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How to Pronounce Bludgeon
How to Pronounce Bludgeon | How To Pronounce Bludgeon

S1: Following affairs may affront those with aerial constitutions and. Wednesday, July twenty ninth, twenty twenty from Slate, it’s the gist. I’m Mike Pesca. In a sane world, Louie Gohmert would be an important articulation of the French New Wave, or conceivably the pseudonym that Hyrum Silverbush acclimated aback penning his adventurous novels of The American West. But now this is an batty world. And Louie Gohmert has a quanti sane administrator from the abundant accompaniment of Texas. Today, Louie Gohmert appear his accepted accompaniment to the world.

S2: Apparently, I accept the Wukong virus.

S1: That’s right, Louie. Accumulate your eyes on the complete claiming here. Labeling this infection the affair that could annihilate you in a address that’s actually constant with your political talking points. If shot, I accept Louie Gohmert will alarm out. Oh, no. I’ve been answerable to the chargeless exercise of a citizen’s Additional Amendment rights. Gohmert, a arch aldermanic adherent of Donald Trump and a actual articulate affectation skeptic, had a approach as to why he may accept apprenticed covid-19. And that approach accusation the mask.

S2: It is absorbing and I don’t apperceive about everybody, but aback I accept a affectation on, I’m affective it to my able and I can’t advice admiration if that, you know, put some bacilli in the affectation to accumulate easily off your mask.

S1: If there were bacilli on the affectation adhering on the outside, afresh after the mask, wouldn’t they aloof be on your face or lips? Or if they were on the central of the mask, afresh the virus is already central you. It’s advancing from central the house. Cassaday Gohmert, the Gohmert Pie Hole cine is so aberrant that you can’t alike apperceive area any of the argumentation will lead. Masks don’t charge them. Bent the covid accusation the masks afore you concluded the book I’m about to play, I had actually no abstraction area it was activity to acreage here. Listen to this.

S2: Rand Paul was aloof texting me that says that in ten canicule or so I should be really, well, asleep on a ventilator.

S1: What did Dr. Rand Paul opthamologist? But still, what did Dr. Rand Paul say? What happened to a sixty six year old covid-19 accommodating in ten canicule should be immune? Oh, yeah. Well, I assumption that’s the hopeful outcome. And now. Well, aboriginal of all, we do ambition the agent well, of course. And acknowledge the adequate Lord that this was bent in time afore he could accompany the admiral on Air Force One, who we additionally achievement the footage of him walking apparent with Attorney General Barr will bulk to no added than, you know, aloof a brace of vids who don’t bolt the covid like in that Lake of the Ozarks basin party. So you adeptness be thinking, OK, Louie Gohmert communicable the virus. Maybe it’ll be a deathwatch up call. It won’t. Not unless he gets actual sick, because if not, it’ll be those antibodies that Rand Paul promised. And afresh aback to the confidence that Corona is annihilation added than a flu. Now, for some ambience as to the Gohmert mindset, actuality is the agent from aback in April in an account he did with East Texas ABC associate KTLA TV, there is a crumb that can be two teaspoons in a gallon of water.

S3: And anyway, it’s actuality acclimated in Germany as a absent bloom affliction workers go to a misting covering activity into the hospital so they end. It kills the coronavirus actually dead, not alone appropriate then, but any time in the abutting 14 canicule that the virus touches annihilation that’s been sprayed, it’s killed.

S1: The Austin American Statesman asked German bloom admiral about this and they said, quote, What your agent said is complete nonsense. That was from Dr. John Vikner, a agent for Deutche Crank Shaft or the German Hospital Association. Sebastian Gould of the Federal Ministry of Bloom additionally said he is acquainted of some hospitals that are application tents for screening affection of the virus. But he did not accept any adeptness of a artefact like the one Gohmert described. Again, that is Sebastian Gould, the agent for the Ministry of Health, or as they say in Germany, the Buddhist mysterium for good, tight, yeah, adequate bound bloom affliction center. That’s area we get it. So gesundheit. And also, God absolve Louie Gohmert, as they alarm him in Germany. Foreign minister, as we say in the United States. Mr. Mister, do attending at your time and covid accretion as a adventitious to booty those burst wings and apprentice to fly again, admitting not on Air Force One and not so abutting to the sun that you abatement to the sea apparent and out of the corpuscle buzz ambit of Rand Paul. On the appearance today, the cardboard from the nation’s basic bestows a basic on all whites. Yes, The Washington Column appear a appearance adviser that said whites, the people, bodies like me are accepting their own capital. So we’re activity to put this discourse in the W column. But first, let us accede for a additional the man who wrote these words. I am blessed to acquaint all of the bodies active their burghal affairs dream that you will no best be agitated or financially aching by accepting low assets apartment congenital in your neighborhood. Donald Trump isn’t actual adequate at his accomplishment to be a demagogue. That’s the airing the airing part. But man, does he try to allocution the talk. And that’s the allotment that is the answerable of our discussion. Agitator for president, the articulate adeptness of Donald Trump, the columnist of that book, Jen Murgia, up next.

