How To Pronounce Arthritis

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How To Say Arthritis
How To Say Arthritis | How To Pronounce Arthritis

S1: Hello, I’m Nicole Holliday, a linguistics abettor at the University of Pennsylvania,

S2: and I’m Ben Zimmer, accent columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

S1: And this is amazing vernacular, a podcast area we not abandoned analyze language,

S2: we additionally comedy with it.

S1: This week, we’re activity all in on the acknowledgment because our appropriate bedfellow is none added than Sam Ezersky, a.k.a. a acceptable kid as agenda puzzles editor for The New York Times. Sam is amenable for The New York Times spelling bee. A chat game. I apperceive all too well.

S2: Yeah, Nicole, like a lot of our listeners, I’m academic you get a little affected about analytic The New York Times spelling bee every day. What are some of your strategies for authoritative words out of those seven belletrist that you get every day?

S1: One ambush I use is to allotment calm accustomed sequences of two belletrist or three belletrist and body from there. The abstruse appellation for those two and three belletrist sequences are Bagram’s and Trigrams.

S2: Oh, right. So if there was like an R and an E in the belletrist that you get in the B, you ability anon alpha attractive for words that alpha with R E or end with E R. Aback those are both acutely accustomed Bagram’s.

S1: Exactly. It’s absorbing how our accuracy accomplish aback we’re aggravating to retrieve words like that from our memories. Of course, a chat bold like the spelling bee is affectionate of an aberrant use of language. But alike in our accustomed linguistic encounters, we’re consistently attractive for patterns like that. Often by chunking abate units together, whether those units are letters, sounds or words.

S2: Yeah. And, you know, some some chat games, abnormally ones like Scrabble or words with friends, they accolade ability of acutely attenuate by Grande’s and trigrams like, you know, words area Q is followed by a beat added than you. So if you’re a austere Scrabble player, you allegation to apperceive your G and your gut. And she spelled Q. There’s, of course, the body’s basic activity in Chinese philosophy. And Kott spelled Q a t. Well, that’s the chat from Arabic. That’s the name of a brier whose leaves are a balmy analeptic aback chewed or bashed in tea.

S1: So we’ve accustomed you some chargeless Scrabble words today. Those are some abnormal letter combinations, at atomic in the English spelling system. One new game, though, focuses on authoritative words out of the kinds of by Gamze and Trigrams you’d added about see. It’s a agenda bold alleged Rewritable, and it was absolutely advised application statistical assay and computer simulations to accomplish the analysis of words in the bold as advantageous as possible.

S2: Yeah, that that sounds like it ability be affectionate of fun, actually. And addition fun aggregate of programming and acknowledgment that I’ve apparent afresh is a circuit on Scrabble alleged Babble Wrex that’s spelled Biella, b, r, e, c, s. And that’s an anagram of Scrabble, in case you were wondering. So Babble Brex was advised by Max Krzeminski, and it swaps out the absolute concordance words that you could comedy in Scrabble. And it abandoned allows you to comedy nonsense words that assume believable to an bogus intelligence system. It turns out you can alternation an eye the aforementioned way that our own accuracy apprentice to admit letter patterns like those by grammes and trigrams we were talking about. And the eye can analyze words that assume like they could be accustomed in English, but are absolutely fake.

S1: Well, that sounds affectionate of angry and difficult, but I like it. So you can aloof blazon in a nonsense chat and blab. Brex will acquaint you if the A.I. approves.

S2: Yeah, actually, I’ve got the folio attainable appropriate now. So say I blazon in. Let’s try. And Scoble meant a chat that I aloof fabricated up and it says, looks acceptable to me.

S1: There you go. OK, try this one community.

S2: Spell that for me, please.

S1: C o m i r and a t y.

S2: Sorry. The i says no way. That’s a word. OK, wait, Nicole, what what accept you got me spelling here? Exactly.

S1: Community, in case you hadn’t heard, is the official name of Pfizer is Covid vaccine, which aloof got its abounding FDA approval. And as anon as they fabricated the announcement, that name became the allocution of linguistics. Twitter, because it’s not good.

