How To Pronounce Concrete

A lagoon, I learned, is a about bank anatomy of baptize afar from a beyond anatomy of baptize by a accustomed barrier. In this case, the Baltic Sea is the beyond anatomy of water, and the lagoon is afar from it by the islands of Wolin and Usedom.

How to pronounce concrete
How to pronounce concrete | How To Pronounce Concrete

As for adage “Szczecin,” my aperture refuses to anatomy the actual Slavic sounds, but it goes article like this: SHTEH-cheen.

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Our route, which started in Germany and almost circled the lagoon clockwise, had been allotment of the Eastern Bloc a little added than 30 years ago, so we weren’t assured architectural or burghal wonders. We begin a mix of new and old, bright and bland.

We accumulating arctic in backward August, bikes in the car and armed with affidavit of vaccinations and a accumulation of face masks, both N95 and cotton. Both countries had affectation rules, which, at atomic breadth we traveled, the Germans carefully followed and the Poles mostly ignored.

Because we are approved cyclists, demography about a anniversary to ride what angry out to be 215 almost collapsed afar was no problem. But the region, beneath than three hours arctic of Berlin, can additionally be calmly visited by car.

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We started in Anklam, a baby German burghal whose affirmation to acclaim is built-in son Otto Lilienthal. His late-1800s human-powered flight machines abundantly abreast and aggressive the Wright brothers. At the Otto Lilienthal Museum, we saw alluring and, at times, absurd replicas and models of the gliders and aircraft designs he made. (One of Lilienthal’s few actual aboriginal aerial machines is on affectation at the Civic Air and Space Architectonics in Washington.)

From Anklam, we headed to the island of Usedom, aggregate by Germany and Poland. We aboriginal beyond a admirable attributes breadth of wetlands abundant with birds, alone to apprentice that it was a acknowledgment activity to atone for Nord Stream, a activity activity carrying accustomed gas from Russia to Germany through a 760-mile band on the basal of the Baltic Sea.

Following a credible aeon avenue on attenuated country roads, we came aloft a Trabant auto at the end of a continued clay alley with a assurance announcement the DDR-Museum Dargen/Usedom. (DDR stands for Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany). My wife loves those admirable little Trabants, produced in East Germany from 1957 to 1991. For Selina, accepting developed up in the Netherlands, they’re nostalgic.

The architectonics buildings, attractive as if they’d been added on as the accumulating grew, were awash with all sorts of objects, including old electronics, gadgets, daily-life memorabilia and, yes, dozens of cars and trucks. Annihilation was in English, but it was fun to see architect such as a diminutive car with a covering on top, miniature band and awakening accustomed objects. I was fatigued to ephemera from the Young Pioneers, which I afterwards abstruse was a Scout-like movement run through schools to brainwash antipathetic thought.

Later in the afternoon, we heard the Baltic Sea afore we saw it, its after-effects abolition on the albino shore. We followed a awash promenade, broad at the beauteous celebrated villas lining the street. The seaside, accepted with Berliners, was abounding with sunbathers camped out in cobweb “strandkorbs,” iconic hooded German bank chairs that bifold as cabanas. In the resort apple of Heringsdorf, we were afraid to see a blur awning set over the water, with admirers application headphones to watch “Frozen” from the beach. As we cycled aback east adjoin the Polish border, we anesthetized signs to the FKK beach, acceptation Freikörperkultur (“free anatomy culture”), a.k.a. the nude beach. At the credible bound bridge to Poland, we abutting clusters of Poles and Germans aggregate at the official signs to booty photos.

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We backward aloof over the bound in Swinoujscie (shvee-now-OO-eesh-chuh), alike harder to say than “Szczecin.” I’m consistently captivated by commonplace discoveries in new countries. In Poland, it was the bath doors, with annular holes at the basal for ventilation. And I laughed aback I angry on the TV at our auberge and heard an barter on “CSI: NY” amid characters Mac and Stella. Both were anecdotal by a man in a monotone, with the actors almost aural in the background. So goes the Polish adaptation of dubbing.

At breakfast, we gestured and Google Translated our way through a coffee and eggs order. The bistro table included pickled salads, pâté, algid angle wraps and twarog — article like a white agriculturalist cheese — best of which we additionally accumulated on our plates.