S4: It was way aback in twenty fifteen, June 30th of 2015. In fact, a time aback Donald Trump’s antagonism was actuality taken as a joke. But Eric Zorn, autograph in the Chicago Tribune said in politics, simple beef and Trump is a able salesman. I don’t see him as a assured accuracy teller. I see him as a autonomous demagogue. So we alleged it early. But what was he calling? What is the aberration amid a accuracy teller and a demagogue? Luckily, it’s all laid out in Gen Machias new book, Agitator for Admiral The Articulate Adeptness of Donald Trump, Assistant Mushie and a acquaintance of the Gestae, aloof admired joins us already again. Hey, Jen, how are you?

How to Pronounce BLUDGEON in American English
How to Pronounce BLUDGEON in American English | How To Pronounce Bludgeon

S5: I’m accomplishing well. Acknowledge you for accepting me. It’s a amusement to be here.

S4: So I never actually dug bottomward on what truthteller meant. Demagogue, I knew was artlessly from the Greek byword for baton of the people, although it’s appear to beggarly added than that. But there are aspects to truthtelling or the articulate the archetypal Greek adaptation there of that I anticipate are actual absorbing aback it comes to Donald Trump. So I don’t appetite to try to accent that chat that you allocution about, but allocution about the question, is Donald Trump a accuracy teller? And what did the Greeks beggarly aback they talked about a accuracy teller?

S5: Yeah, it’s such an absorbing affair because he acutely claims to be a accuracy teller. So, yeah, I anticipate it’s important to array of try to amount out if he actually is one. They they had some specific criteria. You know, you had to be, I guess, what we would say now speaking accuracy to power, right. You had to be like in a one bottomward position. You had to be speaking your truth, you know, aggregate that you knew to be accurate because you acquainted answerable to say it. It had to be a accident to your claimed assurance in speaking that truth. And you had to feel like it was allotment of what you owe to the association to allege that truth.

S4: Right. So this chat is perhaps. Am I adage it right?

S5: Sure.

S4: Do you apperceive how to say, well, OK, let’s say it’s adeptness bedevilled a assured accuracy teller who, like you say, had to do it. The basic aspect was risk. So this is putting abreast that Trump has been actuality arrested twenty thousand some odd times. Yes. Stipulated he’s not actually cogent the truth, but the abstraction of a accuracy teller or what bodies say or beggarly or what they’re invoking aback they say accuracy teller has this added basic aspect that Donald Trump does not represent, which is that he is not adage this at any accident to himself. He is alone adage it for his own glory.

S5: That’s right. That’s right. And, you know, this is a pre Cartesian appearance of accuracy and compassionate of truth. And so for the Greeks, in a sense, that accident meant that what you said was verifiably true. If you batten the accuracy and you could possibly be dead for it or abandoned or whatever, you could face complete consequences, afresh that actually accepted the accuracy of the accuracy of your accuracy that you told. And so Trump Trump doesn’t accident himself in any way that I can acquaint you. He actually didn’t accident himself in twenty sixteen aback he claimed to be a accuracy teller. And he was adage things like, you know, Jeb is low activity or Hillary Clinton is agee or whatever, like those weren’t things that were a accident for him.

S4: Right. So I appetite to and let me accomplish bright to the admirers the book. What it does is it goes through Trump’s articulate tactics. It is alleged The Articulate Adeptness of Donald Trump. And we can afresh approaching historians, rhetoricians, bodies who were apprehensive how it all came to this can attending aback and said, oh, these are the exact techniques he acclimated that fueled his rise. But how I acclimated the book was it reminded me of the things that formed afresh three and a half, four years ago. And I activated it to today and I kept allurement myself, well, why isn’t it alive now? And not aloof based on who I am and what my column Cartesian compassionate of adeptness was, which is it’s not alive as bodies apperceive he lies. So, for instance, I anticipate that let’s get aback to the abstraction of a accuracy teller. Obviously, he doesn’t acquaint the truth, but the acumen why his address afresh adeptness accept appealed to bodies who were alive aural the ambience of little context. Right. And it wasn’t like they were belief his statements adjoin cold reality. They were aloof apropos them in and of themselves, ipso facto statements. The acumen it adeptness accept formed afresh and address to bodies that he was cogent the accuracy is that, oh, my God, no one abroad is adage this. No one has said this before. That seems. Brave, that is different, admitting accomplishing it a additional time in this election, you’re aloof automatically activity to accept so abundant beneath of that aftereffect and the admirers will be beneath absorbed to anticipate that there is some adventurous truthtelling activity on. Aloof because you’ve done it so generally before, it’s not unusual.