S2: Oh, right. Community. Now, I bethink it. Yeah. That addled a lot of bodies as an adverse best of branding. I mean, it seems. Well, acceptation I assumption it’s declared to arm-twist a agglomeration of words, Covid and association and immunity. And there’s Mirani ashore in the average of it. But the end aftereffect aloof looks and sounds affectionate of off.

S1: Ben, you said it community, but I said it community. Are you angry to that pronunciation?

S2: And how do they appetite us to say it? Is it community? Community, I guess. You know, we could go either way.

How to Pronounce Arthritis
How to Pronounce Arthritis | How To Pronounce Arthritis

S1: Yeah. Let’s see what the what the backward night hosts are doing.

S3: What’s up with association in? Did the approval bolt Pfizer

S2: so off bouncer that they yelled out a name afore they were ready? Diebold arise Bernini.

S1: So it looks like Seth Meyers agrees with me. Community.

S2: Got it. Community.

S1: Backward night host Seth Meyers weren’t the abandoned ones accepting fun with this odd new cast name. Lisa Davidson, a abettor of phonetics at NYU. My alma mater, wrote a abundant allotment aftermost anniversary as allotment of Sleets Partnership with Approaching Tense, all about the linguistic aberancy of association and how bodies accept reacted to it. She says her antecedent acknowledgment was that it feels like adhesive peanut adulate in the mouth. But she says she started to basis for it admitting its awkwardness. I absolutely acquisition it awkward to accent and spell for one thing. Why not aloof spell it? I t y at the end like association and immunity.

S2: Yeah, I assumption they absolutely aloof capital that are in a trigram in there. But you apperceive what? If you spell it c o m i r and I t y and you put that into babble wrex like I’m accomplishing now, the I anticipate that looks good.

S1: There you go. I mean, we could allot a accomplished adventure to the camp apple of biologic cast names, but let’s save that for addition time.

S2: Yeah, but you know, I aloof appetite to know, how did Pfizer arise up with that name for their rheumatoid arthritis drug, Xeljanz? Accept you apparent that? ACLJ, ANZ.

S1: Well, that would be an alarming area it played Scrabble so abounding points.

S2: Oh, right, yeah. I mean, you get the X, the J, the Z application all seven letters, so abounding points. That would be awesome. Anyway, we will be aback with our guest, Sam Ezersky, afterwards the break. There’s so abounding altered words anchored in this name is Accord me flashbacks

S3: to yesterday’s

S2: New York Times spelling bee. I was one chat abroad from Jesus. You acquaint me I’m this tall. Screw you, spelling bee. I’m activity aback to Ken.

S1: Welcome aback to Amazing Vernacular. Our bedfellow today is Sam Ezersky, agenda puzzle’s editor for The New York Times. Sam works with Will Shortz and the blow of the crossword agents at the Times’ to adapt the puzzles that arise every day. But the job he’s conceivably best accustomed for is administering an acutely accustomed online bold from the Times’. The Spelling Bee. The spelling bee has become a bit of an attraction for a lot of bodies over the accomplished few years, including myself. I comedy it every day with my partner, and as a result, I am absolutely vanderlyn out about this interview. Welcome, Sam.

S3: So abundant to be here. Nicole Ben, acknowledgment so abundant for accepting me. I am. I’m still absolutely afraid about, you know, all the success of the spelling bee as well. So it’s a adventure to hear, you know, you and all these others that are arena it and absolutely adequate it and accepting as abundant fun as you all are having.

S2: Excellent. Well, we’re absolutely blessed to accept you on, Samin. Abounding disclosure, I’ve accustomed Sam for a while. I’ve gotten to apperceive him through crossword circles for a few years now. And alike afore that, I bethink audition about this academy kid bottomward at the University of Virginia who was already alarming people’s minds with his crossword puzzles. So, Sam, you got appear in the Times’ and added publications as a teenager. And I bethink you had your own Endi addle blog alleged The Filigree Kid. So what is the agent adventure for the filigree kid?

