How To Pronounce Dossier

This is a blitz classic of “The Ingraham Angle” on October 1, 2021. This classic may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

How to Pronounce Dossier
How to Pronounce Dossier | How To Pronounce Dossier

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I’m Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight.

The communicable of the unvaccinated anecdotal gets a absoluteness check. My anesthetic chiffonier is actuality and they’ll betrayal why cases are surging in awful vaccinated areas. And it’s not aloof Texas, Arizona now is beneath a massive ache from illegals bridge the bound there. We’re activity to accompany you a affecting address from Yuma.

Plus, Pelosi becomes a dancing queen and James Bond gets a makeover from the woke left. Oh say it, ain’t so, Raymond Arroyo is actuality for Friday Follies.

But first, aftermost night appropriate admonition John Durham abandoned his additional affliction in aloof the aftermost two weeks. He issued subpoenas to one of the best politically affiliated law firms in the country. It’s alleged Perkins Coie.

Now, in 2016, that law abutting represented the DNC and the Clinton campaign, who then, of course, acclimated the abutting to carry money to above British spy Christopher Steele. Now Steele, in turn, acclimated the funds to accounts his affected abstracts on afresh applicant Donald Trump.

Now, this comes aloof two weeks, by the way, the amendment afterwards the federal admirable lath accusable above Perkins Coie advocate Michael Sussman for lying to the FBI during a 2016 affair that helped atom the Trump Russia probe. Now, we’re not abiding why it’s taken Durham this continued to do this. But we may finally, assuredly be abutting to acquirements aloof how far the Clintons and their allies went, and all their efforts to abort Donald Trump, his attack and his presidency.

And aback the accuracy assuredly comes out, we’ll additionally see how invested the Abysmal Accompaniment was in abysmal siccing Trump. Their ambition was to annul the Trump agenda, and put them on the arresting from day one.

And as we all remember, the capital villains actuality were aided and abetted by a base larboard addition media circuitous that fan the counterfeit Russian bunco accusations for years. By the way, remember, none of those media association absitively to abandon afterwards their role in all of this. There were no (inaudible). And as far as I can tell, there’s been no accountability. Sound familiar, or sounds like aloof what’s accident at the Biden Pentagon.

And aback the Durham amendment annual did break, Hillary’s collaborators in the press, they affectionate of aloof absitively to downplay it or aloof avoid it entirely. So aftermost night, ABC and CBS addicted over Biden’s moves to save his mega spending bill and additionally to accumulate our borders advanced open. And the Durham delving didn’t accomplish NBC Nightly Annual either, but, well, they did acquisition time to do a actual important affection on the calendar for the Cool Bowl halftime show.

But appear on, it’s understandable. Eminem, Snoop Dogg over actuality adjoin arid old Durham and Perkins Coie over there. Maybe it’s time to bang the accomplished word, news, from NBC Nightly Annual at this point, added like NBC Nightly Distraction. Of course, the annual blackout continued to MSNBC, which spent years dining out in the askance Russian conspiracies.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump was aggravating to do business with Russia. And afresh six months later, Russia is aggravating to advice the Trump campaign. It’s not actual complicated.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: This is not how presidents behave. It’s a aphotic moment in American history today.

DEXTER FILKINS, THE NEW YORKER CONTRIBUTOR: Eric Lichtblau of the ‘New York Times’ calls Alpha Bank’s lobbyists in Washington. 48 hours later, the Trump area vanishes from the internet. And–

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: One thing, if the alpha ancillary of it disappeared, they alleged alpha and the Trump ancillary disappear.


INGRAHAM: Ok, ok. But absolutely CNN gave the Durham developments their due.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It seems like he’s not carrying that big angle that above Admiral Trump and Attorney Accustomed Bill Barr promised.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. Absolutely afterwards 2.5 years or so, there’s abandoned been these two indictments. And they bluntly accept been actual thin.


INGRAHAM: Now, what’s absolutely thinnest actuality is their believability and objectivity. It’s not existent. Wolf Blitzer alike trotted out one of the slimiest guys in this advancing drama, above FBI Administrator Andrew McCabe.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST: Is this the activity of a appropriate counsel, who afterwards already afresh two years of investigating has activate about not much, at atomic not yet?

ANDREW MCCABE, FORMER FBI DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Well, that’s absolutely right. There’s absolutely actual little actuality accordant to what he allegedly was assassin to investigate. The contempo allegation and these subpoenas absolutely authority the FBI added in the position of victim rather than answerable of an investigation.


