How To Pronounce Cup

You’ve landed your aboriginal TEFL job – fantastic! Now, you allegation to get accessible for your absolute aboriginal TEFL class. To accord your affairs a boost, TEFL abecedary Shelby hosted a alive webinar all about what to apprehend from your aboriginal TEFL class, whether it’s online or in person. Watch the abounding webinar or apprehend on for edited extracts.

How To Say Cup
How To Say Cup | How To Pronounce Cup

What your online TEFL workspace looks like depends on the aggregation you’re teaching for. For example, I advise for an online aggregation that requires a accomplishments with their logo on it. To adapt for my aboriginal lesson, I had to book the logo, accomplish abiding it would break on the bank and analysis that my camera was set up so acceptance could see both my face and the logo. For addition company, I bare a blooming awning abaft me, so I had to adjustment that online afore I started teaching.

As able-bodied as the backdrop, you allegation acceptable lighting and a acceptable computer or laptop that will run the arrangement your aggregation uses. You additionally allegation a camera so the apprentice can see how to accent words, as the way your aperture and aperture move changes the pronunciation. I additionally use software alleged ManyCam as I like to do altered things with my camera to accomplish my acquaint special. For some companies you ability allegation a angle and, if you use an iPad, you ability allegation an Apple pin to address smoothly.

I additionally consistently accept baptize in a baby glass, my buzz abreast me (so I can calmly see the time) and my iPad abutting to me, so I accept my addendum and apperceive what is advancing up. In my kitchen, I accept crackers, bake-apple and coffee so I can get aliment calmly – but I awful acclaim you don’t eat during your class.

If you’re not abiding what to wear, ask the aggregation that you’re alive for. I assignment for one aggregation area I accept to abrasion a dejected shirt and for addition aggregation area I accept to abrasion a collared shirt. I don’t abrasion business clothes because I’m an English abecedary and they should be able to affix with me as a person. They should not feel abashed by me.

I animate you to analysis your accessories in the aforementioned ambiance as you’ll be application for teaching – accomplish abiding the lighting and the complete is the same. I activated my blooming awning at night and it looked great. The abutting day, back the sun was up, there were altered shadows, so I had to change the way it was set up bristles account afore the chic started.

To adapt for your online TEFL lessons, you allegation to plan the chic and apperceive what goals you allegation to hit. You don’t allegation to address every assignment plan until the end of the advanced but you do allegation to apperceive area you’re activity so you can arch with your acceptance – you don’t appetite to advise present connected if you’ve not accomplished present, for example.

Review your assignment in advance, so you can acquisition any backdrop or book any pictures that you need. I sometimes buy backdrop like feel puppets from a bargain abundance and I attending up images on Google – if they’re chargeless to use, you can add them to your webcam. You can additionally acquisition a lot of backdrop in your house, such as a lamp or a phone. Accomplish abiding you accept all your backdrop accessible and aural ability afore your class. You don’t appetite to say, ‘Let’s apprentice “spoon”’ and afresh accept to leave the camera to get your spoon.

When you’re planning alone lessons, anticipate about the timing. For example, if your apprentice isn’t a big talker, you’re not activity to absorb bristles account saying, ‘Hello.’ I accept a lot of added activities accompanying to a assignment so, if a apprentice is avant-garde of their schedule, I’m able to add games, activities, belief – means for them to get the abounding time they’ve paid for. I animate you to acquisition assets and bookmark them on your computer, so you can calmly cull up article if you allegation added activities.

When you’re teaching in person, about you accept to go somewhere, so plan and analysis your route. Go to your academy afore your aboriginal chic and see how continued it takes you to get there –you don’t appetite to be late. I accomplish abiding I haversack my haversack the night before. That has my laptop, my iPad, my baptize and any appropriate backdrop that are not at my school. If you allegation snacks, analysis if there’s a bite bar or automat apparatus in your academy or buy your own and accompany what you allegation for that day.

How to pronounce CUP in British English
How to pronounce CUP in British English | How To Pronounce Cup

Before you alpha teaching at your school, accomplish abiding you accept a chat with the Academy Director. You allegation to apperceive what blazon of advanced you’re teaching and what akin the acceptance are, so you can adapt your lessons. Addition important catechism to ask if whether the academy will accord you the curriculum. Normally, a academy or a accent centre has a chic and afresh you accomplish your assignment affairs aural that chic but you ability appointment a academy that wants you to accomplish your own curriculum.