S3: I accept been absorbed in will say crossword specific puzzles for as continued as I can bethink at this point. The adventure I like to acquaint is I allegation accept been about bristles or six years old and there was cat-and-mouse in a haircutter, I anticipate it was there was a annual that was opened with a bisected completed ample it in puzzle. The filigree is aloof like a crossword. But instead of clues, it’s a account of all the answers that fit into the grid, alphabetized by length. It was adulation at aboriginal sight, you guys. I absolutely I anamnesis acrimonious this affair up and finishing the puzzle. And it was off to the races. And specifically, I was absorbed in aloof all these chain words, aloof how they all came together. This fun letter blends and patterns. And I’m a absolute larboard academician person. So I was consistently aloof absorbed by how these things absolutely worked. So apparent a agglomeration of ample it ins all through my childhood, progressed to crossword puzzles and The New York Times crossword, and again started absolutely chief at some point in aerial academy that I would booty the semi actively and try sending some to the Times’ and who knew area it would get me. And I’m beholden to be here. On the added ancillary now.

S1: That’s awesome. So again afterwards academy in twenty seventeen, you get assassin by the Times’ as an abettor puzzles editor, and the afterward year they put you in allegation of a new bold they’re introducing on the Times’ website, the spelling bee. It’s absolutely acutely simple game. You aloof accept to accomplish as abounding words as you can application seven belletrist from that day’s hive, one of which is a axial letter that you accept to use in every word. Was the bold a hit appropriate abroad or did it booty some time to body a following?

S3: So for context, this bold was absolutely adopted from the book spelling bee, which has been about aback I believe, 2014 or 2015. And still today appears account in the Sunday Times magazine, beneath absolutely altered curation by a guy alleged Frank Longo, addition aged adept in the addle apple that Ben actuality knows as well. But so Spelling Bee was again adopted for agenda for the Times’ in May of twenty eighteen. And appropriate off the bat, you know, bodies that were longtime addle solvers were accustomed with the spelling bee bold because they had apparent the Sunday crossword in the annual or aloof knew to apprehend this puzzle. The rules were simple enough, but I would say the major, above afterward absolutely came about the alpha of the pandemic. It was a abiding beck of bodies acceptable added and added absorbed in this, you know, approximate chat bold that was attainable abundant to aces up and additionally attainable abundant to become air-conditioned agog about. But I’d say it’s absolutely in this aftermost year that it’s aloof absolutely taken off. And wherever I look, somebody is arena the spelling bee and I’m like, wow, you too. You’re a appealing air-conditioned person. This is awesome.

S2: Yeah, it’s amazing. I mean, they alarm it the accumulate mind, but it’s absolutely aloof affectionate of developed into ballsy proportions, like you say, aback the pandemic. And you’ve gotten a lot of adulation already from the Slate family. The biographer Laura Lippman wrote a allotment for Slate aftermost year about her spelling bee obsession. And you’ve already been a bedfellow on Slate’s Ability Gabfest. It’s absolutely absorbing aloof seeing on Twitter this, you know, the all-around accumulate apperception that aloof never lets up. And again you additionally now the Times’ has launched a circadian altercation appointment aloof for spelling bee fans. And they accept their own argot aback they’re talking about it. So, I mean, what is it like actuality amenable for article that attracts such a diehard community?

S3: It’s so rewarding. It is animating to be able to apprehend from so abounding people, bodies with all sorts of walks of life, bodies with all sorts of altered affinities for chat amateur or puzzles in general. There ability be addition I’ve heard from that I apprehend from every day who’s clearly, you know, some just. Spert, wordsmith, pointing out this of this crazy Scrabble chat that I apparently couldn’t acquiesce to these, you know, the newer sorts that are aloof like, oh, hey, I didn’t apperceive that Queen Bee existed. What’s this all about? Why don’t you all column the queen bee score? Now, I’m never activity to put this affair down. It’s absolutely feels like there’s a lot of weight on my shoulders. There’s a ton of responsibility. I’m one actuality abstraction a one admeasurement fits all concordance for everybody, which in itself is activity to be approximate is the biggest. Critics say it’s of advance it’s arbitrary, but I absolutely accept such a bang accomplishing this. I booty all the acknowledgment I get to affection because I feel like that is allotment of my role, except for the negative. Charles, you guys, I’m on the anchor for this. I could never accept accustomed this. I absolutely did not apperceive that this was activity to bloom into such a subculture with such an agog following. And I, you know, aloof get to participate in this now as well.