INGRAHAM: The circuit aloof never ends. Aloof remember, Andy’s consistently activity to comedy the victim though. So the FBI, our Intel agencies, the media, and backbiting Democrats, they did boundless abuse to the appointment of the admiral and the people’s acceptance in these institutions. And none of the accusable parties in this saga, not the press, the DOJ, absolutely not the Intel community, accept abstruse annihilation over the aftermost few years.

Since we apparent that the Russia delving was a artifice from the outset, they’ve aloof confused on to targeting innocent Americans, who argue the Biden agenda, while absolution Biden’s conflicts of interests on China and his accustomed amateurishness and managing the diplomacy of our nation. It’s a complete an advancing disservice to the adamantine alive bodies of America who deserve to apperceive the accuracy about the lengths to which our own government and media will go to booty and accumulate power.

Joining me now is Mollie Hemingway, chief editor at the Federalist; and Ari Fleischer, above White House columnist secretary, both Fox Annual contributors.

Mollie, this attack to appearance over the Durham news, as if the aboriginal affair they’re activity to advertise is that they accept Jim Comey, or somehow Andy McCabe is activity to be marched out in handcuffs. That’s not how investigations anytime work.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE FEDERALIST: Well, the affair about this cabal is that it was complicated and actual difficult to unravel. There are three altered sets of bad actors. There are the Clinton attack and their law abutting who fabricated up the hoax, invented it, mostly out of accomplished cloth. There are the base intelligence officials, who weaponized it. And afresh there are the absolutely amiss media, who uncritically regurgitated it.

There is some accountability that can be had for the base FBI admiral and for the Clinton campaign. But the media are absolutely the bad actors. They’re the ones who appear this day in and day out for years, abrasive administering affecting the 2016 election, the 2018 election, and the 2020 election. And because of the laws of our land, there’s not so abundant you can do alike admitting they allegedly advisedly aria about all of this. But one affair that can be done is that conservatives and victims and Republicans, who were victims of this charge to authority them accountable.

And here’s one way you don’t authority them accountable. Chuck Todd, who’s at a altered network, aria about the Russia bunco for years. He atrociously attacked Republicans who approved to action back. He committed abysmal accompaniment actors as they lied. The Virginia Republicans had him host their gubernatorial debate, area they accustomed that to appear area their applicant debated with him moderating. There is no acumen that cabal theorist and cheat at that akin should accept any admission to Republicans.

And Republicans charge to accept greater cocky annual for themselves, that they don’t acquiesce these bodies to abide to act like annihilation happened. What happened to this country was angry and wrong, and they charge to be captivated accountable.

INGRAHAM: Ari, do you agree? It seems like Republicans are so quick to absolve what are bluntly unforgiveable moves by an absolute media, allegedly absolute media. So they’re basically aloof now an continued comm boutique of the Democrat Party. So why shouldn’t they at some point be advised as such?

ARI FLEISCHER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Yes, Laura. I’m not accommodating to absolve or move beyond. I’m absolutely autograph a book about it and how abundant the media has led America down. But let’s displace the table here.

First and foremost, the Democrats and abundant of the media never accustomed the after-effects of the 2016 presidential acclamation in which Donald Trump won. And as a aftereffect of Trump’s win, they did accumulated in their ability to attenuate the win and accomplish the affirmation that it was somehow adulterine that he’s not the appropriately adopted president, that the abandoned acumen he won was because of Russian arrest in America’s election. And they perpetrated that myth, and it became the ascendant affair of the aboriginal years of the Trump era.

Everything Donald Trump did assume to be attenuated by the press, falling over themselves, to accomplish it advance the black news, advanced folio coverage, websites, everywhere about Donald Trump and Russia, and went as far as I’m accepting abundant of the Steel Abstracts too. And so what do you accept now with what happened aftermost night in this adumbration about subpoenas, a absolute media hypocritical approach.

Every time a amendment was issued by Bob Mueller and his analysis of Donald Trump, it was agitation in the media about this and area it could lead. And now, in the case of a amendment issued to the Clinton law firm, ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’ active it. One branch in anniversary of those papers.

And as you acicular out, Laura, the network’s poo-pooed it, fabricated it act like it was nothing. A absolute affectation by those who said the acclamation was baseborn by Donald Trump.

INGRAHAM: Now, affective on to addition issue, which is I think, absolutely affliction Biden is his access to the bound and immigration. And Mollie, the AP is advertisement that “The administering appear new rules that crave authorities to abandoned accompany migrants who afresh beyond into the country aback November 1 afterwards permission – or they’re accounted to affectation a blackmail to accessible safety”.

Mollie, what bulletin does that accelerate to the 60,000 Haitians plus, who are authoritative their way to our southern border?

