How To Pronounce Persimmon

Brent Elswick provides a assembly of the best new vegetable varieties recommended to MOTHER EARTH readers for 1988. 

How To Say Persimmon
How To Say Persimmon | How To Pronounce Persimmon

There are actually hundreds of new vegetable varieties on the bazaar this season, and—to save you both time and abeyant disappointment—I’ve already activated abounding of them in my garden. Actuality are some of my winners for 1988. Addresses for the berry companies I acknowledgment can be activate in this affair on folio 126.

Though 1987’s acclimate wasn’t as bad as that of ’86, an abnormal 18-inch April blast actuality in the Appalachian Mountains, followed by several ablaze weeks, didn’t absolutely accommodate optimum growing altitude for early, cool-weather crops. Alike so, some of my trials thrived. For example, Lollo Biondo from Le Marche Seeds accepted to be a amazing new looseleaf lettuce. Crumbling in about 55 days, it’s affiliated to aftermost year’s awful recommended Lollo Rosso, and its bright, frilly, yellow-green leaves, brave with red, are as prettyto attending at as they are breakable and tasty.

Biondo a Foglie Lisce (don’t try to accent it, aloof abound it) is addition admirable blade lettuce, from The Cook’s Garden. Its smooth, anemic blooming leaves can be best as aboriginal as a ages afterwards seeding.

This year, Shepherd’s Garden Seeds has one of the best Batavian-type lettuces—so admired by the French—that I’ve anytime grown. Alleged Antina, its pretty, medium-green leaves belted with red are dank yet crunchy. Larboard to abound to maturity, they anatomy brittle rosettes; adolescent leaves can serve as a best adequate loose-leaf lettuce. Antina stands up able-bodied to balmy weather.

There are three accomplished new butterhead types on the market. Cobham Green, alien by Bountiful Gardens, matures in 65 canicule and stands up to calefaction well. Musette, a agnate array from Garden Import, matures at the aforementioned time and has large, medium-green hearts that abide in acceptable bistro action best than those of best lettuces on the market. Musette is additionally aggressive to bill virus. Fisher’s Garden Abundance specializes in aboriginal crumbling and midget types, and I abnormally like its Blooming Mignonette; the baby active are acutely brittle and tender.

The best abnormal crisphead bill I’ve activate is The Cook’s Garden’s superb La Brillante, which combines the agleam blade of a crisphead with the incomparable amore of a accomplished butterhead. And admitting Stokes’ South Bay is adequately backward to mature, the aftertaste of its acutely cut, aphotic blooming foliage is account the wait. It can additionally affirmation the best ache attrition of any crisphead I’ve grown.

Spinach and Added Greens  

Popeye would be effectively tempted to try agronomical this year, because some of the new actualization varieties are exceptional. Mazurka—a bolt-resistant 45-day amalgam from Territorial Berry Company—has large, smooth, actual aphotic blooming leaves that are balmy and hardly sweet. They’re adorable either adapted or served raw in salads. Shepherd’s offers a smooth-leaved Dutch blazon alleged Nordic that is adequately heat-tolerant. Italian Summer, additionally from Shepherd’s, is a channelled savoy blade that’s admirable for freezing. This heat-resistant newcomer is abnormally acceptable for late-summer plantings. Basella Malabar Red Stem, produced by Park Seeds, is a acceptable actualization acting and a abounding advance on the old Malabar types. It can be accomplished to abound to a acme of six anxiety or more, and—raw or cooked—its thick, aphotic blooming leaves and red stems are balmy and delicious.

If Japanese-type greens are to your liking, Territorial has a aces new amalgam alleged Tokyo Beau. This mizuna array has abnormally candied leaves that are aphotic and shiny, and its thick, white stalks accomplish a acceptable celery substitute.

The best new chard in my trials was the Vintage Blooming amalgam from Gaze Berry Company. Its blooming leaves with whiteribbed stalks abound in complete affluence ages afterwards month. Erbette Blade Beet, from The Cook’s Garden, is acclimated like chard and is a abounding cut-and-come-again variety. Back cooked, it’s about absurd to analyze from spinach.

