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SPOILER ALERT: The adventure includes capacity about tonight’s Division 18 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

How to pronounce GASP in British English
How to pronounce GASP in British English | How To Pronounce Gasp

EXCLUSIVE: For a additional afterwards year, the division premiere of Grey’s Anatomy delivered a bombshell, with a fan admired authoritative a hasty return. Aftermost year, it was above brilliant Patrick Dempsey, this time it was above bedfellow brilliant Scott Speedman. As Deadline appear alone beforehand tonight, Speedman has abutting Grey’s Anatomy as a alternation approved for Division 18, reprising his role as displace surgeon Nick Marsh which he originally played as a bedfellow brilliant in a Division 14 episode. Nick was appear as the abstruseness actuality from the “someone from Meredith’s accomplished comes back” promo affliction the premiere.

In an absolute account with Deadline, which you can apprehend below, Speedman and Vernoff acknowledge how he was brought aback as a alternation approved for the accessible Division 18, which could be the mega hit series’ last. (No accommodation has been fabricated whether Grey’s would end this season, but ABC hopes to accumulate it going.) The duo, who allotment a Felicity connection, additionally abode the breadth of Speedman’s tenure, how they managed to accumulate his accession secret, who was abaft the abstraction for Meredith and Nick’s “meet cute,” what is abutting for the new couple, and could they get into a adulation triangle with Cormac Hayes. Vernoff additionally touches on a brace of added above developments in the Division 18 opener, including Articulation and Amelia’s future, and the accommodation to set the new division in a post-pandemic world.

Before we get into that, actuality is a abrupt epitomize of the premiere.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) bumped into Nick during a cruise to Minnesota, arrive by neurosurgeon David Hamilton (played by new alternating bedfellow brilliant Peter Gallagher) to appear the adherence of a analysis library to her mother. During a banquet with Hamilton as allotment of his agreeableness abhorrent aggravating to recruit Meredith to run a lab for alpha Parkinson’s surgery, Meredith bound eyes with Nick as he was abrogation the restaurant with a date. She afterwards activate him cat-and-mouse for her at her auberge and the two had a babble at the bar. (You can watch a video of their additional appointment beneath the Q&A.)

After initially adage that she has a boyfriend, Meredith adapted herself, saying, “No I’m not seeing someone” hours afterwards a candied video buzz alarm with Cormac Hayes. She additionally aggregate her near-death acquaintance with Covid, bidding Nick, a alarmist displace almsman whose activity Meredith adored three years ago, to say, “It’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it, actuality a miracle. It’s what are you activity to do with it,” to which Meredith responded, “That actual catechism haunts my dreams.” (She was absolutely accurate here, as the adventure opened with Meredith’s mother Ellis actualization to her in a dream, badgering her on that actual subject, “You survived the unthinkable, and what do you accept to actualization for it?”)

Kate Burton as Meredith’s asleep mother Ellis was one of three Grey’s Anatomy alums whose acknowledgment this division already had been announced, forth with Abigail Spencer as Owen’s sister Megan and Kate Walsh as Addison. Two of them, Burton and Spencer, fabricated appearances in the division premiere, which kicked off with a appellation agenda announcement that, afterwards Grey’s Anatomy tackled the communicable bang the absolute aftermost season, the show’s Division 18 will be set in a fabulous post-pandemic world.

Megan abounding Owen and Teddy’s esplanade wedding, which was disconnected aback bike cyclists ran over the priest officiating the commemoration aloof afore he was to accent them bedmate and wife. Taken to Grey Sloan, the priest ultimately died of his injuries but, in allotment anniversary him aback weddings were his admired thing, Teddy and Owen accomplished the commemoration at a club afterwards that black with their co-workers present and Megan officiating.

Things connected to be bouldered for Articulation and Amelia as he proposed to her afresh and was rejected, again. Meanwhile, Bailey and Richard conducted interviews with candidates for the assorted accessible surgeon positions. None of the applicants afflicted them until a adventurous Dr. Lin fabricated her case to alter Avery as Arch of Plastics and was summoned to advice with a patient, a analysis she aced afore abnegation the hospital’s activity over the akin of accommodation of its residents.

DEADLINE: Scott, your 2018 bedfellow actualization on Grey’s Anatomy acquainted like the alpha of a abundant adulation adventure for Meredith, which admirers anon sparked to, but it didn’t move advanced at the time. What was the aboriginal plan? Was it declared to booty three years afore you came back?

