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In the “(Not) Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting” chance of THR’s inclusion-themed podcast, Marvel’s newest hero dives abysmal into the complicated accord Asian American men acquire with aggressive arts: “It can be a antecedent of empowerment, but actuality the kung fu guy can additionally be a arrangement of ascendancy for Asian men.”

How to Pronounce Impetus
How to Pronounce Impetus | How To Pronounce Impetus

September 3, 2021 12:54am

In this week’s chance of Hollywood Remixed, The Hollywood Reporter‘s podcast about admittance and representation in entertainment, Shang-Chi and the Fable of the Ten Rings brilliant Simu Liu joins to altercate not one but two carefully accompanying themes: the aggressive artisan trope, and how that reflects aloft portrayals of Asian adolescence in pop culture.

“As an Asian man, decidedly in showbiz, it about feels like you alone acquire bulk if you apperceive aggressive arts,” the Marvel Accurate Universe’s aboriginal Asian appellation hero tells host and chief editor of assortment and admittance Rebecca Sun. “Because contrarily there’s a faculty of: Why are we watching an Asian actuality onscreen? What bulk do they acquire if not to absorb us in that specific way?”

Liu reflects on accolade the antithesis amid that astriction and the abrasive adorableness of aggressive arts in Shang-Chi, a antithesis that he believes would not acquire been as attainable afterwards its Asian American filmmakers abaft the scenes, administrator Destin Daniel Cretton and biographer Dave Callaham.

Liu additionally dives abysmal on how centuries of emasculation of Asian men in Western adeptness are assuredly actuality countered by added contempo instances of concrete prowess, but that Asian men should appropriate this befalling to redefine a convalescent apperception of masculinity. “Why not ascertain adolescence for ourselves in a way that is body-positive for all types and across-the-board for all gender norms and animal preferences, why not bless male-male vulnerability, and why not allocution about apropos women and adorning our Asian American sisters and all boyhood groups?” he says. “If it’s aloof about abs and attractive addict and disconnected and aggravating to outman the men, afresh I don’t anticipate that’s a chat that I appetite to be a allotment of.”

Both Liu and this episode’s bedfellow expert, Nerds of Blush editor-in-chief Keith Chow, additionally revisit the abeyant abeyant with Iron Fist, Marvel (Television)’s antecedent attack into adapting a aggressive arts appearance from its archives. “There was a lot of meat potentially with that storytelling of this guy, Danny Rand, who is able in a mystical abode of K’un-L’un but is an alien there, and afresh comes aback to the angel of New York to try to booty over his ancestors business but is an alien there,” Liu explains. “That abstraction of actuality an alien no bulk area you go is so audibly Asian American, and there was such an befalling that was absent to allotment that perspective.”

At least, Chow offers, the Asian American furor over Iron Fist‘s casting was a absolute antecedent of the association acclimation that afflicted Hollywood to absorption the demographic as a applicable admirers and led to the about admeasurement of Asian American-centered projects in the cultural mural today. “Iron Anchor and 2015 was I anticipate the watershed moment for us in Hollywood,” Chow says. “You had these back-to-back-to-back castings of Emma Stone as Allison Ng in Aloha, Tilda Swinton as the Age-old One in Dr. Strange, ScarJo as the Above in Ghost in the Shell. And additionally you had Matt Damon in The Abundant Wall. You had all of these castings absorption white bodies in these Asian stories. Somehow [the outcry] penetrated in that 2015, 2016 year. Jon Chu’s told me: “That chat you guys were accepting on the internet is what got me in the allowance for Crazy Rich Asians.” Had we aloof been abandoned like we consistently are, maybe Crazy Rich doesn’t appear out. And if Crazy Rich doesn’t appear out, we don’t acquire Henry Golding and Gemma Chan and Awkwafina, and all of these movies.”

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Hollywood Remixed

Episode 2×3: Simu Liu – “(Not) Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting”

Intro music: Jaunty, upbeat chords interspersed with the complete of a DJ abrading a almanac aback and alternating on a turntable. A articulation faintly hollers in the background: “Hollywood Remixed!”

Rebecca Sun: Welcome to Hollywood Remixed, a contemporary podcast about admittance and representation in adeptness and entertainment. I’m Rebecca Sun, chief editor of assortment and admittance at The Hollywood Reporter. If you’re aloof abutting us for the aboriginal time, actuality at Hollywood Remixed anniversary chance is committed to a distinct affair – a adumbration or an appearance that has been underrepresented or biased in boilerplate culture.

This week’s affair is a appropriate twofer: We’re arrest the aggressive artisan stereotype, and its abutting accord to portrayals of Asian adolescence in Western pop culture. Our appropriate bedfellow is none added than Simu Liu, brilliant of Shang-Chi and the Fable of the Ten Rings, out alone in theaters on Sept. 3. Simu not alone plays the world’s best aristocratic and afraid aggressive artisan in the much-anticipated Marvel movie, he’s additionally addition who in absolute activity has been absolutely aboveboard and attentive about Asian gender dynamics, so I achievement you adore our chat as abundant as I did.

To bang off this episode, I’ve arrive my acquaintance Keith Chow, editor-in-chief of the pop adeptness blog The Nerds of Color, to allocution about how the accepted aggressive artisan adumbration has afflicted Asians growing up in America in absolute life, and additionally to altercate how Hollywood’s aggressive arts projects acquire alive (or, as the case about was, excluded) Asian and Asian American performers from narratives aggressive by their own cultures of origin. I aboriginal got to apperceive Keith about seven years ago, aback he originated the #AAIronFist campaign, a attainable appeal for Marvel and Netflix to casting an Asian American Iron Anchor (something that we will change during our segment). Keith’s bona fides as a adept of adeptness and banana books are adequately impeccable: He was a co-editor on the Asian American comics anthologies Abstruse Identities and Shattered, and he hosts both the podcasts Adamantine NOC Activity – that’s “N.O.C. Life” – and Southern Fried Asian.

Keith, accede you so abundant for abutting me today. I’m absolutely aflame to acquire you on, because this chance is about the aggressive arts brand and Hollywood, as able-bodied as how that’s afflicted Asian Americans. And we were talking earlier, afore we started recording, about how a lot of us as Asian-Americans, Asian bodies growing up in this country, had a conflicted accord with that. So acquaint me a little bit about your own evolving accord with aggressive arts as a adumbration or as a genre.

Keith Chow: I’m so accustomed to be on actuality with you, Rebecca. Like you said, for best of us, abnormally the Chinese Americans growing up, it was aloof affectionate of in the air. Our families had the video, the VHS tapes or whatever, and Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee were consistently in the ether, but I was never an affected of kung-fu cinema the way that my non-Asian accompany were. I had a lot of non-Asian accompany who could acquaint you aggregate about this Bruce Lee movie, that Jet Li movie, or whatever. And I consistently shied away, at atomic as a adolescent person, because I anticipate it’s the aforementioned acumen that so abounding actors don’t appetite to be pigeonholed. It’s like, that feels foreign, and I appetite to adios foreignness: “I am an All-American. I like angel pie and football.”

Sun: And you grew up in Virginia, which is apparently relevant. [Laughs.]

Chow: That’s right, Southern-fried Asian appropriate here. And that affectionate of helped to change my attitudes. But I anticipate that was the capital thing. I saw the poor dubbing and thought, “Ugh, that’s ridiculous,” and I never absolutely accustomed it as a kid. Aback I got a little bit older, I started belief some aggressive arts and started accepting a new acknowledgment for it. But my brother calls me a brain-teaser because I admired Crouching Tiger. He’s like, “Crouching Tiger is kung fu for white people.” I’m like, all right. That was what aboriginal brought me around, you know?

Sun: You mentioned the dubbing, and for anybody who is absolutely advancing into this absolutely new, let’s allocution a little bit about what you’re talking about. How did aggressive arts movies become a accustomed brand in American pop culture? Area did they appear from?

Chow: There were samurai movies that would become Clint Eastwood movies aback in the ’50s and ’60s, but aback we anticipate of kung fu cinema, it’s the ’70s. Blaxploitation and kung fu cinema were what they showed in close cities. And that’s affectionate of area the Wu-Tang Association comes from, right? Like, that’s the genesis. And that’s aback I was built-in and came of age, in the backward ’70s, aboriginal ’80s. And so you acquire bodies like of advance Bruce Lee, he was a god in the ’70s, but afterwards him came Jackie and Jet in the ’80s and ’90s. The additional renaissance I assumption was the ’90s, aback you had Jackie and Jet absolutely became air-conditioned accustomed bridge over: Rumble in the Bronx and Already Aloft a Time in China and afresh eventually accomplishing American movies with the Rush Hour films and –

Sun: Aaliyah.

Chow: Romeo Charge Die, yeah, R.I.P. Aaliyah 20 years. So that additional wave, I was air-conditioned with aggressive arts movies, but at the aforementioned time, they’re still foreigners. It was consistently about the adeptness clash. It was about this guy who could about allege English interacting with, you know, “Do you acquire the words advancing out of my mouth?” That was the big joke.

Sun: That was the big catchphrase. That was the adage absolutely from that absolute franchise.

Chow: We were talking about the dubbing allotment aback I was a kid actuality a aberration for me. And not alike English dubbing, because what bodies don’t acquire is that all of those movies were dubbed in Chinese, too. Like, they weren’t speaking words. They would aloof move their mouth, and some added cat would appear into the berth and almanac their chat because they would do a Mandarin dub and a Cantonese dub. And it was never Jet Li’s articulation aback he was arena Wong Fei-hung [from the Already Aloft a Time in China franchise]. It was consistently aloof some added guy’s voice. And I aloof knew that intrinsically as a adolescent person, and it aloof angry me off. And that’s addition acumen why I was like, “This ain’t for me. This ain’t my bag; I can’t accord with it.”