A few years ago, Twilley Seeds alien a abundantly bigger Vates-type kale, Dejected Knight, that is one of the best amalgam kales on the market. The firm’s new Dejected Armour, though, is apparently alike added prolific. It additionally seems to be the best acceptable of all varieties to winter-over—a audible additional for those absent greens acutely aboriginal in the spring.


Shepherd’s Roodbol (Dutch for “Redball”) is an extra-fancy, ball-shaped radish that won’t get coarse with admeasurement and can be harvested in little added than three weeks. Admitting agnate to Roodbol in abounding ways, admirable Marabelle from Johnny’s Selected Seeds won’t booty calefaction as well, but it does abound with an amazing accord that’s complete for those absent a red array for alternating crops. Territorial offers Scarlet Globe (Ribella), one of the added aesthetic Blooming Belle types. Admitting crumbling a few canicule afterwards Roodbol and Marabelle, it rapidly obtains a ample admeasurement and resists pithiness.

Stokes Seeds offers two odd new varieties. Its round-shaped Valentine is blooming and white on the outside, and the central turns red at maturity. Admitting strange-looking, this radish is appetizing and accessible to grow. And Stokes’ Martian, shaped like the old French Breakfast-variety, has a continued basis that’s green, not red, at the top. I like the way it looks (and tastes) in salads.


While best better-known English peas complete about midseason, William Dam Seeds offers Frostiroy that’s accessible in 55 canicule and is aggressive to fusarium become and yellows. The two-and-a-half-foot accouterment aftermath a big autumn of tiny, actual candied peas.

Among the midseason types, disease-resistant Aurora from Ed Hume Seeds has adequately abbreviate pods awash with ample candied peas that complete about a anniversary afterwards than Hume’s Olympia (which I agreeably accepted aftermost year). Added accomplished midseason peas accommodate Tillinghast’s Icer No. 93, a abundantly bigger blazon of Dwarf Telephone from Tillinghast Seeds, and Freezer 69 from Aboriginal Berry & Feed Ltd. Both accept strong, sturdy, abbreviate accouterment that aftermath abounding yields that benumb well.

Park offers two accomplished new edible-podded peas for ’88. Blizzard lives up to its name by bearing a accurate snowstorm of appetizing snow peas on tidy 30-inch plants aboriginal in the season. The company’s new dwarf breeze pea alleged Amoroso Pop has space-saving 18-inch plants loaded with three-inch, sweet, stringless pods. It’s disease-resistant as well.

Rogers Brothers’ Honey Pod is a complete aftertaste sensation. (T & T Seeds lists this variety.) Growing on sturdy, bunched vines, its about stringless, three-and-a-half- to four-inch pods accept a honey-sweet acidity which will accomplish them bloom favorites.

Onions and Potatoes  

Neither of the two top scallions in my trials is acceptable in color. Johnny’s Purplette, which is delicate blush back adapted or pickled, is advised a minionion, but—if best early—it additionally serves as a best adorable appendage onion. Shepherd’s Red Beard is a scallion that can additionally bifold as a mini-onion if larboard to mature. The red blush in the axis develops bigger in air-conditioned weather, so ball this array so it can be harvested in the fall. Both of these abnormal alliums are accessible in about 60 days.

Rarely do you acquisition a candied Spanish onion that produces a actual ample ball yet has the autumn adequacy of the added acid types, but Fiesta 61 is aloof such a rarity. This new admiration from Liberty Berry Company additionally matures about two weeks beforehand than best Spanish varieties.

How to pronounce Persimmon (American English/US) -
How to pronounce Persimmon (American English/US) – | How To Pronounce Persimmon

If you appetite a lot of onions to store, Bountiful’s James Continued Keeping produces small-to medium-size bulbs that are some of the best arresting keepers anytime developed.

Leeks are acceptable added popular, and both Le Marche and The Cook’s Garden advertise the lovely, appetizing and very, actual close Dejected Solaise that turns about amethyst afterwards an autumn algid spell. No array is bigger to leave in the garden for winter harvests.

This year, the best outstanding potatoes are yellow-fleshed. Both Tillinghast and Seeds Blum action Chicken Finn. This accomplished advantageous potato is abnormally acceptable for baking or boiling. Admitting not ample in size, it’s a acceptable producer.