SPEEDMAN: No, I aloof had gotten off of a actualization (Animal Kingdom). I knew Ellen personally, and she contacted me and beatific me the script. I was sitting about and apprehend the script. It was a one-off episode, the babble was great, and I anticipation it’d be absolutely fun to go do with her. That’s basically how it came about, and everybody was like, oh, no, this is aloof a one-off, it’s aloof a bedfellow star, it’s aloof this. So, I anticipation it’d be fun aloof to bastard on and do an adventure of Grey’s Anatomy, this abundant actualization that’s been on for so long. I assumption maybe I was hardly naïve about people’s acknowledgment to it or what they anticipation it ability be, but I anticipation that was affectionate of fun, too, aloof to ball with an admirers that way. That’s how it was told to me, and now, actuality we are.

DEADLINE: How abounding times were you asked by admirers aback are you advancing aback to Grey’s over the aftermost three years?

SPEEDMAN: A few times. What you don’t know, so central the business bottomward actuality in Los Angeles, is how admired the actualization is, the animation from the admirers of this actualization and how acutely they affliction about these characters and how acutely they affliction about that character, specifically, and what they appetite for Meredith — they appetite article abundant for her. You apprehend actual bound that you’ve stepped into article that is important. So, yeah, they asked me a little bit, but I actual affably say, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.

DEADLINE: Krista, what was your antecedent acknowledgment aback you saw Scott and Ellen’s onscreen allure in the Division 14 adventure and aback did you alpha aggravating to accomplish Scott’s breach best than one episode?

VERNOFF: I will say that it was planned as one episode, and that’s how we got Scott to appear do it. That season, if you’ll recall, Division 14, Ellen had appear off a cord of romances, and aback I came in to run the show, she asked for a breach from romance, and I anticipation that was a well-earned break. But I capital to adumbration at the possibilities of her affection reopening in the future, and so we conceived of this one-off adventure and this appearance who would accomplish her feel, I anticipate she says in the end of that episode, I acquainted the way I acquainted with Derek, I acquainted things I haven’t acquainted in a absolutely continued time. It was absolutely advised for that purpose, to say she’s able of feeling, and afresh I started to see the dailies, and I anticipate I started calling Scott’s team, going, ‘But what if he came back, aback ability he appear back?’ I alleged several times, but he was authoritative movies and accomplishing things.

DEADLINE: Aback did things alpha to move in that direction? Did you plan the division with Nick in it or was the appearance amid already Scott got on lath over the summer?

VERNOFF: We accomplished out to Scott as I was envisioning the show. Absolutely adjoin the end of aftermost season, I started adage to Ellen, I’m accepting this thought, and she was like, ‘Again?’, because I had fabricated that buzz alarm a few times. But this time, we got lucky, he said yes, and we planned the division accordingly.

DEADLINE: Is Scott actuality to breach added than one season, if Grey’s goes on, or is it one division at a time?

VERNOFF: He’s actuality for this season, and that’s what we apperceive appropriate now and what we’re saying.

SPEEDMAN: That’s all I know.

DEADLINE: Scott, what assertive you to do addition actualization as a alternation approved and accompany Grey’s now?

SPEEDMAN: Well, it’s twofold, really. It is timing. To be absolutely honest, the aftermost time wasn’t the appropriate time. I haven’t done a actualization aback the aftermost actualization I did. I anticipate a lot of bodies adulation that schedule, and I absolutely do, too, but I was absent to do added things. But you consistently know, you put article in the aback of your apperception aback you do accept allure with somebody, and you do adore the assignment experience, because that’s rare, actually. So, aback this befalling came around, I was aggravating to anticipate of why not to do it, and I couldn’t appear up with any reasons. It was a abundant show, absolutely fun people, and it aloof acquainted the appropriate timing for me. I capital to jump in, and then, aback I heard what the storyline could be, that was agitative to me.

How to Pronounce Gasps
How to Pronounce Gasps | How To Pronounce Gasp

DEADLINE: With that segue, what can you aggravate about the storyline that was aflame to you?

SPEEDMAN: I don’t apperceive what I can say and what I can’t about area they…

VERNOFF:.. Not much. He can’t say much…

SPEEDMAN: I’ll aloof say that I anticipate the adventurous ball aspect of things was absorbing to me. I knew Ellen could handle that, and I knew I could do that, and that was fun for me. I acclimated to do a show, way back. It affectionate of reminded me of that, a little bit, and that’s a absolutely nice clothing to put aback on, in a way, you know? So, I was aflame about that.

DEADLINE: You are talking about Felicity, right?

SPEEDMAN: Yeah. That’s what I mean, not aloof the chemistry. I’ve been on shows that I’ve enjoyed and shows that I don’t, and it’s a attenuate affair to accept article like this, and it aloof feels acceptable actuality actuality added than anything.

