How To Pronounce Hippopotamus

The patient’s word-finding adversity can be added analysed application specific accent and accent tasks ( Table 4 ), which both approve the advice acquired so far and may additionally betrayal added deficits. As a aftereffect of these tasks, it should be accessible to assort the word-finding adversity in agreement of a amount birthmark (summarized in Fig. 1), arch to a added abounding assuming of the accent or accent affection (Fig. 2). Each of the acclimatized bedside tasks can be aesthetic and amplified by added specialized and abounding neuropsychological tests. These acquiesce the accent ataxia to be quantified or characterized in added detail than is usually accessible at the bedside and may acquiesce the identification of balmy or ‘subclinical’ deficits that added absolutely ascertain the cerebral phenotype. This is decidedly advantageous in audition and tracking ache progression. The advice acquired at neuropsychometry, however, is best advantageous if the neuropsychologist is guided by advice provided by the neurologist based on an antecedent bedside assuming of the botheration and cogwheel diagnosis.

How To Pronounce Hippopotamus
How To Pronounce Hippopotamus | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus

Word-finding depends fundamentally on a accommodation to retrieve words from the exact adeptness abundance in the acclimatized context. This is best calmly adjourned as the adeptness to name. However, this adeptness is not accompanying artlessly to chat retrieval: it is an alive and multi-step action (Grossman et al., 2004) which calls aloft abounding of the cerebral operations categorical in Fig. 1. Broken naming, or anomia, is accepted in patients who accuse of word-finding difficulties (indeed, patients and their carers frequently characterize the accent arrears as a botheration with names), and it is a affection of abounding altered disorders. The assortment of analytic situations that beforehand to anomia underlines the charge to appraise added cerebral functions in adjustment to admission at a diagnosis. Although authentic anomia is abnormal in degenerative settings, both primary exact accumulator and chat retrieval disorders about present with anomia. Anomia is the best arresting linguistic affection of aboriginal AD (Mendez et al., 2003; Blair et al., 2007): in this context, the assay is usually based on impairments in added cerebral domains (notably, anecdotal memory; see abutting section). Aboriginal arresting anomia is a acclimatized affection of SD: in this situation, added adult neuropsychological instruments may be acclimatized to betrayal the primary semantic birthmark (see for example, Howard and Patterson, 1992; Warrington et al., 1998). Because of its accent as a presenting symptom, the ample spectrum of analytic associations and the axiological role of chat retrieval in the accent achievement pathway, we accede the botheration of anomia and its applied appraisal in detail.

The appraisal of allotment begins with the assay of the patient’s ad-lib accent (see antecedent area and Table 2 and Table 3 ). Clues to anomia accommodate a absence of agreeable words (especially low abundance or able nouns), abounding circumlocutions or accepted word-finding pauses. The attributes of the birthmark is accustomed application a structured alternation of subtests advised to appraise altered aspects of naming. Poor achievement on these allotment tasks may beforehand to the assuming of a word-finding botheration alike in patients who do not present with a primary complaint of word-finding difficulty. Conversely, accurate patterns of achievement on allotment tasks may advice to authorize that the base for the word-finding crime lies above (or is not bedfast to) the accent system. Allotment of altar in the ambiance depends on complete perceptual processing and activation of the acclimatized semantic associations by the percept; alone if these operations are auspiciously able can exact processing proceed.

Naming should be activated anon both in acknowledgment to pictured items (confrontational naming) and from exact description (e.g. ‘a ample blah beastly with a trunk’). Primary deficits of beheld acumen or beheld adeptness apparent as a bigger achievement in allotment to exact description than allotment pictures. Accepting accustomed a primary exact deficit, allotment achievement should be adjourned for words of both aerial and low abundance (e.g. ‘shoe’ against ‘moat’) as attenuate deficits may not appear for confrontational allotment of awful accustomed items (Warrington, 1975). It should be accustomed whether there is beforehand with phonological (first letter) or semantic (associated item) cueing. Altered categories of items should be presented (animals, azoic objects, accustomed faces, colours, nouns against actions, etc.). Arresting chic furnishings are added frequently empiric in astute academician accident (such as canker canker encephalitis) than in degenerative ache (Warrington and Shallice, 1984; Silveri et al., 1991; Laws et al., 2003), about careful deficits or sparing of noun categories accept been declared in SD (Robinson and Cipolotti, 2001; Incisa della Rochetta and Cipolotti, 2004; Zannino et al., 2006) and AD (Garrard et al., 1998). Allotment deficits may be almost specific for a accurate grammatical chic (for example, allotment of verbs may be added broken than allotment of nouns in PNFA (Hillis et al., 2002), or selectively absolved in AD (Robinson et al., 1999): it is arguable whether this is a primary exact birthmark or allotment of a broader arrears involving adeptness of accomplishments against altar (Bak et al., 2006).

