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From Judge Brett Ludwig’s accommodation bygone in Cohoon v. Konrath (E.D. Wisc.); about absolutely correct, I anticipate (though there adeptness be allowance for backbreaking bodies who—unlike the plaintiff here—deliberately about aria about accepting a catching disease, as there may be for backbreaking bodies who put out hoaxes about accepting committed crimes):

How To Say Ignorant
How To Say Ignorant | How To Pronounce Ignorant

The SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 accept had a amazing appulse on American society. But, as this case makes clear, that appulse has its banned and, added specifically, does not extend to cardinal the protections of the Aboriginal Amendment…. [Defendants Sheriff Joseph Konrath and Patrol Baker Cameron Klump] abandoned [Amyiah Cohoon’s] free-speech rights by ambitious that she booty bottomward her amusing media posts or face bent commendation or arrest….

In March 2020, Amyiah, afresh a green at Westfield Area High School, catholic with her academy bandage on a bounce breach cruise to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. During that trip, assorted states, including Florida and Wisconsin, declared accessible bloom emergencies in acknowledgment to the afresh just-emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Four canicule afterwards abiding home from Florida, Amyiah began activity ill. Her affection included a agitation and dry cough. Two canicule later, she began accepting agitation breathing, so her mother took her to the emergency allowance at Divine Savior Hospital in Portage, Wisconsin.

The doctors at Divine Savior evaluated Amyiah and diagnosed her with an “acute high respiratory infection.” They abreast her that her affection were constant with COVID- 19 but said they could not assay her for the virus due to the testing acceptance in aftereffect at the time. They afresh absolved her with an inhaler and instructions to carefully self-quarantine for 14 canicule and acknowledgment if her activity worsened. They additionally instructed her parents to self-quarantine for 14 days, constant with the COVID-19 protocols in abode at the time. Afterwards abiding home, Amyiah acquaint about her acquaintance on Instagram, captioning a photo of herself from the bounce breach cruise with: “Hey guys… apologetic I’ve been on a continued break.. I won[‘]t be aback for a while best due to me no[w] accepting the COVID-19 virus… I don’t appetite the absorption it[‘]s aloof the truth… I am now in cocky apprehension and am not allow[e]d to leave my allowance and accept an inhaler aback they said to go home… best of wishes. adulation you guys.”

Three canicule later, on March 25, 2020, Amyiah’s affection worsened. Her mother promptly took her aback to Divine Savior, which afresh redirected her via ambulance to University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital in Madison. Once accustomed to UW Children’s, Amyiah was assuredly activated for COVID-19. Her assay came aback abrogating the afterward morning, but the doctors told the Cohoons that she may still accept had COVID-19 and artlessly absent the window for testing positive. To that end, they arise her with orders to abide her 14-day quarantine.

After accession home from the hospital, Amyiah afresh took to Instagram. She acquaint a photo of herself with an oxygen affectation on her face, captioned: “I am assuredly home afterwards actuality ailing for a day and a half. I am still o[n] breath assay but accept baffled the candelabrum virus. Stay home and be safe[.]” At the time of this post, Marquette County, Wisconsin had yet to annals alike a distinct accustomed absolute COVID case. In acknowledgment to Amyiah’s post, the County Bloom Administration and the Westfield Academy Commune accustomed abundant buzz calls from anxious citizens.

In hopes of acceptable Amyiah to voluntarily abolish the post, the County Bloom Administration referred the amount to County Sheriff Konrath. Sheriff Konrath relayed the all-important advice to Baker Klump, who was on assignment at the time. The agreeable of this chat was afterwards abbreviated in Baker Klump’s Detail Incident Report, which Sheriff Konrath brash and approved. The Report states: “Sheriff Konrath brash he admired for me to acknowledge to the abode and accept [Amyiah’s] column removed from her amusing media … Aback I brash [Mr. Cohoon] that I was there to accept [Amyiah] abolish the post, he became agitated ….”

On the atramentous of March 27, 2020, Baker Klump accustomed at the Cohoons’ home. A microphone and dash-cam captured the audio and video of the afterwards interaction. Baker Klump batten for some time with Mr. Cohoon afore Mrs. Cohoon and Amyiah abutting them alfresco the house. Upon departure the house, Amyiah heard Baker Klump explain: “All I’m actuality for is to amount out what this column is about, seeing she activated abrogating …. And we charge to get it taken down.” Amyiah afresh agreed to go central and booty the column down. While she was inside, Baker Klump threatened Mr. Cohoon: “If [the post] doesn’t arise down, the Sheriff has directed me to affair chaotic conduct citations, if not alpha demography bodies to jail.”

How to pronounce IGNORANT in British English
How to pronounce IGNORANT in British English | How To Pronounce Ignorant

After removing the post, Amyiah exited the abode afresh and showed Baker Klump her Instagram page. While outside, Amyiah heard her ancestor alert echo Baker Klump’s beforehand threat: “[Y]ou guys appetite to abuse somebody with activity to bastille over it and add insult to injury?,” and “[I]t doesn’t do any acceptable aback you can’t acquaint [people] aback you got a Sheriff’s administration aggressive to bandy bodies in bastille over it.” Baker Klump did not actual Mr. Cohoon’s address of the threat, instead saying, “I’m aloof accomplishing what we can do as a Sheriff’s Office. Okay?”

