How To Pronounce Hummus

How To Pronounce Hummus
How To Pronounce Hummus | How To Pronounce Hummus
Here’s How To Pronounce ‘Hummus’ Because You’re Probably Doing It | How To Pronounce Hummus
How To Pronounce Humus
How To Pronounce Humus | How To Pronounce Hummus
How to Pronounce Hummus - YouTube
How to Pronounce Hummus – YouTube | How To Pronounce Hummus

So we all apperceive that Americans and Brits accent amazon differently, although, I charge say, I’ve never heard anyone accent potato the way they advance in the song. Po-TAHT-o anyone? Again there’s the bazil/bayzil difference, and, of course, or-e-GAHN-o against o-REG-an-o. What surprises abounding Brits in the U.S. is the countless of added differences amid British and American aliment pronunciations. (Please agenda that this is not a right/wrong discussion.)

The “O” sound, as in risotto and yogurtNot all “O”s are the aforementioned on either ancillary of the Pond. While we Brits tend appear ri-ZOT-oh (to beat with “not”), you’ll usually apprehend ri-ZOW-toh here, and while we say YOG-urt (again, balladry with “not”), Americans accord it the “Oh” sound, consistent in YOH-gurt. On a ancillary note, I see the U.K. is in a bind over the “h” in the average of the chat “yoghurt”; Ocado, Asda and Sainsbury’s online arcade lists accept alone it, Tesco charcoal affectionate while the Co-op has both versions. The times, they are a-changing.

Hummus pronunciation and definition
Hummus pronunciation and definition | How To Pronounce Hummus

The bashful “L,” as in salmonA dig about altercation forums confirms the bashful “L” is a bounded affair in the U.S. as in the U.K. Some Americans avoid the “L” in foods like apricot and almond, and others accord them the abounding wellie, adage SAL-mon and ALL-mond. The Merriam-Webster dictionary, however, has “SAM-un” as the accentuation for salmon, as does the MacMillan dictionary. Interestingly, while MacMillan includes the “L” complete in almond, it additionally gives two altered pronunciations of the “A” in the American pronunciation. The latest TV bartering for Hershey’s Almond Joy has a attenuate “L” complete in there. In short, it depends how you arresting it aback in Blighty and area you are in the U.S. as to whether there will be any surprises in store. (Personally, and I’m British, I use no “L” in either word. And I use a British continued “A” in almond, like I’d say Arm, with no rhotic “R.”)

Spanish and Mexican food, as in paella and tortillaPerhaps the better differences in aliment accentuation appear back we’re attempting adopted names, and British attempts can accession a wry smile from Americans. Best of us are decidedly debris at Spanish pronunciations, which Americans accept developed up with. Back adage words like quesadilla, tortilla and paella, we don’t appetite any “L” sounds; it’s Keh/Kay-suh-DEE-yah, Tor-TEE-yah and Pie-AY-a or Pah-EH-yah. Apparently, we can additionally complete funny back adage taco, as our “A” is too flat. Instead of TACK-o, we charge a best “A.” Here’s the aberration amid the two.

French food, as in filet and croissantWe grew up pronouncing a bandage of angle or steak as FILL-ut, blank the French pronunciation—fil-AY (but let’s not go there). Americans on the added hand, not alone accent it the French way, but generally bead an “L” in the spelling. And again we accept croissant, which I generally attempt to acquaint in the U.S. On this occasion, Brits stick afterpiece to the French accentuation (“KRWAS-son”) while Americans put the accent durably on the aftermost affricate and accent it “kreh-SONT” (unless they’ve taken French classes and again it’s about in the middle).

Italian food, from pasta to parmesanWho’d accept anticipation there could be so abounding differences here? The best accessible one Brits will appointment is in the accentuation of pasta. While we tend to accord it a absolutely collapsed “a,” Americans accent it added like a Southern English “faster,” with our continued “A.” Parmesan, is additionally accustomed a altered analysis on either ancillary of the Pond, with Brits pronouncing a adamantine “S” (as in easy) and Americans giving it added of a “zh” sound. Interesting, bruschetta in the U.S. is usually arresting bru-SHETT-a, alike admitting best Italians accord the “ch” a adamantine “k” sound.

MiscellaneousThere’s additionally absolutely a account of odd aliment words that differ. My kids abatement about bedlam back I say I absolutely adorned some hummus and pitta bread. I accent it HOOMus, and PITT-a, while my (American) kids say HUM-us and PEE-ta. Fortunately, according to a few Arabic speakers and association of assorted Average Eastern countries, either advantage will get you what you want. And while Brits accent caramel with all the syllables acutely audible and a collapsed “A,” you’ll apprehend assorted truncations in the U.S. Some Americans say KAR-mel (as in “car”), while others about accent every affricate while capricious amid “car” and “care” for the aboriginal syllable.

And of course, I say “WOOSter” sauce, which consistently gives acceleration to comment.

What are some added dishes that Americans and Brits accent differently?

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How To Pronounce Hummus – How To Pronounce Hummus
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