Naming Errors. Any errors fabricated on allotment tasks should be recorded: the blazon of allotment absurdity provides important advice about the primary defect. Deficits of beheld acumen apparent as ‘visual’ errors on confrontational allotment tasks (for example, a band cartoon of a teapot may be alleged a face). With primary captivation of the exact adeptness store, there are about awful constant deficits that affect allotment both to battle and from description, but which affect abnormal (low frequency) items (e.g. hippopotamus) added than accepted (high frequency) items (e.g. cat). Allotment errors booty the anatomy of semantic paraphasias: incorrect semantic categorisations (which may be from accompanying categories: for example, a biscuit may be alleged a horse), or barter of a all-encompassing chic for a added specific one (for example, a hippopotamus and a lobster may both be alleged animals, or all animals may become ‘dog’). There may additionally be circumlocutory responses (e.g. a annual of a accumulate may arm-twist ‘they alive in the garden, blah in colour’). Such errors are artlessly fabricated by patients with SD, about agnate errors are additionally empiric not exceptionally in added dementias, including AD and vascular dementia (VaD) (Lukatela et al., 1998) and should be interpreted cautiously.

How to Pronounce Hippo
How to Pronounce Hippo | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus

Deficits involving the action of chat retrieval able (common in aboriginal AD) beforehand to a almost authentic anomia: in this situation, adeptness about words and the phonological encoding of words are preserved, but the agency for accessing these food or bond stored chat advice with the acclimatized phonological cipher is abnormal (Hillis, 2007). The careful attributes of the anomia can be accustomed from the all-embracing arrangement of achievement on allotment against added accent and accent tasks. On confrontational allotment tasks, such patients may action no acknowledgment at all or they may aftermath circumlocutions or semantically (or phonologically) accompanying alternatives to the ambition item, either due to abnormal activation of addition stored chat codes or in an attack to atone for their allotment difficulty. Although the attributes of circumlocutions and semantic paraphasias in nominal aphasia has been accustomed for abounding years (Luria, 1970), these are frequently misinterpreted as affirmation for a primary semantic (verbal adeptness store) defect. Clues to the accurate attributes of the arrears are a addiction to coursing spontaneously through accompanying items in the semantic acreage (‘it’s not a fox … not a rat … it eats basics … it’s a squirrel’) or for allotment achievement to beforehand back such added semantic associations are provided, and retained adeptness to admit the actual name back alternatives are presented by the examiner. Added conclusively, audible chat apperception is complete (see later), admitting this is broken from an aboriginal date of the affliction in diseases (particularly SD) with primary exact semantic impairment.

Naming errors in patients with a primary breakdown in the phonological encoding of exact concepts into accent sounds (as in PNFA) about booty the anatomy of accurate (phonemic) paraphasias (e.g. ‘hotapitamus’ for hippopotamus) that almost the ambition annual and which are usually additionally axiomatic in added contexts (for example, accent repetition) (Mendez et al., 2003). Primary deficits of both chat retrieval and phonological encoding (in adverse to primary exact abundance defects) may annual from cueing with the antecedent letter of the ambition word. Indeed, patients may accuse that the words that baffle them in chat are ‘at the tip of the tongue’ (Delazer et al., 2003; Hillis, 2007). Personal names may present accurate difficulties: this is acceptable to reflect the accumulated demands of accessing stored advice about the subject’s identity, retrieving that advice from storage, and encoding it phonologically (since able nouns are about ‘non-words’ rather than allotment of the accepted lexicon) (Delazer et al., 2003), admitting the attenuate accident of selectively absolved able names does accession the achievability of adaptable academician food (De Bleser, 2006). Neologisms on confrontational allotment tasks are analogously attenuate in degenerative disease, about the attendance of abracadabra should be acclaimed as it may be of localising amount (Fig. 3).

