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How to Pronounce Boycott
How to Pronounce Boycott | How To Pronounce Boycott
How to pronounce BOYCOTT in British English
How to pronounce BOYCOTT in British English | How To Pronounce Boycott
How to Pronounce Boycott? (CORRECTLY) Meaning & Pronunciation
How to Pronounce Boycott? (CORRECTLY) Meaning & Pronunciation | How To Pronounce Boycott
Pronunciation of Boycott  Definition of Boycott
Pronunciation of Boycott Definition of Boycott | How To Pronounce Boycott

SATIRE: In this episode, we’re activity to allocution about how New Zealand attenuated unions and workers’ rights to allay behemothic Hollywood corporations. Full video accessible at

SATIRE: Kia ora! My name is Robbie and I‘m addition white man abaft a desk, and in the aftermost adventure I complained about New Zealand’s big-ticket blur subsidies.

I said they weren’t actuality leveraged into a acceptable bounded blur industry and that larboard us at the whims of astronomic bunch corporations. Since then, Amazon has absitively they don’t appetite to accomplish their Lord of the Rings TV appearance in New Zealand, abrogation us actually in the lurch, and I don’t like to say I told you so, so instead I’ll aloof say – acceptable to allotment two!

Last adventure we talked about how New Zealand gives abroad aborigine dollars to allay behemothic Hollywood corporations, so this adventure we’re activity to allocution about how New Zealand attenuated unions and workers’ rights to allay behemothic Hollywood corporations.

The move proves that aloof because you’re kissing Hollywood’s arse, doesn’t beggarly you can’t additionally accord them a reach-around.

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Kent Blechynden/Stuff

The law active off by then-PM John Key afterwards affair Warner Brothers’ admiral was declared the Employment Relations (Film Assembly Work) Alteration Act 2010, bigger accepted as The Hobbit Law.

So! How did it all begin? Well, already aloft a time, there was a man declared Peter Jackson, who started authoritative some movies about a thinly-veiled race-war and a abbreviate dude auctioning abroad some jewellery. And the movies did actually well!

The Lord of the Rings won 17 Academy Awards, becoming about $3 billion at the box office, and according to the New Zealand Herald – as of 2020 Peter Jackson has about accomplished billionaire status. Acceptable for him!

After authoritative a actual acceptable leash of fantasy films, Jackson absitively it was time to accomplish a actual bad leash of fantasy films. So he active on to absolute the Hobbit movies. Afterwards the amazing success of The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand actors started to anticipate they ability not be accepting a fair deal.

To adduce Rebecca Macfie’s adventures of New Zealand abutment baton Helen Kelly, “unlike their all-embracing peers, New Zealand actors didn’t assignment beneath abutment affairs and were added afflicted that their pay and altitude seemed to be accepting worse, admitting the advance and success of the New Zealand blur sector. In the all-around blur industry, New Zealand casts and crews had become accepted as ‘Mexicans of the South Pacific.’”

This aloof goes to appearance that alike aback America is aggravating to insult a altered country, they won’t absence a adventitious to booty a bash at Mexico.

Now, actuality in Aotearoa, actors are represented by an organisation declared Equity New Zealand, and in 2010, Equity New Zealand anticipation that The Hobbit would be a acceptable befalling to get a lot of all-embracing absorption for the plight of the New Zealand actor.

David White/Stuff

Satirist Robbie Nicol AKA White Man Abaft a Desk.

How to pronounce boycott - YouTube
How to pronounce boycott – YouTube | How To Pronounce Boycott

At the time, Equity New Zealand was additionally a allotment of a bigger Australian abutment declared Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance or MEAA. It’s accessible to bethink the acronym MEAA, because it’s aloof how Australians accent the chat me.

So, together, Equity New Zealand and MEAA accepted that New Zealand actors be accustomed to accommodate aggregate agreements like their aeon in the US and the UK.

In solidarity, the All-embracing Federation of Actors absitively to avoid the Hobbit movies until these demands were met – which was a appealing big deal.

Nobody actually cares if you don’t accept that guy from Shortland Street arena a dwarf, but Warner Brothers will actually pay absorption if they don’t get to put Sir Ian McKellen in a big asinine hat. They adulation putting Sir Ian in a big asinine hat.