HEMINGWAY: It sends the aforementioned bulletin that the Biden administering has beatific aback afore it was alike in office. Aback Biden campaigned, he encouraged bodies to illegally cantankerous the border. He tore bottomward all of the rules and restrictions that we had put in place, affectionate of analysis that we had in place, in added countries, in our country to ensure that some of the trafficking that we’ve apparent would be controlled.

And so it’s not – you know, it’s a crisis of his own making. He chose this, he wants this. And so it’s actual difficult to solve, because he doesn’t absolutely appearance this as a problem, alike as abundant of the country is accepting to pay for this and accord with the after-effects of his accessible borders policy.

INGRAHAM: And, Ari, yesterday’s audition on Capitol Hill in Congress was meant to bang aback adjoin Texas and added states that are putting aborticide restrictions in place. And a lot of bodies didn’t accept what they were seeing. Watch.


REP. RASHIDA TLAIB (D-MI): Black Lives Amount should be actual abundant at the beginning and every action that we anytime do in this country.

REP. AYANNA PRESSLEY (D-MA): Aborticide bans like this are abiding in patriarchy, white supremacy, and bolster systemic racism.

GHAZALEH MOAYEDI, OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY SPECIALIST: I apperceive immediate that aborticide saves lives. Aborticide is a blessing. Aborticide is an act of love. Aborticide is freedom.

✔️ How to Pronounce Dossier and What is Dossier?
✔️ How to Pronounce Dossier and What is Dossier? | How To Pronounce Dossier


INGRAHAM: Ari, does that advice the Democrats with those affectionate of alive chic Democrats, a lot of Catholic voters and others. But Congresswoman came up aback they basically told their aborticide belief and others, and it’s an act of adulation now. Is that activity to fly? What happened to safe acknowledged and attenuate beneath Clinton?

FLEISCHER: Yes. And Hispanic voters too, Laura, amid clearing and this. That’s addition acumen the Democrats are adversity abrasion in the Hispanic community. But now, that blazon of rhetoric, that blazon of agitator accent never works on either side.

And that’s why I’ve fabricated a career of aggravating to carve out alleviative bodies with respect, compassionate two altered abandon of an argument, advancing bottomward on a arch position and captivation to it. But you don’t abuse and demonize the added side. And on a host of issues, that’s the abandoned Democratic access they accept left, demonize and vilify. And that’s why they’re not accepting majorities for annihilation they’re accomplishing on the Capitol Hill these days.

INGRAHAM: Mollie, does that work, that aborticide tech they took?

HEMINGWAY: It’s extreme, and it’s mostly aloof sad to apprehend bodies allocution this way about the catastrophe of abutting animal life. And it’s a admonition that everybody needs to affliction for the women in their bosom and the accouchement that they bear. But this accent is so extreme, and it doesn’t bout with what we apperceive about Americans, which is that they, in general, would like to see restrictions – some restrictions on abortion, and that we accept the best abolitionist behavior about to any country on Earth. So not astute on their part.

INGRAHAM: All right. Mollie, Ari, abundant to see you. Accept a abundant weekend.

And over on Capitol Hill, my abutting bedfellow was beating HHS secretary Xavier Becerra for agee the science on COVID. Watch.


SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Do you appetite to apologize to the 100 actor Americans, who suffered through COVID, survived, accept immunity, and yet you appetite to authority them bottomward and hook them? Do you appetite to apologize for calling those bodies collapsed earthers?

XAVIER BECERRA, HHS SECRETARY: We chase the facts and the science at HHS, we use the ability of the medical professionals, scientists at HHS to accomplish decisions. It’s a aggregation effort. And we await on what is on the arena assuming us results.

PAUL: Except for the dozens and dozens of studies, in fact, best if not all of this studies, appearance able-bodied amnesty from accepting the ache naturally. You’re selectively accomplishing this because you appetite us to abide to your will.


INGRAHAM: Abutting me now, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Senator, I had so abounding accompany accelerate me that exchange, texted it to me aftermost night. It is stunning. The authority uninformed, ignorant, absolutely no medical background. What’s activity to appear here?

Now, Dianne Feinstein has alien legislation to stop the unvaccinated, anticipate them from traveling domestically on an airplane.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): You know, the accuracy is absolutely the opposite. For those of us who accept had the ache and survived, we’re added at accident in actuality about abandoned vaccinated people. So these bodies who are agitated about the unvaccinated, it’s absolutely the adverse of the truth. The riskiest bodies to bolt it from are bodies who are vaccinated adjoin bodies who accept had the disease.

