavez had gone to her abode and counted anniversary macho accessory that left. Chavez afresh accused her of sleeping with them all, according to the affidavit.

Furthermore, Chavez begin out that the ex-boyfriend formed at a bounded Whataburger. He waited alfresco the business to address bottomward the authorization bowl of the vehicle. Chavez afresh told his ex-girlfriend that he ran a bowl analysis and begin out area the ex-boyfriend lived. Chavez’s parents afresh went to the Whataburger and told the administrator that the ex-boyfriend was afflictive their son, Chavez, according to cloister documents.

In addition incident, Chavez acquired his ex-girlfriend’s countersign and logged into her academy account. He afresh beatific aggressive letters to himself from her academy account. Chavez afresh took photos of the letters and confronted her. Chavez told her that he was action to alarm the badge and address the adventure to the academy so they could run her off, states the affidavit.

On one occasion, Chavez went attractive for his ex-girlfriend at the True Fit Gym because she was not answering her cellphone. He allegedly affective her by the arm and led her alfresco to ask her why she was not answering the phone. Frustrated, she told Chavez she did not appetite to allocution to him anymore.

She afresh declared an adventure aback Chavez got mad afterwards an argument, pushed her and attempted to bang her. She got out of the way, but Chavez punched a aperture and damaged it. She told Chavez she was action to alarm the police.

“Joel (Chavez) told her that no one was action to accept (her) because (Chavez’s father) was a abettor in the badge administration and she was a ‘nobody,’” accompaniment the affidavit.

When she attempted to drive abroad from the residence, Chavez placed his bottom in her aisle so she could run over it. She did not move the vehicle. That’s aback Chavez attempted to accessible the doors but he could not. He afresh screamed and claimed that she had run him over. Chavez afresh “keyed” her vehicle, according to cloister documents. Anon afterwards the incident, Chavez’s parents sat bottomward with her parents to allocution about Chavez.

“(Chavez’s) parents begged (her) not to columnist accuse and offered to pay for the amercement acquired by Joel (Chavez). They declared him as actuality bipolar. They additionally accepted to active (her) ex-boyfriend’s authorization plates alone because Joel (Chavez) had told them that (her) ex-boyfriend was afflictive her,” states the affidavit.

Authorities batten to a additional ex-girlfriend of Chavez. She declared the accord as “good overall” and added that they met while alive at Hollister. She declared she was Chavez’s aboriginal adherent until she bankrupt up with him. Chavez capital to be with her all the time.

This was article that she did not want. She added declared that the accord never became animal but was headed that way, according to cloister documents. She added her arguments with Chavez were usually over jealousy. She recalled that Chavez consistently capital an account aback he would see her talking to added men, including her co-workers, states the affidavit.

She recalled Chavez’s action acceptable “too intense,” which was addition acumen to breach it off. Afterwards breaking up, Chavez allegedly “took it well.” But she afresh got a alarm from Chavez’s abode to try to calm him bottomward because he was arrant at assignment and alone capital to allege to her. She alleged Chavez’s mother about the situation. She was told they would get Chavez some help, according to the affidavit.

How to Pronounce AFFIDAVIT in American English
How to Pronounce AFFIDAVIT in American English | How To Pronounce Affidavit

Authorities batten to Chavez’s best acquaintance during the advance of the investigation. He declared he had a contiguous chat with Chavez the Saturday afterwards Gracie was killed.

“During the conversation, Joel (Chavez) had told (his friend) apropos to Graciela, ‘She was choked; you can see the duke book on the neck, baffled up, and stabbed. He aloof told me that she was all aching up and stabbed 10 to 17 times,’” states the affidavit.

In a aftereffect interview, the acquaintance declared that Chavez said she had able-bodied on the close and was angrily agee and stabbed. The acquaintance was borderline area Chavez was accepting that advice from. Chavez additionally told him that he did not annihilate Gracie, according to cloister documents.

“A analysis of iPhone audio recordings begin on Graciela’s and (Chavez’s) cellphone afford ablaze on the problems they were accepting arch up to the incident,” states the affidavit.

A analysis of three audio recordings from Chavez’s cellphone on Aug. 3, 2020 depicted Chavez talking to Gracie while he is crying. Gracie is heard cogent Chavez that they are not accepting aback calm and that she is blessed area she is appropriate now. Chavez afresh is heard answer in Spanish, apparently to Gracie’s mother about a Snapchat column Gracie was affronted about.

Further analysis of Chavez’s cellphone appear that Gracie told Chavez she had activated absolute for absolute for chlamydia and accuses Chavez of transmitting it to him, according to cloister documents.

“She expresses her affair for the bloom of the babyish and shows (Chavez) an angel of the sonogram. Joel (Chavez) admits that he charge accept acquired chlamydia from his antecedent relationships. Joel (Chavez) additionally conveys that he misses Graciela and loves her. Graciela does not alternate the sentiment,” states the affidavit.

In an audio recording, Gracie declared an adventure to a CPS caseworker area she and Chavez argued in his car. The altercation was over a guy messaging Gracie. Chavez affective the buzz and accused her of accepting sex with the guy. He affective her from the arm and prevented her from leaving.

“Graciela describes him as authoritative and ‘toxic,’” states the affidavit.

Chavez consistently capital to attending at her buzz and accept her buzz abutting to him. If addition texted Gracie, alike if it was a girl, Chavez capital to apperceive what they were talking about.

“Graciela is heard apropos to Joel (Chavez) as a absent annual and that she would rather be by herself than be with addition like that,” states the affidavit.

A analysis of Chavez’s cellphone depicts his accompaniment of apperception arch up to the incident. A agenda created on Aug. 18, 2020, and adapted on Aug. 24, 2020, is blue-blooded “I’m annoyed of putting the effort,” according to cloister documents. Chavez bidding that he is with a girl, Gracie, who does not adulation him or acknowledge him.

“This is in the bosom of a break-up. He conveys that he fabricated a aberration allotment her. Joel (Chavez), additionally explains that Graciela will consistently accept her asleep ex-boyfriend over him. Joel (Chavez) states that he feels numb, angry, and sad and that those animosity abide to grow. Joel (Chavez) wishes that they had never met. Joel (Chavez) indicates that he anticipation the babyish would affiliate them but it does the opposite. Joel (Chavez) additionally indicates that Graciela has told him that she does not adulation him abundant to be together. He goes on to accompaniment that he would be there for the babyish no amount what. Joel (Chavez) states that he is blessed discharge to himself and this keeps him in ascendancy of his emotions,” states the affidavit.

A ancestors analysis appear that Chavez was the biological ancestor of Gracie’s approaching child. DNA affirmation corroborated animal action amid Gracie and her macho friend. Gracie’s DNA was present on the barb clippings calm from her macho friend, according to cloister documents.

Gracie’s claret DNA was articular in one of two red elastic gloves that were amid central the haversack Chavez took to his parent’s abode afterwards his ancestor best him up at his apartment. Gracie’s and Chavez’s DNA were articular from central the red elastic gloves, according to cloister documents.

On Wednesday, authorities appear that Chavez was answerable with two counts of annihilation via indictment, one for Gracie and the added for her approaching child.

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How To Pronounce Affidavit
How To Pronounce Affidavit | How To Pronounce Affidavit
How to pronounce affidavit in english?
How to pronounce affidavit in english? | How To Pronounce Affidavit
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solved】How to pronounce affidavit – | How To Pronounce Affidavit
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