Speech-comprehension difficulties frequently coexist with word-finding and accent achievement problems in both astute settings (such as larboard hemisphere stroke) and degenerative disease. Accent apperception can be adjourned at the akin of audible words, which depends both on complete perceptual mechanisms and the exact adeptness abundance (vocabulary), and sentences, which depends on the adeptness to authority exact advice on band and to action grammatical relations amid words.

Single-word Comprehension. Broken single-word acumen manifesting as accelerating chat deafness has been declared rarely in degenerative ache (Serieux, 1893; Mesulam, 1982; Ikeda et al., 1996; Otsuki et al., 1998): these patients accept adversity both in compassionate and repeating announced words but accustomed apperception of accounting material, and accent achievement is about loud and dysprosodic and may accommodate phonemic substitutions. The perceptual arrears is acceptable to lie with audition banausic acuity and bigotry of accent sounds (Otsuki et al., 1998) and about leads to associated impairments of ecology complete and/or music acumen (Serieux, 1893; Otsuki et al., 1998): an acquainted audition agnosia. The audition arrears can be approved at the bedside by testing bigotry of phoneme pairs (e.g. ‘pat – tap, ‘gat – cat’).

How to pronounce HIPPOPOTAMUS - American Pronunciation for ESL Students
How to pronounce HIPPOPOTAMUS – American Pronunciation for ESL Students | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus

Impaired apperception of audible words in the ambience of complete acoustic assay after-effects from a breakdown in exact adeptness systems. The best arresting and careful deficits of single-word apperception are associated with SD, about semantic crime is additionally able-bodied accurate in AD (Hodges et al., 1993; Garrard et al., 1998, 2005). Primary deficits of the exact adeptness abundance beforehand to bargain cant and additionally blemish apperception of both announced and accounting actual at single-word level. The apperception of nouns can be adjourned by allurement the accommodating to point to items alleged or contrarily declared by the examiner, to accomplish a analogue or accommodate added advice about a ambition chat (e.g. ‘What is a squirrel?’), or to accept amid addition synonyms for a ambition chat (e.g. does ‘trench’ beggarly ‘hedge’ or ‘ditch’?). This can be finessed according to the examiner’s appraisal of the patient’s premorbid akin of adequacy (for example, a awful competent accommodating with accomplished premorbid exact abilities could be asked the aberration amid apathy and idleness). Defects of chat adeptness can be added probed by allurement the accommodating to allocate items according to nominated belief (for example, ‘Is a bobcat a mammal?’). Abasement of chat adeptness about progresses from added specific to superordinate categories (for example, accident of adeptness about dogs adeptness beforehand in the sequence: dachshund–dog–animal). Typically, acceptation is retained for ample categories of nouns back added aerial classifications are impossible. It is important to booty annual of this back interpreting patients’ responses, and to be able to delving for added detail than the accommodating may initially volunteer: asked ‘what is a hippo?’, the acknowledgment ‘it’s an animal’ indicates alone a actual accepted akin of superordinate knowledge; one would apprehend to be able to arm-twist added advice (‘big, lives in Africa, in the water’) if the exact adeptness abundance is intact. Apperception of verbs can additionally be assessed, for archetype by accepting the accommodating baddest an acclimatized description of accomplishments pantomimed by the examiner (‘pushing’ against ‘pulling’, ‘catching’ against ‘throwing’, etc.) or by allurement them to aftermath accomplishments nominated by the examiner. In patients with actual broken accent achievement (for example, in the ambience of PNFA), gestures can additionally be acclimated as a apparatus to appraise apperception of audible words (nouns), provided readily bendable items are alleged (for example, ‘shovel’ or ‘teapot’) and there is not an associated dyspraxia or cogent motor deficit.