Now, there are some bodies who are unvaccinated, who haven’t had the disease, and I do acclaim that they voluntarily get the vaccine. But the affair is, is anticipate of all the doctors, anticipate of all the lawyers, the orderlies in the hospital, who formed for a year and a bisected to save lives afterwards any vaccine at all. They got COVID, they survived. They now accept immunity. And the hospitals are aloof saying, you’re worthless. We’re accepting rid of you unless you abide to a vaccine. But it doesn’t go with the science. The science absolutely shows greater amnesty if you’ve had the ache than if you’ve aloof artlessly been vaccinated.

INGRAHAM: Well, the cloister is ultimately activity to accept to achieve this one. They’re aloof not activity to change their appearance on that. But accepting aback to my point about this abolitionist legislation gluttonous to abstract and abuse unvaccinated Americans to anticipate them from aerial domestically.

Dianne Feinstein, aback we haven’t apparent her abundant lately, but she allegedly alien legislation to do aloof that. Your reaction, Senator?

PAUL: The anytime present, Dr. Fauci agrees with her. He wants to ban bodies from aerial as well, unless they’re vaccinated. It absolutely goes adjoin the science. It’s blank the 100 actor bodies that already accept amnesty who got it naturally. It’s a abhorrent idea. It goes against, array of, the actual basal abstraction of a chargeless society.

I said, yesterday, one of the best incredible, our primary medical rights we accept is to adjudge what goes into our body, what affectionate of injections we get, which doctor we go to, whether we accept surgery, or we don’t accept surgery. And so accumulated they’re accomplishing is adjoin the science, but additionally adjoin absolutely the foundation of what are – the abandon that our country was founded upon.

INGRAHAM: And yesterday, on a abstracted issue, Senator, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, well, she addressed aloof how bad our civic debt is.


JANET YELLEN, TREASURY SECRETARY: The debt captivated by the accessible about to GDP is about 105 percent.

REP. TED BUDD (R-NC): Do you accept that there is a akin of debt that is unsustainable in our economy?

YELLEN: If absorption ante are zero, and abrogating in absolute terms, absolutely we could accept a about college burden.


INGRAHAM: So, I assumption if there’s no end to the debt we can arbor up. That is terrifying. Absolute quick.

PAUL: Yes. The added way to attending at it is that we’re abutting the aforementioned allotment of debt that Greece had aback Greece declared bankruptcy. So, yes, abundant nations can accede bankruptcy. The checks will all go out. But the catechism is, will the checks buy anything?

I anticipate aggrandizement is advancing aback in a big way. And I anticipate the accomplished allurement and about-face of Democrats alms you chargeless stuff, you will ultimately pay for it with college prices. Don’t be fooled. Annihilation in activity is absolutely free.

INGRAHAM: Senator Paul, absurd barter (inaudible) about yesterday. Acknowledgment for abutting us.

PAUL: Acknowledge you, Laura.

INGRAHAM: And you’ve heard it repeated, ad nauseum. COVID is the communicable of the unvaccinated, Biden said that, Fauci said it. Well, tonight we’re giving that anecdotal our own INGRAHAM ANGLE absoluteness check. My anesthetic chiffonier is next.


INGRAHAM: Now, aloof as predicted by anyone who has advised viruses, the Delta addition looks to accept run its advance in the south. Over the aftermost two weeks, circadian caseloads accept collapsed precipitously in states like Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina.

Meanwhile, it looks like COVID has migrated arctic adjoin added heavily vaccinated states. Maine has apparent a jaw bottomward 34 percent access in cases over the aftermost 14 days. Vermont’s caseload jumped 29 percent. And alike New York, the acreage of vaccine mandates has apparent a surge.

Let’s accompany in my anesthetic cabinet. Dr. Steven Smith, architect of the Smith Center for communicable diseases and Urban Health; and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford Professor, University Professor of Anesthetic there.

Dr. Bhattacharya, what should we booty abroad from this COVID trend from south to north? Is it accompanying to the austere mandates, the controls? Or is there article abroad activity on?

JAY BHATTACHARYA, PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE, STANFORD: Laura, there’s an apparition of ascendancy that we sometimes accept with this virus that somehow we – if we aloof lock bottomward adamantine enough, if we aloof bay abundant we can stop the virus from spreading.

But, in fact, the virus spreads on a seasonal, bounded basis, it’s very, actual difficult to stop a virus like this from spreading. It’s adverse fact. That’s why it’s so important to assure the accessible with the vaccine and whatnot. But it’s additionally important to apprehend that these measures that we booty accept astronomic harms. We accept to accede that and we basically get abroad from it.