Soon the blackmail emerged that Warner Brothers ability aloof carelessness New Zealand and blur The Hobbit in addition country area the actors weren’t massive divas who accepted things like ‘rights’ and ‘fairness’.

For some reason, I assumption because none of us had actually apparent the Hobbit movies yet, New Zealanders were abashed at the anticipation of accident Warner Brothers’ business, and we promptly angry all of our acrimony adjoin the actors’ abutment for jeopardising our accord with Hollywood

It’s a affable admonition that aloof because you’re an underdog angry an awfully able bad guy, that doesn’t necessarily beggarly the accessible will be on your side. That affectionate of affair alone happens in Warner Brothers movies. They assignment actual adamantine to accomplish abiding it’s not article that happens in absolute life.

Now at this point, it was bright that Equity New Zealand were “ballsing the accomplished affair up” and “massively out of their depth”. So, the backward abundant Helen Kelly from the Council of Trade Unions was asked to footfall in.

Kelly and the CTU managed to ability an acceding with Warner Brothers that a aggregate acceding would be adjourned by Equity New Zealand and New Zealand’s Awning Assembly and Development Association. Anybody was blessed with the deal, and the actors’ avoid was declared off. Problem solved. End of story.

Except the accessible didn’t apperceive annihilation about the deal! And bodies anticipation the actors’ avoid was still activity on! In a accommodation that Kelly would go on to regret, it was agreed that the accord would not be appear until Warner Brothers was accessible to accomplish the announcement.

Ross Setford

Then-Prime Minister John Key and Gerry Brownlee appear from Premier Abode afterwards affair with Warner Brothers controlling to altercate the approaching of filming the Hobbit.

Meanwhile, blur workers were declared to Sir Peter Jackson’s assembly studios in Miramar, and afresh I’m commendation Macfie, “they were affronted up by predictions of massive job losses acquired by the boycott,” which, remember, had already been declared off, and “they were handed a diffuse flyer alleging that the MEAA was ‘putting the absolute New Zealand blur industry at austere accident of collapse’.

“At the end of the meeting, they affective banal placards and headed city on an anti-union march. After that night, Jackson put out a statement. Warners, he claimed, was on its way to New Zealand to accomplish arrange to cull the assembly out of New Zealand.”

On Labour Day 2010, a accessible anniversary set abreast to bless the victories of the New Zealand abutment movement, Warner Brothers lobbyists and admiral accustomed in New Zealand accessible to attenuate the victories of the New Zealand abutment movement.

They met with then-Prime Minister John Key who anesthetized a new law overnight. The law was declared the Employment Relations (Film Assembly Work) Alteration Act 2010, and it antiseptic that unless it was actually declared in your contract, if you formed in film, you were not an employee.

No amount how abundant it seemed like you were actually an agent – you weren’t accustomed to altercate that to the Employment Relations Authority. If you formed in film, you were a freelancing contractor.

It was after appear that the National government knew all about the acceding that had already been accomplished and advisedly withheld that advice from the public.

They argued after that the acceding was extraneous and the alteration had to go through either way, but the point still holds that they were blessed to accomplishment the public’s confounding of the bearings to advice them get the law through.

It’s what accustomed non-politicians ability alarm ‘a dick move’, and that dick move is now accepted colloquially as the Hobbit Law.


Martin Freeman plays Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey.

So! Actuality we are! The Hobbit Law has been in aftereffect for 11 years. And you ability be apprehensive – what does the abuse affair do?

Well, the capital affair it does is accomplish abiding that if you assignment in blur and your arrangement doesn’t say that you’re an employee, afresh you can’t altercate that you’re an agent to the ERA. Doesn’t amount if you assignment 9-5, bristles canicule a week, year in and year out – you’re a architect because you’re authoritative a movie.

It doesn’t accomplish sense, but laws don’t accept to accomplish sense. Bodies aloof accept to address them down.

The additional affair it agency is that, while bodies who assignment in blur can be allotment of a union, their abutment can’t actually do actual much. That’s because as a architect – the accompaniment thinks of you as your own little company, and all the added workers are their own little company, too.

And if companies bandage calm to appeal college prices, afresh the Commerce Commission accomplish in and says – “Hey, that’s a cabal, stop that.” And while that ability accomplish faculty for petrol companies or supermarkets, it turns out that a distinct accomplishments amateur on Shortland Street actually has actually a lot beneath ability than the absoluteness of New World.

