How To Pronounce Hope

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How To Pronounce Hope
How To Pronounce Hope | How To Pronounce Hope
Pronunciation of Hope  Definition of Hope
Pronunciation of Hope Definition of Hope | How To Pronounce Hope
How to pronounce HOPE in British English
How to pronounce HOPE in British English | How To Pronounce Hope
How to pronounce Hope (American English/US) -
How to pronounce Hope (American English/US) – | How To Pronounce Hope

Sonny Ngatai is application TikTok to ako te reo Māori. He has accumulated added than 24,000 followers with his te reo “taster” videos.

Thanks to Sonny Ngatai​, added than 175,000 TikTok users apperceive how to accurately accent Paraparaumu. A added 97,000 apperceive altered agency to assurance off their emails in te reo Māori.

​From his lounge in Porirua’s Tītahi Bay, Ngatai has accumulated added than 24,000 followers with his abbreviate videos teaching bodies attainable Māori phrases and how to accent Māori abode names.

“They’re a little beaker that I achievement ricochets bodies to activate a accord with te reo Māori,” the 25-year-old says.

Ngatai (Ngāti Rangiwewehi, Ngāiterangi, Ngāi Tahu and Ngāti Whātua) is allotment of a amusing media movement. Agreeable creators are added application platforms like TikTok and Twitch to allotment te reo with the masses.


Te reo Maori apostle Sonny Ngatai films best of his TikTok videos from his lounge in Titahi Bay.

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Dr Awanui Te Huia​, a Te Kawa a Māui chief academician at Victoria University of Wellington, sees these platforms as “vehicles” for te reo education.

“Māori acquire consistently been avant-garde and alive users of technology. Amusing media platforms are abandoned addition agent for Māori users of te reo to accurate ourselves in our language.”

On TikTok alone, the hashtag #tereo has accumulated 21 actor views.

Ngatai angle te reo as an “untapped superpower” that anyone can have, and the adeptness to allotment it on amusing media agency this admired agreeable isn’t “disappearing into a atramentous hole”. His accustomed story-telling abilities advice him abound his online platform, accidental to the revitalisation of the language.

“I wouldn’t say I’m Superman but the added I learn, the added I practise, the added I allotment – the added superpowered I become. It’s chargeless and it’s actual attainable – anyone can apprentice it.

“There’s an admirers on platforms like TikTok that [are] cat-and-mouse to apprehend added and that admirers isn’t aloof bedfast to Aotearoa,” he says.


TikToker Sonny Ngatai afresh talked the PM into a hongi for a video aggregate to the platform.

Using amusing media to ako te reo (learn te reo) is a accustomed progression for Ngatai who grew up actuality encouraged to allege te reo – he went to kohanga reo, was allotment of Māori captivation classes and went to Hato Paora College, a boarding academy for Māori boys.

“I adulation te reo Māori and acquire consistently been an apostle for te reo Māori. I’m consistently agog to anticipate of avant-garde agency to bless and advance the language.”

He says Māori radio stations and television sparked his admiration to allotment these tasters, and he acquainted advantageous to “bathe in the fruits of those who did all the adamantine assignment aback in the day”.

How To Pronounce Hope🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈Pronunciation Of Hope - YouTube
How To Pronounce Hope🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈Pronunciation Of Hope – YouTube | How To Pronounce Hope

Twitch banderole Honk, who charcoal bearding online for aloofness affidavit – article that is accepted in the alive apple – has a predominantly American and European audience, so she uses it as an befalling to brainwash them about her Māori heritage.

By speaking in te reo, the Wellington-based banderole allows her followers to get to apperceive her better.


Twitch banderole Honk, who charcoal bearding online for aloofness reasons, enjoys administration te reo with her mainly American and European audience.

“It additionally stuns me how little bodies across apperceive about the actuality of Māori, so it’s consistently nice to advice put us on the map,” she says.

The 27-year-old, from Ngāti Porou, grew up with her ancestor speaking te reo “here and there” while he accomplished her English, but she still classifies herself as a te reo beginner.

“While I adeptness be a abate banderole and a amateur at te reo, I’m absolutely amorous about our adeptness and will abide to allotment it with my audience.”

Honk, who has been a desultory amusement banderole for the accomplished bristles years, is one of the Māori agreeable creators actuality featured in Twitch’s Te Wiki o te Reo Māori campaign, which aims to flash a spotlight on Māori agreeable creators. The creators are answer on the Australia and New Zealand homepage while they advertise Māoritanga and advance revitalising te reo Māori.

TikTok architect James “Pairama” Wright’s te reo adventure online is underpinned by an affecting adventure offline. For him, acquirements te reo Māori was “medicine for my brainy health”.

Six years ago, Wright (Ngā Ruahine, Ngāi Tahu, Waitaha and Kāti Māmoe) began his te reo journey. In that time, the 31-year-old accomplished a Bachelor of Arts in Māori with honours, and is now commutual his Master’s amount in able practice.


For TikToker James “Pairama” Wright, acquirements te reo Māori was “medicine” for his brainy health.

Teaching te reo on the belvedere isn’t a far amplitude from his job as a te reo abecedary at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawke’s Bay, but the belvedere allows him to adeptness added bodies than he can fit in a classroom.

“It’s absolutely interesting,” Wright says. “You could acquire bristles followers and your video can adeptness bags of people. I anticipate it’s a able apparatus for teaching the language.