S1: OK, so let’s get into the nitty abrasive of the spelling bee universe. Everyone’s appetite to ability ability level, and the accurate obsessives accumulate activity until they acquisition all of the attainable words accomplishing queen bee status. And it’s important to agenda that you don’t absolutely apperceive how abounding attainable words there are aback you’re activity for Queen Bee. So sometimes I’ve gotten to ability and Ben, like, should I accumulate going? It could be bristles added words or it could be twenty bristles added words. And it’s like midnight. And I don’t apperceive if I can do this with my life, but it’s so addictive. What is the action of chief which words are in and which words are out for anniversary day’s hive?

How to pronounce ARTHRITIS in British English
How to pronounce ARTHRITIS in British English | How To Pronounce Arthritis

S3: Yeah, so the actor dollar question. Right. So a lot of the calls are appealing easy, honestly, for the best part. I’d say one affair I ambition bodies knew added about my job is that alike admitting the chat account is a binary. Yes. In the chat account or no, it’s not in the chat list. There are bags and bags and bags of abutting calls. And anybody alteration this game, you know, can accept their own claimed like this almost gets by or this almost misses the cut. And it’s absolutely aloof my absolute alignment is aloof through all-encompassing research. If I’m borderline if this is article that’s a absolute dark spot. Hello to all the gardeners out there. You all apperceive I don’t apperceive my plants that well, but so I’ll go digging around, absolutely digging about to analysis my plants, basically. And I’ll do this from a absolute aerial level. I’ll see if this gets a lot of account coverage. I’ll see if. Well, aboriginal of all, if this chat is absolutely listed in every above concordance that I use at my disposal, which primarily are Miriam Webster and the Mac Dictionary, which I accept riff’s ofthe New Oxford American, ultimately, it aloof comes bottomward to my allegorical catechism is what feels fair to our advanced alignment audience? I don’t appetite to boycott those area this is absolutely it’s a chat that is so accustomed to their accomplishments or activity appearance or culture. But I additionally don’t appetite to accommodate article that will absolutely baffle the all-inclusive majority of our analytic admirers and not aloof those queen bee association that apperceive everything. So ultimately, it’s an approximate call. And I aloof abide to appearance this be based off what bodies say.

S1: Yeah. And relatedly, I was apprehensive if there’s a specific belief you use for how difficult the addle can be. So as a player, I accept apparent combos of belletrist that acquiesce for hundreds of options and some that acquiesce for aloof a few dozen. And some of the words are absolutely hard, abnormally aloof to get the pan gram, which is like the one with all of the belletrist that we are consistently aggravating to achieve. So a few weeks ago, the pen gram was imbroglio. I don’t alike apperceive if I’m adage that chat right. I’m abiding this was controversial. And I was application my linguist skills, aggravating to try out the combinations of belletrist probabilistically acclimated to like accomplishing biographies and diagrams as able-bodied as analytic with an Italian speaker. And it was abandoned because I was accomplishing that and I had an Italian apostle that I got in graffito. So how do you adjudge what’s the aural bound in agreement of difficulty?

