How To Pronounce Cumbersome

“With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good.” Really? I would anticipate that with a name like Smucker’s it has to be a alone ache or possibly a large, poisonous, South American leech.

How to pronounce CUMBERSOME in British English
How to pronounce CUMBERSOME in British English | How To Pronounce Cumbersome

If “Smucker’s” can be slapped on aliment and annually accomplish billions of sales, affairs are that your aggregation name, no bulk how mediocre, will not avert you from accomplishing cogent success. Thus, accompany the ranks of Yahoo, Google, Amazon, eBay, Cisco and Microsoft and focus your bound time and assets on perfecting your chump bulk proposition, not on devising an ideal aggregation name.

When selecting your aggregation and artefact names, accede the following:

Each of these allotment considerations is discussed at breadth in the butt of this entry.

Name Game

Successful entrepreneurs accept a bent against action, as illustrated in Tom and Huck. Endlessly allegory and advertent your company’s name is baseless inaction, as your venture’s name will accept little to do with your ultimate success or abridgement thereof.

Correspondingly, your products’ names accord to, but do not dictate, their success. Abundant artefact names advice and bad artefact names hurt. However, your ultimate achievement will be predicated aloft your adeptness to economically bear on the promises you accomplish to your bargain – a.k.a. your products’ “value propositions.” If you focus on carrying bulk to your customers, your articles will accept a reasonable adventitious of succeeding, irrespective of what you name them.

Do not abatement casualty to self-proclaimed allotment gurus who will acquiescently booty your money and accompany you in the navel-gazing afterward of absolute names. As acclaimed in Beware The Consultant, such pay-for-hire charlatans bargain their time for your money – the added time they barter with you, the added of your money they take. If you acquiesce yourself to be sucked into the Name Game, you can be assured it will be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor.

To allegorize the admeasurement to which a company’s name is abundantly extraneous to its ultimate success, let’s appraise the alpha of six acknowledged technology companies’ names. All of these acknowledged companies accept amiss names – afore they became broadly known, abounding of these monikers were difficult to spell, emphasis and recall. Alike so, their blemish did not bassinet the companies’ ultimate success.

In all cases, these names were acquired by the Founders, afterwards the captivation of consultants, MBAs, focus groups, statistically accurate surveys or added detriments to a startup’s adeptness to accomplish quick, complete decisions.

Yahoo – Merriam-Webster defines “Yahoo” as “a boorish, crass, or brainless person.” The appellation was aboriginal acclimated by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels, in which he encountered a beastly chase of abominable humans. Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo’s Founders, chose the name, as they advised themselves to be “Yahoos.”.When the aggregation was initially launched, its name was abominably agnate to the amber alcohol YooHoo. Afterwards the aggregation became successful, the backronym, Yet Addition Hierarchical Officious Oracle was devised to “explain” the name’s origin.

Google – Based on “googol,” a appellation devised by mathematicians to alarm inconceivably ample numbers that are abate than infinity. Back included in algebraic expressions, it is represented as 10100. The appellation is foolishly accompanying to Google’s adventure to archive all of the world’s information, but wholly extraneous from a user perspective. Google is not anecdotic of the company’s chase bulk adequacy nor was it decidedly accessible to pronounce, spell or bethink back the armpit was initially launched.

Amazon – While arguably bigger than the company’s antecedent name, “”, “Amazon” does not back the company’s antecedent bulk adequacy of online book sales. Legend asserts that the name change from Cadabra was prompted by Yahoo’s alphabetized advertisement of chase results. However, if this is true, “Aardvark” would accept been a added able best and appropriately as accordant to online book sales.

eBay – Acquired from Founder Pierre Omidyar’s consulting company, Echo Bay Technology Group. “” was not available, so the firm’s name was beneath to “eBay” in adjustment to admission the agnate URL. “eBay” acutely has annihilation to do with online auctions and is anecdotic of absolutely nothing.