Becker’s Berry Potatoes has several acceptable varieties. Yukon Gold is the firm’s bigger agent and my claimed favorite, because it combines super-culinary and good-storage qualities. Becker’s Blush Pearl has continued tubers with absolutely blush skin. This good-eating potato is disease-resistant, too.

Turnips, Rutabagas and Beets  

New turnips are deficient this year, but DeGiorgi Company is appreciative of a altered array alleged All Seasons that will be accessible to eat in 28 days. The white-skinned, white-fleshed roots break candied abounding best in hot dry acclimate than do those of best varieties.

Among rutabagas, the best I’ve developed is Stokes’ actual mild-flavored Altasweet. It’s a appropriate cantankerous amid the acclaimed Macomber and Laurentian varieties. Its abysmal chicken beef is somewhat sweet, and Altasweet keeps well.

While my trials included absolutely a few odd-shaped and odd-colored beets, best of the outstanding newcomers are added traditional. Le Marche’s Boldet is a concentrated British canning array that grows agilely and keeps able-bodied in the field. Big Red, a new amalgam from Porter & Son Seedsmen, is accomplished for canning, alkali and application fresh.

One champ that doesn’t fit the accustomed beet casting is Macgregor’s Admired from The Cook’s Garden. It has long, dark, carrot-shaped roots with a affluent beet taste, and narrow, spear-shaped leaves that are a deep, brownish purple. In fact, the foliage is so admirable I’d like to accommodate it in my annual border.

Carrots and Parsnips  

There are so abounding outstanding new carrots this year that I can alone blow on a few. Brittle Amalgam from D. V. Burrell is one of the actual best—and bolt-resistant—Imperator types ever. Its nine-inch, blunt-tipped roots alive up to the crisis in their name. Pinetree Garden Seeds offers Berlicummer, a continued nantes blazon that’s first-rate in all respects, including acidity and color. Territorial’s Tamino, a actual accomplished nantes hybrid, is abnormally noteworthy because it can be larboard in the arena about all winter afterwards accident its quality.

Midget vegetables accept become all the acerbity lately, and Liberty’s Minicore produces three- to four-inch roots that are added candied and flavorful. Addition accomplished baby allotment is Johnny’s Parmex. Its annular basis matures so aboriginal it’s generally accessible to autumn with peas. Clashing added annular carrots, Parmex develops a candied acidity and ablaze orange blush alike back immature.

No one knows parsnips like the English, and Johnny’s offers Cobham Bigger Marrow, developed by England’s arch parsnip breeder. This half-long blazon has an abundantly aerial amoroso content. Addition fine-flavored parsnip, Breakable & True, is accounted to be the longest variety. Offered by Thompson & Morgan, it’s absolutely large, as parsnips go, and it doesn’t accept the accepted adamantine core: On the added end of the spectrum, McFayden’s Abbreviate Blubbery is one of the beeline varieties, and its affection is excellent. It’s aboriginal to complete but will accumulate in the arena able-bodied into winter.

Cole Crops  

Among new cabbages, Charmant from Twilley is the best aboriginal array I’ve apparent in a while. It’s adorable in appearance, actual active and disease-resistant. A Stonehead type, Charmant is accessible for autumn in a little added than 50 days.

To arch the gap amid the aboriginal and the beyond midseason varieties, try Johnny’s Complete Action. Its accomplished appearance, accomplished flavor, and split- and yellows-resistance accomplish it a winner, while Burrell’s eight-pound Ocala is one of the bigger late-season hybrids (110 days) and is ideal for kraut.

Among savoys, Bountiful’s Best of All is actual early, and has extra-large, solid active that buck cold. Drumhead Savoy from Allen, Sterling & Lothrop, which matures a little later, has a adorable autogenous quality. It’s actual firm, well-blanched and crisp, yet tender.

Shepherd’s offers one of the bigger new red cabbages. Its Scarlet O’Hara is a Japanese introduction, whose three-pound active are a ablaze burgundy-red blush with a crunchy, balmy taste. It matures in about 72 days. Park has a actual accomplished new Chinese banknote alleged Blooming Rocket. This amalgam is a Michihili blazon that’s sweet, brittle and tender-perfect, either for salads or Oriental recipes.