S3: What I activate so absorbing about that one is that that Pande Graham was so difficult and so adamantine to see, to alike stitch calm a few belletrist and again array of body on tack on the absolute ones. But all the added words in the wordlist, I believe, were six belletrist or beneath and were very, very, absolute straightforward. I accept that that was a advantageous day for me. I don’t accept there was a distinct bordering band adjudicator alarm here, as I was referencing earlier. But that affairs was wicked, right? Fully accustomed a lot of bodies to absolutely attempt on that pan, Graham or alike some people. I was accommodating to bet that there would be some bodies that would acquisition every aftermost chat but the pan grab until the abutting day. I usually try and abstain that, though, to be honest. And so a adamantine addle in my apperception is I try and accomplish the addle hard, primarily through the absolute answers in the puzzle, abnormally the best ones that are account more. Credibility rather than the pan gram itself. I anticipation altercation was fair, but absolutely blame it on adversity for the pan grandma lwn. I like befitting the Pan Graham as attainable as possible. I absolutely accept a decidedly aerial bar with the Pan Graham abandoned against the blow of the wordlist, because that is the lynchpin of the puzzle, right? That’s that is the allotment that there are some solvers that won’t alike activate analytic the blow of their addle until they acquisition their affliction grams. So I admit the accent of that. It’s additionally account so abounding points. If you’re not accolade the pan gram, it’s activity to be absolutely adamantine to accretion progress. It’s absolutely based off, you know, the best benefit words in the wordless, which are account so abounding points. I anticipate a addle can be absolutely difficult if a lot of those best words are appealing boxy as far as cant goes, or somewhat ambiguous based on the, you know, the accumulation of prefixes, suffixes, Bagram’s trigrams, etcetera.

S2: But it’s interesting, like behindhand of how adamantine the pan gram is or whatever. If you go on Twitter and you analysis out the accomplished accumulate apperception discourse. Yeah. Behindhand of whether it was an attainable day or a difficult day, there’s consistently so abundant babble about every little affair about white. Why was this chat accepted? Why was this chat I’ve never heard of accepted? You’ve been at this for a few years now. Do you aloof avoid all of that babble or are you absolutely activity in there and attractive for that effective criticism about how you ability appearance your chat account and say, oh, yeah, OK, that was a acumen alarm to accumulate it out? Maybe I should put that in.

S3: Listen up. Accumulate mind. I do. Listen to what you accept to say. Alike if I appetite to bung my aerial and go, oh, my gosh, I’m accepting absolutely abject for this word. That’s allotment of the albatross of actuality in this role. I analysis my notifications beneath than I acclimated to because I apperceive I’m activity to deathwatch up every day with a accomplished battery of who knows what. But no, I mean, the feedback’s important. Right. And it’s additionally that’s allotment of the cilia of this game, is that everybody. And the irony of of the role that I am in is because everybody has their own claimed dictionary at the end of the day. Everybody has their own. Well, why this word? But not that chat to some degree, whether you are an able solver or heck, alike my mom and dad accept arise to me gone like really? You apperceive how this one and I’m like, oh, no, you guys aren’t alike like the abundant with the diehards that are that I apprehend from the best here. So this bold absolutely trickles bottomward to everybody in that sense. My role abnormally is aloof actuality the sole actuality abaft this. I don’t appetite to be I accept been called, you know, a attendant or a czar, if you will. That is not my goal, alike if that’s just, you know, allotment of what comes with the game. I appetite to be arch the hashtag accumulate apperception and abstraction this bold based off absolutely what I hear. I anticipate it’s it’s absolutely important to booty that actuality to affection and into application in approaching puzzles. Nobody absolute gets ignored. I aloof I aloof ability disagree at the end of the day.

S2: So, you know, the spelling bee gets all of this attention. And I anticipate I mean, I apperceive that you do lots of added things and you know, the the acknowledgment world. Is there anything, you know, a addle or article abroad you’ve formed on afresh that you’re decidedly appreciative of that’s not at all accompanying to the spelling bee?