Sun: They still do that a lot in Chinese dramas and things like that because there are so abounding altered dialects appear above the Chinese diaspora. And sometimes you’ll aloof have, like, a accidental Korean amateur in there that they’ll aloof dub over in Chinese, but the Korean actor’s accustomed and famous. So it’s a abundant and amusing trend.

So let’s allocution accurately about the performers, because I anticipate that’s area you and I, our absorption in aggressive arts as a Hollywood cultural brand absolutely comes into play. What kinds of opportunities were accustomed to performers of Asian descent? And decidedly aback we allocution about the aberration amid bodies from Asia, like Jackie Chan and Jet Li – by the way, there was that contempo analysis that came out area like 46 percent [Editor’s note: 42 percent] of Americans said “I don’t know” aback they were asked to name an Asian American. And afresh the abutting bigger alignment of bodies said Jackie Chan, who is not an Asian American!

Chow: And hasn’t been acclaimed in America for like 30 years. [Laughs.]

Sun: Well, the third most-popular acknowledgment was Bruce Lee, who’s – blow in accord – absolutely been asleep for 50 years. Bisected a century. So we’re accomplishing absolutely well. [Laughs.] But yeah, what kinds of opportunities acquire been attainable aural this genre?

Chow: Activity aback to what I said beforehand about why so abounding Asian American performers and actors like me as a kid run abroad from the abstraction of aggressive arts, is that it’s a stereotype. There was a stigma of abiding foreignness that stigmatizes so abounding Asian Americans, command large. It’s this abstraction that it’s this weird, alien cultural thing, and it’s not built-in to what bodies – and aback we say “people” we beggarly “white people” – would accept. And I anticipate that’s allotment of the acumen why the alone American aggressive artists that got any affectionate of absorption were white guys: Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme [Editor’s note: Van Damme is Belgian!]. And as an Asian American, I consistently capital to say, “Why can’t an Asian American be that guy? Why can’t there be an Asian American Jean-Claude Van Damme?” That’s the 180 I made. It’s not that I disrespected Jet Li or Jackie Chan, but I knew intrinsically, like you said, they’re not alike American. Why can’t a Brandon Lee – addition actuality who’s been gone for several decades? He was apparently the alone one in that beachcomber of the backward ’80s, aboriginal ’90s who could acquire been an Asian American aggressive artisan superstar, and we were beggared of that too soon.

But added than that, so abounding Asian performers are like, “I don’t alike do aggressive arts. I’m auditioning for a adventurous comedy. Why are you allurement me?” It’s like the emphasis thing. We don’t appetite to do an emphasis because, again, there’s a stigma attached. I’ve additionally appear about on the abstraction of accents. Accents are accurate to who our parents are. There’s annihilation amiss with an accent, but it’s this apprehension from commonly white, absolutely non-Asian casting admiral that if you’re activity to be Asian, you charge allege in an accent. You charge do aggressive arts, alike if you are auditioning for a adventurous comedy, you apperceive what I mean?

Sun: Absolutely. There’s annihilation intrinsically amiss with accepting an emphasis or alive aggressive arts, but the botheration is aback every Asian is accustomed to appear with those two characteristics, area it becomes academic and limiting. So aback you talked about that aboriginal and additional beachcomber – Bruce Lee, it’s so crazy because his bequest is astronomic and has absolutely reverberated and acutely lasted for decades, but his alive aeon was tragically abrupt – I anticipate he died in 1973 and his aboriginal movie, The Big Boss, had appear out alone in 1971. So this is a absolute baby assize that the angel was accustomed to get from him. So afterwards he anesthetized in the aboriginal ’70s and Rumble in the Bronx came out, I anticipate it was like the mid-’90s, that’s like 20 years, that’s about 25 years of a gap. A absolute abandoned of Asian leads – however, not a abandoned in projects that were aggressive by aggressive arts. And you mentioned, there has been and still is a acceleration of white stars who became aggressive arts practitioners but additionally got to become arch men.

As able-bodied as, I anticipate we should aloof acknowledgment that Hollywood began remaking some of these aggressive arts movies as accurate westerns, like cowboy movies out in the West that were remakes of Kurosawa films, like Seven Samurai became The Magnificent Seven or Yojimbo became A Fistful of Dollars. So that’s all to say, bark is a continued and acclaimed convenance in the affair that we’re talking about today. Let’s accord a little acknowledgment of Kung Fu starring David Carradine, a absolute abrupt example. I anticipate the official chance is now that that was an aboriginal Bruce Lee pitch.

Chow: Right. That was his idea. He had this abstraction of a chance alleged The Warrior about a Chinese abbot who comes to the American West, I anticipate to hunt for his sister. The acclaimed chance is that he pitched it to I anticipate ABC or one of the advertisement networks.

Sun: Warners, I think, but somebody, yeah.

Chow: And they were like, “Oh, this is a abundant idea, but we can’t acquire a Chinese guy as the advance in a primetime arrangement drama, are you kidding?” Alike admitting at that point, Bruce was adequately popular. He’d aloof appear off of Green Hornet. He had some notoriety, abnormally aural the Hollywood scene. He abundantly able Steve McQueen and James Coburn and everybody. So it’s not like he didn’t acquire ascendancy in Hollywood. It was aloof that the Oriental as a arch man was exceptional of. So that’s what eventually prompted him to go aback to Hong Kong and become a superstar. And afore he came aback to do Enter the Dragon, which afresh came out afterwards he died. But that acclaimed chance was one of the agent credibility of how we attending at bark in Hollywood. And that’s alone 40 years afterwards actuality rectified by two projects – you acquire the reboot of Kung Fu on CW, which is demography the absolute IP of the David Carradine appearance but reimagining with absolutely Chinese bodies this time and a Chinese woman as the protagonist, and afresh you acquire HBO Max’s Warrior starring Andrew Koji in the Old West, which takes the absolute writings of Bruce’s and affectionate of makes the chance a little bit sexier for HBO Max, but follows the chance that was set alternating by Bruce.

And so that affectionate of shows the change of how we appearance aggressive arts in America, right? The appearance that Bruce envisioned 40 years ago is now assuredly advancing to accomplishment in two altered ways. You acquire Kung Fu and Warrior, but it took 40 years, to your point. Like, it’s that continued gap area it was aloof accustomed that things would be whitewashed, including article as decidedly and culturally Chinese as kung fu.

Sun: How do I say this afterwards aural aweless to David Carradine? If you put Bruce Lee and David Carradine abutting to anniversary added and are like, “Who’s got added of the arch man charisma, brilliant adeptness wattage, and can additionally do aggressive arts?”, it seems crazy. But afresh again, Iron Anchor is a affair and that best happened, so maybe we’re aloof crazy. [Laughs.]

But I’m accepting advanced of ourselves. Afore we go into how things acquire been for the aftermost decade, there’s one added actuality that I capital to mention. There’ve been a lot of Asian aggressive arts practitioners over the decades who acquire been able to work, primarily as achievement performers, nameless bad guys, they don’t get to be the hero. Again, Bruce Lee had to leave the country that he was built-in in, the United States, and go to Hong Kong in adjustment to absolutely become a arch man. However, there acquire been bags and bags of achievement performers of Asian descent, bodies who acquire done a lot of aggressive arts movies, one of whom, I aloof appetite to accede is Sonny Chiba, who anesthetized abroad on Aug. 19. Aback I brought up Sonny Chiba beforehand afore we started recording, Keith, you talked a little bit about how in the obits and the assorted tributes that we’ve credible in the able several weeks aback his passing, bodies accumulate talking about Quentin Tarantino! Let’s allocution a little bit about our pal QT, the angel saint of importing aggressive arts movies.

Chow: Of Asian cinema. [Laughs.]

Sun: That was my addition to Quentin Tarantino in the ’90s. I bethink bodies were like, “Oh, he’s so great. He’s credible all of these Asian accurate –

Chow: He’s graced us with his presence. As addition who in the ’90s was a affected academy apprentice who loved, and I still love, Wong Kar-Wai movies – you know, the stain on my VHS cassette of Chungking Express is this, like, 20-minute addition of Quentin Tarantino aloof slobbering all over Wong Faye, and it aloof doesn’t authority up 20 years, 30 years later. But yeah, the sad allotment to me is that Sonny Chiba, for so abounding on Blur Twitter or whatever, he’s so angry to Tarantino and it’s so unfair, but that’s addition affectionate of whitewashing, right? That addition whose career is as acclaimed as Sonny Chiba’s – and Gordon Liu’s addition archetype of addition who has a acclaimed career in Chinese cinema, but because he was in Kill Bill, bodies are like, “Oh, the guy Quentin Tarantino discovered.” I fucking abhorrence it.

And the affair too with Tarantino is – we were talking about Bruce Lee – he doubles bottomward on his Bruce Lee disrespect. Like the able Already Aloft a Time in Hollywood thing. Allotment of what you were adage about Asians who acquire been aggressive artists acquire never been able to be the arch man. They’ve consistently been the cannon fodder or the villain, but never the central, complex, three-dimensional character. That’s the affair about the aggressive arts boilerplate that has consistently been alarming for Asians. So advocating for an Asian aggressive artisan isn’t in itself wrong, if that Asian aggressive artisan gets to be three-dimensional and adventurous and funny and charismatic. Because whenever you did see an Asian face in a aggressive arts cine fabricated in the west, it was either the base of a joke, or his able role is to be exhausted up by the about acceptable white guy.

Tarantino leans into that with the bulk of Asian Americans, Bruce Lee. And it isn’t so abundant that Bruce Lee would never lose a activity to Brad Pitt, although Bruce Lee would never lose a activity to fuckin’ Brad Pitt. It’s that he’s advised as a antic in that scene. Yeah, he was arrogant, but the able point of the appearance of Bruce Lee in that arena in Already Aloft a Time is that he is a joke, and that’s what’s disrespectful.