Cisco – Originally alleged “cisco Systems,” the name was acquired from San Francisco. The lowercase “c” was eventually capitalized afterwards about 10 years, due to the awkward representation of the baby “c” back the aggregation was discussed in newspapers and magazines. Added than a second-rate musician, “Cisco” is anecdotic of nothing, alms no adumbration as to the company’s antecedent bulk adequacy in router architecture and development. At the time of its launch, the name “cisco” was additionally confusingly agnate to SYSCO, the $20B aliment administration company.

Pronunciation of Cumbersome  Definition of Cumbersome
Pronunciation of Cumbersome Definition of Cumbersome | How To Pronounce Cumbersome

Microsoft – Initially anecdotic of the company’s software developed for the “micro” computer market, which eventually acquired into the “personal” computer market. The aboriginal spelling of “Micro-Soft” was not afflicted until twelve years afterwards its founding, already the MBAs had adapted the belligerent startup into a BDC. The aggregation continues to boss a array of markets, admitting the actuality that no one has acclimated the appellation “micro computer” during the accomplished 25 years.

What Works?

Even admitting the names of the above-mentioned companies are beneath than ideal, they acutely did not angle in the way of these organizations’ success. Admitting their imperfections, some attributes of these aggregation names are adorable and allegorize conventions you should accede back allotment your aggregation and its products, as discussed below.

Uniquely Accustomed – A name that sounds accustomed but is not confusingly agnate to addition aggregation is able and appropriately elusive. Able nouns, such as Amazon, arouse a activity of familiarity. The accident with this admission is that it can advance to a name that is too all-encompassing and indistinguishable. These “Acme”-sounding names generally brace alone words with able nouns, such as: Phoenix Technology, Eagle Systems, Lewis Enterprises, Malibu Industries, or suffixes such as, “plex” or “tronics.” Such aloof names are neither adverse nor accretion to a firm’s efforts.

Buzzless – As acclaimed in Buzz Kill, abstain accumulation contemporary agreement in your aggregation and artefact names, as today’s boiler darlings become tomorrow’s passé clichés. By alienated chichi terminology, your adventure will never end up on the amiss ancillary of the ever-changing boiler bandwagon, such as the abominably alleged “NanoOpto.”

Intuitive URL – Legacy companies, which were alleged afore the appearance of the Internet and afterwards did not accept the banking assets to acquirement their aggregation name URLs, are affected to admit their names into URLs they can acquire. However, there is no charge for a startup to accommodation with account to its URL.

When devising your aggregation and artefact names, accumulate in apperception the afterward appulse that such names will accept on your adeptness to accommodate to the afterward URL guidelines:

Your aggregation name will additionally appulse your employees’ email addresses. A cumbersome, non-intuitive aggregation name will accomplish it added difficult for abeyant bargain and added stakeholders to acquaint with your venture.

Phonetically Spellable – Due to the emphasis of accepting a analytic abbreviate URL, a cardinal of startups accomplish for suboptimal aggregation and artefact names, consistent in spellings that claiming alike the best ardent, motivated customer. Steer bright of Americans’ affection for different spelling conventions. “Amy” should not be spelled “Aimee” and “Storage” should not be spelled “Stoaredge.”.

Even if the name’s acceptation is accessible back read, the able spelling of such names may be difficult for a accidental user to recall. For instance, “Hautespot” ability be a able name for a wireless video company, (as in “hot spot”), but it is difficult for apprenticed users to spell correctly.

Netflix has been broadly successful, admitting its phonetically arduous spelling. A quick chase of “Netflicks” shows over 50,000 different instances of this misspelling (contrasted with the about 12 actor audible references to “Netflix”). Alike afterwards spending hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing, abundant abeyant bargain still misspell the company’s non-intuitive name.

Readily Pronounceable – A name’s able emphasis should be obvious, as fabricated acutely bright in the 1996 Tom Hank’s Movie, “That Affair You Do!” in which Mr. Hank’s appearance discovers a baby boondocks bandage alleged “The Oneders.” A active gag throughout the cine is that no one can appropriately emphasis the band’s name, calling them “The oh-NEE-ders,” rather than “The ONE-ders.”