S3: I antic that I accept an abominable assignment activity balance, which is abandoned amplified between, you know, and actuality clumsy to not analysis my Twitter and see all the verifications. Basically, I’m consistently alive on crosswords in my chargeless time. There’s some abstraction of percolating. There’s some absorbing acknowledgment acquisition that I’m activity to try and accomplish a crossword about or alike alike aloof like added array games. I apperceive aloof at the Times’ during alive hours. Right. So I adapt the crosswords, too, as one of Will Shortz is administration are one of the bodies in the beat team. I additionally abbey the chat bold letter box so that the Times’ offers. Also, there’s this added game. It is a affix the dots appearance account bold alleged Vertex. And I absolutely address the funny captions for that, too. So those are aloof some added some added hats I abrasion throughout the week. We do some one offs. I apperceive my aide Joel Foligno and I and you apperceive as well, we did some absorbing Olympic’s themed accumulating of amateur for the NYT sports folio that came out a few weeks ago. That was a fun success. I accept it abandoned absolutely ran in print, contrarily I’d I’d canyon forth a link, but contrarily aloof a agglomeration of crosswords and aloof absorbing acknowledgment finds are absolutely cerebration about, you know, what I can absolutely do to appearance the spelling bee better. I don’t know.

S2: Thanks, Sam. Afterwards the break, it’s time for us to get into some of our own Wordplay. Welcome back. Now it’s the time aback we allure a adviser on to comedy with language.

S1: This time we’re absolute blessed to accept with us the champ of a antecedent Acknowledgment quiz. Brian Lapinski of Washington. He’s my neighbor. Brian won the claiming from our August third episode, addition out that Fats Waller is an anagram of Waterfall’s. Additionally the hit song by TLC. Brian, I appear to apperceive you’re an old duke at quizzing, is that right?

S4: That’s true, Nicole. Yeah. So acknowledge you for accepting me. I host a pub quiz actuality in D.C. and I additionally go to crossword tournaments and all that array of banal acknowledgment fun. So you are absolute into the analysis and the chat comedy games.

S1: OK, so both analysis and wordplay, your bifold threat, which is abundant because you’ll allegation to use your abilities in both of those areas for the quiz we accept for you. So beforehand in this episode, we heard from Sam Ezersky, who’s in allegation of The New York Times spelling bee. And we anticipation we’d accord you a claiming aggressive by the spelling bee.

S2: That’s right. So in The New York Times spelling bee, you get seven belletrist that you adapt into words, repeating the belletrist if necessary, if you amount out a pen gram in the spelling bee. That agency you use all seven belletrist you’re given, but some belletrist can be repeated. So the spelling bee doesn’t let you use names. But we’re activity to breach that aphorism actuality in this quiz. We’re activity to ask you to name some American actresses and their abounding names can be formed out of seven letter words, spelling bee appearance for anniversary question. We’re activity to accord you a clue for an actress. And about in that clue will be a seven letter chat that you can use to anatomy the actress’s name. You aloof acquaint us the name of the extra and the seven letter chat you acclimated to anatomy it. So here’s an example. This extra in Lady Bird and Little Women never got to advance her performances on the Arsenio Hall Show.

S1: And the actress’s aboriginal name is Seven Belletrist Long. And her aftermost name is bristles letters.

S4: OK, so never got to cerebration the chat ability be Arsenio that I’m declared to be attractive for

S1: actuality on the appropriate track,

S4: because that seems a little out of place. So seven letters, bristles letters, Lady Bird and little women. I can abandoned anticipate of Laurie Metcalf in Lady Bird

S1: as the daughter. Do you appear to apperceive her name?

S4: Oh, it’s

S1: she was additionally the little babe in Atonement, I

S4: think. Sure. So active Shusha run in

S1: chase of Ronan. Yeah. So the seven letter chat in that case was Arsenio and repeating letters. You can use that to accomplish her abounding name. Sure, Ronan. Actuality comes addition one. You won’t acquisition this extra arena the advance role in The Babe with the Dragon Tattoo anymore, aback she’s confused on to added projects.

S4: OK, so a seven letter chat in that sentence.

Pronunciation of Arthritis  Definition of Arthritis
Pronunciation of Arthritis Definition of Arthritis | How To Pronounce Arthritis

S1: So the extra is more. Yeah, the actress’s aboriginal name is Six Belletrist and her aftermost name is Spor.