Sun: And Tarantino has aback angled down, because he’s been authoritative the columnist circuit afresh to advance the book, and what absolutely strikes me is how invested he is in demography Bruce Lee bottomward a peg. Like, bro, what’s it to you? He keeps talking about, like you said, how aloof he was, and affectionate of foolishly misinterpreting people’s absolute immediate accounts. He keeps citation this Bruce Lee biography, and the biographer has been on Twitter saying, like, That’s not what I wrote. But it is absolute interesting. I anticipate it’s a hidden affair that I don’t acquire Tarantino himself has absolutely absolutely interrogated, which is: Why is it so important to him that his fabricated appearance is able to exhausted up this absolute real-life person, can exhausted him in a fight? And additionally that this guy was so aweless to the white stuntman. “He was so disrespectful.” It has that able –

How To Say Impetus
How To Say Impetus | How To Pronounce Impetus

Chow: Like, “the above Chinese guy.” That’s what he’s adage about Bruce Lee.

Sun: Exactly. And I don’t apperceive if Tarantino has anticipation about that’s what he’s absolutely doing, but it’s absolutely distressing. Okay. Abundant with Tarantino. [Laughs.]

Let’s fast advanced a bit and allocution about the able few years. It was absolutely Shannon Lee – Bruce Lee’s babe – who was like, “All right, abundant of this,” and accepting two shows on the air. Warrior and Kung Fu absolutely do, like you said, represent the spectrum. Because one is on The CW and the other’s on HBO Max, so fun for all ages. [Laughs.] But you’ve additionally got films. There are assuredly now Hollywood authoritative aggressive arts-centric films with mostly Asian ensembles, like Mortal Kombat, like Snake Eyes. Aboriginal of all, why do you anticipate this about-face has happened? What has aback precipitated the shift? Because Iron Anchor came out in 2017, which was four years ago, and they were not accommodating to put an Asian in the advance aback then.

Chow: The alone acumen I’m on this podcast appropriate now, the alone acumen anyone knows what my name is, is that aback in 2014 aback they were announcement Iron Fist, I said, “Hey, you apperceive what’d be cool? Maybe you get an Asian American guy to ball Danny Rand.” Iron Anchor additionally comes from that aeon we were talking about earlier, area kung fu cinema was so popular. Both of those characters, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, were Marvel’s corruption of Blaxploitation and kung fu cinema. Like, “let’s get a appearance that’s beeline out of Shaft and Enter the Dragon and accomplish our own.” That was affectionate of the agent of the Heroes for Hire. And so aback they appear that they were bringing them to Netflix, it was to me a absolute archetype of, “White-guy Danny Rand fabricated faculty maybe in the ’60s and ’70s, but appear on. Appropriate now, let’s acquire an Asian-American guy ball it.” There’s annihilation about the Danny Rand appearance that’s inherently white. He’s an American, but he’s not necessarily white. His bigger appearance adumbration is that he’s a angle out of baptize because he’s this white guy who trains to become the best kung fu fighter in the angel by a agglomeration of Asian people. And that was the pushback I got aback I did my able attack for Asian American Iron Fist: “Well, he’s declared to be a angle out of water.” As if, like, if you and I were to go to China appropriate now, we wouldn’t be fishes out of water.

That was affectionate of the able impetus: I capital to acquire a appearance who was, like I said earlier, three-dimensional, heroic, funny, developed – all of those things that Asian aggressive artists never get to be. And accuracy be told, I didn’t accord a bits about Iron Fist. He’s not my admired character. A lot of bodies on Twitter would acquisition me adage that, and be like, “See, he doesn’t care.” It’s like, yeah, I don’t accord a bits about Iron Fist. No one absolutely gives a bits about Iron Fist.

Sun: I apperceive one actuality for whom it was his admired appearance and is absolute invested in Danny Rand. [Laughs.]

Chow: I’m abiding he was in your mentions for the aftermost bristles years, right? But that was the befalling that they had. And speaking of shitting on Iron Fist, talking about contempo stories, there was the achievement coordinator, Brett Chan, who was like, Oh yeah, Finn Jones didn’t appetite to train. He had no desire. Jessica Henwick was absolutely invested, but Finn? Yeah, he didn’t accord a shit. And that was doubly insulting.

Sun: So curious, you could not acquaint onscreen based on his activity performances. [Laughs.]

Chow: That was affectionate of that aboriginal chat that happened afore it absolutely hit the fan for Hollywood. That predated #OscarsSoWhite, that predated #StarringJohnCho, #WhitewashedOut, right?

Sun: I anticipate that came appropriate afore Ghost in the Shell, ScarJo. That was 2015.

Chow: So yeah, the Iron Anchor affair was like end of ’14, alpha of ’15. That was, I think, the watershed moment for us in Hollywood. Because you had these back-to-back-to-back castings of Emma Stone as Allison Ng in Aloha, you had Tilda Swinton as the Age-old One in Dr. Strange, and you had ScarJo as, um –


Chow: The Above in Ghost in the Shell. And additionally you had Matt Damon in The Abundant Wall. You had all of these castings absorption white bodies in these Asian stories. Alike the Dr. Strange character, Strange could acquire been an Asian American. That’s aback we did our #WhitewashedOut campaign, that’s aback the #StarringJohnCho attack came out, pointing to the affair that we’ve been talking about, you and I as advocates in the Asian American amplitude for several decades, we’ve been talking about, this was old hat for us, but somehow it penetrated in that 2015, 2016 year. Jon Chu’s told me; he’s like, “That chat you guys were accepting on the internet is what got me in the allowance for Crazy Rich Asians.” Had we aloof been abandoned like we consistently are, maybe Crazy Rich doesn’t appear out. And if Crazy Rich doesn’t appear out, we don’t acquire Henry Golding and Gemma Chan and Awkwafina, and all of these movies.

Sun: And we’re apparently not sitting actuality today talking about Shang-Chi.

Chow: Exactly. I anticipate there’s a absolute band from not what The Nerds of Blush did, but that chat command large. Starting with Iron Anchor through The Age-old One and Ghost in the Shell.

Sun: Yeah, the drive from that movement. It is absolutely arresting to anticipate about area we were all sitting aloof beneath than 10 years – well, aback I say that it sounds like a continued time, but seven years ago. Account your op-eds in Nerds of Color, autograph my own pieces actuality at THR and absolutely activity like you were aloof shouting into a void. Bodies were talking about it, but it somehow wasn’t biting the high echelons of the bodies who accomplish decisions. Until these things affectionate of aloof flopped one afterwards the other. They aloof austere in succession. [Laughs.] And afresh I anticipate they were like, “Maybe the Asians acquire a point.”

But it’s so interesting, aback you lay it out that way, that alike admitting today – and it’s so adorable –we’re not accomplishing an chance on the accumulation of Asian American representation, we’re alone talking about the aggressive arts genre, and yet you’re absolutely appropriate that it was arrangement of a alternating absorption of outrages aural the abiding act of bark in Hollywood treatments of aggressive arts and added commonly Asian cultural genres has now opened the aperture to this huge – I can’t alike say “renaissance,” because there was no aboriginal adaptation of it – this huge bearing of assuredly a mainstreaming of Asian American representation in Hollywood in a way that absolutely has never existed. And it has transcended any specific genre, you know?

Chow: Absolutely. That’s what I beggarly by the throughlines. If you go: Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Crazy Rich Asians, Shang-Chi, you acquire this abundant adventurous ball in the middle. Because it’s not about the genre; it’s about the representation.

And I anticipate too with that conversation, and abnormally accusation for an Asian American Iron Fist, as I said, the pushback wasn’t aloof about “fish out of water.” It was also: Why would you appetite an Asian American? Like, if you’re all about advocating for representation, why do you appetite the stereotype? Why do you appetite the aggressive artist? That’s the affair we talked about earlier. That’s the stereotype. We wouldn’t blow that with a 10-foot pole. But we’ve never had an befalling to acquire an Asian American aggressive artist. We about aloof gave that up and said, “Here, Jean-Claude Van Damme. You can represent aggressive arts, because we don’t appetite it,” and that affectionate of cerebration is what led to a Tilda Swinton arena the Age-old One. Marvel was absolute upfront saying, “Well, we knew that the ‘mentor,’ ‘old Chinese guy,’ is such a stereotype, so to abstain the stereotype, we anticipation we’d go the added direction. Change the gender, change the race.” What they don’t apprehend is that the botheration isn’t the hunt of the character. The botheration is how that blazon of appearance has consistently been portrayed. What they did in giving the role to Tilda Swinton, it wasn’t aloof “change the hunt or gender.” It was, “Let’s accomplish this appearance cool,” and afresh gave it to Tilda Swinton. Because had that been Michelle Yeoh or Chow Yun-fat accomplishing the exact aforementioned role Tilda did, no one would acquire been like, “That’s a stereotype.” They would acquire been like, “Holy crap, that’s so cool.” Aback she shows up in Endgame, it’s like, “Yes! It’s the Age-old One!” That could acquire been absolutely blockhead if that was an Asian character, but the cerebration is the alone way to anticipate the boilerplate is to abolish it altogether.

And that’s the ambiguous aspect of the aggressive arts stereotype, the ambiguous aspect of Asians aloof giving up aggressive arts. If we aloof accord it to white people, that doesn’t advice us, because we’re aloof saying, “This affair that’s built-in to a lot of our cultures doesn’t accord to us anymore.” And I’m saying, “Let’s accost that and accomplish that our own.” And that’s what we’re seeing now with Mortal Kombat, with Snake Eyes, with Shang-Chi, this embrace of this cultural aspect of a lot of our cultures, but additionally giving us the befalling to ball the leads, to ball the circuitous – alike the villains are complex. We don’t acquire to be aloof the beard-stroking or the developed temptress. We can be everything. And that’s what I’ve consistently advocated for.

Sun: Those excuses, what underlies them is a abortion of imagination. And a hidden disability to see that any Asian face could be annihilation added than a stereotype. Because like you said, they don’t say that about white people. They don’t say that about white characters if they’re absolutely fleshed out, and what’s befitting a biographer from absolutely fleshing out a character, aloof because it’s played by an Asian performer?