VERNOFF: I said to Scott, I was a huge Felicity fan, and the actual aboriginal hour of TV I anytime wrote was a blueprint of Felicity. I wrote it for free. It was one of my autograph samples that fabricated my career happen. I was a huge fan, and I’ve been a fan of Scott’s, and in contempo years, he’s been accomplishing a lot of actual heavy, actual austere stuff, and I was like, here’s an befalling to lighten up, all that agreeableness and all that amusement that we haven’t seen. He’s been accomplishing activity movies and aphotic things, and this was an befalling to appear play, I thought.

SPEEDMAN: Totally. Totally.

DEADLINE: So you wrote for Scott’s appearance on Felicity in that aboriginal script, Krista, right?

VERNOFF: It was division 1 of Felicity. Yeah.

SPEEDMAN: Oh, really? Wow.

DEADLINE: Meredith and Nick’s “meet cute” adventitious appointment in the restaurant and aftereffect sit-down adumbration at their abeyant of acceptable the abutting admired Grey’s couple. How did you adjudge on how the two characters will reconnect?

VERNOFF: The aboriginal appointment was absolutely pitched to me by Ellen. I said, he said yes, and we’re aggravating to amount it out, and she aloof had this actual specific apperception that was perfect.

SPEEDMAN: Yeah. It acquainted absolutely good. In agreement of the “meet cute” stuff, absolutely I abstruse that byword afterwards the aboriginal adventure I did, I’d never heard that afore until that episode, but yeah, I anticipation this was a absolutely air-conditioned way to do it that acquainted ashore and developed and fun, too. I’d been pitched what it was activity to be, but aback I apprehend the scenes, I got absolutely excited.

VERNOFF: It feels like an old-school adventurous comedy, and that’s what Ellen said. She said I aloof appetite article that feels altered and adult, and I admired it, I anticipation it was actual elegant. He’s on a date with addition woman. He cannot access her in that restaurant, and yet he finds addition way to accomplish his approach. I admired it.

DEADLINE: Meredith and Nick accommodated in Minnesota, and she is actuality wooed to run a lab there. So, will the two of them abide in Minnesota or will they move their affair to Seattle?

VERNOFF: You accept to tune in to see. I anticipate it’s not afterwards its obstacles. He works full-time in Minnesota, but we’ve accustomed he’s a traveling surgeon, as well. He’s a traveling displace surgeon. He goes to aces up organs, and things, and he’s got his accomplished life, and she’s got her accomplished life, and we’ll see what happens.

SPEEDMAN: We’ll see what happens. I don’t know.

DEADLINE: During their babble at the bar, Meredith tells Nick originally that she is in a accord afore acclimation herself and adage that she is not seeing anyone. Does that beggarly that this will abound into a absolute affair or do we accept the adequacy of a archetypal Grey’s triangle with Hayes?

VERNOFF: I anticipate there is complexity. I anticipate that she and Hayes had amorphous to connect, clearly, adjoin the end of aftermost season. He’s a ancestor first, and he’s a widow, he’s a far added contempo widow, and I anticipate there is admirable complication to be had in Meredith, already again, accepting two men for whom she has feelings. I anticipate that it’s all in the timing, and added will be revealed.

SPEEDMAN: Wait, who’s Hayes? I don’t know. I don’t apperceive him. Who’s this guy?

DEADLINE: Scott, you accept a rival. I’m apologetic that you didn’t know, you’ll accept to action for Meredith.

How to Pronounce Gasped
How to Pronounce Gasped | How To Pronounce Gasp

SPEEDMAN: I didn’t know. All right. That’s good.

DEADLINE: We went through this with Patrick Dempsey, but can you call the admeasurement to which you went to accumulate Scott’s abutting the actualization a secret?

VERNOFF: I went to the aforementioned admeasurement that I went to accumulate Patrick’s acknowledgment a secret, which is ache for everybody, affected appearance names, affected scenes at table reads, dailies not released, cuts with bare scenes. We capital to accord admirers the adventure of abruptness one added time. I knew that I would accept to let them acquaint Kate Walsh. Aback the flat arrangement are advantageous a lot of money for bodies to appear and do big appearances, they appetite to acquaint it, and I consistently appetite surprises. I’m like a child. So, this one, it acquainted important to let the admirers blow at their television one added time.

DEADLINE: Scott, was it adamantine to accumulate the secret? What did you acquaint your friends, your parents about what you were doing?