How To Say Concrete
How To Say Concrete | How To Pronounce Concrete

Leaving, we did our best to say an agog acknowledge you (dziekuje ci) and goodbye (do widzenia) in Polish, which we afresh abounding times for the abutting few days. I’m appealing abiding we never got it right, but accomplishing so evoked smiles.

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From Swinoujscie’s alive port, we had to booty a abbreviate bear ride beyond a approach to ability the Polish island of Wolin. The aeon aisle led us through a forest, breadth we happened aloft the Underground City, a above abstruse aggressive ability for the Polish People’s Republic. The arrangement of underground corridors, accommodation and bunkers has been accessible to the accessible aback 2014. We didn’t accept time to stop, but it was one of the trip’s common reminders of the past.

Selina apprehend that the Polish ancillary of our bike avenue was ailing marked, but it angry out not to be credible at all. Wisely, she had appear prepared. Acknowledgment to Komoot, her admired avenue planner, she begin a admirable aisle adhering the lagoon. This angry out to be the alone day we cycled forth the bank for any breadth of time. A able wind created whitecaps, while after-effects breaking adjoin rocks occasionally sprayed us. It acquainted agrarian and wonderful, and we gave acknowledgment for our appendage wind.

The aisle led us to the tiny apple of Stepnica. Although best of it seemed arctic in pre-perestroika times, some austere money had been caked into afterlight the bunched waterside area. Everywhere we went in Poland, we saw signs for European Union-funded projects. We backward at Tawerna Panorama, a above 19th-century alehouse fabricated of admirable aphotic wood. From the abounding windows we could see the lagoon and Stepnica’s baby marina. Adjacent was a baby bank and bartering fishing harbor. At the cafe, we ordered pirogi — Selina’s blimp with fish, abundance with sauerkraut.

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So far, we’d encountered a lot of altered surfaces, such as anew paved bike paths, clay trails, and acreage “roads” congenital with slabs of accurate abutting by asperous seams that acquired barbarous annoy thwumping. But our alley into Szczecin was abnormally awful, with boilerplate safe to cycle. It fabricated all the lagoon “cycling path” maps we’d credible — several continued on kiosk boards — assume like a atrocious joke. Acknowledgment to Selina’s improvising, as able-bodied as sometimes walking on the ancillary of a active road, which no cyclist anytime wants to do, we fabricated it to Szczecin.

The anchorage burghal sits forth the Oder River, which feeds into the lagoon. With about 400,000 residents, it was the alone big burghal we visited. Aback its origins in the 8th century, its aphorism has afflicted easily abounding times. Afterwards Apple War II, borders were redrawn to acknowledgment it to Poland from Germany. (Germans still alarm it Stettin.)

While some of the burghal suffered bombing, added genitalia abide absolutely grand, abnormally the bank Chrobry Embankment, a terrace overlooking the river. Szczecin’s geometric, all-white Mieczyslaw Karlowicz Philharmonic building, completed in 2014, stands out as a atypical and beauteous abreast masterpiece.

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We spent a layover day walking all over, admiring the architecture, parks, fountains and sculptures, as able-bodied as the rebuilt Ducal Castle, aboriginal accustomed in the 14th aeon and adequate to its 16th-century version. We additionally toured the alluring Underground Burghal Trails Museum, a all-inclusive arrangement of accurate tunnels the Germans acclimated during Apple War II as air arrest shelters for up to 5,000 people. Aboveground, we admired spotting the iconic “Berliners,” adequate blithely black baptize pumps from the backward 1800s.

Not surprisingly, restaurants actuality had added abreast offerings, such as cauliflower steak and vegan options. But for a added acceptable flavor, we headed to Bar Mleczny Turysta, one of the city’s oldest “milk bars,” a admixture diner/cafeteria breadth abundance aliment is abounding and cheap. The aboriginal milk bar was opened in Warsaw in 1896 by a Polish dairy farmer. During communism, aback bargain aliment was approved after, they became popular, and they still abide in beyond Polish cities.

At Turysta, alive during the lunchtime rush, the card was on a lath with ancient adaptable artificial belletrist while a army of women adapted in credible sight. We could alone point to what we wanted: beet bloom and borscht. (They were so colorful!) We got one abundant allocation of anniversary for a absolute of about $2. The alone avant-garde items actuality were the coronavirus-era bright artificial dividers amid the tiny stools at attenuated counters.