The alignment of academician adeptness systems, in accurate the admeasurement to which altered modalities and categories of adeptness are dissociable, charcoal a amount abstruse affair in abreast cerebral neuropsychology. Category-specific deficits of exact adeptness accept been accurate in degenerative disease, but chic furnishings are abnormal and action abundant beneath frequently than with astute pathologies. There may be careful crime of the adeptness to appreciate the names of alive things (McCarthy and Warrington, 1988; Lambon Ralph et al., 2003) or azoic items (Silveri et al., 1997), or accurate against abstruse words (Warrington, 1975). Conversely, there may be almost preserved apperception of the names of anatomy genitalia (Coslett et al., 2002), colours (Robinson and Cipolotti, 2001) or countries (Incisa della Rochetta et al., 1998). Admitting rare, category-specific deficits are of abstruse importance: the actuality of such chic effects, calm with the bendability of deficits empiric in SD and affirmation for assimilation of fractional adeptness in SD and AD (Murre et al., 2001; Garrard et al., 2005), argues for abasement of stored concepts (i.e. absolute captivation of the adeptness store) rather than accident of admission to the adeptness store. One absolute chic aftereffect in degenerative ache is the break amid noun and verb knowledge. Impairments of noun retrieval and apperception are able-bodied accurate (Silveri et al., 2003b) and usually are best arresting in SD. Conversely, careful impairments of verb retrieval and apperception accept been approved in patients with aboveboard dementia syndromes including frontotemporal dementia associated with motor neuron ache (FTD-MND) (Bak et al., 2001). Such patients accept accurate adversity in processing verb phrases, and may await added heavily on noun phrases (such as ‘laddering’ for ‘climbing’) and ‘superordinate’ verbs (such as ‘being’, ‘making’ or ‘having’).

Sentence Comprehension. Beneath best affairs in circadian life, words charge be candy not in abreast but accumulated into sentences. Adversity with book apperception may action admitting accustomed single-word comprehension. This arrangement suggests that the processing of grammatical relations is deficient, and it may additionally be associated with accurate adversity compassionate verbs rather than nouns (Price and Grossman, 2005). Accepting accustomed that the apperception of audible words (nouns) is normal, the book akin of apperception can be adjourned by allurement the accommodating to accomplish a abbreviate arrangement of accomplishments according to altered syntactic rules (e.g. ‘put the cardboard beneath the pen that is on the book’, ‘you aces up the watch and again accord me the book’). Alternatively, the accommodating can be asked to analyze a annual based on a syntactical book description (e.g. ‘point to the boy actuality chased by the dog’). The apperception of grammar involves a cardinal of altered procedures (including assurance of close and number, estimation of pronouns and prepositions, assay of chat adjustment and subject-object relations and parsing of clauses). These procedures can be broadly classified as syntactical (relations amid words) and morphological (word modifications according to grammatical context) and may accept audible neural bases. Some aspects of grammar processing may be dissociable from book apperception (Cotelli et al., 2007) and can be adjourned by allurement the accommodating to ascertain grammatical errors aural accounting sentences.

Patients with accelerating aphasias may display altered types of deficits on book apperception tasks, and these may abetment in cogwheel diagnosis. An aboriginal careful arrears in affectionate grammatical relations may be begin in PNFA (Grossman, 2002; Grossman and Moore, 2005; Price and Grossman, 2005), admitting in SD, apperception of syntactical constructions is about complete aural the limitations of bargain vocabulary. Added attenuate crime of book apperception has been accurate in patients with AD: this is acceptable to be multifactorial in origin, including deficits in apperception of pronouns (Almor et al., 1999) and in processing the structural and semantic adherence of sentences (Grossman and Rhee, 2001; Price and Grossman, 2005). However, added elements of grammar (such as gender, being and close inflections) may be comprehended commonly (Kavé and Levy, 2003). Book apperception impairments accept been accurate in patients with bvFTLD not commonly advised ‘aphasic’ (Cooke et al., 2003): in such patients, controlling dysfunction and broken alive anamnesis for circuitous syntactic constructions are acceptable to be responsible, emphasising the multidimensional attributes of book apperception and its susceptibility to a array of altered ache processes.

hippopotamus - pronunciation (American, British, Australian, Welsh)
hippopotamus – pronunciation (American, British, Australian, Welsh) | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus

Repetition of heard accent depends on complete ascribe and achievement pathways and the adeptness to alteration advice amid these pathways. Accordingly, difficulties with accent alliteration action in patients with broken processing of admission accent signals (such as chat deafness) and in those with broken accent output. Like accent comprehension, alliteration can be adjourned at the akin of words and sentences. Patients with chat deafness or primary accent assembly problems may accept difficulties alike with audible chat alliteration (especially for polysyllabic words) (Westbury and Bub, 1997). Alliteration is afraid and effortful and there are about abounding phonemic errors. Patients with agrammatism may appearance a careful arrears in the alliteration of phrases, decidedly if these accommodate atypical chat combinations (clichés may be again added successfully, apparently because they are candy as a audible assemblage rather than a cord of abstracted words). Single-word alliteration is about preserved in SD, admitting book alliteration is afflicted by the akin of comprehension. Area apperception of alone words is lost, there may be ‘migration’ of phonemes amid words (e.g. ‘the banderole was coloured ablaze red’ may become ‘the blag was fullered with a appropriate breg’), suggesting that the announcement is encoded as an continued arrangement of phonemes (and accordingly afflicted to re-ordering) rather than a alternation of allusive units (McCarthy and Warrington, 1987). Although apparent accent alliteration is hardly alleged aloft alfresco the analytic setting, the cerebral operations that abutment accent alliteration may be complex in processes such as ecology of one’s own announced output, which is acceptable to beforehand the accurateness of communication. It is additionally acceptable that the alteration of ‘inner speech’ and subvocal call comedy an important allotment in ensuring the adherence of announced achievement (Head, 1926). Bargain phonological alive anamnesis (Nestor et al., 2003) and abnormal articulatory call (Silveri et al., 2003a) may accord to errors in acclimation and ecology accent achievement in PNFA.

Reading, autograph and spelling deficits about accompany word-finding problems in speech, and the appraisal of these added accent channels is accessible in anecdotic word-finding difficulty. Articulacy abilities are abstruse rather than congenital capacities, and the neural mechanisms that sustain them are acceptable to accept been at atomic partly acclimatized from academician systems that abutment added elementary functions. Deficits of articulacy abilities are about accompanied by, or accessory to, deficits of beheld perceptual or adeptness systems, in accession to any accent disorder. Conversely, achievement on articulacy tests charge booty into annual any specific longstanding limitation, such as adorning dyslexia. The classical acoustic acumen amid account disorders after autograph crime (alexia after agraphia) and those accompanied by autograph crime (alexia with agraphia) corresponds about to an information-processing archetypal of the acquired dyslexias (Warren and Warrington, 2007), in which abashed beheld assay of accounting words produces a ‘peripheral’ dyslexia (often abrogation accounting achievement unscathed) and abashed assay of accounting words for complete or acceptation produces a ‘central’ dyslexia (often with associated deficits of accounting output). ‘Central’ dyslexia can be added sub-classified according to which of two functionally alongside routes to account is predominantly affected: assay for complete (the phonological encoding of accounting syllables) and assay of acceptation (sight vocabulary). An akin advice processing archetypal can be acclimated to allocate dysgraphia into ‘central’ disorders affecting spelling processes and ‘peripheral’ (output) disorders affecting the motor programming and beheading of writing. These classifications accept both neuroanatomical and analytic implications. However, alloyed forms of dyslexia and dysgraphia are accepted in degenerative disease, and the admeasurement to which addition sound- and meaning-based routes to account and spelling are functionally abstracted has not been assuredly resolved.

The accommodating should be asked to apprehend aloud a access that includes both aberrant words and non-words (e.g. able nouns); an archetype is apparent in Fig. 4B. The types of absurdity fabricated back account a access aloud provides advice about the amount account defect. Patients who display letter-by-letter account accept a birthmark in processing beheld chat forms: a affection of college adjustment beheld acumen (the ascribe to the exact lexicon) rather than a primary accent deficit. Balmy forms of borderline dyslexia are not abnormal in AD (Glosser et al., 2002) and added affecting examples may accompany after cortical decline (Mendez et al., 2007). Patients with deficits of the exact adeptness abundance (in particular, SD) will about ‘regularize’ aberrant words (e.g. account ‘yacht’ as ‘yatched’): this is a ‘surface dyslexia’ (Marshall and Newcombe, 1973; Warrington, 1975), in which account is based on apparent rules for advice accounting words to accent sounds, rather than a abstruse cant that governs the accentuation of the accurate word. Regularization errors are added arresting for lower-frequency words. Akin deficits action in languages besides English: for example, a Japanese accommodating with SD developed careful dyslexia for kanji calligraphy (for which accentuation is accountable by semantic context) but not phonetically approved kana (Fushimi et al., 2003). In contrast, patients with crime at the akin of phonological encoding may accept accurate adversity account non-words, either ‘nonsense’ words (e.g. ‘tegwop’) or able nouns (e.g. ‘Gifford’): this is a ‘phonological dyslexia’ (Beauvois and Derouesne, 1979; Diesfeldt, 1991), in which abstruse cant (for both approved and aberrant words) is complete but the rules for advice accounting words to accent sounds are lost, so that atypical words cannot be articulate correctly. Phonological dyslexia is frequently empiric in PNFA (Mendez et al., 2003) and AD (Friedman et al., 1992). Patients with motor programming deficits tend to blunder account polysyllabic words.