To briefly go aback to the Iron Anchor arguments that you would receive, I anticipate that the bodies who don’t acquire why there can be an Asian American Iron Fist, I would brainstorm are bodies who don’t apprehend that “white” and “American” are not the aforementioned thing. And who additionally don’t apprehend that there’s a aberration amid Asians and Asian Americans, a abashing that I anticipate pop adeptness has commonly exacerbated.

Chow: I had that chat with Henry Golding about Snake Eyes. Because Snake Eyes is addition appearance from the comics who was “white guy goes to Japan to become Best Ninja.” And that one’s accounting by a Japanese American guy; Larry Hama created Snake Eyes. But we talked about how that able angle of “fish out of water” isn’t absolute to white people. The acquaintance of an Asian American is to be a angle out of baptize in both places.

Sun: Everywhere you go.

Chow: So say what you will about the affection of the cine itself, but the actuality that they were accommodating to go there and say, “Hey, let’s casting a guy like Henry Golding to ball this commonly white appearance whose able agent chance is that he’s this white guy who’s out of abode in this Japanese ninja clan.” But the actuality that they had this Asian American guy walking about and still acquirements how to allege Japanese or not applicable in, that was article that was to me revelatory, admitting the affection of the cine surrounding it. That aspect in itself, that’s the acumen I advocated for Asian Iron Anchor is that I absolutely capital an Asian Snake Eyes. So, mission accomplished.

Sun: Nice, you absolutely backed your way into it very, absolute well. [Laughs.]

You’ve appear about how there is a way to be able to appropriately represent bodies who are built-in or absolutely from the adeptness that is actuality portrayed afterwards aberration into stereotype. And I anticipate a lot of that is by putting added artistic ascendancy into the easily of bodies who are from that culture, and that that’s a air-conditioned affair that we’ve been able to see, obviously, with Shang-Chi. I don’t apperceive how it would acquire been altered afterwards Dave Callaham, who’s Chinese American, autograph the calligraphy or Destin Daniel Cretton, who is hapa, administering it. But I affectionate of don’t appetite to apperceive how that would acquire been different.

And I will say, to Marvel’s acclaim – and here’s a business agenda – MCU, the Marvel Accurate Universe, the movies run by Kevin Feige is altered from the Marvel TV analysis run by Jeph Loeb that fabricated all those Iron Anchor decisions. So those are altered departments, but I anticipate that Marvel, the cine ancillary has absolutely listened and it feels like they’ve taken to affection some of the critiques that bodies acquire had about the Asian representation. I won’t go into spoilers for for anyone who hasn’t credible Shang-Chi yet, but I anticipate they’re absolute alert of it. And I additionally anticipate Scott Derrickson, the administrator of Dr. Strange, several years ago afterwards the cine came out has been absolute attainable and authoritative comments about how he has abstruse from the acknowledgment apropos the casting of the Age-old One, and I accede that.

Chow: That’s the thing; I wasn’t aggravating to accredit any awful intent. That’s the affectionate of bedraggled little abstruse about racism. It’s not about the intent; it’s about the outcome. And absent-mindedness isn’t an alibi for it. But I’m not allotment blame. They were oblivious. They did anticipate they were accomplishing article good, like, “We don’t appetite to acquire the age-old Chinese master, so let’s get this absolutely air-conditioned added to ball what would be a academic role otherwise.” And what they didn’t apprehend is that abandoning does not acquit the racism; in fact, it exacerbates it. Alike Kevin Feige I acquire has appear out afresh saying, “Yeah, it was a aberration to change the Age-old One to be a non-Asian person.” Again, I anticipate that was aloof an obliviousness. They didn’t apprehend the abstruse is aloof to address a fully-fledged appearance and afresh casting a actuality of color. That’s mind-blowing: “We didn’t apperceive bodies of blush could be absolutely fleshed out, three-dimensional.”

Sun: Because they had not credible it.

Chow: They had never credible it. And that’s the affair I’ve consistently said: You apperceive how you get bigger representation? Aloof address people. Address animal beings, don’t address tropes, and that’s ultimately what any amateur wants, is to be able to ball a circuitous animal being.

Sun: And if you absolutely are accepting agitation with that, afresh that’s apparently a empiric affair and that’s a acceptable befalling for you to be like, “Do I acquire abysmal relationships with bodies of altered backgrounds? If I’m accepting agitation picturing this, this is apparently because my amphitheater is too small.” So you charge to aloof go out and alive more. And I don’t say that with acerbity or judgment, but aloof absolutely go out and alive more, get experience, or – here’s addition absolutely important strategy: Accord it to somebody who does acquire that lived experience.

So afore we get to our final two questions, I apperceive you haven’t credible the cine yet, so what are you attractive advanced to with Shang-Chi?

Chow: I alluded to it earlier: I was a big Wong Kar-wai fan growing up, and I love, passionately, Tony Leung in anything. Chungking is one of my admired movies, Mood for Adulation is one of my admired movies, Infernal Affairs, adulation him. That’s addition archetype of accepting to blanch for American audiences, right? Like, aloof watch Infernal Affairs. Who needs to watch Departed? He’s the one affair I’m attractive advanced to. Affliction to Simu, affliction to Nora, affliction to anybody else, Michelle Yeoh alike – I appetite to see Tony Leung in a Marvel movie. I had to buy the activity bulk as anon as it came out aloof because Tony Leung, appear on. He’s the greatest amateur of all time.

Sun: Bodies are now alpha to acquire credible this cine with the premieres and things like that, and seeing the adulation that Tony Leung is accepting on Twitter, I’m starting to feel affectionate of like a hipster about it. I’m like: Guys, area acquire you been? He is the legend. Like, Leonardo DiCaprio absolutely played him in The Departed. So that’s the caliber, that’s the akin that we’re talking about.

I haven’t absolutely looked at the Chinese-language press, but I haven’t credible him do any interviews about Shang-Chi [Editor’s note: This account was conducted above-mentioned to the advertisement of Alexander Chee’s contour of Leung in GQ]. And so if I had a adventitious to ask him something, I would ask: Why this film? I’m bold he’s been approached by Hollywood in the past. I’m additionally bold those opportunities were not absolute meaty. It was apparently activity to be like the one-off “hua ping” cameos that, like, Fan Bingbing and added bodies got aloof bristles years ago, but why did he aces this film? I mean, his filmography is absolutely assorted and extensive. He’s done every genre, but his international, all-around acceptability is as a authority actor. And so why do a Hollywood superhero tentpole? I’m absolute analytical about it, but I can’t delay for you to see him in it. I’m not gonna acknowledge any spoilers, but I anticipate that the acknowledgment on Twitter has been euphoric.

So we consistently blanket our interviews with two questions and one we’ve affectionate of gone into: The Hollywood Remixed, which is, what is a accurate sin that has been committed adjoin this affair that you would adjustment a do-over for? And I feel like you’ve absolutely been autograph about your acknowledgment aback 2014. You can aloof Google “Keith Chow Iron Fist.” [Laughs.]

Chow: Or aloof attending at my mentions on Twitter, that’s affectionate of the remix I had been envisioning for a continued time: Aloof accomplish Danny Rand Asian. But to Marvel TV’s credit, I anticipate what bodies [miss] – aboriginal of all, no one watched it, so that’s one affair – but the air-conditioned affair about the Iron Anchor appearance on Netflix is that alike admitting it got canceled, it concluded with about the crimson of the Iron Anchor actuality anesthetized bottomward to Jessica Henwick’s character. Like, she ends the alternation with her anchor and her brand aglow white, and she becomes about the Iron Fist. So I bought the activity abstracts and I acquire a Luke cage and a Daredevil and a Jessica Jones and a Colleen Wing activity figure. And I’m like, “I acquire The Defenders,” and bodies are like, “You’re missing one.” I’m like, “Who am I missing? I acquire all four. I’m not missing anyone.” So acclaim area credit’s due, Jessica Henwick affectionate of ends the appearance as Iron Fist. So in my headcanon, if Iron Anchor were to anytime appear in the MCU, if it’s Jessica Henwick, I’m all for it. So accord us a Colleen Wing Iron Anchor alternation or movie, afresh I’m down. I anticipate the Hollywood Remix I’ve been advocating for for consistently is already there.

Sun: The additional catechism is the Hidden Gem: What is a activity or adeptness or some arrangement of allotment of art that exists that is emblematic of the heights of what this brand could do?

Chow: There was a appearance that came out in that boilerplate time amid the Iron Anchor altercation and this new beachcomber of Asian American aggressive arts blockbusters. It was a appearance that was on AMC for three seasons alleged Into the Badlands, and it was led by Daniel Wu, who has so abounding access to what we’ve been talking about. Daniel Wu, like Bruce Lee, Asian American built-in in the Bay but went to Hong Kong to become a star. He couldn’t become a brilliant in America, so he had to go to Hong Kong and afresh came aback to America in his backward 30s to advance this TV show. Now he’s in like a, you know, a big Warner Brothers movie, Reminiscence.

Sun: By Lisa Joy, with Hugh Jackman.

Chow: So he was the lead, he played a guy alleged Sonny, absolute about based on the Monkey King. It’s this post-apocalyptic aggressive arts fantasy angel created by two white guys who created Smallville, Al Gough and Miles Millar. To their credit, they were able to bathe the appearance with a casting of bodies of color. In the aboriginal season, it was the Asian advance with a Black adventurous adulation interest. Aloof affectionate of breaking all of the molds. Their “Ancient One” appearance was bisected Black, bisected Asian. So it was this absolutely air-conditioned show. The aggressive arts I anticipate are still unparalleled on TV appropriate now. So I accord them the credit: They were accommodating to booty the bound and casting an Asian American in a aggressive arts series. Had a band following. I anticipate it’s still on Netflix. So to me, that’s the hidden gem and that’s the affectionate of absolute lodestone that started this able affectionate of wave. Lewis Tan additionally appeared on the appearance in the additional season. And he went on to advance the Mortal Kombat movie. Additionally abundantly anesthetized over for Iron Fist. He’s addition throughline through our conversation, but yeah. Analysis out Into the Badlands if you can. I anticipate it’s account a watch at least.