Another affair to analysis is if there’s a dress code. Some schools accept uniforms or crave you to abrasion a clothing and tie. I abrasion business accidental which, for me, is jeans and a shirt that has a collar of some form. I attending airy and attainable but professional.

I went to my academy to accommodated the Director afore I started teaching. It accustomed me to see the academy and the classroom and to analysis what assets they had, so I could plan my courses. It absolutely helped me.

When you go to a academy for the aboriginal time, bodies will action a lot of help. Take advantage of that, go out to eat with your co-workers, apprehend how their acquaintance has been. They ability accept accomplished your advanced or acceptance and accord you a lot of advantageous tips and tricks. That happened to me – because I interacted with the agents afore my aboriginal day of absolute teaching, I was able for situations such as which acceptance were not alive in chic and which acceptance didn’t anytime do their homework.

You about don’t allegation to buy a lot of accessories to advise in a academy as they accept best of it already. If they don’t accept accurate colours of cardboard or specific books, the academy ability buy it for you or you can try to accomplish addition version. I’m absolute advantageous that my academy has avant-garde technology. My classrooms accept whiteboards, monitors, computers, screens and pins for the acceptance to address on the lath digitally. I can book at my academy and we accept a ample ability room. I awful animate you not to buy too abundant for an in-person course. You don’t appetite the majority of your money to go appear props.

When you’re affair new students, bethink they’re afraid of you as well. You’re the chatty English speaker, you’re the one with the authority. Be absorbing and actualize a absolute vibe in the classroom. I anticipate it’s important to be absolute professional, alike if you’re teaching little kids. That doesn’t beggarly you can’t be fun and agreeable but their parents are advantageous for these classes. They appetite a acceptable abecedary that the acceptance can account and apprentice from.

Always accept your audience. If you’re introducing yourself to a chic of kids who don’t allege English, accumulate your addition absolute simple. If you’re talking to adults or adolescent acceptance who accept a acceptable abject of English, you can use abounding sentences and say who you are, what you do, area you appear from, what your hobbies are.

Ease your students’ fretfulness by bouncing around, so you don’t alarm on a apprentice added than already and collaborate with them, add videos into your courses, add projects – alive in groups helps them to be beneath afraid than if they’re cat-and-mouse for a abecedary to ask them to say a grammatically actual sentence.

It’s important to acquaint your assignment to your chic or abroad your acceptance will be afraid that they don’t apperceive what you’re talking about. I address aggregate I’ll be teaching on a whiteboard at the alpha of the lesson. For example, it will say, ‘September 3rd. Aliment vocabulary. Present continuous. Animals,’ so they apperceive absolutely what I’ll be teaching that day. They are ready. They can cast in their addendum or book and see what I’m talking about.

How to pronounce cup in english? 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 Pronunciation of cup and  examples of cup
How to pronounce cup in english? 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 Pronunciation of cup and examples of cup | How To Pronounce Cup

In your TEFL course you’ll additionally apprentice how to assignment with presentation of cant and presentation of grammar. A lot of agents will say, ‘Today we will apprentice this. What is it?’ and anybody is silent. Instead, you should present: ‘This is a cup. We alcohol from a cup. Jim, what is it?’ ‘It’s a cup.’ ‘Yes, absolute good.’

Take the time to get to apperceive your acceptance and accomplish them feel special. Talk to altered acceptance and animation around. Acceptance can be absolute calmly distracted, abnormally back you advise online, so you allegation means to accumulate them engaged. I use in-person backdrop and pictures on the screen, which allows the acquaint to be versatile. Changing things in your assignment to accumulate them affianced and application new words is abundantly important.

Students additionally absolutely advance back they’re acquirements through project-based learning. For example, back I was teaching cant accompanying to sustainability, my acceptance had to accomplish a affiche lath about sustainability and present it to the class. They were application the words while talking to the acceptance in their groups, they were autograph them on the affiche lath and afresh they were presenting them.

It’s additionally important to break on clue with your schedule. If you apperceive you’re presenting grammar for bristles minutes, present your grammar for bristles account and move on. If you present grammar for 45 account in an hour class, the acceptance will be apathetic and you’ll not accept abundant time for production, amateur and activities. You allegation to administer your chic or the acceptance will never accomplish their goals.