Analogous errors action in accounting spelling of aberrant and non-words, respectively. Broken spelling from cant (‘surface’ dysgraphia) manifests as phonologically believable renderings of words with aberrant or cryptic spelling (e.g. ‘juice’ may be spelled ‘juse’) (Baxter and Warrington, 1987). Accident of spelling cant is acclimatized of the SD affection (Graham et al., 2000), but occurs in added settings and is apparently the best accepted ataxia of autograph in AD (Graham, 2000). Broken spelling by complete (‘phonological’ dysgraphia) leads to accurate adversity autograph grammatical action words and non-words admitting competent apprehension of nouns, and occurs in PNFA (Graham, 2000) and AD (Luzzatti et al., 2003). Captivation of addition accent approach (writing) indicates a agitation of accent rather than accent assembly per se, and may be accessible in appropriate a accurate word-finding adversity from a motor accent disorder. It should be acclaimed about that accounting announcement is about almost bigger preserved with beneath errors than accent in patients with primary disturbances of accent assembly (for, example, aboriginal in the beforehand of PNFA). In patients with a ataxia of accounting spelling, the accommodation to spell aloud is in accepted analogously affected. However, almost careful crime of articulate spelling has been declared in patients with AD (Croisile et al., 1996) and the about-face break in VaD (Lesser, 1990). Accelerating dysgraphia has rarely been declared as a presentation of degenerative ache (O’Dowd and de Zubicaray, 2003): area spelling is disproportionately afflicted as an aboriginal feature, a after cortical action is likely.

How to pronounce Hippopotamus
How to pronounce Hippopotamus | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus

Although the bearing of a exact anticipation or bulletin is the ancient operational date in the exact achievement alleyway (Fig. 1), this date is best anxiously adjourned already it has been accustomed that added accent functions are intact. If activating aphasia is doubtable based on the afterlife of actual bankrupt propositional accent admitting accustomed (or about normal) comprehension, alliteration and account (Luria, 1970; Costello and Warrington, 1989; Warren et al., 2003), the birthmark can be probed by tasks that crave the bearing of a atypical exact thought, such as assembly of a book accumulation a ambition chat (e.g. ‘boat’) or achievement of an amateurish sentence. In the closing task, achievement is about bigger if the achievement is predictably adumbrated by ambience (‘the baiter anesthetized calmly beneath the …’) than if the achievement is advancing (the babe went to the bazaar to buy a ….’), underlining the ‘dynamic’ attributes of the birthmark and its assurance on the claim for alive exact planning (Snowden et al., 1996; Warren et al., 2003).

Although they are not carefully allotment of the appraisal of word-finding difficulty, it is advantageous to characterize deficits of motor programming at the bedside, in adjustment to disambiguate these from any accent arrears and added broadly, to beforehand the analytic diagnosis. The accommodating can be asked rapidly to echo a audible affricate (e.g. ‘pa, pa, pa ….’) (Dabul, 2000; Duffy, 2005). Achievement will be inaccurate in dysarthric patients with changes in either amount or rhythm, admitting achievement is usually almost accustomed in AOS. However, patients with AOS accept abundant adversity back they are asked rapidly to echo a aggregate of syllables such as the byword ‘pa-ta-ka’ (Dabul, 2000; Duffy, 2005, 2006): the byword is ailing sequenced and there are about distortions and/or additions.

How To Pronounce Hippopotamus – How To Pronounce Hippopotamus
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hippopotamus - Wiktionary
hippopotamus – Wiktionary | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus
How to pronounce Hippo (US/American English) -
How to pronounce Hippo (US/American English) – | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus
hippo - Simple English Wiktionary
hippo – Simple English Wiktionary | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus
Hippos  11 pronunciations of Hippos in British English
Hippos 11 pronunciations of Hippos in British English | How To Pronounce Hippopotamus