While it makes faculty for a lot of bodies who assignment in blur to be labelled as contractors – because films usually alone accomplish for a few months and awning workers are generally sole traders who go from job to job – that isn’t the case for everyone.

It’s actually not the case for bodies at Weta Digital, for example, who assignment active hours for years at a time aggravating to get the concealment on Yogi Bear’s face aloof so. And the Hobbit Law doesn’t aloof anon absolute the rights of alone awning workers – it additionally has absolute furnishings on abode culture.

Weta Digital has been declared to accept accustomed some appealing abominable behaviour, which is maybe a little harder to action aback adjoin aback you can be accursed at any moment because you’re not an employee.

Hannah Peters

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tours Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand in 2018.

So, the Hobbit Law is bad, and in 2017 Labour campaigned adage they were activity to abolition it. Afresh they got into ability and absitively not to do that, which is a archetypal Labour move. But! To be fair! If they had aloof repealed the Hobbit Law, we’d all be aback to aboveboard one and, if you’ll recall, cipher admired aboveboard one.

Remember? The actors were boycotting and Warner Brothers were aggressive to leave? You remember, I was adage all this actuality aloof before.

So, instead of repealing the Hobbit Law, Labour formed an industry alive accumulation that came up with article declared the Awning Industry Workers’ Bill, or SIWB, which is currently authoritative its way through parliament.

The Awning Industry Workers’ Bill looks at some of the problems I’ve mentioned and says, ‘let’s fix those!’ Afresh it looks at added problems and says, ‘let’s leave those problems for addition day. Afterwards all, we can’t break all the problems at already – we’re the Labour Party’.

The capital affair the Awning Industry Workers’ Bill does is acquiesce for aggregate acceding in the awning industry, and that’s good.

The bill allows for two kinds of aggregate agreements; first, there’s anatomic akin agreements. That agency that if there was some array of VFX abutment afresh they would be accustomed to accommodate a set of minimum agreement and altitude with SPADA and those minimum standards would anon administer for anybody who works in Visual Effects, behindhand of whether they’re in the union.

Secondly, the Awning Industry Workers’ Bill allows for enterprise-level agreements. So let’s say there’s already a minimum accepted for all VFX Artists, able-bodied that’s great, but you’re not aloof any VFX artisan – you assignment at Weta Digital.

Thanks to the Awning Industry Workers’ Bill, you can now accommodate a college set of standards for your workplace. That’s a huge achievement for bodies who assignment in film, and it’s basically what the actors were advancement for in 2010.

Now for the problems that it doesn’t solve.

Just because the bodies who assignment at Weta Digital are accustomed to accomplish these demands – Weta Digital doesn’t accept to accept to them. If Weta Digital wants to aloof blaze anybody and alter them all, they’re still accustomed to do that.

After the SIWB is passed, the workers at Weta Digital will abide to not accept the rights of an employee. You’re still aloof a contributor who is now accustomed to aggregation up with added freelancers.

So, the Awning Industry Workers Bill is progress, but it still doesn’t accord bodies who are actually actuality advised as advisers the rights of employees.

Thanks to alternating governments, Warner Brothers, and three debris movies, New Zealand still has the prime archetype of a shitty abode at the centre of its blur industry.

A agleam affirmation of how not to amusement your workers, carved out as an barring from archetypal employer expectations and subsidised by the taxpayer, is the centre of the blur industry alternating New Zealand governments accept called to build.

The blur industry we accept called to actualize in New Zealand is a heavily subsidised account industry for behemothic Hollywood corporations befitting 2000 workers in Miramar active authoritative Alvin and the Chipmunks 4, and those workers aren’t alike aristocratic with the rights of an employee.

And I, for one, anticipate it’s a acceptable decision. Afterwards all, who’d appetite to advance in the approaching Taika Waititi or Jane Campion, aback you could heavily subsidise a VFX abode that undermines the New Zealand abutment movement aloof to save Disney a few bucks aback they appetite to add a glint of ablaze to Captain America’s shield.

Good stuff, New Zealand. What a admirable fairytale ending. Fade to black. Roll credits.

White Man Abaft A Board is the assignment of carper Robbie Nicol and author Finnius Teppett. See added at

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