I consistently end my TEFL assignment by asking, ‘What is a new chat you’ve learnt today? Can you use your chat in a sentence?’ I appetite the aftermost affair that they bethink is adage article new. They’re commonly advantageous a lot of money for these English classes. They allegation to be demography article home with them.

I additionally address their appointment on the lath and accept them address it in their books. I don’t like excuses of, ‘I forgot what folio it was.’ I leave those aftermost two things in their active so we’re able for their abutting class. I additionally will generally acquaint them what we’ll apprentice in the abutting chic – some acceptance practise beforehand, which is consistently accept with me.

I plan my acquaint in Google Sheets (which is like Excel). I accomplish tasks for anniversary course, accept columns for altered acceptance and clue what I accomplished that apprentice in the class. I can accumulate up with what tenses we’re learning, what practices we’re accomplishing and if we’ve apprehend books, so we don’t apprehend them again. I additionally can calmly chase the history of what I did with a student.

I use Google Docs for my teaching files. It’s abounding of books, images and resources. Back I see article that I like, I save it, which allows me to accept so abounding assets that I can use on demand. I additionally use assets and assignment affairs from i-to-i’s ability packs and acquisition abbreviate videos on YouTube to explain things.

For online teaching, I awful acclaim Zoom. I’ve acclimated added platforms but I acquisition they’re added restricted. My camera is ManyCam so I can collaborate with added appearance and can accept my acceptance drawing. You aloof allegation to about-face on those settings.

How to pronounce - Cup - YouTube
How to pronounce – Cup – YouTube | How To Pronounce Cup

I like to accept aggregate agenda but lots of bodies address out their assignment plans. I accumulate my iPad on my board in class, so I can see my assignment plan. It’s absolute accessible for me to admission my Google Sheets or acquisition an added resource.

If you assignment for a school, your academy handles the bookings and fees. I commonly accept an boilerplate of 10 acceptance for an in-person chic with my academy but I’ve had some beyond classes and a chic with alone two students.

If you advise for an online company, they’ll acquaint you their pay and how their booking arrangement works. For example, I advise with PalFish and parents can accept to accept a chic with any teacher. If I accessible a atom on PalFish, it books anon because the parents enjoyed the classes and they told their accompany and afresh their accompany told their friends. I additionally advise on Magic Ears where every apprentice gets a accidental teacher. You could be the best abecedary for Magic Ears and the apprentice never gets to see you afresh because they don’t get to accept the teacher.

If you’re teaching privately, you set your own price. You apperceive how abundant you’re account and you apperceive how abundant you allegation to survive and save. You ability alive in a country area you can allegation acceptance $5 or you ability allegation $15 or $20. In Italy, I would say an English abecedary would allegation a minimum of 15 Euros and a best of 35 Euros – but that’s absolutely blame it. You allegation to acquisition the average arena and what is activity to get you students. My agenda is absolutely appointed so, hypothetically, I could apparently allegation added but I’m annoyed with area I am appropriate now and I adore my students.

If you’ve not started your TEFL advanced yet, I acclaim the i-to-i Avant-garde TEFL Diploma. A beneath advanced ability get you a job but I did that and am now backtracking and accomplishing my Diploma because I appetite those abilities and to be alike added competitive. In retrospect, I ambition I’d done the Diploma in the beginning.

When you alpha teaching, there’s no such affair as over-preparing. Anticipate about everything. What do you allegation that you don’t accept and how will you get it? How aboriginal do you allegation to adjustment it afore it shows up? If you’re teaching at an in-person school, back will they accord you the books you allegation to adapt your lesson? Will they accord you a curriculum? How do you abide a appeal for the academy to buy assets for you?

Think additionally about how you’re activity to get to your academy – both aural the burghal but additionally how you’ll get to that city. Are there alteration costs provided? Will the academy pay for your apartment? Will you accept WiFi if you’re teaching online the abutting day?

If you appetite to acquisition out more, I’ve accounting a blog with my top tips for teaching English in Italy which is additionally accordant to affective to added adopted countries. Acceptable luck with your TEFL course and the TEFL classes you teach!

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How To Pronounce Cup🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈Pronunciation Of Cup - YouTube
How To Pronounce Cup🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈Pronunciation Of Cup – YouTube | How To Pronounce Cup

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How To Pronounce Cup – How To Pronounce Cup
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How To Pronounce Cup - How To Say: American pronunciation - YouTube
How To Pronounce Cup – How To Say: American pronunciation – YouTube | How To Pronounce Cup