Sun: That’s a absolutely abundant recommendation. Hats off for them accepting greenlit that appearance aloof afore it became – and I’m application this chat ironically – a “woke” and exploited affair to do. But it served as a affidavit of abstraction because it showed that such a chance was absolutely viable. These characters were absolutely believable as the arch man, as somebody who could acquire a adulation interest, as somebody who could backpack the able show. And yeah, affectionate of chronically underappreciated. I do bethink every year during accolade division Daniel Wu would absolutely try to attack for his achievement aggregation to get some recognition, and I don’t apperceive if they anytime did, unfortunately.

Chow: I anticipate it was alone until this year that the Emmys alike added a achievement category. [Editor’s note: The Emmys added a new class for achievement performers in 2021. It has accustomed achievement allocation aback 2002.]

Impetus pronunciation and definition
Impetus pronunciation and definition | How To Pronounce Impetus

Sun: Maybe for the Emmys, but absolutely there’s added awards bodies that admit that arrangement of thing, and I aloof don’t apperceive if they anytime got their due. That’s a absolutely acceptable one.

Everything we’ve said as a Hidden Gem is from like the aftermost three years, so I’ll do a bequest and I will say Vanishing Son from the ’90s. I feel like Asian Americans of a assertive bearing bethink this. This was the one affair we had. I cannot acquire it exists, but Russell Wong was briefly a arch man on arrangement television. He had a admirable girlfriend, Rebecca Gayheart. Vanishing Son was one of the aftermost performances of Haing S. Ngor, the Oscar champ who was horrifically murdered anon after. It’s like every adumbration in one because Russell Wong played a adept violinist who additionally knew aggressive arts. I don’t bethink the storyline absolute well. I anticipate he came to America in hunt of his aberrant brother, played by the actor/director Chi Muoi Lo, and I don’t bethink annihilation abroad about it, honestly. But it was a hot Asian man on arrangement TV who speaks absolute English.

Chow: I aloof bethink so abounding bodies had crushes on Russell.

Sun: Dude, Keith, let me acquaint you aback Russell Wong was in Joy Luck Club, that watermelon scene, I did not acquire what that arena meant, but I aloof knew that it was article I was not declared to be watching.

Chow: You’re not declared to feel a assertive blazon of way aback you’re watching that. [Laughs.]

Sun: Shout out to our ’90s avant-garde Russell Wong and Vanishing Son. I acquire no abstraction if that appearance is attainable at all, but bodies should apperceive about it. It absolutely happened for a abrupt moment. It was affectionate of like with like Joy Luck Club, Vanishing Son, those things existed in the ’90s. Abominably there was no drive afterwards that, but I anticipate times acquire now changed.

Chow: They bare a hashtag. That was the problem.

Sun: Yes, Twitter was invented aloof to accumulate these things sustainable. [Laughs.] This is so abundant fun, Keith. I consistently adulation talking to you. I achievement I don’t get in agitation for how off the belt I was in this episode.

Chow: Sorry. I apperceive what I accompany out of you sometimes, Rebecca.

Sun: A pleasure. You can analysis out Keith on Nerds of Color, area he has a able portfolio of podcasts to acquire from. Accede you again, Keith, I acknowledge your time.

Chow: It was a pleasure. I acknowledge it as well.

Transition music: A abbreviate articulation from the addition theme.

Sun: Above-mentioned to acceptable the Marvel Accurate Universe’s absolute aboriginal Asian lead, Simu Liu was best accepted to Asian Americans and Canadians as Jung, the adverse son on the Canadian ancestors ball Kim’s Convenience. Built-in in Harbin, China, and aloft in Canada, Simu becoming a business bulk from the University of Western Ontario and formed as an accountant at Deloitte afore a fortuitous-in-retrospect blow acquired him to axis to an acting career. In beneath than a decade, he’s gone from confined as an added on Pacific Rim to a alternation approved role on Kim’s Convenience and now to Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Fable of the Ten Rings, the acumen we’re sitting bottomward actuality today.

Simu, it’s absolutely a amusement to assuredly be able to allege to you one-on-one. Accede you so abundant for authoritative the time. I apperceive that your agenda is appealing arranged this month.

Simu Liu: No, accede you. Accede you so abundant for accepting me, Rebecca. It’s so abundant to assuredly arrangement of accommodated you because we’re not in a flat or anything, but I’m absolutely excited.

Sun: I capital to alpha out by shouting out an account you afresh did with our alternate acquaintance Phil Yu for EW’s July awning story, area one of the things you guys talked about was the complicated accord that Asian Americans, and accurately Asian American men, acquire to the aggressive arts trope. Can you allocution a little bit added about what you put as two adverse paradigms?

Liu: Yes, these two adverse paradigms. The aboriginal of which is, I anticipate I said before: Aggressive arts is considerately absolutely effing cool. And some of my admired movies of all time are air-conditioned aggressive arts movies, whether they’re Jackie Chan in the way that he choreographs has action, which is so artistic and different, or it’s Jet Li, who’s so corybantic and so abundantly able-bodied or it’s the wuxia films that appear out of China, Zhang Yimou’s Hero, House of Flying Daggers, all of those air-conditioned pieces, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Such a big fan of the genre. And afresh of course, the added allotment of it that I talked about with Phil that I’m abiding we’re gonna get into today, is how has aggressive arts become a attached bureau for Asian bodies in America? And like you mentioned, Rebecca, accurately Asian men. Well, I’ll alpha by allurement this: Acquire you apprehend an air-conditioned book alleged Interior Chinatown?

Sun: Not yet. That’s the Charles Yu, right?

Liu: You charge apprehend it because it so altogether encapsulates what this affair is, which absolutely boils bottomward to: As an Asian man, decidedly in showbiz, it about feels like you alone acquire bulk if you apperceive aggressive arts. Including ours, including Shang-Chi, let’s attending at the aftermost three movies that acquire featured a predominantly Asian cast: You acquire Snake Eyes. You acquire Mortal Kombat. What do these things all acquire in common? They acquire Asian men assuming aggressive arts. And there is about an apprehension that if you are an Asian macho actor, you charge at some point acquire accepted or charge be able to do aggressive arts. Because otherwise, there’s a faculty of: Why are we watching an Asian actuality onscreen? What bulk do they acquire if not to absorb us in that specific way?

And what I anticipate we absolutely do able-bodied in our cine is aggravating to bang the antithesis amid those two paradigms. Aggravating to say, “Look, we are activity to accomplish a cine about a superhero or about a appearance that is an air-conditioned hand-to-hand fighter. And that’s activity to acquiesce us to analyze absolutely amazing, kinetic, high-octane activity sequences that maybe we haven’t credible afore in the MCU. But we’re additionally activity to dive abysmal into the appearance in a way that you may not acquire gotten from Rush Hour or Shanghai Noon.” Aboriginal of all, a lot of these projects that we’re talking about are not directed by Asian bodies or Asian American people. And I activate that they don’t absolutely allege to the address of our lived experiences.

And I’m activity to bung Destin Daniel Cretton here: He’s an air-conditioned filmmaker, directed our movie, directed Aloof Mercy, directed Abbreviate Appellation 12. You acquire Dave Callaham, our air-conditioned Asian American screenwriter. It aloof feels like at every footfall of the artistic process, the Asian lens has been broiled into the DNA of this film. And I anticipate that’s absolutely important aback you’re arrest this affectionate of aggressive arts stuff, which is in crisis of falling into the area of boilerplate and trope. It’s so important that we, we approached it with a bulk of acuteness and nuance.

Sun: I was activity to ask you this catechism later, but aback we’re talking about Shang-Chi, and I haven’t credible the blur yet, but aloof activity off of the trailers –

Liu: Oh, you must.

Sun: Well, yes, I absolutely intend to. [Laughs.] One affair that addled me is that, from the trailers, yes, you do see Shang-Chi’s backstory and the air-conditioned angel that he comes from, but there’s additionally a cogent bulk of time committed to assuming him as, like, a approved dude in America, with a approved wage-paying job, goofing off with Awkwafina’s character, Katy. Allocution to me a little bit about the acceptation of actuality able to see this guy who possesses air-conditioned aggressive arts abilities but has a arrangement of added universally relatable backstory and experience. Because that to me has been new. A lot of our Asian aggressive arts icons, the way that they’ve been portrayed is a little bit inaccessible. They affectionate of are absolutely mythological.

Liu: Mythological, I appetite to say exotic. Eastern, astute kung fu masters that allege in parables and metaphors and don’t acquire American association and amusement and allocution about things like honor. [Laughs.] We’ve been there. We’ve credible it onscreen. And if I had a nickel for every time I batten about account with my parents or friends, I would acquire no money at all. Yeah, I anticipate it was important. Like I said, there’s a absolute crisis aback Asian adeptness is approached from a white lens. I feel like there’s the addiction to exoticize and to polarize us. So aback I watch a cine about Asian bodies that is not fabricated by Asian people, the Asian bodies central this cine are affectionate of like weird, two-dimensional caricatures of what a white actuality – I chock-full myself from adage “white man,” but let’s be real, it’s apparently a white man – what a white man thinks that Asian bodies behave like. And if it’s a man, about they tend to be a assertive way. And if you’re depicting an Asian changeable character, as you and I both know, Rebecca, they’re depicted in a able added way, sometimes fetishized, sometimes hypersexualized. Both abandon acquire their problems.

But what you see what you see in our movie, it absolutely didn’t booty a lot of effort. It was aloof a agglomeration of Asian Americans accepting calm and actuality like, “Well, what do we do? We adhere out like accustomed people. And maybe we acquire a predisposition to sing added karaoke and alcohol added balloon tea than the boilerplate person, but that doesn’t beggarly that we don’t do all those things with our accompany and fail off and shoot bits and aloof affectionate of canyon the time.”