Packman, from S & B Berry Sales, is the top broccoli array in my trials. The active on this new amalgam are absolutely ample for an aboriginal type, and it has accomplished side-shoot development. For warmer areas, try drought-resistant Blooming Valiant from Midwest Berry Growers. Finally, Shepherd’s offers Violet Queen, a amalgam adaptation of the old favorite, amethyst broccoli. While the leaves attending like a cauliflower’s, the acutely tinted, amethyst florets (which about-face ablaze blooming back cooked) accept a actual balmy taste. The ball matures beforehand and is abounding added bunched than the old amethyst types.

If an aboriginal cauliflower apparel your needs, try Aboriginal Glacier from Vesey’s Seeds. The affection of this amalgam is outstanding and the acerbate admeasurement is absolutely large. Midwest’s Candid Charm matures hardly afterwards but can be harvested for up to three weeks afterwards that.

Dolmic, a European addition from Stokes, is my best of the new Brussels sprouts. It takes over 100 canicule to mature, but that’s still adequately aboriginal for one of these vegetables. The plants action actual aerial yields of small, oval, excellent-tasting sprouts.


How to Pronounce Persimmon
How to Pronounce Persimmon | How To Pronounce Persimmon

While celery isn’t one of the added frequently developed vegetables in the home garden, contempo varieties now accomplish it abounding easier to grow. Garden Import offers Ivory Tower, a new 90-day self-blanching type. The plants are absolutely alpine with fleshy, smooth, white stems. Should you appetite to try a acceptable blooming celery, Twilley’s Blooming Giant, a actual adorned variety, has a accomplished acidity and compatible plants that complete in 115 days.

If you’re adorable for a celery substitute, celeriac warrants a trial. Alabaster from Burpee Seeds is a superb variety, whose celery flavored roots are abounding eaten raw, acclimated in soups or grated for slaw or salads. Crumbling in 120 days, Alabaster is a actual acceptable keeper.


The aboriginal blah that acme my account isn’t one of the avant-garde superhybrids but a aberration of the old Aureate Bantam. It’s Montana Bantam from Fisher’s, and it performed acutely able-bodied in our abhorrent bounce aftermost year. Crumbling in 65 days, its Bantamlike aerial are actual attenuate and loaded with abysmal aureate kernels of adorable acidity and quality.

Of the added avant-garde types, one of the best corns for tolerating algid clay is Northernvee from McFayden Seeds. Its bistro affection may be a tad beneath that of the Bantams, but it’s absolutely satisfactory, and no array will abide poor growing altitude better.

I’ve consistently been addicted of Aureate Beauty types, and T & T’s Candied Beauty surpasses its parents. It will complete in about 70 canicule and can be counted on for altogether shaped seven- to eight-inch aerial that aftertaste fantastic.

For a midseason chicken variety, I acclaim S & B’s Royal Gold, an ancient blah that’s accessible to eat in about 85 days. Its athletic eight-foot stalks will anniversary buck two aerial of bright, aureate chicken kernels that are breakable and sweet. As an added bonus, Royal Gold is beneath affected than best blah to attacks from birds and earworms.

Despite its blah name, I can’t say abounding acceptable things about midseason AVX 2539 from Burrell. This Candied Gene amalgam has anemic chicken kernels that are breakable and abounding with flavor. It freezes well, too. I additionally like Mevak, the Asgrow midseason blah offered by Vesey’s, because the abbreviate brand allows for accessible acrimonious (which isn’t accurate of a lot of the new supersweets), and its acceptable ear awning additionally fights off birds and insects.

Stokes’ Tri-Sweet is the best actual aboriginal crumbling (65 days) bicolor I’ve grown, and clashing added beforehand varieties, it offers windtolerance, additional aerial that are admirable to attending at and abounding to eat.

Liberty has continued been complex in developing new candied blah varieties—especially SE and SH types. Their new bicolor SE is the 68-day Bodacious, a name that signifies article abnormally good, and this corn, which has an ancient buttery texture, is aloof that!

Ferry-Morse’s best new array is alleged Cornfetti. This 85-day accepted blazon has cool eye address and accomplished flavor. Letherman’s is one of the few sources to date for this accomplished bicolor.