The band’s baton is emotionally absorbed to the ability of the band’s name and appropriately blames anybody abroad for their disability to “get it right.” Abstain this aberration – never become crazily addicted of a aggregation or artefact name. Perception is reality. If the bazaar “does not get it,” you are amiss and they are right. Emulate the aces almanac aggregation which active The Oneders. It promptly afflicted their name to “The Wonders.”

Problematic pronunciations are additionally accustomed in the business world.

How To Say Cumbersome
How To Say Cumbersome | How To Pronounce Cumbersome

Extensible – The greater admeasurement to which you can advantage a name beyond a artefact family, the better. A accepted prefix or suffix which can be activated to a array of articles is an able way to accomplish acquaintance and advance sales beyond a artefact line. If the cast is appropriately managed, this allotment assemblage can advance a aura aftereffect over all the company’s products. For instance, Citrix utilizes the “GoTo” moniker for its band of alien admission solutions, including, “GoToMyPC,” “GoToMeeting” and “GoToWebinar.” Apple utilizes a agnate admission with the prefix “i”, as in “iPod,” “iTunes” and “iPhone.”

Single Association – A non-native English apostle whom I already formed with devised a aggregation name, afterwards acumen it had abrogating connotations. Afterwards a abundant accord of buildup, the name was proudly announced: “Soar.” Afterwards I chock-full laughing, I said, “Like an arising abscessed on your face?” The active business actuality was devastated, as this was not a acceptation they had contemplated. Alike worse, the business actuality had formed with a adviser and spent over ten thousand dollars advancing up with the name. Shameful. Your names should not be accessible to such misinterpretation.

Another archetype of a name with a deleterious association is “Rabobank.” This afflictive name is acquired from the Dutch chat “Boerenleenbank” (i.e., a acreage acclaim bank). Unfortunately, back beheld quickly, it is accessible to alter the “a” and “o,” consistent in “ROB-a-bank.”

The Aggregation You Keep

Another acumen to not captivate about your venture’s name is because your business focus, markets served and bulk propositions will acceptable advance over time. As such, if you tie your aggregation name too carefully with your antecedent go-to-market strategy, you ability accomplish success with a aggregation name that does not ultimately reflect the accurate attributes of your business.

This occurred at both Expertcity and Computer Motion, two companies in which I was a chief executive. Expertcity was initially alleged to reflect the company’s “marketplace for services,” which enabled independent, all-around experts to anon admission customers’ computers and fix their abstruse problems. Expertcity was a abundant name for that business. Unfortunately, we absolutely alone the “technical abutment marketplace” afterwards the dot bomb blast and began licensing our screen-sharing technology. Our name was so broken from our business archetypal that we were in the bosom of a abiding and big-ticket name change action (along with a baby army of consultants), at the time we awash Expertcity to Citrix.

Computer Motion was alleged afterwards a able software algorithm that accustomed archaic (circa 1990) computer processors to cede cartoon in 3-D. The company’s logo was a three dimensional bouncing ball. Unfortunately, we never fabricated a dime from the 3-D algorithm. Instead, we acquired our technology to ability medical robots and eventually pioneered the medical robotics industry, which led to the company’s closing auction to Intuitive Surgical, a far added appropriately alleged company.

In both of these instances, the awful specific attributes of the companies’ names accepted to be ambiguous the companies accomplished and adapted their bulk propositions.

$30M Name In 15 Minutes

Product names acutely accept a added absolute and cogent appulse on your company’s success, as compared with your company’s name. This is abnormally accurate of consumer-oriented products. However, best startups do not accept the banking adequacy to body a cast based aloft a product’s name and image. All branding efforts aural a startup should be focused on communicating artefact utility, as the bulk acquired by end-users ultimately dictates a product’s success or failure.

As we morphed our business archetypal at Expertcity, we bare a name for the technology we had amorphous to authorization to ample enterprises. With no name whatsoever, we bankrupt deals with a cardinal of abundant companies, including Cox Communications, CompUSA, CDW and Colgate-Palmolive. Our technology streamed pixels from one desktop to another, acceptance abutment agents in alarm centers to break abstruse issues anon on users’ computers. Our action bargain were absorbed in the account our artefact delivered to their chump abutment agents and were aloof to its name (or abridgement thereof).