Sun: I’m animated that you shouted out both Destin and Dave, because I anticipate it is absolutely important. I anticipate that there’s an arising acquaintance in the industry that assortment starts abaft the camera and it starts afore you alike get to the screen, that accurate admittance has gotta be broiled into the alpha of the artistic process.

Liu: Yes. I’ve been a articulate backer of that. And I’ve additionally I anticipate been a allotment of the problem, I’ve formed afore in environments area that Asian representation wasn’t necessarily credible abaft the scenes in the writers room, in the producers rooms. And it absolutely does accomplish a aberration because admitting people’s best efforts, you’re never activity to 100 percent be able to abbreviate the lived adventures of addition whose shoes you acquire aloof not absolved in. I anticipate it takes a bulk of abasement and acquiescence to be able to acquire the adequacy to affectionate of adjust the adeptness that you acquire in adjustment to accomplish the best attainable product.

I’ll use Marvel as a case abstraction of how we’ve succeeded, but acutely Kevin Feige, who is our assured leader, artisan of the MCU, not Asian, Jonathan Schwartz, who is our administering artistic producer, additionally not Asian, but area I anticipate they absolutely fabricated the appropriate best and accommodation was in compassionate the banned of their own perceptions and alive aback to footfall aback and let us acquaint our story. That was axiomatic to me from day one. It absolutely came as a appealing big surprise, because aback you accompany article as big and as well-oiled as a Marvel franchise, as the new actor, as the new kid on the block, you aloof affectionate of apprehend to be amid into the apparatus and aloof to be a cog and to be told what to do. But I was very, absolute abundantly afraid at how collaborative the ambiance was at all stages. And I was arrive to accord artistic addendum on my character, on the chance at ample and to allocution about the agency in which I acquainted like Asian Americans would do article altered or area we may not feel a assertive way about something. And I would say it absolutely led us to actualize a bigger script.

Sun: Afterwards aural the alarms for the Marvel addle-brain aegis team, are there any added amiable examples that you can allotment about what some of those things adeptness be?

Liu: Aback the calligraphy was aboriginal written, there was a lot added absorption paid to this abstraction of Shang-Chi against Shaun. And Shaun is Shang-Chi’s – you can alarm it an alias if you want, I aloof anticipate of it as his English name that he chose for himself. But I anticipate I was able to afford a little bit of ablaze into the duality of those names and what they beggarly to a person. For us, we all acquire our name that our parents gave us and afresh our name that we Americanize and appearance to the world. Alike a name like Simu, which doesn’t feel like an American name, is an anglicized adaptation of what my Chinese name is, which is 思慕 (Sīmù), which best bodies can’t emphasis because Mandarin is a absolute tonal language, and bodies who grew up actuality are aloof gonna acquire a asperous time aggravating to get that. But I acquire a absolute specific accord with both of my names, and I acquire them both as genitalia of myself. And that was article that I gave a agenda on absolute aboriginal on, and it concluded up affectionate of affecting some of the pieces of the story. I can say I acquainted absolute listened to, and I acquainted like the attitude was not arresting at all because it wasn’t like I was speaking to a allowance abounding of white bodies and aggravating to accomplish them understand. It was like, they get it. And it aloof became a lot easier to acquire those conversations.

Sun: That’s awesome. You acquire approved a absolute auspicious alertness to be aboveboard about your adventures in this industry, and I anticipate that there’s a addiction for bodies alfresco of it to put a lot of albatross on actors for the projects because you are the accurate faces of all of the decisions that were fabricated by a arrangement of people. And I additionally apprehend that an actor’s bureau and adeptness grows with their career. And so I’m analytical about area you feel you are appropriate now in both your adeptness and your own alertness or admiration to allege up about these things, or alike aloof how abundant bureau do you feel now in your career to say no to projects absolutely or to say no to assertive aspects of a appearance or a storyline. And has that changed?

Liu: It absolutely has changed. I bethink a time, candidly not that continued ago, area I would acquire auditioned for annihilation and everything. And it’s not that I hated myself. It’s not that I was a hunt traitor or whatever you appetite to alarm it. It was aloof the absoluteness of the bearings was, that was the assignment that was available. And if you don’t appetite to put on an Asian emphasis and you don’t appetite to ball a hardly caricatured adaptation of a absolute person, afresh you aloof didn’t work. And there is a agreement that I anticipate every amateur of blush has to go through aback they’re starting out. And depending on what time aeon you appear to alpha out in, some of those negotiations are appealing tough, but for me, it absolutely didn’t feel like I had that bureau until very, absolute recently, but now, I’m advantageous enough. I’ve got a abundant aggregation with me at CAA as able-bodied area we’re able to go afterwards scripts that we love, behindhand of whether the appearance is accounting Asian or not, and to absolutely acquire the adeptness to breach bottomward a aperture and say, “Hey, why not? Why haven’t you anticipation of a appearance that way?” And, “This is the anticipation that I’ve put in afterwards account the script. Let me do the assignment for you. Let me appearance you how this appearance can acquire an accurate Asian American experience.”

And afresh the added allotment of that too is so few bodies in Hollywood get to be in a position area they can greenlight their own projects. And so hopefully, aback the cine comes out and hopefully it does the numbers that we all appetite it to do, I’ll be in a position area I can acquire the belief that I appetite to tell. So, I can say it’s an abundantly allotment moment for me, but I can say too, if I am the alone Asian American actuality who gets that power, that should be advised a abortion for all of us, because I can’t be the alone one. There’s a absolute crisis in that. It’s activity to become an accretion antecedence of abundance to accomplish abiding that I’m adorning added choir as well. And aloof bushing up the space, demography up amplitude with our stories, with our culture, with our unapologetic activity is what I anticipate is so critical. And what I anticipate is a absolute befalling with this moment.

Sun: That makes a lot of sense. I anticipate this is accident and this is accurate of appealing abundant every marginalized association of people, but I anticipate we’re absolutely in a date now area there’s a astriction amid the actuality that there is an acutely assorted arrangement of backgrounds and perspectives and adventures amid Asian Americans. And they’re affectionate of accolade a belvedere for their alone choir to be heard, but there still isn’t abundant representation for everybody in boilerplate culture. So do you feel a burden, which is I anticipate a self-imposed thing, or an expectation, which is imposed by added people, to be able to represent the absolute quote-unquote “community”?

Liu: I could absolutely see how it could be interpreted as a accountability and, let’s aloof be honest, some canicule I don’t appetite to acknowledgment 20,000 questions about diversity. But the affair that I’ve appear to apprehend as I attending aback on my career is that every above breach that I alone acquire had has been because of an Asian artistic or an Asian-centric activity that has appear alternating and has accustomed me that opportunity. You allocution about Kim’s Convenience, which was based on a ball accounting by Ins Choi and was hailed as the aboriginal Asian ancestors ball in Canada and afresh became such a hit on Netflix. I am a walking attestation of what could appear aback you attainable up the gates, aback you acquiesce projects like Kim’s Convenience to be made. And alike my aboriginal onscreen role in the States was Fresh Off the Boat. And so if it weren’t for these projects, absolute culturally specific projects, I would acquire no career. And I’m very, absolute acquainted of that. So in that way, I feel it’s not a burden, but it’s I assumption a responsibility? It’s article that I feel like is a accord that I’ve accustomed with my fans, that there’s an compassionate that I am in a lot of agency activity to be their representative, and I appetite to abide to allege out and to do projects and to greenlight and put my name on things that will added our aggregate cause.

Sun: As you’ve appear up, aural the Asian American ball association bodies acquire accepted you for a continued time – there was Kim’s Convenience, there are Wong Fu videos – so you’ve affectionate of been our association actuality and now you’re on a all-around stage. You’ve consistently been accepted as somebody who’s aboveboard about your opinions and additionally absolute alive in agreement of agreeable with added bodies on amusing media. And as your contour rises, that comes with added critics, that comes with greater scrutiny, both amid the accepted attainable as able-bodied as with, shall we say, industry overseers. I’m aloof analytical about what your accord is to the feedback. And it’s altogether accurate to be like, “Well, I don’t alike acquire time to apprehend that stuff,” or, “For my own self-care, I don’t booty that in.”

Liu: I ambition I could candidly say that to you. I ambition I were that cool, honestly. And I apprehend interviews all the time about these actors who say that, and I’m ashore amid a abode of atheism and envy. Because if that’s true, advise me how you do it, because I don’t apperceive how to shut it off. As a adolescent built-in of the 21st aeon and in the age of amusing media, it’s article that I’m still acquirements how to navigate. And to your point, Rebecca, about area that quote-unquote “backlash” comes from, you mentioned the accepted public, industry overseers. I’m acquainted too now added an accretion backfire advancing from aural the Asian American association as well.

When you see an Asian American or Asian Canadian brilliant on the rise, if you’re watching it happen, everybody is gonna activity their eyes of what that actuality should be and what that actuality should angle for. And if I’m advantageous afresh I fit that mold, but if I’m not and I’m too abrupt on assertive things and not abrupt abundant on added things, afresh there’s affectionate of a animadversion that sometimes comes out, which is boxy because I was consistently mentally able for the arrows to appear from in advanced of me. But it hurts the best aback it comes from behind. You feel like you’re accomplishing your best, and you’re absolutely aggravating to do the assignment of apery these boyhood choir and advance in a association that I affliction acutely about, but afresh at the aforementioned time acumen that there are bodies that are not annoyed with the address in which I do it. And I anticipate it’s a connected agreement of: Am I accomplishing the appropriate thing? Are they right? Should I stop alert to them? Do they acquire a point? To be honest with you, my activity changes so fast these canicule that I don’t consistently acquire the appropriate answer. What I do apperceive is that as continued as I can act in a way that I can go to beddy-bye in my bed at the end of the night and be accept with myself, afresh I’ve done the appropriate thing.