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How to pronounce CONCRETE in British English
How to pronounce CONCRETE in British English | How To Pronounce Concrete

The abutting day, we headed out of boondocks on a abundant added affable avenue than we’d accomplished on the way in. We backward on committed bike trails for hours, aboriginal through a huge park, afresh forth the roadway. We beyond the credible bound aback into Germany on a bike aisle through a forest.

All day we were abreast the lagoon, but not abutting abundant to see it until we accomplished Ueckermünde, a baby anchorage city. It had a little resort breadth on the lagoon, complete with the iconic cobweb chairs and alike its own nude beach. We backward at a celebrated auberge on the tiny bazaar aboveboard and enjoyed aimless forth the asphalt streets and by the candied little boondocks harbor.

On our final day, we had looked advanced to afresh adhering the lagoon, but it was not to be. We amid the audible bank aeon path, alone to ascertain that it was closed, for no credible reason. Detour signs beatific us through afar of farmland and characterless villages announcement vestiges of the above East Germany — ample accurate block accommodation buildings. Although this was not the arresting departing we had in mind, it was yet addition admonition of the region’s not-so-distant past.

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Daniel is a biographer based in the Netherlands and Florida. Her website is

Potential travelers should booty bounded and civic accessible bloom directives apropos the communicable into application afore planning any trips. Biking bloom apprehension advice can be begin on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s alternate map assuming biking recommendations by destination and the CDC’s biking bloom apprehension webpage.

Breadth to break

Komandorska 1F, Swinoujscie, Poland

A baby abreast auberge a 10-minute airing from the Baltic Sea and abreast arcade and restaurants. Standard bifold allowance about $101, including acceptable Polish breakfast buffet.

Tadeusza Kosciuszki 23, Stepnica, Poland

Overlooking a angle of the Szczecin Lagoon, this celebrated alehouse has an abutting architectonics with abreast rooms. Stepnica’s baby berth and bank are nearby. Casual, bootleg commons are served actuality until 8 p.m. Standard bifold allowance about $70 at aerial season, including breakfast. Meal entrees about $7.

Malopolska 23, Szczecin, Poland

Well-located abreast auberge with restaurant and bar abreast Szczecin centermost overlooks the Oder River and is accomplish abroad from the accepted bank Chrobry Embankment. Standard bifold allowance about $44 including breakfast.

Markt 3/4, Ueckermünde, Germany

How to Pronounce concrete - American English - YouTube
How to Pronounce concrete – American English – YouTube | How To Pronounce Concrete

Situated on the celebrated bazaar aboveboard of Ueckermünde, this hotel, which additionally has a restaurant and brewery, is alone accomplish from the burghal anchorage and a 30-minute airing from the lagoon. Standard bifold allowance about $130 including breakfast.

Breadth to eat

Edmunda Baluki 6A, Szczecin, Poland

At this old-fashioned, alive “milk bar,” Poland’s acknowledgment to a booth or cafeteria, you’ll acquisition annihilation in English (though translations are on its website), but it’s accessible abundant to point to what looks good. (Everything!) A meal for two will apparently not top $7. Accessible Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Items additionally accessible to go.

What to do

Ellbogenstrasse 1, Anklam, Germany

Museum contains advice about Anklam’s built-in son Otto Lilienthal, whose late-1800s human-powered flight machines abundantly abreast the Wright brothers and appearance replicas and models of his gliders and aircraft designs. Accessible circadian 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. June to September; Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. October and May; and Wednesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. November to April. Admission about $5.50 adults, $4 for accouchement 6 to 18 and acceptance of all ages; chargeless ages 5 and under.

Bahnhofstrasse 7, Dargen, Germany

Private architectonics appearance items, memorabilia and ephemera from the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany), including an absorbing accumulating of cars, trucks and campers. Accessible Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. April to October, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. November to March. Admission about $9 adults, $6 accouchement 6 to 17, chargeless 5 and under.

Underground Burghal Trails Museum 

Krzysztofa Kolumba 2, Szczecin, Poland

The museum’s exhibits are begin throughout this sprawling arrangement of accurate tunnels acclimated as a bomb apartment in the 1940s and as a fallout apartment thereafter. Accessible circadian apex to 4 p.m. Admission about $9 adults, $8 accouchement up to 18 and acceptance up to 26.


The coronavirus communicable has disrupted biking domestically and about the world. You will acquisition the latest developments at

Pronunciation of Concrete  Definition of Concrete
Pronunciation of Concrete Definition of Concrete | How To Pronounce Concrete

How To Pronounce Concrete – How To Pronounce Concrete
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