“I’m accomplishing my allotment for the revitalisation of the language. It’s such an amazing adventure to go through and it’s amazing to see added bodies go on the aforementioned journey.”

His contour appearance a alloy of ball and Māori adeptness videos, and he has fabricated clips on the accent of macrons, and talking about delivery levels of te reo Māori. He afresh batten to his 96,000 followers about accepting his mataora.


Wright has accumulated added than 96,000 followers on TikTok with his videos showcasing Māori adeptness and te reo.

“It feels absolutely acceptable back it’s accustomed well. I’ve had bodies from added aboriginal cultures acquaintance me because they were absorbed in Māori culture.”

With his adeptness to use amusing media, Wright says it is important he uses those platforms to allotment te reo Māori with big audiences.

“Those of us who do acquire an compassionate of the accent should try to allotment it. We should acquire blemish and mistakes but not ignorance.”

The adeptness that bodies were acrimonious up agreement like “kia ora” encouraged him to abide administration with others.

“Some bodies go, ‘Oh, my video got abundance of views.’

“I go, ‘Oh, my video got abundance of views, maybe they’ve learnt something’ – it feels good.”

Rather than aloof educating TikTok users on te reo, Josh Kirkley is demography his 20,000 followers forth on his journey, which has been a rather affecting experience.

Kirkley (Ngāi Tahu) grew up with no affiliation to his whakapapa – a chat he didn’t alike apperceive the acceptation of.


Josh Kirkley is an astronomer with about 20,000 followers on TikTok, a amusing media belvedere he uses to column funny videos and allotment his adventure of acquirements te reo Māori.

After enrolling for a te reo Māori advance at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in Māngere three years ago, Kirkley did his pepeha and abstruse his ancestors were from Rakiura/Stewart Island, not West Auckland area he anticipation he was from.

Reconnecting with his whakapapa was a surreal experience, he says, – active up affections and abrogation him teary-eyed. The adventure to acquirements te reo Māori and about te ao Māori has not been easy.

“It’s a actual life-altering action and makes you see the apple abnormally … I didn’t absolutely see a lot of bodies talking about the struggles or the nuances, or things that are adamantine and easy, about reconnecting and learning.

“I absolutely aloof started authoritative videos and they’re aloof things I acquisition funny or difficult. I didn’t apprehend to get the adeptness that I did but a lot of bodies accompanying to that – there are so abounding of us reconnecting with our whakapapa.”


Kirkley says his te reo adventure has been a surreal experience.

On amusing media, it’s attainable to present a categorical adaptation of yourself but Kirkley says he would be lying if he fabricated it arise attainable to apprentice te reo Māori.

“I’ve had so abounding letters from bodies on Tiktok adage how abundant my videos meant to them and how they can chronicle to it – and it’s usually those videos that are affectionate of about the added difficult things.”

Learning te reo Māori is a connected journey, Kirkley says, and article that doesn’t end.

“I’ll consistently be acquirements and reconnecting and upkeeping the kaupapa.”

For 24-year-old Twitch banderole Spell316​, addition agreeable architect who charcoal bearding online for aloofness reasons, admixture te reo into his DJ-ing streams comes naturally.

“I haven’t absolutely anticipation of the accent of accumulation te reo in my beck because it’s aloof allotment of who I am.”


DJ Spell316, a Twitch streamer, sprinkles te reo Māori into his streams naturally.

But every time he uses te reo, it captures the absorption of his viewers, abounding of whom aren’t from New Zealand.

“They are absolutely absorbed about what accent I am speaking and I adulation to acquaint them a little bit about Aotearoa and our culture.”

Spell316 (Ngāi Tahu, Tainui and Ngāti Porou) now lives in Melbourne, Australia, and peppers his everday conversations with te reo.

While he never set out to carefully advise bodies te reo, he’s abundantly afraid to apprentice abounding of his near-30,000 followers are acrimonious it up organically.


Spell316 is abundantly afraid his followers are acquirements te reo Māori by watching his Twitch streams.

He generally answers questions about the meanings of assertive words, the two best accepted actuality whanāu and chur.

“All of these little kupu get befuddled about as allotment of my accustomed colloquialisms.”

Dr Awanui Te Huia, a Te Kawa a Māui chief academician at Victoria University of Wellington, says the use of te reo Māori on amusing media was “always activity to happen” acknowledgment to the ability of Māori to new technologies.

“As a population, we acquire appropriately aerial numbers of Māori age-old 25 and younger. Bodies aural this age accumulation are awful accomplished in the use of agenda technologies, therefore, coupling these agenda abilities with the admittance of te reo Māori is alone accustomed progression.”


Dr Awanui Te Huia, a Te Kawa a Māui chief academician at Victoria University of Wellington, sees amusing media platforms as “vehicles” for te reo education.

Te Huia says she appreciates the use of te reo on platforms she engages with, and it is abundant to see a ambit of perspectives actuality aggregate from altered types of learners and accomplished te reo speakers.

“I adore seeing altered users’ ‘stories’, or alert to podcasts … and how these insights accord to a added set of discussions that we are accepting about what it agency to be Māori, and a abecedarian of our affiliated language.

“More Māori everywhere is all-important to accomplish the types of accent normalisation goals that we, as Māori accent enthusiasts, would like to see become a reality.”

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