Sun: That makes sense. We saw some of that ball out with Latinos with In the Heights and a lot of centralized association dissent, which in my assessment afresh comes from that gap amid the actuality that none of our communities are monoliths and there’s not abundant representation. And so that’s area a lot of the acute annoyance comes from.

Let’s allocution about masculinity: I anticipate that Asian American adolescence has had a absolute bound assuming in pop culture. And additionally on top of that, I don’t anticipate it’s a amplitude to say that apparently the best aged accumulation of men that we’ve credible in Western pop adeptness are Asian men. That’s a above trope.

Liu: Day one, aback you from aboriginal adolescence apprentice that there’s a boilerplate that exists about the admeasurement of your adulthood and all that, it’s absolutely gonna do a cardinal on your self-esteem, because you aloof go through activity activity the accountability of that stereotype, whether or not it’s true. Which it isn’t.

Sun: It’s not.

Liu: But at the aforementioned time, everybody thinks it and you can affectionate of feel it and it aloof changes the way that you backpack yourself in a room, because all of a sudden, afterwards bodies alive annihilation about you, you’ve got your aplomb affectionate of beggared from you. And speaking to abounding of the Asian men that I accede my best accompany growing up, they went through very, absolute agnate struggles. We aloof didn’t see a lot of cocky Asian men. It was aloof adamantine to find. And it wasn’t because we’re not assured as a people. It’s because of the Western stereotyping, the narratives, aggregate that’s affectionate of been congenital up over time. I mean, Rebecca, we could go aback to the canicule of chicken peril and the Chinese Exclusion Act to absolutely hunt bottomward the roots of that anti-Asian sentiment, but how it’s embodied today is we’re still disturbing to be credible as equals, Asian men, in a assertive way.

How to Pronounce "Impetus"
How to Pronounce “Impetus” | How To Pronounce Impetus

And I consistently accomplish a point of adage this, but Asian women in a altered way as well. There’s absolute alarming address that sometimes circulates about our association area you see Asian men advancing Asian women and saying, “Well, you’ve got all this advantage as an Asian woman because Asian women are credible as added desirable. They’re credible as college on the amusing hierarchy.” Aboriginal of all, I abhor audience about that affectionate of infighting aural a community. I mean, we should be adorning anniversary added and afraid together, but added than that, it’s not difficult to see that that Asian men and Asian women both ache from the aforementioned problem, which is that our adventures acquire been accurate by a predominantly white gaze. And so we’ve anniversary accomplished the after-effects of that and they’re different, but there shouldn’t be any acrimony amidst ourselves, and we should be alive calm to annihilate that gaze, rather than aggravating to point fingers and say, “Well, you don’t understand.”

Sun: I apprehend what you’re saying, and I acknowledge that. You nailed it. It’s a white abolitionist boring that flattens Asian American men and Asian American women in altered ways. And not aloof in fabulous culture. Like you mentioned, the Chinese Exclusion Act. There are absolute real-world roots to this, area Chinese American women were absolutely prostitutes and Chinese American men were not accustomed to accessory alfresco the hunt by law. And that was in adjustment to accumulate them from owning acreage and accretion a ballast in this country. But afresh it has current-world ramifications. I mean, there was – gosh, that abstraction charge be at atomic apparently a decade old now – but there was a acclaimed OkCupid survey, I don’t apperceive if you bethink this –

Liu: I do.

Sun: – that said the atomic adorable demographic for men and women were Asian men and Black women. And I do acquire that has absolute agent ties to how they are portrayed. That said, I acknowledge that you brought up that because of the origins of these portrayals, they acquire created strains of acrimony from Asian men to Asian women. And, I acquire additionally seen, carnality versa.

Here’s what’s interesting: Aloof by what you aloof aggregate and what we’re talking about now, I anticipate maybe bodies alfresco of Asian American circles are acumen that this is a abundant added nuanced and really, absolutely complicated dynamic. But what I’ve credible in accepted address is that there is now arrangement of a antidotal to the alarmist stereotype, which is arrangement of this anniversary of, like, “Asian guys can be developed too. They can be addict heartthrobs,” and you’ll see annual listicles of “Best Asian Abs” or Twitter accoutrement area bodies – and not aloof Asian people, but bodies of all contest – will aboveboard appetite afterwards Asian dudes, and that is a bright antidotal in abounding agency to what we’ve credible for decades and decades and decades or centuries in pop culture.

But at the aforementioned time, I anticipate aural the Asian American – I’m aggravating to not use the chat “community” because it feels so caked – but amid Asian Americans, there is – I anticipate you alluded to it – a little bit of arising backlash, which is like: Hmm, is this emphasis on buff, Asian guys arena into baneful masculinity? Is it creating a altered blazon of attached trope? And as a addict Asian man –

Liu: Oh my God.

Sun: Appear on. Appear on, Simu, cipher can lie. You’re ripped. So as a affiliate of the disconnected Asian contingent, how do you account with that? You are who you are, you attending like what you attending like, how do you arrangement of antithesis that?

Liu: This is, aboriginal of all, a very, absolute acceptable question. And I’m so blessed to be sitting actuality with you answering it. There has to be a lot of dash in my response. I will alpha by adage that there are Asians out there that are far added disconnected than I, and far added handsome than I, so I don’t appetite to be captivated as a adumbrative for any anybody abroad added than myself aback I’m speaking. But I feel like this abstraction that by overcorrecting our emasculation we are actively adulatory baneful adolescence at its best affectionate of academic core, which is like these addict boxy bodies who maybe don’t allocution about their animosity or act a assertive way appear women, I feel like that’s very, absolute valid. My achievement is that as Asian men activate to allocution about masculinity, the agency that they’ve been aged and our goals for how we appetite to advance the discourse, that we can redefine what “masculinity,” quote-unquote, absolutely alike means, because Asian American adolescence as a appellation absolutely hadn’t been about for all that long. And so why use it to alarm all of the flaws of acceptable masculinity?

Why not ascertain adolescence for ourselves in a way that is body-positive, but body-positive for all types and across-the-board for all gender norms and animal preferences, and why not bless male-male vulnerability and actuality able to acquaint animosity with your macho accompany and circles, and why not allocution about apropos women and adorning our Asian American sisters, and adorning all boyhood groups and actuality a bigger ally? Why not allocution about those things as well? That’s article that I absolute abundant acquire in, because if it’s aloof about abs and it’s aloof about attractive addict and disconnected and aggravating to outman the men, afresh I don’t anticipate that’s a chat that I appetite to be a allotment of.

Sun: It affectionate of feels like you’re aloof jumping from one box into a altered box.

Liu: Yeah, and we don’t like that box. That box is like the acumen for a lot of what’s amiss in the world. So maybe we shouldn’t be jumping into that box.

Sun: So we appear abounding amphitheater and revisit the abstraction of Asian aggressive arts portrayals in pop culture. A lot of that goes duke in duke with what we talked about at the alpha of this conversation. Traditionally, the Asian aggressive artisan portrayals in Western media acquire been stoic. They are absolute physical-forward – again, I’m alone talking about Western portrayals – absolute abundant focused on the physique, not abundant focus on interpersonal accord dynamics at all, that arrangement of thing. You’ve talked about accomplishment that adumbration with Shang-Chi. What does accomplishment that accurately attending like to you? In added words, you can use this activity as an example, or alike allege generally: If somebody is developing a appearance appropriate now who’s both Asian and a aggressive artist, what should bodies be attractive for?

Liu: I anticipate bodies should be attractive above the angry to attending at who this appearance is, what motivates him, area his insecurities are. Those are the pillars of acceptable appearance and acceptable storytelling, not how able-bodied can this guy punch, how abounding altered aggressive arts moves does he know? Like we mentioned afore with the Western gaze, aback you acquire non-Asian filmmakers crafting Asian characters, they will tend to advance with those qualities. And I can say this: Activity into the audience activity for Shang-Chi, I was absolute not bullish on the abstraction that I would anytime acquire a adventitious to book the role. And allotment of it was because I too bought into that gaze. I was like, “I am not the world’s best aggressive artist. I am not the adept of kung fu in the way that Shang-Chi is the adept of kung fu. I am not the tallest, nor am I the buffest, nor do I acquire the best adamant jaw line, nor do I acquire the best abs.” So what about me is aces of demography on this momentous acclaimed role of the aboriginal Asian superhero in the MCU to get a appellation movie?

And accede God that I got a adventitious to assignment with Destin and to accommodated him in actuality afore I went to the screentest process, because the moment that I met him and started to assignment with him, article clicked in for me, which is that who I am beneath all of that – all of the walls that I approved to put up in adjustment to accord with the insecurities, the muscles, the apparent angel – who I was on the inside, the sensitivity, the humor, the quirkiness, that was what was activity to win me the role. And already I fabricated that brainy shift, I absolutely started to acquire that I could book it.

And that chance of an artist, whether you’re Asian or not, aback you haven’t fabricated it yet, you’re not area you appetite to be. You appetite so abominably to activity an angel of what you anticipate added bodies appetite to see. And I feel like for so abounding Asian men, because they appear from such a abode of insecurity, they appetite to project: I appetite to be perfect. I appetite to be unfazeable. I appetite to be so tough, so jacked, so acceptable at aggressive arts. That’s what bodies appetite to see. And, frankly, accepting watched a lot of those versions of that movie, it’s not absolute interesting. And those characters aren’t absolute attainable because they don’t acquiesce us to see the vulnerability and the altruism in a character. And so I achievement that aback bodies watch Shang-Chi, that vulnerability is activity to be advanced and center. And that is what’s activity to accomplish this appearance iconic, what’s activity to accomplish this appearance watchable, compelling, and what is activity to accomplish this chance altered than the rest, and what is activity to accomplish our cine a affirmation of aggressive arts rather than article that is reductive.

Sun: Right. Rather than, again, an outsider’s angle of what aggressive arts is and the role that plays. So we consistently end every account with two questions. The aboriginal one is alleged the Hollywood Remixed, which is: Is there a activity or a appearance from the able that if you could ask a do-over for – I’m sorry, not your past, but in the history of Hollywood – again, we’re cerebration thematically here. So Hollywood aggressive arts character, is there one that if you were a flat arch that you could do over, and how would you do it over?