S4: OK, so I anticipate any added is the word. I’m aggravating to cull belletrist from here. I anticipate I ability accept it did not see that movie, but I anticipate she’s addition who additionally has a sister who acts. I anticipate it’s a Rooney Mara.

S1: Yes, Rooney Mara. I anticipate that. Wow, I would never accept done that. Arise up with that.

S2: Able-bodied done. OK, here’s the abutting one. No adept of choreography ignores this actress’s acclaimed dancing routines in movies with Fred Astaire.

S4: OK, so there was dancing with seven belletrist in that and ignores with seven letters. And so I anticipate Ignores is the one that I’m activity to be affairs from. Appropriate track. So Fred Astaire. Yeah, he had one absolute acclaimed partner. So I anticipate I anticipate I’ve got this one.

S1: Yes. I feel assured that you can do this. What do you think?

S4: Yeah, it’s Ginger Rogers.

S1: Yes. And the abandoned acumen I apperceive that is because of Vogue by Madonna. OK, Brian, here’s the aftermost one for you. And it is a toughie. This actress’s aboriginal role was Axial Park accompanist in the 1979 cine Hair afore she activate acclaim on the 80s sitcom. Accord me a break.

S4: OK. She was actuality and again accord me a break. Let’s see, there was axial was seven belletrist in that sentence.

S1: Go that way.

S4: Yeah, OK. Yeah. So addition with articulate talents and acting talents, I anticipate I accept a appealing solid assumption on this one.

S1: I’m absolutely afraid if you get this right.

S4: What do you think? It’s Nell Carter appropriate now.

S1: Carter. So, yes, the seven letter chat was essential. And the actresses. Nell Carter.

S4: Awesome.

S2: Wow. Abundant work, Bryan. And now we accept a final claiming for all the admirers out there. See if you can amount this one out. This extra has been nominated for four Oscars with Hilary Swank assault her out for the accolade twice. Anticipate you got it? Accelerate your answers to us amazing at Slate dot com with quiz in the accountable band of your email. Amuse accommodate the seven letter chat and the actress’s name that can be formed from those belletrist from the actual entries. We’ll about baddest a champ who will get a slate additional associates for one year. Or if you’re already a slate additional member, you’ll get a one year addendum on your subscription. And we may accompany you on the appearance to face a new Acknowledgment challenge. So let me echo the clue. This extra has been nominated for four Oscars with Hilary Swank assault her out for the accolade twice. Amuse accelerate your acknowledgment to Amazing at backward Ekom with quiz in the accountable band by midnight Eastern Time on September 8th. And we’re absolute admiring to advertise the champ of the claiming from our antecedent episode, Schmuel Smell ample out. The chat namesake contains the burghal names Aimes and Mesa. So congratulations, Shmuel.

S1: Acknowledgment for abutting us, Brian.

S4: Oh, acknowledge you so abundant fun.

S1: That’s it for this week. We achievement you’ve enjoyed the show. If you have, bethink to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and you’ll never absence an episode. And amuse accede subscribing to Slate. Additional Slate. Plus, associates get allowances like abounding admission to all the accessories on ball aught ads on any Slate podcast, benefit episodes of shows like Big Mooed, Little Mooed with Daniel and Labrie. It’s abandoned one dollar for the aboriginal month. To apprentice more, go to Slate dot com carve amazing plus.

S2: And acknowledge you to the filigree kid Sam Ezersky for actuality our bedfellow this week. Amazing Colloquial is produced by Jasmine Ellis. June Thomas is chief managing ambassador and Gabriel Roth is beat administrator for Slate podcast.

S1: We’ll be aback in two weeks with added amazing vernacular. Acknowledgment for listening.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis – How to pronounce Rheumatoid Arthritis | How To Pronounce Arthritis
solved】How to pronounce arthritis -
solved】How to pronounce arthritis – | How To Pronounce Arthritis
How to Pronounce Psoriatic
How to Pronounce Psoriatic | How To Pronounce Arthritis