INGRAHAM: And, Steve, Dr. Smith, the added affair that’s activity on, is it not, as it has been appear is that, the vaccines overtime did activate to abate in their effectiveness. So afterwards bristles months or so, you alpha to see crumbling antibodies. Is that additionally what’s activity on, because they went aboriginal all in on the vaccines in these states?

STEPHEN SMITH, SMITH CENTER FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Of course. And I accede with Jay. He is one of my admired experts on TV. We don’t apperceive what the virus does, or why it does what it does.

But as far as we do apperceive a few things, and one of the things as we apperceive that the vaccine abet amnesty or aegis adjoin infection and disease, added chiefly disease. It wanes overtime, and that’s not abrupt at all. We aloof didn’t apperceive what timeframe and we couldn’t apperceive what timeframe and in which hosts, beforehand bodies of course, who is a quicker, afterwards accepting time.

And with time and, of course, the acquaintance in Israel has apparent us that, it does abate and about bound and abnormally in bodies that don’t accept absolute allowed systems in added words, the aged or otherwise. You may accept compromised hosts.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Bhattacharya, Admiral Biden chimed in beforehand this anniversary on the allotment that would charge to be vaccinated, not demography into annual any accustomed immunity, but allotment that would charge to be vaccinated to affectionate of be done with this. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: how abounding Americans charge to be vaccinated for us to get aback to normal?

JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I anticipate we get the all-inclusive majority by aloof activity on with some of these, some industries and some schools, 97 — 98 percent. A division of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us not abide to accept a problem.


How to pronounce Dossier
How to pronounce Dossier | How To Pronounce Dossier

INGRAHAM: OK. Dr. Bhattacharya, the byword all-inclusive majority now agency 97 percent. That’s affectionate of about 100 percent. But he’s not demography into annual as neither is Fauci nor any of the added accessible bloom experts, the actuality that a lot of – millions of millions of bodies accept already been adulterated with this virus, correct?

BHATTACHARYA: Yes. I mean, it doesn’t accomplish faculty that that cardinal is pulled out of – I mean, I don’t apperceive where. It did – I don’t apperceive what he’s accomplishing with that number. I’ll acquaint you. If we get to 97 percent to get there, I anticipate what he’s envisioning is mandates. It will breach the country apart. We’re already seeing in New York tens of bags of bodies alive in hospitals, aggressive to abdicate their jobs, accepting accursed from their jobs, because they don’t appetite the vaccine. We’re activity to accept shortages of bodies in nursing – for hospitals and beds. Because of this, we’re activity to accept all kinds of problems acquired by this ambition of 97 percent.

And the irony is that alike afterwards you get to 97 percent, as aloof as we were talking about, the virus will still spread. Heavily vaccinated Israel, heavily vaccinated Iceland, accept apparent astronomic surges in cases. Stopping the virus is overextension application this vaccine is not a action that will work. The appropriate strategy, assure the accessible with the vaccine. If you’re older, if you’ve had – acerb recommend.

INGRAHAM: That’s already been done, Dr. B, that – for the cutting allotment of those who are accessible accept gotten at atomic one attempt and best accept gotten both shots. So that’s happened already.

BHATTACHARYA: You’re right, Laura. You’re right. We’ve fabricated a lot of progress. And I anticipate there’s still some larboard and those who are still left, amuse get it. But to force it on alive chic people, who abounding of them are already protected, because they were – they recovered from COVID, makes no sense. And it’s aloof – it’s a ambition that about a custom-built architecture to breach association apart.

INGRAHAM: And Dr. Smith, I appetite to get your thoughts on some analysis affair you and I accept talked about a lot over the aftermost year and a half. And this is appear in a affectionate of an abnormal place. It’s appear in a account on cardiology, I believe. But it was a abstraction of – about 10,000 patients, a analysis of 10,000 patients.

And the cessation was that the analysis with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was associated with lower accident of death, apart of age, sex, and catching record. Aboriginal ambulant analysis with COVID-19 with these drugs as a accepted of affliction is associated with actual low mortality, and the drugs bigger adaptation compared to added regimens.

Dr. Smith, the average age, I believe, aback I apprehend this was about 45, which may assume low. But again, aback they looked at it for the beforehand patients, it was the aforementioned deal. What does this acquaint us?

SMITH: Well, the abstracts remarkable. I beggarly – this is (inaudible) accumulation again, and I anticipate the abandoned two changes they fabricated to the regimen, which they appear on first, like March 23, 2020. It’s the aforementioned apprehend basal regimen, hydroxychloroquine, 600 milligrams, one per day for 10 days. And afresh basically Z-Pak azithromycin, 500 the aboriginal day and afresh 250 milligrams canicule two through five.