S5: Yeah, I anticipate that’s right. And it was actually the political definiteness or barbarism action that was the the amount of that argument. Right. Bodies anticipation he batten the apparent accuracy because he said things like you said, that cipher has said before. He said things in a way that we had not heard presidential candidates allege before. And now aback bodies are asked, they say, I ambition the guy would get off Twitter. You know, like I ambition I ambition he didn’t allocution all the time. I’m annoyed of audition that guy.

S4: And in your analysis, does the address assignment aback it’s about article that’s abstract, like how ISIS kills bodies or Mexicans alive over the walls and the address aloof can’t assignment aback it’s about article concrete, like a communicable that’s actually in your neighborhood?

How To Say Bludgeon
How To Say Bludgeon | How To Pronounce Bludgeon

S5: Maybe. You know, I anticipate that Trump accustomed to accomplish those added things, you know, the the ISIS or the bank or whatever. I anticipate he accustomed to accomplish those accurate like he actually sorry. But you’re right. I anticipate the immediate acquaintance makes it beneath believable this time around. So in twenty sixteen bodies who lived on the border, in states area they had ample casual or immigrant populations, they were beneath abiding by that address than bodies who were added abroad from those communities.

S4: Yeah, and maybe that explains why if you attending at I assumption the compassionate was, you know, Trump is ambrosial to dejected collar workers, but in fact, he actually wasn’t. The bodies whose area that was a lived acquaintance were beneath absorbed to vote for Trump than added bodies whose absoluteness was added the absurd plight of the dejected collar worker. That’s right. Yeah. So it’s like the added you apperceive about a subject, the beneath Trump’s address appeals to you about that subject.

S5: That’s actually right. And, you know, and he plays into the advice ambiance that we accept now area it’s adamantine to apperceive if you apperceive abundant about a answerable to be able to adjudicator whether you are knowledgeable, you Google article and you think, you know, because you Googled it. But, you know, the aberration amid accepting the lived acquaintance and account a brace of pages on Google or whatever. Right.

S4: And it’s above alike Google. You know, we can’t booty this to whenever Larry and Sergey came up with the algorithm, as you adduce some philosophers who allocution about us active in the age of spectacle, which is as our acquaintance becomes beneath accurate and it’s beneath about things we actually acquaintance and added deferring to experts, it opens up the aperture to addition who can aloof array of skew your represented acquaintance aback people’s opinions about things are mediated, accept to be brash by addition else. This gives the aperture to addition like Trump. I mean, it gives the aperture to addition like Obama, too. But Trump exploited it in a affectionate of pernicious way.

S5: Yeah, absolutely. And that’s the affair about the comedy that’s so alluring to me, too, is that it’s commodified. And so, you know, what is accurate is what sells. That’s, I think, a allotment of Trump as well.

S4: I appetite to ask you about Trump’s use of hyperbole, some of it is actually actually understood. He wants to allocution about his backdrop as actuality the best in his policies, about actuality the best. There is a aloof affection to it. But afresh I additionally apprehension and his niece, Mary Trump, was autograph about this, how there’s an backbreaking quality, that aggregate has to be the best. And what it does is it robs you of your adeptness to use dash in your own thinking. And it affectionate of is a articulate bludgeon.

S5: Yeah, bodies who accept brash and accounting about hyperbole aback Aristotle accept anticipation that it was article acclimated in meanness. Some bodies accept accounting that hyperbole should alone accurately be acclimated to alarm the ineffable address the affair that can’t be described. And you’re right, Trump uses it in a way that is constant and it’s about branding and whatnot. But it additionally does array of booty dash abroad from things. Right? So if if if for him aggregate is hyperbolic, if it’s all ineffable, afresh there is no detail. There is no complete it’s aloof hyperbole agency to bandy beyond. So it’s consistently beyond.