Once we accepted that we could authorization our “marketplace for services” technology, it was axiomatic that we bare to asperse the technology with a artefact name. As such, I did article unusual. I alleged a meeting.

I capital to name the artefact “Tsunami” – a abhorrent name which we bound rejected. Afterwards a few account of discussion, back it was bright that Tsunami was not a winner, we advised the URLs we owned, which included “” and “”

We absolved out of the affair afterwards about fifteen minutes, with a artefact name and afterwards crumbling disproportionate time attempting to devise a absolute name as we knew it would accept no appulse on our action customers’ affairs decisions. Hopefully you can assumption which name we selected.

How to pronounce cumbersome
How to pronounce cumbersome | How To Pronounce Cumbersome

Another acumen not to captivate over artefact names is that you can afterwards adapt them by relaunching the artefact beneath a new brand. As acclaimed in Max Brand, rebranding can be big-ticket and painful, but you alone accept to go through the action if the antecedent product, with its suboptimal name, is successful. This was the admission we took with DesktopStreaming.

Once GoToMyPC became a awful acknowledged product, we renamed DesktopStreaming “GoToMeeting,” but not afore DesktopStreaming had generated over $30 actor dollars of revenue. If we had alleged the artefact BuddyHelp, we apparently would accept generated a commensurable bulk of revenue. However, we acquainted that BuddyHelp was too accidental and amateurish for a mission-critical, action software product.

Hall Of Shame Names – The Oneder Of It All

The time and money spent gluttonous an ideal name is acceptable bigger activated to signing up bargain and adorning your bulk proposition. However, there acutely are “bad” names that can accomplish it added difficult for your adventure to succeed. It is added difficult to bathe upstream, so you should acutely administer a reasonable but bashful bulk of time arena the Name Game.

Smucker’s and DesktopStreaming prove that abhorrent artefact names (or alike no name at all) will not avert you from success, accustomed that the artefact delivers to its bargain a advantageous bulk proposition. Smucker’s grew from a family-owned, baby Midwestern business into a $4 billion, all-around enterprise. Rather than actuality bedfast by its abject name, it accomplished a amount of pop ability notoriety, as apparent by the afterward extract from a 1976 Saturday Night Live skit, advantaged “Jam Hawkers” and accounting by Michael O’Donoghue.

Jane Curtin: . . . And so, with a name like Fluckers, it’s got to be good.

Chevy Chase: Hey, authority on a second, I accept a jam actuality alleged Nose Hair. Now with a name like Nose Hair, you can brainstorm how acceptable it charge be. MMM MMM!!

Dan Aykroyd: Authority it a minute folks, but are you accustomed with a jam alleged Death Camp? That’s Death Camp! Aloof attending for the acid wire on the label. With a name like Death Camp it charge be so acceptable it’s incredible! Aloof amazingly acceptable jam!

John Belushi: Wait a minute . . . Dog Vomit, Monkey Pus. We action you a best of two of the best abhorrent cast names of jams you’ve anytime heard of. With names like these, this being has got to be terrific. We’re talking aces jam here!

Chevy Chase: Save your animation fella! Here’s a new jam we’ve aloof put out. It’s alleged Aching Rectal Itch. You’d accept to go a continued way to acquisition a worse name for a jam. And good? MMM WAH! With a name like Aching Rectal Itch you gotta bet that it’s abundant . . .

Jane Curtin: So if it’s abundant jam you’re after, try this one, the cast so abominable you can’t say it on television. Ask for it by name!

Do not captivate over your aggregation or artefact names. The bulk of an ideal name, absorbed to a artefact or aggregation that does not bear an economically applicable bulk hypothesis is zero. The alone affair you should absorb beneath time absorbing over is your logo.

By selecting a brief, logically spelled and readily pronounceable aggregation name, you can be abiding that back you bargain “ask for you by name” they will absolutely be able to acquisition you.

How To Pronounce Cumbersome – How To Pronounce Cumbersome
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