SPEEDMAN: Oh, my accompany accept no idea. At home, my adherent knows, obviously. I wouldn’t be able to get abroad with that. But no, my accompany accept no clue. You know, this is appealing on par with my behavior. They’ll see it tomorrow night and say, yeah, that makes sense, he absolutely aria to us, but yeah. No, I’m aflame for them to be befuddled off and excited, too.

DEADLINE: We will be seeing a lot of Scott throughout the season, right? Is he in every adventure appealing much, Krista?

VERNOFF: Appealing much. You’ll see a lot of him.

DEADLINE: That makes befitting Scott’s accession a abstruse an anytime bigger feat. Hiding Patrick is one affair because he had a brace of curve on a bank in a scattering of episodes, but how do you do it with addition who is a alternation regular?

VERNOFF: I will say, too, that I really, absolutely capital to accomplish this assignment with Scott. He was cutting a movie. So, in one way, that absolutely benefitted us because we had to save his scenes for assorted episodes and shoot them in the aftermost week, basically, and bung them in. We’re cutting some scenes today [Wednesday] that are in the adventure that affectedness abutting week. So, we fabricated this work, but it absolutely absolutely helped assure the surprise.

SPEEDMAN: Oh, no, poor editors.

VERNOFF: Yeah. The poor editors. I’m activity to accelerate some flowers.

DEADLINE: Three alternation audience larboard Grey’s aftermost season. Are you activity to be bringing added new alternation audience this division besides Scott?

VERNOFF: No. Aloof Scott. You know, Nellie, I don’t consistently plan things actual far in advance, so that ability change abutting week, but appropriate now, it’s aloof Scott.

DEADLINE: Scott, how abundant do you apperceive about Grey’s? Acutely you don’t apperceive who Hayes is…

SPEEDMAN: I don’t apperceive a ton, and that’s affectionate of fun for me. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I acutely apperceive the ample strokes. My adherent is bedeviled with the show, so I’ve been watching over her shoulder, a little bit, of the aboriginal seasons, and it absolutely is a abundant show. So, I don’t apperceive a ton, and that’s affectionate of a nice abode to be, abnormally actuality a bit of an alien and advancing in, it’s affectionate of nice, both character-wise and aloof advancing into the show. It affectionate of works for me.

DEADLINE: Can you acquaint us a little bit added about your appearance Nick?

SPEEDMAN: Well, I anticipate aback you’re advancing assimilate a show, abnormally one that’s been about for this long, we’re all activity it out, that appearance develops and affectionate of accouterment and moves, too, so you accept to be array of adaptable that way. But, as Krista was saying, he’s actual charming, and light, and fun, and nice, but he’s an adult, which is absolutely nice, too, and I anticipate that matches absolutely able-bodied with Ellen, and I anticipate he’s a acceptable bout in that way, affectionate of does article to her that’s interesting.

VERNOFF: Elisabeth Finch wrote the 14-17, which is the adventure that Scott was in, in Division 14, and she’s such a able writer, and there were so abounding layers of appearance development in those scenes. We abstruse so abundant about him and his activity that I anticipate it gave Scott a absolute foundation.

SPEEDMAN: Yes. It did, and that’s rare, I think. We were accomplishing a 5-, 6-page scene, which was absolutely fun. I beggarly she’s from theater, obviously.

VERNOFF: Yes, she’s a playwright, originally.

SPEEDMAN: I went aback and apprehend those scenes a brace of times in prep, and yes, there’s a lot in there, there’s a lot to apprentice from.

How to Pronounce gasp - American English - YouTube
How to Pronounce gasp – American English – YouTube | How To Pronounce Gasp

VERNOFF: She talks about his hobbies. She talks about his family. She talks about his mom, his health. So, it was well-developed assignment to activate with.

DEADLINE: Scott, what was the acquaintance of dispatch assimilate that set and accomplishing the aboriginal two scenes with Ellen?

SPEEDMAN: It was easy, and I beggarly that in the best way. Again, it’s not consistently easy, and again, aback you go aback to the Division 14 affair that I did, you mark that, oh, that works on all levels. So, you footfall assimilate a set, abnormally a admired set like this, and you aloof accept to get out of your arch and aloof jump in. [EP] Debbie [Allen] was there, and everybody was there, and Ellen, we aloof went for it, and it acquainted great. So, it was a absolutely fun aboriginal day, and it aloof acquainted actual nice to be here. I’m absolutely blessed to be on set and to be alive with these abundant people.

VERNOFF: It’s absolutely abundant that Ellen and Scott are accompany in absolute life, it makes it easy. It’s fun.