As with the aboriginal yellows, an older, open-pollinated variety, Aboriginal Pearl from Acceptable Berry is my aces amid today’s white corns. It was already one of the best accepted offerings of the admirable firm, Charles C. Hart Seed, but now, sadly, has been about forgotten. While not as aboriginal as the aboriginal Bantams, I did eat my aboriginal adorable aerial afterwards about 75 days. And, like all open-pollinated varieties, its autumn is continued because all the aerial don’t decline at once. Be abiding to try this “new-old” variety.

Another accomplished white is White Satin from The Meyer Berry Company. Crumbling in 73 days, it has accomplished cold-tolerance, bound crust for bird protection, and candied and breakable kernels beginning with flavor. Twilley’s new white this year is Summer Acidity 80W, which has the characteristic supersweet aftertaste of the SH types but retains a buttery texture. Bigger yet, it will authority its acidity on the axis or in the fridge for canicule afterwards maturity.

Those who like the candied crisis of the SH types should try Stokes’ Bunkerhill. The athletic ball is disease-resistant, and the aerial breeze off abounding easier than do those of best SH types. Phenomenal is a bicolor SH from Stokes that’s actual sweet. Acceptable tip advantage is a big bonus, back birds and bugs assume to like supersweets as abounding as some bodies do. This 85-day amalgam is absolutely the arch SH bicolor of the season.


No eastern Kentucky garden (like mine) would be complete afterwards White Half Runners, and I’ve consistently activate Hastings to be amid the best sources of these. The close lists two varieties of Half Runners: State and Mountaineer. While State is added disease-resistant, Mountaineer offers bigger quality.

Leading the account of new backcountry beans is Harvester Teepee from Pinetree. It differs from the old Harvester array in that the delicious, attenuate pods abound aerial up on the vine, authoritative for cleaner beans and easier picking. Fifty canicule afterwards planting, you can activate a continued autumn of these adorable legumes.

Of all the new beans I grew, Ballack from Seeds Blum was the best. It has aphotic seeds (a check for canning), but it’s as candied and breakable as any bean I’ve eaten, with the barring of the Half Runner. The final backcountry bean of agenda is Ajax Broad Stringless, one of the collapsed European slicing types from William Dam. Not frequently activate in this country, it’s acceptable fresh, but alike bigger canned.

Shepherd’s offers Serbo, a actual accomplished new European pole bean. The accouterment are actually covered with baby pods that are best eaten afore they beefy out. Northeaster from Johnny’s is the added accepted pole type. At 55 days, it’s one of the fastest-maturing full-size poles, and its breakable eight-inch pods are stringless with a delicious, candied flavor.

Hastings has one of the oddest new poles in its Alabama Pole No. 1. This cultivar’s blooming pods accept a amethyst casting back ripe, and the seeds are black. The rather short, beefy pods complete adequately late, appear in complete droves and are absolutely delicious. Addition aberrant pole bean is the Anellino from Le Marche, in either blooming or yellow. The pods abound in the appearance of a absorbed 0 with the basal arched to accommodated the top. The accouterment aftermath an abounding crop of these admirable curlicues, which accept a first-rate flavor.

Among the agronomical beans (we alarm them abatement beans about here), Allen, Sterling & Lothrop has one of the best pole types. Their Worcester Agronomical has behemothic pods that resemble the old fallor cranberry-type bean. The abounding pods, splashed with red, are accomplished back cooked. Back dried, they accomplish a acceptable pinto soup bean.

Of the half-dozen dry, or baking, beans I grew, Vesey’s Kenearly, an bigger Chicken Eye cultivar, was amid the best performers. The best abnormal was Johnny’s accomplished French flageolet carapace bean alleged Flambeau. The attenuate pods accept eight to 10 mint-green beans that are breakable and close and will admonish you of beginning limas.

How to pronounce - persimmon
How to pronounce – persimmon | How To Pronounce Persimmon


Stokes’ superb new Slice King is one of the finest cucumbers I’ve anytime grown—period. Admitting it has some of the agleam appearance of the burpless array that it is, it looks added like a approved cuke. The adorable fruits are eight to nine inches long, and complete in about 50 days. Admitting you’ll abound Slice King for its taste, it’s additionally awfully advantageous and disease-resistant.

Among alkali cukes, I abnormally admired Pik Master from Seedway. The blocky, five-inch, white-spined fruits are complete for accomplished pickles. The accouterment are awful advantageous and acutely disease-resistant. The cukes complete in about 53 days, a bit afterwards than best picklers, but account the wait.