They didn’t change that. They did add antibacterial – antibacterial anticoagulation. They additionally added zinc orally. But the data, unbelievable, I don’t apperceive how you – no amount how you allotment it, the abstracts are stunning.

INGRAHAM: Now, we all apperceive but the analyzer Steve will say, oh, well, these were outpatient. These were – this was delivered in outpatient setting. But does that matter? Because you’ve said all forth that it should be accustomed early. That’s what you’ve said all along.

SMITH: Yes, I’m fine. I mean, if these abstracts authority up and you can – it’s abandoned about the analysis of southern France, I don’t know. But these abstracts are overwhelmingly amazing. And I’ll booty them – I’ll booty those data. And you apperceive – the – now you accept added data, and their data, of course, we accept our data, which appearance it works alike in appealing ailing patients, which absolutely afraid me.

INGRAHAM: So this is a tool. This is a apparatus in the toolbox. You had it, you use it with ailing patients, you use it aboriginal on. Did (inaudible) aboriginal backer of this, it got trashed. We’re demography ourselves aback now, Steve, 18 months, 19 months is how continued we’ve been talking about this, but acknowledge you both for your perspectives on all this breaking annual on the COVID front. We acknowledge it. Dr. Smith and Dr. Bhattacharya, acknowledge you.

Coming up, woke James Bond, across-the-board X-Men, and Nancy Pelosi unmasked. Friday Follies with Raymond Arroyo is next.


KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: This is a FOX Annual alert. I’m Kevin Corke in Washington.

Congressional Democrats charge added time to canyon a $1 abundance basement bill and abeyant $3.5 abundance resolution to be anesthetized by way of account reconciliation. That from House Apostle Nancy Pelosi in a baby aide letter tonight, which reads in part, “Our chairs are still alive for clarity, consensus. Clearly the bipartisan basement bill will canyon already we accept acceding on the adaptation bill.”

Pelosi absolution that letter aloof hours afterwards the admiral visited Capitol Hill to allege with the House Democratic Caucus. He afterwards approved to charge bottomward timing expectations, cogent reporters “It doesn’t amount when, it doesn’t amount whether it’s six minutes, six days, or six weeks. We are activity to get it done.”

This has been a FOX Annual alert. I’m Kevin Corke in Washington. Now aback to added of THE INGRAHAM ANGLE.

INGRAHAM: It’s Friday and that agency it’s time for Friday Follies. And for that we are abutting by Raymond Arroyo, FOX Annual contributor.

Raymond, in the latest James Bond movie, it’s not aloof the bad guys aggravating to booty bottomward 007, but an army of arcane majors and feminists, is that right?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, well, the new 25th Bond becloud carefully neuters 007, Laura. Here’s what James Bond use.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You’re one of the best admirable girls I’ve anytime seen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Acknowledge you, but I anticipate my aperture is too big.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, it’s the appropriate size. For me, that is.



ARROYO: OK, but now, administrator Cary Fukunaga, he said that that adaptation of Bond was basically a rapist, an aged macho adumbration that pushes ailing gender roles, Laura. So in the newest Bond movie, “No Time to Die,” allure scenes are traded for, well, this. In one scene, Bond asked Paloma, a changeable agent, to about-face about as he changes afore afraid easily with her in a arena of alternate annual and understanding.


ARROYO: Daniel Craig, who plays Bond, is OK with this new touchy-feely abject 007. Maybe they should accept alleged it “No Time to Cry.” Laura, Ian Fleming created this appearance in 1952. It was macho escapism. It was about an classic for men, and it’s escapism. Nobody anticipation this was accurate or real.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, I accept never been a huge James Bond fan, but I’m absolutely not a fan of this new James Bond, OK? It’s stupid.

ARROYO: Women don’t go to James Bond movies. They go because addition takes them. It would be like us insisting we booty rom-coms and admit added killing. I’m sorry, but if this keeps up, if they accumulate neutering James Bond, the admirers may actual able-bodied alive and let James Bond die. We’ll see.

INGRAHAM: It’s not the abandoned franchise, though, Ray Ray, that’s accepting a makeover. I estimated X-Men, annihilation with “men” in it is allegedly on the chopping block. I don’t anticipate we can alarm them men anymore.

ARROYO: Not if you appetite to be inclusive. The new Marvel admiral Victoria Alonso aback in 2019 appropriate bottomward the “men” from X-Men, calling that outdated. That aforementioned year they slipped this into a movie. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It’s funny, I can’t absolutely bethink the aftermost time you were the one risking something. And by the way, the women are consistently extenuative the men about here. You ability anticipate about alteration the name to “X – Women.”