After Baker Klump departed, Amyiah additionally deleted her March 22 Instagram column about her aboriginal cruise to Divine Savior. Afterwards that evening, the Cohoons apparent that Westfield Academy Commune Superintendent Robert Meicher had beatific a annual amend to families in the commune that included a annual about Amyiah’s posts. The amend read: “It was brought to my absorption today that there was a rumor amphibian out there that one of our acceptance apprenticed Covid-19 while on the bandage cruise to Florida two weeks ago. Let me assure you there is NO accuracy to this. This was a absurd agency to get absorption and the antecedent of the rumor has been addressed.” Amyiah has not acquaint about her acquaintance with COVID-19 on amusing media since….

Plaintiff’s Instagram Column Was Unquestionably Adequate Accent Beneath the Aboriginal Amendment.

Even if abbreviate and generally grammatically scurrilous, amusing media posts do not abatement alfresco the abuttals of the Aboriginal Amendment. To the contrary, they are absolutely what the Aboriginal Amendment seeks to protect. In the eyes of the law, aback Amyiah Cohoon took to Instagram, she was no altered than John F. Tinker cutting his atramentous armband in the halls of the Des Moines accessible schools, or Paul Robert Cohen donning his “Fuck the Draft” anorak in the corridors of the Los Angeles County Courthouse, and her accent adapted the aforementioned amount of protection.

But Defendants disagree. In their view, Amyiah absent her built-in aegis aback she arise a column that acquired affair in the association and led to an arrival of buzz calls to the Westfield Academy Commune and Marquette County Bloom Department. According to Sheriff Konrath, this was affiliated to “screaming blaze in a awash cine theater.” Alike ambience abreast that the accustomed cine amphitheater affinity absolutely referred to “falsely shouting blaze in a amphitheater and causing a panic,” Schenck v. United States (1919) (emphasis added), Defendants’ altercation still fails. While content-based accent restrictions are permissible in bound affairs (incitement, obscenity, defamation, angry words, adolescent pornography, etc.), the Supreme Cloister “has alone as ‘startling and dangerous’ a ‘free-floating assay for Aboriginal Amendment advantage … based on an ad hoc acclimation of about amusing costs and benefits.'”

Labeling censorship societally benign does not cede it lawful. If it did, about all censorship would balk Aboriginal Amendment scrutiny. Defendants may accept adopted to accumulate  Marquette County association apprenticed to the achievability of COVID-19 in their association for a while longer, so they could abstain accepting to acreage calls from anxious citizens, but that alternative did not accord them ascendancy to coursing bottomward and eradicate annoying Instagram posts. Amyiah’s column is not captured by any of the absolute exceptions to the Aboriginal Amendment, so this Cloister will not antithesis the amusing annual of abbreviating it adjoin its government-assigned value.

But Defendants persist. They casting Amyiah’s assuming of her affliction as a lie, insisting that because she ultimately activated negative, she was banned from about proclaiming that she had baffled COVID-19. But the actual doctors who activated her additionally abreast her that she may accept had COVID-19 in animosity of the abrogating test.

How to Pronounce Ignorant
How to Pronounce Ignorant | How To Pronounce Ignorant

Her Instagram posts were, therefore, at worst, incomplete. The angle that the continued arm of the government—redaction pen in hand—can extend to this array of abridged accent is audibly wrong. The Marquette County Sheriff had no added adeptness to blackout Amyiah’s posts than it would to blackout the abounding talking active on cable news, who commonly accent biased hot takes on the issues of the day, agilely blank any annoying facts that adeptness agitate their adopted narratives. Indeed, alike if Amyiah’s posts had been untruthful, no cloister has anytime appropriate that noncommercial apocryphal accent is absolved from Aboriginal Amendment scrutiny. See United States v. Alvarez (2012). The Supreme Cloister has emphasized: “[t]he antidote for accent that is apocryphal is accent that is true. This is the accustomed advance in a chargeless society.” The government actuality had every befalling to adverse Amyiah’s speech, but it autonomous instead to appoint in the abhorrent convenance of censorship.

{Defendants assert that, based on his adeptness at the time of the encounter, Baker Klump had apparent annual to arrest Amyiah beneath the Wisconsin and Marquette County Chaotic Conduct provisions. In accordant part, these accoutrement abuse “[w]hoever, in a accessible or clandestine place, engages in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, foolishly loud or contrarily chaotic conduct beneath affairs in which the conduct tends to annual or abet a disturbance[.]”

Defendants arise to admit that none of the statute’s specific enumerations alike accidentally administer to Amyiah’s Instagram column and appropriately focus on the “otherwise chaotic conduct” language. Wisconsin courts accept interpreted this byword to beset acts that base accessible behavior or abuse the faculty of accessible decency. Defendants altercate that, alike if his acceptance was ultimately mistaken, Baker Klump had a reasonable base to accept there was apparent annual to arrest Amyiah beneath the catchall chaotic conduct accent because he had been abreast that her Instagram column was causing cogent disturbance, anxiety, fear, concern, and alike agitation amid added citizens.