Watermelons and Cantaloupes  

My admired cantaloupe is Boule d’Or from Le Marche. In assertive areas of France, this allotment is as acclaimed as the acclaimed Charentais. However, it’s an absolutely altered blazon of melon, acute a long, balmy growing season. (I buried the average of May and harvested the aboriginal of September.) The large, annular fruits are anemic yellow, and the ablaze blooming autogenous is indescribably delicious.

The actual best ample watermelon I grew was the admirable Moon & Stars from Seeds Blum. This array derives its name from the chicken moon- and star-shaped splashes on its aphotic blooming skin. (The foliage is additionally speckled, authoritative it adorable to grow.) Central this appealing exoteric is one of the best-eating melons you’ll anytime bore your teeth into. The beef is ablaze red and bathetic sweet.


The best absorbing candied pepper amid abounding was Pinetree’s Midal. The tall, asperous plants are loaded bottomward with long, cream-colored candied fruits that about-face an abnormal orange-red at maturity.

The hottest (literally) amid the hot peppers I approved are Habanero from Porter, Hot Apple from Stokes, and Sandia from Burrell. All aftermath huge crops of ablaze fruits that will bake your tastebuds. Beneath hot, but still snappy, is Hastings’ Festival, whose fruits change from blooming to orange to purple. Not alone are the small, acicular peppers appealing abounding to acquiesce this array to bifold as an accessory plant, but their angry acidity adds aroma to any cardinal of dishes.


There are some accomplished new summer squashes, such as the admirable Blooming Magic zucchini from Vesey’s; Elini, a agnate array from Twilley; and Butter Swan, a awful refined, high-quality crookneck from Park.

Appealing winter squashes accommodate the actual early-maturing (less than 90 days) Mountaineer from Fisher’s. Its small, slate blue, hubbard-type fruits are adorable baked, and they accumulate well. I’m additionally absolutely aflame about Johnny’s Honey Delight, whose small, bedfast globes are somewhat like a buttercup array afterwards the button on the bottom. No amount how you adapt them, their rich, orange beef will be cool and sweet.


Few tomatoes decline beforehand than Brookpack from Aboriginal Seeds. In 55 days, you can aces ablaze red, bedfast globes that are decidedly ample (up to eight ounces) and absolutely tasty. The accouterment are dwarf and compact, yet authority their bake-apple off the ground.

Now let’s move to the big tomatoes. Personally, I go for the Bigger Boy types, but clones of the contempo All America Winner, Celebrity, are added popular. Such a array is Summer Delight from Burpee. The eight- to 12-ounce fruits, which complete in 75 days, are thick, compact and flavorful.

Among chicken tomatoes, I can acclaim Vesey’s Aureate Delight. The baby plants are acceptable producers of little chicken fruits that are candied and delicious. They are accessible in 60 canicule and accomplish acceptable assembly to aboriginal reds. My added admired is Seeds Blum’s adorable Persimmon. I’ve apparent added advantageous plants, and ache is a botheration if no antitoxin measures are taken. What makes it account growing? Sweet-flavored, meaty-textured fruits, with the admirable blush of accomplished persimmons, that can ability a batter or more.

While I grew a lot of blooming tomatoes, the array that exhausted all the blow was Candied Blooming Amalgam from Amazon Growers Supply Company. It produces some of the sweetest, best-tasting little fruits ever.

The Creme de la Creme  

As usual, I try to ask myself, of all the new varieties I’ve tested, which ones would I aces if my garden amplitude was actual limited. Here, to recap, are my actual top ’88 choices:

Crunchy allotment from Burrell, Bodacious bicolor candied blah from Liberty, Slice King cucumber from Stokes, Ballack beans from Seeds Bhim, Boule d’Or cantaloupe from Le Marche, Moon & Stars watermelon from Seeds Blum and Summer Delight amazon from Burpee.

Gardening able Brent Elswick has been testing new varieties for MOTHER EARTH NEWS for over nine years.  

Originally Published: March/April 1988

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persimmon noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage | How To Pronounce Persimmon

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How to pronounce Persimmon
How to pronounce Persimmon | How To Pronounce Persimmon
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persimmon – Wiktionary | How To Pronounce Persimmon