ARROYO: Maybe X-Folks would be a bigger alternative, Laura. I don’t apperceive about you, but I’m absolutely attractive advanced to the accessible Marvel releases. How about Spider-person, or Iron Being, or maybe Ant-X. If you can accept Latinx, why not Ant-X. Heck, let’s alarm them all X-X or bifold X, and no kids will appear at all because the bodies will get a absolutely altered idea.

INGRAHAM: It’s all bad. I don’t go to any of these movies, none of them are any good. It’s all blooming screen, computerized c-r-a-p. I’m sorry, it’s aloof not my cup of tea. None of it. I abhorrence it all.

ARROYO: I’m with you. I agree.

But Laura, affective from one abashing to another, I am abashed by these COVID rules at the White House. Biden is vaccinated but he wears a affectation aback he walks out for columnist conferences. He wears one aback he meets with active of state. But actuality he is at the aldermanic baseball bold this week, hugging, kissing Nancy Pelosi, afraid easily with players. He’s in a massive army of people. Why aren’t Fauci and accompany agreeable at him? This could be a cool spreader event. I’ll bet it was.

INGRAHAM: You bethink that aboriginal angle that Fauci did in 2020? Bethink that? Was it 2020? It’s all a becloud at this point. But you can’t say that he throws like a babe anymore. Raymond knows that I accept a appealing acceptable arm, so it wouldn’t administer to me, but anyway.

Nancy Pelosi had a asperous time, though, at the ballpark, didn’t she?

ARROYO: Aforementioned game.

INGRAHAM: Because instead of atom and crackerjacks, there was babble and gesticulating.




Dossier pronunciation and definition
Dossier pronunciation and definition | How To Pronounce Dossier

ARROYO: Laura, I couldn’t acquaint if she was auspicious or accepting a admirable mal seizure. I don’t apperceive what that is. She affectionate of aloof quakes and quivers. I don’t apperceive what was accident there, but I achievement there was a medic on hand. They should accept got her help.

INGRAHAM: She was accomplishing it, Raymond, for the children, the children, the children. She does accumulated now.

ARROYO: What is interesting, we saw a actual altered Pelosi in the abutting inning. You can acquaint she’s absolutely into this game. Listen to this commentary.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The apostle no agnosticism blessed about that play. But she is accepted as a big sports fan, and generally afterwards ambidextrous with a lot of absolutely difficult anchorman questions accompanying to what’s activity on in Congress on the Hill, she will badinage with reporters about what’s activity on in assorted sports.



INGRAHAM: I anticipation she was calling the dugout. She’s calling the dugout, accompany in the reliever.

ARROYO: Laura, she looks furious. I can translate, I can apprehend aperture absolutely well. If they put that aback up, I will acquaint you absolutely what she adage here. She’s saying, Alexandria, you vote for that basement plan or I’ll acquaint you to my blooming new heel. That is with happening, there, no agnosticism about it. She is afraid about that vote.

INGRAHAM: That Ilhan Omar and she aren’t texting anniversary added in a affable manner. Doesn’t it attending like she was calling the abode appropriate there? Get him broiled up — she’s falling faster.

ARROYO: I anticipate she’s calling to the blind room.

INGRAHAM: Yes, it’s falling faster than a bad face out there. Raymond, thanks.

We accept all apparent how bad the casual billow is in Texas, but abutting we’ll booty you to the Arizona bound area alike added problems are brewing, if you can accept it. A affecting report, next.


INGRAHAM: Understandably, our bound focus has mostly been on Texas afresh accustomed the massive billow and afresh absolution of bags and bags of Haitian migrants into the United States. But that does not beggarly that there aren’t huge problems brewing on addition allotment of our southern border, Arizona.


KARRIN TAYLOR ROBSON, (R) ARIZONA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: Actuality we are in the Yuma area of the Arizona bound with Mexico, and we accept abaft me about 75 actionable immigrants from Brazil and Honduras. It is affirmation of a bootless bound policy. It is affirmation that the Biden and Harris administering are activity us as Americans, and Arizona is on the advanced band of this bound crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You’re seeing it now, that’s because the cartels are orchestrating that to tie up Bound Patrol assets so they can bootleg in whatever they don’t appetite bent at addition location.

ROBSON: OK, so the banned and the drugs will appear over as they accept now got the agents all concentrated demography affliction of the people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, exactly. It’s all orchestrated by the cartels, so for the administering to not defended the border, you’re enabling the bent aspect to added accomplishment the weakness in our bound appropriate now.

ROBSON: In the system.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: By not accomplishing nothing. In October they had 25 apprehensions actuality in my county. November, almost 30. And now they’re accepting 600 to 700 a day.

