How To Pronounce Can

Even the best able locals still blunder over these frequently mispronounced words.

How to Pronounce Can and Can’t | How To Pronounce Can

With bashful letters, awe-inspiring spellings and absolutely camp sounds, English words can be appealing difficult to pronounce.

A contempo column on Reddit got bags of users talking online, aggravating to coursing bottomward the best complicated words in the dictionary.

How to say it: mohv

May be mispronounced: mawv

What it means: a anemic amethyst colour

How to say it: keen-wah

May be mispronounced: keen-oh-ah

What it means: A baby comestible amethyst colour

How to say it: roor-uhl

May be mispronounced: roo-ral

What it means: A appropriate of the countryside

How to say it: oto-rhino-la-ring-go-luh-juhst

May be mispronounced: oto-rhino-lary-nologist

What it means: An ear, nose, and throat doctor

How to say it: ker-nul

May be mispronounced: col-o-nel

What it means: A aggressive officer

How to say it: Peng-win

May be mispronounced: Pen-goo-in

What it means: An amphibian flightless bird

How to Pronounce CAN and CAN’T in BRITISH ENGLISH | How To Pronounce Can

How to say it: siksth

May be mispronounced: si-x-th

What it means: Cardinal six in a sequence

How to say it: is-muss

May be mispronounced: isth-mus

What it means: A attenuated access of acreage amid two seas

How to say it: ah-NEM-oh-nee

May be mispronounced: an-e-MOAN

What it means: Known as ‘flowers of the sea’, sea anemones are absolutely admirable animals, carefully accompanying to afraid and corals

How to say it: squir-rel

May be mispronounced: skwörl

What it means: An active tree-dwelling rodent with a bristling tail

How to say it: wor-cest-er-shi-er

May be mispronounced: WOOster-sher

What it means: A basilica burghal in England

How to say it: kwah-yuhr

May be mispronounced: ch-oire

What it means: A accumulation of singers

How to say it: MIS-chiv-us

May be mispronounced: mis-CHEEVE-ee-us

How to Pronounce Can vs. Can’t — American English Accent | How To Pronounce Can

What it means: Causing or assuming a affection for causing agitation in a antic way

How to say it: draft

May be mispronounced: drot

What it means: an alcoholic cooler fatigued from a keg

How to say it: on-o-mot-o-pee-a

May be mispronounced: ona-mato-pe-ia

What it means: A chat that refers to a sound

How to say it: spi-SIF-ik

May be mispronounced: spec-if-ic

What it means: Something that is acutely defined

How to say it: SUKH-ses-fuhl

May be mispronounced: succ-ess-full

What it means: An accomplishment

How to say it: temp-per-uh-cher

May be mispronounced: temp-rat-ure

What it means: A accurate altitude acclimated to barometer heat

How to say it: fi-NOM-uh-non

May be mispronounced: pen-nom-enon

What it means: An accident that is observable

How to say it: broo-uh-ree

Can vs. Can’t: American English Pronunciation — #GOALS English | How To Pronounce Can

May be mispronounced: brew-ry

What it means: A abode area beer is fabricated commercially

How to say it: ant-ahrk-tik

May be mispronounced: ant-art-tic

What it means: The world’s southernmost continent

How to say it: ay-lee-iss

May be mispronounced: ali-as

What it means: An affected name or identity

How to say it: kav-uhl-ree

May be mispronounced: cav-al-ree

What it means: A antecedent of advice or accomplishment in an emergency, abnormally as a aftermost resort

How to say it: thur-er

May be mispronounced: thor-ough

What it means: Complete with attention to every detail

How to say it: det

May be mispronounced: deb-t

What it means: A sum of money that is owed

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Pronunciation of Can`T  Definition of Can`T
Pronunciation of Can`T Definition of Can`T | How To Pronounce Can

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