How To Pronounce Awkward

It’s consistently important to apperceive breadth you’re from, and accept a adequate bounded ability of the areas about you.

How to pronounce AWKWARD in British English
How to pronounce AWKWARD in British English | How To Pronounce Awkward
How to Say Awkward  British Pronunciation  Learn English
How to Say Awkward British Pronunciation Learn English | How To Pronounce Awkward
How to pronounce awkward - YouTube
How to pronounce awkward – YouTube | How To Pronounce Awkward
How to pronounce AWKWARD and Meaning of AWKWARD
How to pronounce AWKWARD and Meaning of AWKWARD | How To Pronounce Awkward

Towns and villages from beyond Cambridgeshire accept a diffuse history, anniversary accustomed hundreds if not bags of years ago.

It’s no admiration that some places accept spellings that advance bodies from the 21st Century abrading their heads.

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Have you anytime apparent a boondocks or apple on a map of Cambridgeshire and wondered how on Earth you’d say it if you had to acknowledgment it in conversation?

Wonder no more!

We’ve fabricated a account of some of the hardest abode names in Cambridgeshire, and researched how they should be pronounced.

Now you’ll complete like a bounded in the apperceive or at atomic abstain any awkward conversations!

Just over the bound in Essex, this august home is a accepted day cruise for abounding Cambridgeshire residents, and it is one that consistently trips up the tourists.

The 17th-century country abode abreast Saffron Walden, Essex, attracts absolutely the crowd, abnormally for its WWII weekend.

You ability be tempted to say ‘ahhd-ley end’ but the English Heritage acreage is absolutely arresting “ordlee end”.

The apple in South Cambridgeshire is absolutely not arresting as it’s spelled.

Rather than actuality “bay-bra-ham”, the added adequate beneath anatomy is aloof arresting as “bay-br’m”.

It is agnate to Brum but don’t say the ‘u’.

Just west of Cambridge, this village’s name will absolutely cruise you up if you say it try to accent it like ‘cotton’.

The actual accentuation is “Coe-t’n”.

An complete archetypal trip-up for those not accustomed with the city.

How to Pronounce Awkward  Awkward Pronunciation
How to Pronounce Awkward Awkward Pronunciation | How To Pronounce Awkward

Ely is a Cathedral burghal about 14 afar north-northeast of Cambridge.

So generally is it mispronounced as Ee-lie (stress on the Ee and lie) or Ellie (pronounced as the girl’s name).

In reality, it should be arresting as Ee-ly.

The fourth oldest academy at the University of Cambridge is amid appropriate in the centre of Cambridge, and was called afterwards physician John Caius.

However, his surname and the name of the academy aren’t as you’d expect.

They are arresting artlessly as “keys”.

This is one that bodies mispronounce absolutely often.

The baby boondocks of Godmanchester isn’t arresting in the aforementioned way as the arctic burghal burghal of Manchester.

Instead, it’s said after the accent on the ‘a’ sound, so you should say it as ‘God-mnnnn-chester’.

This baby rural apple in the east of Cambridgeshire shouldn’t be arresting as “Will-bra-ham”, but rather as “will-brum”.

Just off Mill Alley in the centre of Cambridge, this artery looks as admitting it should be in Wales not Cambridge.

Because of this appearance, the alley name may generally cruise bodies up.

Gwydir Artery is arresting as ‘gweye-der’ (to beat with wider) rather than ‘gweye-deer’ or ‘gwee-deer.’

Similarly to Gwydir Street, this baby apple abreast Wisbech is arresting artlessly as “guy-hern”.

Don’t try and complicate things!

Haddenham is generally mispronounced as Hadden-Ham, with the ‘Ham’ allotment actuality stressed.

Like abounding places catastrophe in ‘ham’ up and bottomward the country (Oldham, Faversham, Burnham etc), it’s a abundant softer sound.

The civilian archdiocese in South Cambridgeshire isn’t arresting as ‘haz-ling-field’.

Rather, the ‘a’ complete is abundant added pronounced, so it should complete like ‘haze-ling-field’.

Isleham, in the south-east of the county, is generally mispronounced as ‘Iz-el-Ham’, with a adamantine ‘Ham’ sound.

However, it should be arresting ‘Eyes-el-ham’ like Isleworth in London, with stresses on ‘Eyes’.

With four letters, you may anticipate this abode ability be adamantine to get wrong.

But you’d be surprised.

Sat amid Quy and Swaffham Bullbeck, Lode is, in fact, arresting how it sounds as “load”.

Magdalene Academy and Magdalene Artery may be some of the best acclaimed places in Cambridge.

However, if you haven’t been watching University Challenge, you may be in trouble.

Magdalene isn’t arresting as ‘mag-da-lin’, but instead it’s ‘maud-lynn’.

In the Fenlands, abreast Ely, the apple of Manea should be arresting as ‘main-eee’ rather than ‘man-ear’.

The ‘ea’ complete should complete like ‘sea’ nor ‘beard’.

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Although Soham is a baby town, the breadth is historically fascinating.

However, it shouldn’t be arresting as ‘so-Ham’, with a able ‘Ham’ sound, but rather “so-em”.

Located aural the celebrated canton of Huntingdonshire on the banks of the River Ouse, St Neots is one of the best admirable areas of Cambridgeshire.

It should be arresting as ‘Sunt-nee-uhts’, not the appetizing ‘Sunt-notes’.

Situated beneath bristles afar north-east of Cambridge, the breadth is consistently aloof referred to as Quy.

However, this would be arresting as ‘kwai’, with the abounding name actuality ‘stowe-come-kwai’.

This apple of aloof over 2,000 bodies thrives off the agriculture industry.

It should be artlessly arresting as ‘swaves-ee’.

Eight afar south of Cambridge, there is no ‘th-‘ complete in this village, as in ‘think’ or ‘thought’.

Instead, it’s artlessly arresting as ‘trip-low’.

This baby apple aloof 6 afar south west of Ely is generally mispronounced as ‘Wilbur-ton’, with the ‘ton’ stressed.

In fact, the ‘bur’ should be stressed, like in Burton.

The bazaar boondocks and civil anchorage of Wisbech is not arresting as ‘wis-beck’, but instead it’s ‘wis-beach’.

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