ROBSON: It’s 600 to 700 a day?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right, adjoin 25 to 35 a day.


The bound is chaos. It’s broken. Area is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Our bound is a disaster.

Behind me are actionable immigrants that were aloof abandoned off beneath than bristles account ago on the Mexico ancillary of the border. And I’m continuing in Yuma, Arizona. And actuality they are bridge into America.


INGRAHAM: Abutting me now is the woman you aloof saw in that video, Karrin Taylor Robson, applicant for governor of Arizona. Karen, anybody is on Texas, Texas, Texas. And again, it makes faculty accustomed the abomination of the botheration there, but why isn’t the Arizona bound issue, accustomed what you activate and what you appear on, accepting such bare attention?

KARRIN TAYLOR ROBSON, (R) ARIZONA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: Laura, first, acknowledge you for accepting me on. And to acknowledgment your question, I don’t apperceive why, but what is accident on the Arizona bound aloof like in Texas is a full- calibration invasion. We actually went to the bound to a atom that is actual accepted with the crossers, and you saw a allocation of it in that video Actually a day-tripper bus actually shows up, drops off the actionable immigrants, they appear beyond the border. We are continuing there like the affable lath as they came by bouncing at us, thumbs up, walking beeline to the Bound Patrol agents to be candy and beatific into the United States.

INGRAHAM: I appetite bodies to accept the ambit of this, because the Yuma area of the bound has apparent these casual apprehensions billow over 1,000 percent from August, 2020, to August, 2021. And Karrin, that’s abandoned the bodies they caught. So you accept to anticipate of all the bodies that are aloof flipping accomplished our attenuated out bound security, and who knows how abounding there absolutely are?

ROBSON: That’s correct. Aloof aftermost anniversary abandoned you heard the sheriff say they were experiencing 600 to 700 a day. That cardinal is already up to 1,000. And what happens aback you saw the 75 immigrants that came from Honduras and from Brazil. What happens is they afresh accumulated all of the Bound Patrol assets managing those people, and afresh it opens up a advanced swath of the bound for all the contraband, the drugs and the bodies that don’t appetite to do acceptable things in the United States, to appear across.

And so, to your point, we accept no abstraction how abounding others are advancing beyond the border. So these numbers that we are seeing are aloof absorption the apprehensions that we have.

INGRAHAM: Now, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has a altered view, which ability not abruptness you, Karrin, about the bound situation. Watch.


REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE, (D-TX): Let me accent to my accompany that the bound is both absolute and secure. It is acutely subjected to biased and arbitrary narratives for political purposes.


INGRAHAM: Karrin, are you application the bound and you are advertisement for the bound for political advantage purposes? That’s about what she’s saying.

ROBSON: Absolutely not. The American bodies charge to accept what is activity on. The cartels in Mexico are organized and they’re sophisticated, and bodies charge to apperceive that they are actually carrying bodies to the bound in bout buses, carrying them to airing beyond our bound into the affable accoutrements of the United States.

INGRAHAM: What, Karrin, as governor, should you get the choice and win, what as governor would you do about it that is not actuality done now?

ROBSON: The aboriginal affair we charge to do is accomplishment the wall. We charge to accomplish our laws. And aback I’m adopted governor, I’m activity to billow our Civic Guard to the border. I will accommodate our sheriffs and our bounded law administration forth the lath of the assets they need.

INGRAHAM: Karrin, this is aloof such a advancing sight, and you accept done added advertisement from the Arizona bound than a lot of reporters lately, so acknowledge you for that video, and best of luck to you. We’ll analysis aback soon. Acknowledgment so much.

ROBSON: Acknowledge you.

INGRAHAM: Up next, we acknowledge this month’s Abandon Matters charity.


INGRAHAM: It’s fall. So do you accept the appropriate Abandon Matters accessory for the season?

Look, it’s October, right? So we accept a new alms to announce, and it’s the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. It’s a great, abundant accumulation committed to the apprenticeship and acceptance accumulation of Dominican Friars in the broader Catholic community. So please, get your abundant shirts, your abundant mugs fabricated in the USA. And your admired and my kids’ favorite, the camo hat. Appear on. Get the trucker hats. There’s a lot of added acceptable actuality on the armpit as well.

And don’t forget, set your DVR so you consistently break affiliated with us. Acknowledgment for watching. Remember, it’s America now and forever. Greg Gutfeld takes it from here. Accept a abundant weekend.

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How to Pronounce Dossier Dossier Pronunciation | How To Pronounce Dossier

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How to Pronounce “Dossier” | How To Pronounce Dossier
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