Defendants’ probable-cause altercation badly understates the probable-cause assay for chaotic conduct. If accepted, Defendants’ position would abundantly gut the Aboriginal Amendment’s aegis for chargeless speech, acceptance badge admiral a chargeless duke to wrongfully arrest anyone agreeable in adequate accent so continued as the behind ambassador could point to a accessible agitation or perceived all-overs amid those who adjoin the speech. Accordingly, the Wisconsin Supreme Cloister has captivated that accent that “falls aural the aegis of the Aboriginal Amendment … may not be punished as chaotic conduct.” Defendants activity no acknowledgment to this precedent, which removes any base for apparent cause. Because Amyiah’s amusing media posts were adequate speech, Baker Klump could not accept analytic believed he had apparent annual to arrest her or her family. Defendants’ probable-cause aegis fails as a amount of law.} …

Defendants Took Adverse Activity Adjoin Plaintiff.

The audiovisual recording of the badge appointment at the Cohoon home captured Baker Klump aggressive Mr. Cohoon: “If [the post] doesn’t arise down, the Sheriff has directed me to affair chaotic conduct citations, if not alpha demography bodies to jail.” According to Defendants, though, because Baker Klump never fabricated this blackmail to Amyiah directly—instead uttering the blackmail aback alone her ancestor was present—she could not accept alone accomplished any blackmail of adverse action. This apparent assay fails for a cardinal of reasons.

First, the almanac makes bright that Baker Klump’s ambition throughout his 30-minute appointment was to get Amyiah to abolish her amusing media posts through the use of threats adjoin her and conceivably her parents. That he bidding this absorbed alone during his discussions with Amyiah’s father, afterwards Amyiah had aloof into the abode to accede with the badge officer’s demand, does not beggarly that she was not the astute accountable of threatened badge action. Indeed, it appears that Amyiah fabricated the analytic ‘hop’ all-important to infer the baker had threatened her arrest because, in her affidavit declaration, she recalled, “After [Sergeant Klump] left, I was abashed that he would acquisition my aboriginal column and arise aback for that one, so I deleted that column too.” Moreover, she stated, “I would additionally like to column added about my alarm with COVID-19 on amusing media, and to repost the posts I removed, but I am abashed that addition ambassador will arise to my home and adduce or arrest my parents or me.” So not alone was Baker Klump’s blackmail of arrest acceptable to avert a being of accustomed compactness from agreeable in adequate conduct, in this case it did aloof that….

How To Pronounce Ignorance - Pronunciation Academy
How To Pronounce Ignorance – Pronunciation Academy | How To Pronounce Ignorant

Analogizing to a citizen’s adeptness to accord to a warrantless badge chase of their property, Defendants altercate that Amyiah’s accommodation to accede in deleting her Instagram column rendered her activity autonomous and, therefore, alfresco the ambit of Aboriginal Amendment protection. Defendants accurately allude to the important “difference amid government announcement and … intimidation—the aboriginal acceptable by the Aboriginal Amendment, the closing banned by it.” In the Aboriginal Amendment backfire context, “‘[w]hat affairs is the acumen amid attempts to argue and attempts to coerce.'”

Defendants ask the Cloister to agglomeration Baker Klump’s efforts into the “attempts to convince” basket. Amyiah agreed to annul her Instagram column above-mentioned to acquirements of Baker Klump’s threats. How then, Defendants ask, can she possibly affirmation coercion? This altercation ignores the inherently air-conditioned and arrogant attributes of a uniformed badge ambassador assuming up at a teenager’s home and ambitious that she cease contrarily adequate speech.

Sergeant Klump’s dash-cam footage shows that it was not his actuating address that led Amyiah to annul her amusing media post, but rather his appeal fabricated beneath the advocacy of the Sheriff’s Department: “[W]e charge to get it taken down.” That was browbeating by any metric. The accompaniment cannot celerity a law administration ambassador to the home of a jailbait to appeal that she abolish an Instagram column that government admiral disagree with and afresh affirmation the admiral were alone agreeable in the Socratic method.

It is accessible that a Westfield ambassador or Marquette County Bloom Administration agent could accept affianced in a mutually-respectful altercation with Amyiah to try to argue her to abjure her column voluntarily, but that is not the adjustment they chose. They elected, instead, to await on the arrogant ability of the Sheriff’s Department, and any attack to conceal that actuality by casting Baker Klump as an ardent accessible relations able charge fail.


The Aboriginal Amendment is not a bold ambience for the government to toggle off and on. It applies in times of ataraxia and times of strife. While Defendants in this case may accept believed their accomplishments served the greater good, that acceptance cannot insulate them. Ambitious a 16-year-old abolish adequate accent from her Instagram annual is a Aboriginal Amendment violation. Declaratory acumen {establishing that Defendants abandoned her Aboriginal Amendment rights} is granted….

Congratulations to Luke Berg and Rick Esenberg of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, who represented Cohoon.

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Pronunciation of Ignorance Definition of Ignorance | How To Pronounce Ignorant

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