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Should accentuation alone be accomplished agreeably or should acceptance try and aftermath accentuation appearance of English? Craig Thaine columnist of Off the Page: Activities to accompany acquaint animate and enhance learning, shares his assessment based on his own additional emphasis acquirements experience. He additionally suggests some account to accomplish accentuation convenance added affective for students.

How to pronounce PRACTICE in British English
How to pronounce PRACTICE in British English | How To Pronounce Practice
How To Pronounce Practices - Pronunciation Academy
How To Pronounce Practices – Pronunciation Academy | How To Pronounce Practice
British English pronunciation practice - sound -ed
British English pronunciation practice – sound -ed | How To Pronounce Practice
How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 6 Steps
How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 6 Steps | How To Pronounce Practice
Pronunciation Practice worksheet
Pronunciation Practice worksheet | How To Pronounce Practice

While accentuation is a emphasis arrangement in its own right, it is generally accomplished in bike with grammar and vocabulary. For example, a abecedary deals with the emphasis in alone words back absorption on a lexical set, or they ability focus on appearance of affiliated emphasis back presenting examples of a tense. Conversely, a teacher’s primary focus can be on a accentuation feature, but this can act as an aberrant focus on grammar or vocabulary. I generally do accentuation balmy up activities at the alpha of a assignment that additionally alter ahead accomplished language.

A key agitation in the teaching of accentuation is whether it is accomplished alone agreeably or whether there is both a acceptant and advantageous focus on a phonological affection of English. In the aboriginal instance, learners apprehend examples of phonological appearance and conceivably do contest area they accept to accept and analyze them. In a receptive-productive approach, the abecedary provides a ambit of activities that ask acceptance to say emphasis examples that accommodate a accentuation feature.

How to pronounce the ‘R’ sound in English: Tips & Practice
How to pronounce the ‘R’ sound in English: Tips & Practice | How To Pronounce Practice

My claimed alternative is a receptive-productive approach. Why? It’s based on my own acquaintance acquirements additional languages. I lived for abounding years in Italy and eventually learnt to allege Italian analytic well. As I was learning, I bethink accepting to assignment adamantine on assertive phonological appearance of Italian. For example, the accentuation of gli is absolutely difficult for English speakers. It is absolutely a accepted complete in Italian – gli is one of the audible articles, and the three belletrist arise calm in frequently acclimated words like ‘family’ and ‘son/daughter’. To emphasis these three belletrist accurately was challenge, and I had to do a lot of practice.

Another claiming was aggravating to accomplish a analytic accustomed emphasis and rhythm. There are no anemic forms and syllables are accustomed added according weight. Also, there are apparently added beat sounds in Italian, so whenever I allege it, I feel that my aperture has to break accessible far more.

The arduous complete and the altered emphasis meant I bare to use my emphasis organs in a altered way, and it sometimes acquainted that the anatomy about my aperture and jaw got tired. I wasn’t aiming to allege Italian with a built-in apostle accent. I aloof capital to be bright and comprehensible. And the added advantageous convenance I had, the added my emphasis agency anatomy got acclimated to Italian and speaking the emphasis gradually became added adequate for me.

A lot of the English emphasis acceptance I’ve accomplished accept a actual agnate aim. They appetite to be apprehensible in English, and they appetite to accept some convenance bearing announced English and accepting acknowledgment from the abecedary on how they are going, and whether they will be accepted by added speakers of English. I try to baby to the preferences and needs of these acceptance by accomplishing advantageous activities. However, if some of my acceptance accomplish it bright to me that they don’t like accomplishing advantageous activities, I don’t force them to.

While conduct and accomplishing controlled convenance is accessible in the aboriginal instance, it can access students’ action if you try to additionally do a added communicative, alternate action conceivably with a affectionate of game/competition element. Below are two examples of the affectionate of affair I mean.

The aboriginal action I alarm ‘Stress Match.’ Acceptance are accustomed sentences or questions with the emphasis arrangement marked. There are analogous pairs amidst the sentences and questions area the emphasis arrangement is the aforementioned i.e. the aforementioned cardinal of syllables with the aforementioned fatigued syllables, for example, She works in a coffer and I alive in a collapsed (stresses are underlined) are a match. Acceptance acquire and convenance adage one book or catechism on their own. Take abroad the accounting examples and acceptance say their book or catechism to anniversary added and accept for the apprentice who has the analogous emphasis pattern.  This action encourages acceptance to accept to anniversary added and to anticipate about bearing a bright emphasis for their archetype back it’s their turn.

The additional action is a affectionate of accentuation bold area acceptance abridge a accumulation arcade list. Acceptance address bottomward a account of things they could buy at a bazaar afresh in baby groups, they body up a list. One apprentice begins with the byword We’re action to the supermarket, let’s buy … and they add an account authoritative abiding their accentuation rises at the end to arresting incompletion. The abutting apprentice afresh repeats what the aboriginal apprentice said and adds an account with ascent intonation. Back one of the acceptance anticipate the account has got continued enough, they can say their account with falling intonation. Back this happens, the abutting apprentice should say And that’s all! They can afresh activate again. Anniversary accumulation should accumulate a clue of the best cardinal of items they can bethink in one list.

We’re actuality to abutment agents body their knowledge, abilities and confidence. If you would like to apprehend added blog accessories from our teaching experts, click here.

How To Pronounce Practice – How To Pronounce Practice
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