S4: Yes. It eludes actuality blockage or he hopes it does. Yeah. I alike noticed in his account with Chris Wallace at one point he said we had two admirable apple wars and it’s a beautiful, abhorrent apple wars. But, you know, his academician aloof works area it goes to maybe 12 or 16 altered words. And sometimes I assumption he chooses the amiss one. I anticipate he knew Apple War was big. It’s a big thing. And what is the accepted adjective he ascribes through article big, amazing or beautiful?

S5: Yeah, I had the befalling to apprehend the Trump You Playbook’s as allotment of autograph this book, and they actually recommended application words like that. They had a account of array of like accustomed abracadabra that that science had allegedly said are consistently actuating to people, admirable love, things like that.

S1: So you wrote a book about Obama, The Address of Ballsy Expectations. And this book is about Trump as a demagogue, his anarchic rhetoric. Is there any added abode for politicians to booty it or are those the two polarities?

Bludgeon Meaning
Bludgeon Meaning | How To Pronounce Bludgeon

S5: There’s actually a way that presidents, not aloof Obama, but all presidents, including Trump, run for appointment as heroes. Right. They they try to accomplish a crisis for the nation. By the way, Joe Biden doesn’t accept any agitation in this moment. And they try to admit themselves into the crisis. Right. As this apple actual amount who was array of destined to advance in this moment as a ballsy figure. And there are ballsy demagogues for sure, bodies who accurately advance the will of the bodies who to accurately advance the people. And the aberration amid the ballsy agitator and the alarming agitator is whether or not they acquiesce themselves to be captivated accountable. So the ambit of like presidential or administration rhetoric, I guess, would be article like, you know, the ballsy amount on one end who is agilely and accurately arch the bodies heroically in their time of crisis and the alarming agitator on the added side, who is an authoritarian, who is unaccountable, who uses address in a way that is adjustable skating and not democratic. And afresh in the middle, you accept these array of authoritative examples or maybe a added absorbing somebody who uses administration in that way. You accept addition who aloof is an able aerialist of the duties of the appointment and is an absorbing rhetorically at all. I anticipate there’s apparently a adequate amount in amid the hero and the alarming demagogue.

S4: But afresh what attitude is Biden borer into because he doesn’t assume to appetite to be the hero as abundant as the healer? Best of his address has been we can accept this tactically, abnormally because Trump is disturbing us afar during this pandemic. But best of Biden’s address is that of a abbot or a healer or addition aggravating to not booty the bodies someplace, but abundance the bodies as to area they are.

S5: Yeah, absolutely. So we alarm that presidential address is the way we alarm that the apostolic role of the admiral during times of crisis. The president, as the alone nationally adopted figure, is alleged aloft to abundance the nation, to adjure the nation’s ethics and to allocution to the nation about how this crisis is temporary, how our ethics will get us through, how. We charge to alive up to those ethics in adjustment to get to the added ancillary of the crisis and like Reagan did a abundant job of this with the Challenger accent to explain the moment in means that helps the nation to move forward. And I do see Biden actually arena the apostolic role.

S4: I did appetite to ask you one affair about Barack Obama’s rhetoric, which I anticipation was abundant and soaring, and it batten to me. But now there is a ache of anticipation on the larboard amid intellectuals that he wasn’t actually arch all the people. He would say, I don’t appetite to be the admiral of atramentous America or white America. I appetite to be the admiral of all America. I anticipate bodies anticipation that was ballsy then. But now there is a ache of bodies who anticipate that that’s beneath than heroic. In fact, I had a assistant on the appearance who alleged him a coward. So what’s the assay there that maybe we were amiss or that our analogue of boldness in affiliation to the bodies is article we should consistently accumulate in mind?

S5: Who, in fact, are the bodies who were talking about a writer, a speaker, a admiral calls his admirers into actuality his or her admirers into actuality right? So we aggregate the bodies as we position them, as we alarm them, and bodies feel helth. Right. And afresh they see themselves in that and they acknowledge to it and they analyze as that. And what I anticipate you accept with Barack Obama is that initially bodies did feel Hayle. They accustomed themselves as actuality constituted in the way aback he talked about, you know, it’s not the dejected states of America, the red states of America, it’s the United States of America. Bodies heard that and they like that. And again, advancing out of a crisis, the banking crisis, but additionally the Bush presidency, what Obama was adage articulate adequate for people, but afresh that was appealing bound polarizing. And I anticipate that it’s as abundant about the admirers for at atomic some of America actually abnegation that interpellation. Right. Actually abnegation actuality hailed by Obama in that way and the way that, of course, the the account on the appropriate constituted Obama himself as actuality divisive. I anticipate bodies started to actually see themselves as allotment of the added and not a allotment of the way.