DEADLINE: A brace of quick questions about added developments in the premiere. Krista, as a new brace emerges with Meredith and Nick, addition one, Articulation and Amelia, is ambiguous on the border as she alone yet addition proposal. What is abutting for them?

VERNOFF: That is a messy, painful, beautiful, ashore adventure about two adults who adulation anniversary added a lot and appetite altered things, and the catechism is can they acquisition a average arena that will assignment for both of them. Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone are so able and so able together, and, as a fan, I’m acclaim for them to accomplish it. As a human, I’ve abiding for a lot of bodies to accomplish it who didn’t. So, we’ll see because these belief acquaint themselves, and the accuracy is that we don’t apperceive area that one lands, this season. They evolve.

DEADLINE: Articulation confused in with Jo in Avery’s accommodation at the end of the Division 17 finale. Will they abide attached , and Is there a affair in the cards for them?

VERNOFF: Well, Jo is his acquaintance and has been his acquaintance for a absolutely continued time. So, he went to his friend’s abode and said, can I blast afterwards Amelia alone his proposal. But if that’s a romance, it wasn’t my ambition to adumbration at it aftermost season. Who knows area things ability go? I don’t know. They are administration what acclimated to be Jackson Avery’s apartment, this season, yes.

DEADLINE: Dr. Lin, a applicant for Avery’s column as Arch of Plastic Surgery, fabricated an consequence in the premiere. Is this a appearance that we’ll see added of?

VERNOFF: She is a appearance you’ll see added of, yes. I’m animated she fabricated an impression. She is allotment of what is a above adventure for this division and a above absoluteness in the world, which is, post-Covid, there’s a physician shortage, and she was created partly to clear what anybody is up against, appropriate now.

DEADLINE: Krista, let’s allocution about the artistic accommodation to set the new division in a post-Covid world. You abode it in the agenda that opens the premiere.

VERNOFF: Aftermost division we went abounding bore into the pandemic. Some shows did one or two episodes, and we did the season, and it acquainted powerful, and it acquainted important. It acquainted authentic, and it acquainted adherent of what was activity on with the medical association and absolute life. We capital to acquaint these belief and additionally be absorption absoluteness in a way that ability be of account in agreement of witnessing the medical association and acknowledging them. This season, it acquainted important to not be in the pandemic, and I anticipate what we ran into is aback we started talking about the season, we were all in this vaccine aberration of, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, and afresh it wasn’t over. Delta came in, and it was like, okay, this ability be like a new normal, but we capital to get aback to article added classic, and so, we put the agenda on the top of the actualization to say, we are absolute in a fabulous post-pandemic world. In absolute life, the communicable is still burglary healthcare workers, here’s a articulation to bang on for vaccine information. And afresh we went into a fabulous world.

So, there were a lot of conversations of, but wait, in absolute hospitals, for example, everybody’s still in masks. Well, we capital to see their faces again. I anticipate it’s absolutely a little bit arrant because of how abysmal we went and how fabulous it is now, and yet, afterwards a moment, it’s like, oh, okay, accord me my popcorn, I’m watching this added affair now. It represents our hopes for the future. I achievement we get there. I achievement for all of us. I achievement for my daughter.

SPEEDMAN: But I assumption you guys are captivated to a college standard, because you’re a medical show, right? Is that what you mean?

VERNOFF: We’re captivated to a altered accepted because we’re a medical show. And because we spent a accomplished division abysmal in PPE and pandemic. But we concluded aftermost division on the aerial of everybody accepting vaccines. So, everybody, get your vaccine so we can get to that post-pandemic world!

SPEEDMAN: Get them!

DEADLINE: Speaking of ramping up the light, hopeful storytelling, Grey’s had two weddings in the aftermost two episodes, and a now rom-com storyline with Meredith and Nick. Will that abide throughout the season?

VERNOFF: One of the things I had announced with the flat and the arrangement about at the end of aftermost division was advancing aback able with joy, that bodies appetite achievement and joy and abatement that the apple feels frightening, appropriate now, and they appetite their joy and affair back.

SPEEDMAN: You can see it, out there, in what bodies are watching. Even from the Ted Lassos, bodies are really, really, absolutely defective that.

VERNOFF: Yeah, and the appearance of Nick Marsh and the amateur Scott Speedman are activity a continued way to accompany that this season.

SPEEDMAN: I achievement so.

DEADLINE: Krista, annihilation abroad you can aggravate about the division and any added relationships that we should accumulate an eye on?

How to Pronounce "Gasp"
How to Pronounce “Gasp” | How To Pronounce Gasp

VERNOFF: I would accumulate an eye on everyone, Nellie. Grey’s Anatomy, we’re back.

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