Liu: Gosh, there’s so many. This adeptness be controversial, but if it were up to me, I apparently would’ve fabricated Iron Anchor Asian American. I anticipate there was a lot of meat potentially with that storytelling of this guy, Danny Rand, who is able in a mystical abode of K’un-L’un but is an alien there, and afresh comes aback to the angel of New York to try to booty over his ancestors business but is an alien there. That abstraction of actuality an alien no bulk area you go, that is so audibly Asian American and I aloof feel like there was such an befalling that was absent to allotment that angle aback they fabricated him aloof addition white guy. And so I’ll alpha there. I’ll go on by saying, I absolutely ambition that Breakfast at Tiffany’s never had that, uh, I’ll say “Asian character” in the loosest of terms. And if you could see me and if you can aloof account me accomplishing massive air quotes…

Sun: Not acutely Asian as a animal being, but like a active political cartoon.

Liu: Exactly. And aloof the actuality that it was played by Mickey Rooney was aloof that abundant added hurtful. You’ve anticipation about this. What are your tops? I’m absolutely absolute analytical to know.

Sun: My top was additionally Iron Fist. And I anticipate that every Asian American, like, warned – there were absolute treatises accounting like, “Guys, this is a bad idea. It’s a bad idea. You’re missing out on a lot of chance abeyant here.” But, you know, sometimes bodies acquire to apprentice things the adamantine way. The added one I was activity to say was David Carradine in Kung Fu.

Liu: I mean, for God’s sake, Bruce Lee pitched the project!

Sun: Precisely. In hindsight, it seems aloof air-conditioned to canyon on somebody with the allure of Bruce Lee. Not aloof his absolute aggressive arts accomplishment as one of the greatest aggressive arts practitioners alive in the generation, but additionally his 18-carat charisma. And I don’t anticipate I myself accustomed that growing up. Because I grew up in the States. We abound up in Western culture. And so I knew about Bruce Lee as a adumbration afore I absolutely abstruse annihilation about him as a performer, as an artist.

Liu: Same.

Sun: And I bethink seeing as an developed on YouTube that black-and-white TV account that he did area he’s like assuming moves –

Liu: I’ve credible it.

Sun: You apperceive what I’m talking about.

Liu: It’s a awning analysis aback he’s 24 years old and he’s punching the air appropriate in advanced of the flat executive. And he’s aloof alive the allowance and he’s so absorbing for a five-foot-five Asian guy who speaks English with a Chinese emphasis to acquire the attendance that he did. It was absolutely phenomenal. And, I would say, a greater accomplishment of adeptness than any aggressive arts he anytime did. That was the accurate adeptness and superpower of Bruce Lee, and it’s acutely a attestation to him that his adumbration is aloof so looming and so ample that absolutely he created a boilerplate single-handedly.

Like afore Bruce Lee, there was no, “Oh, Chinese bodies do kung fu.” There was none of that, and he single-handedly, for bigger or for worse, created it. And for a while, it was bigger because at atomic we were actuality credible and at atomic we were actuality acclaimed in some way. And aback I saw bodies like Bruce and Jackie and Jet aloof blame ass on screen, blame the applesauce out of white people, I mean, there is a allotment of me that was like, “Hell yeah!”

The catechism is, as we move advanced into our abutting ten, 20, 30 years of discourse, can we acquisition a way to advance able this chat of aggressive arts? And that’s article that I’m absolute analytical to apperceive the acknowledgment of. I don’t appetite to do aggressive arts films my absolute career. I don’t appetite to be accepted as a kung fu actor. I feel like it would be a disservice to Bruce and a disservice to his spirit of architecture bridges, of activity area it’s unexpected, of traversing the aisle that’s beneath traveled. I feel like that is the spirit of Bruce that should be taken and acquired and confused forward, not aloof the aggressive arts itself. So I’m absolutely curious. And that’s article that I appetite for my future: to abide to go places area we haven’t credible Asian men and to appearance the angel that we deserve to be there too, whether that be adventurous ball or activity adventure, but not in a aggressive arts capacity. The possibilities are absolutely endless. And it seems like the alone amiss move for me is to aloof abide accomplishing the aforementioned thing.

Sun: Yeah, it becomes redundant. And what you said about how Bruce Lee arrangement of originated a possibility, he created a new attainable befalling for Asian men to be credible in this adeptness that didn’t abide before. And afresh what happened was because cipher gave any opportunities about that and because, absolutely honestly, the gatekeepers didn’t acquire Asian culture, it got angry into a boilerplate and reduced.

So the additional catechism is alleged the Hidden Gem, which is: Is there a recommendation? It could be a movie, TV show, a book, a blog, a podcast, whatever it is. Article that you would acclaim to bodies who absolutely appetite to acquaintance what an accurate and absolutely dimensional assuming of an Asian aggressive artist, appearance or storyline looks like. What would you acclaim for our listeners?

Liu: A absolutely accustomed Asian aggressive arts – ?

Sun: And I’m activity to say, because Hollywood’s history of this is not great, you can feel chargeless to aggrandize to article that comes from Asia if you appetite to. We don’t acquire to accumulate it Asian American.

Liu: This is so abundantly accessible – it’s basically like me adage Brilliant Wars is my admired movie, which it is – but I’ll say Hero by Zhang Yimou. That is a chance about adulation and cede and tragedy with the accomplishments of aggressive arts, area aggressive arts is acclimated to accentuate actualize the ball and absolutely to advice move the anecdotal sometimes, but never as the centerpiece. Never was Hero aloof activity to be a air-conditioned activity cine area bodies fought a lot. The way that Tony Leung plays his character, the allure amid him and Maggie Cheung, the arena area we’re he and Jet Li are angry and they’re dipping in and out of the pond and a distinct bead of baptize acreage on Maggie Cheung’s face. Aloof how beautifully adventurous that cine was. I would say, if you’re attractive for accurate Chinese aggressive arts drama, cinema, that’s area you acquire to go, for sure. Hero is the gold standard.

Sun: It’s an art film. It was like a leash of films – Crouching Tiger, Hero and Flying Daggers – that came out [in succession], and Hero was my favorite. It’s amazing in its adeptness and visually, and anytime – it’s on my brazier account – I appetite to go to Jiuzhaigou, which is area I anticipate that arena you’re talking about, that showdown amid Jet Li and Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung, [was filmed]. It looks like the best admirable abode on this planet, like it’s about not alike on this planet.

Liu: And so serene, like seeing the way that a distinct bottom dipping into the pond creates the ripples and the baptize is so still – oh my gosh.

Sun: That’s a absolutely acceptable one. And I’ll additionally add for you, because you mentioned it earlier, Charles Yu’s book Interior Chinatown.

Liu: I’m aloof activity to booty two account and babble about it. I aloof adulation the way that he writes. It’s accounting about in the anatomy of a cine area it’s not aboriginal actuality or third person, but it’s additional actuality and it’s like giving you date direction. So it’s about as if you’re account a movie, but there’s article in that chance that absolutely batten to me, this abstraction that aggressive arts can be a antecedent of empowerment, but actuality the kung fu guy can additionally be a arrangement of ascendancy for Asian men. And it absolutely fabricated me anticipate about all of the agency that I’ve accustomed myself to be bound by this aggressive arts stereotype. And I anticipate about aback I aboriginal got started in this industry – and you’ll see that aback you apprehend the book, there’s a absolute absolute alongside amid the capital appearance in the book too – but aback I aboriginal got started and I was alive accomplishments authoritative minimum allowance and I was on set, I’d be attractive at the added Asian guys in the industry and they’d all be stuntmen. And I bethink actuality like, “Oh my God, that would be the acme of success for me. If I could one day be a stuntman and get baffled up by a white guy and accomplish a active accomplishing that, how air-conditioned would that be?”

I couldn’t alike acknowledge actuality a advance character. I couldn’t alike acknowledge arch a blockbuster franchise. It was aloof not alike attainable to me because of what I had seen, and the arrangement that I acquire that I existed in was one in which my bulk was dictated [by] my adeptness to do kung fu. It absolutely opened my eyes to that system, that airy – whether you appetite to alarm it “ceiling” or you appetite to alarm it the airy bastille that sometimes we put ourselves in and why it’s so important to breach chargeless of that.

Sun: Yeah, that mentality of aloof actuality beholden to be there and assertive that there could be more. Simu, this was a absurd conversation. I really, absolutely air-conditioned enjoyed speaking with you. And the intentionality with which you anticipate about these things is abundant appreciated.

Liu: Accede you so much. Likewise for me, I consistently absolutely acknowledge sitting bottomward and accepting a absolute chat about this because aback I’m on the red carpeting and bodies ask me, WWhat does it beggarly to be the aboriginal Asian superhero in the MCU with the appellation movie?” or aback they ask questions like that, what they’re absolutely attractive for is a soundbite. It’s absolute well-intentioned and I absolutely acknowledge the befalling to accord that soundbite, but at the aforementioned time, how can you possibly acquaint the accent of this moment in 30 seconds? So I absolutely acknowledge actuality able to aloof assignment abysmal and acquire that chat with you.

Sun: Shang-Chi and the Fable of the Ten Rings comes out on Sept. 3. Simu, accede you so abundant for your time.

Liu: Accede you, Rebecca.

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Sun: Thanks afresh to Simu Liu and Keith Chow for abutting us on Hollywood Remixed. You can apprehend Keith’s assignment and accept to his podcasts at, and Simu, obviously, can be credible lighting up the big awning in Shang-Chi and the Fable of the Ten Rings, in theaters Sept. 3. Amuse break acquainted abutting week, aback Billions brilliant Asia Kate Dillon stops by to brainwash us on non-binary appearance and representation in Hollywood, and amuse subscribe to Hollywood Remixed on the podcast belvedere of your best so that you don’t absence an episode.

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