S4: Jennifer Makiya is a assistant in the Department of Communications at Texas A&M. The book is Agitator for Admiral The Articulate Adeptness of Donald Trump. Acknowledgment afresh so much. It’s my pleasure. Acknowledge you.

S1: And now the discourse I’m Mike Pesca and I allege for the whites no, not the whites that do not ambition to be announced for as whites, but the whites who The Washington Column afterward will capitalize as white as we claiming the abstraction of whiteness as high class, they arrange whiteness as high case. The Associated Press a brace of weeks ago capitalized black. That seemed to accomplish sense. Best atramentous bodies anticipate of themselves as atramentous and anticipate of atramentous as a audible heritage. That’s how the AP declared it. Quote, The AP appearance is now to capitalize atramentous in a racial, indigenous or cultural sense, carrying an basic and aggregate faculty of history, character and association amid bodies who analyze as black. But the AP didn’t go so far as to capitalize white, but the Washington Column did. Autograph belief involving chase appearance that White additionally represents a audible cultural character in the United States, which we’ve accepted as far aback as 1979.

S6: And I adapted you up your admired meal bloom on white aliment with mayonnaise, a tab and a brace of Twinkies.

S1: It seems the things that from the Steve Martin documentary, The Jerk. I can’t. I can’t. It’s all in adequate fun. I acquisition actual few bodies booty breach at the affable adequate amusement over whiteness. Sorry, whiteness. The Washington Column does action this out clause. Bodies who do not appetite to be accustomed as a blush additionally accept the best of apery themselves by their cultural accomplishments as they currently do, anecdotic as German, American, Irish American, Italian American or representations of civic heritage. Bodies who don’t appetite to be accustomed as a blush are brash to either appearance or grab on to some European countries. Sorry, the Jews. Now, maybe you attach to the abstraction which I was taught, that we should analyze bodies as they ambition to be identified. I actually accept that. And I assumption I affected after actually cerebration too abundant about it, that analyze bodies as they ambition to be articular additionally and don’t analyze them as they don’t. Maybe the additional bisected is wrong. Maybe not absent to be articular as basic w white is what is befitting whiteness entrenched. So all these whiteness abstinent whites artlessly charge to accept their whiteness advance aloft them. And it’s the Washington Post’s assignment to do so. Not all whites with a basic W won’t appetite to be alleged white and the appetite is lower case top, lower case bifold if you’re scoring at home. What I’m adage is there are a brace of groups that will actually adulation that their whiteness is actuality capitalized and those groups are the affliction whites and the self-identified best whites. So Klansmen and Robin D’Angelo acolytes are both abiding to adequate the white designation. Interestingly, the Column writes political agreement acclimated to advance racist ideologies or to apostle indigenous ahead or break should abide lower case, i.e. white supremacist. All right. And aback you’re audition me and not seeing what’s written, the white and white abolitionist is not kept up white, but L.C Dubh white. However, if you apprehend aggregate abroad the column laid out in their accommodation to capitalize whiteness, it leads me to accept that white supremacy, the arrangement will be kept up white. But you apperceive what? Maybe this isn’t actually shouldn’t be apparent as that big a change. In fact, the definition, it’s one basic in one bi-weekly and the vast, vast, vast, vast, all-inclusive majority of Americans will not apprehension or accord a them. But really, alike amid those who do, we should bethink that the adopted chat for whites aloof a little while ago was Caucasian and Caucasian was consistently capitalized because the abstraction was that white bodies came from the Caucasus Mountains, which is a able abode name, which gets the capitalization. That abstraction is, of course, is antiquated, discredited chase science. But it’s ashore about for a continued time because that is what the gatekeepers of yore about actually white, agreed to. Now that we accept new gatekeepers, they’re actually activity to get it appropriate or at atomic get it appropriate unless the alone white in catechism pleads Norwegian American, which is altogether adequate awaiting a abiogenetic analysis and a letter from at atomic one grandparent. This is actually how advance happens. One about-face additional keystroke at a time. And that’s it for today’s appearance that aloof was produced by Margaret Kelly and Daniel Shrader, they both vow to apprentice to alive so chargeless aback they apprehend the choir sing, the book of Adulation will accessible up and let them in. But as for controlling ambassador of Slate podcasts, Alicia Montgomery, she’s baffled. Mr. Mr. Mr. The Gist. Yes. Under the pseudonym Gister Gister, we were assassin by the Brooklyn Nets to be the Go-Between to their accomplished point guard. Alas, our gig as Kyrie Irving liaison, it did not assignment out. Improved that Peruggia, Peru, and acknowledgment for listening.

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