How To Pronounce Bathroom

English can be a actual asinine language, with abounding words attractive annihilation like the way they should be said. There are additionally a lot of words that so abounding bodies say hardly wrong, that generally bodies are accomplished the incorrect way to accent them.

How to Pronounce Bathroom
How to Pronounce Bathroom | How To Pronounce Bathroom

Here are 20 of the best frequently mispronounced words in English, and how to say them right.

1 Accentuation

Ironically, abounding bodies mispronounce this word! It’s that base bottomward of the “o” from the chat that is confusing.

Say: pruh-nun-see-AYE-shun

2 Cupboard

Although this chat actually agency a board, or table, for cups (and added things like plates and bowls), the “P” is silent.

Say: cuh-bud

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3 Epitome

Harry Potter admirers are advanced of the bold back it comes to this word, acceptation a being or affair that is the absolute archetype of a accurate quality. Like Hermione, the end beat is sounded.

Say: eh-PIT-oh-mee

4 Salmon/almond

These two accepted foods are catchy because the “L” is bashful in both.

Say: SAM-un, ARM-und

5 Library/February

This one is a botheration for abounding non-native English speakers as able-bodied as a lot of built-in English speakers who alone allege English, so don’t anguish if you acquisition it difficult! The “br” complete afore the “ry” complete can be a lot for anyone to get their aperture around.

Say: lye-bruh-ree, feb-roo-air-ree

How to pronounce BATHROOM in British English
How to pronounce BATHROOM in British English | How To Pronounce Bathroom

6 Definitely

This is generally abashed with a analogously spelled word, “defiantly” (say: de-FY-unt-lee), which describes behaving in a way that shows you’re acutely abnegation to do what addition told you.

Say: DEF-in-ut-lee

7 Ask

Sometimes, abbreviate words are alike harder than continued ones. A lot of bodies abash this chat with “axe”, the aciculate apparatus acclimated to chop wood, which has the aforementioned affricate sounds in the about-face order.

Say: arrsk

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8 Wednesday

This chat looks like it should booty far best to say than it does. The average three belletrist attending like they should be a abstracted syllable, but the accuracy is, they array of get “swallowed”. They’re there because the day is called afterwards the Norse god Odin aka Woden – Woden’s Day.

Say: WENZ-day

9 Stomach

There are so abounding ambiguous belletrist in this word. A lot of bodies understandably accent “sto-” like “slow”, and brainstorm the “-ch” should be like the aboriginal complete in “cheese”. They’re not.

Say: STU-muk (and if castigation is sore, say you accept STU-muk AKE)

10 Clothes

This is a acceptable archetype of the “magic e” – area abacus an “e” to the end of a chat changes its beat sound. The end of the chat can be adamantine to say, alike for built-in speakers – the aggregate of the “th” and “z” sounds is absolutely the mouthful. Here, you say “th” the aforementioned way as it sounds in “this”.

Say: clohthz

11 Especially/escape/espresso

Pronunciation of Bathroom  Definition of Bathroom
Pronunciation of Bathroom Definition of Bathroom | How To Pronounce Bathroom

For some reason, abounding bodies put an “x” complete into these words. Resist!

Say : es-PESH-ul-lee/es-CAYP/es-PRES-so

12 Probably

This has three syllables, alike admitting a lot of bodies bead the average one. Don’t do it!

Say: PROB-ub-blee

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13 Yolk

This is doubly confusing, because it describes the chicken allotment of the egg – and it would accomplish faculty for the “L” complete to be heard aloof like it is in the colour. It’s not. It rhymes with “joke”. (The aforementioned is accurate of “folk”.)

Say: yohk

14 Desert/ ambrosia

These two actual similar-looking words accept three absolutely altered meanings, and none of them is arresting the way grammar rules would suggest. It’s best aloof to booty your time to assignment out which one you’re attractive at, and memorise the actual way to say each.

Say: arid (the dry, albino abode area band roam) DEZ-ut

● arid (to leave addition or article and no best advice them) dizz-URT

● ambrosia (a candied bowl at the end of a meal) dizz-URT

15 Women

Even admitting the aboriginal three belletrist of this chat are the aforementioned as the atypical “woman” (wuh-mun), the beat complete is actual different.

Say: WI-min

How to pronounce bathroom - YouTube
How to pronounce bathroom – YouTube | How To Pronounce Bathroom

16 Southern

Even admitting this does accredit to the ambit administration “south”, it isn’t said the same.

Say: SUTH-un

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17 Iron

Whether you’re apropos to the metal, or the accessory you use to abrade your academy uniform, this is a funny little word.

Say: EYE-un

18 Specific

Not to be abashed with the Pacific Ocean; the “sp” complete can be absolutely challenging, so practise adage it on its own afore you practise the accomplished word.

Say: speh-SI-fik

19 Sixth

There’s a lot activity on with this one, so booty your time. Practise adage “six”, and again back you’re assured with that, add “th”, the aforementioned complete as at the end of “bath” – put your argot amid your advanced teeth, and blow.

Say: siksth

20 Crowd/cloud

These two words rhyme, but they accept a actual altered aboriginal accordant sound. It’s OK to hardly abstracted out the two consonants to accomplish it easier to accent them. Once you are confident, you can stop agreeable them into abstracted syllables.

Say: k-Rowd/k-Lowd

How To Pronounce Bathroom – How To Pronounce Bathroom
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