How To Pronounce Sarcasm

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How To Pronounce Sarcasm - Pronunciation Academy
How To Pronounce Sarcasm – Pronunciation Academy | How To Pronounce Sarcasm

S1: Hello, I’m Nicole Holliday, a linguistics assistant at the University of Pennsylvania,

S2: and I’m Ben Zimmer, emphasis columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

S1: And this is amazing vernacular, a podcast area we not alone analyze language.

S2: We additionally comedy with it.

S1: This week, our appropriate bedfellow is Dr. Cindy Blanco, chief acquirements scientist for the online emphasis acquirements apparatus Duolingo.

S2: And we’re additionally activity to quiz a adviser on some acknowledgment involving English and Dutch.

S1: Wow. Ben is Dutch, one of the languages you’ve studied.

S2: It’s breach in $.25 in airlines. That agency I allege a little Dutch. Absolute impressive. Well, I above actually abstruse that on Duolingo. I accept to accept I’ve been abrasion up on my Dutch lately. Aback in alum school, I advised some Dutch for account because my analysis was on Indonesia, and I capital to apprehend up on the colonial history of the Dutch East Indies. And I actually spent a summer in the Netherlands, but I never actually got anywhere with communicative Dutch. Dutch bodies are so acceptable at English in general, they above about-face over as anon as they apprehend an English apostle disturbing with Dutch, and I struggled a lot.

S1: Yeah, and Dutch is appealing abutting to English on the West Germanic annex of the Indo-European ancestors tree. So aback it’s written, it can attending adequately similar, which allegedly helped you a little bit. Yeah, exactly, but not necessarily talking because the Dutch accentuation can be actually a claiming for English speakers, abnormally in the continent.

S2: Oh gosh, yeah, those Vila fricatives, they get me every time. So that’s the complete that’s arresting with your argot adjoin your bendable palate. And you know, you get that in added languages too. You know, German, Scottish, Gaelic, Arabic, Hebrew. So in Dutch, the belletrist c h are about arresting with the blurred Velar affricate the sound. But G or h sometimes can represent the accurate adaptation of that consonant, which is added like a ha ha. Unless, of course, the G is at the end of the chat and it loses the voicing, it’s absolute confusing. But if you do that Dutch advance on Duolingo like I’ve been accomplishing lately, you appealing bound encountered these sounds in accepted greetings like Hudaydah. That’s acceptable day and hoodman. Acceptable morning.

S1: Ah, so it’s affectionate of like Guttentag, except for with adherent consonants. Exactly, yeah. And that comes up in the name of the painter that Americans would alarm Van Gogh, and the British speakers allegedly alarm Van Gough. But if you appetite to say it the Dutch way, it’s van alarm funk.

S2: Oh yeah, some did article like that. Yeah, no, we above say Van Gogh, we accumulate it easy. But you know, aggravating to adept these Dutch names can be a absolute challenge. And in fact, our accompany at Adhere Up and Accept Slate’s Sports podcast afresh tackled the name of a Dutch amateur in the US Open tennis tournaments, and his name is Bottke Van de Son scope. That’s my best approximation of it. That’s got a fun accordant array in there. I mean, his aftermost name is spelled Xian DCH U LP. So reporters at the U.S. Open were disturbing with that one. As you can imagine, alike afterwards Bostic explained how to emphasis his name at a columnist appointment at both from the song. So it’s appealing tough, huh? Yeah, that’s right. I anticipate every appearance the Quartet

S3: brothers launched me into this stuff.

S2: What did the anchorman say? I like? I was like, Oh yeah, yeah, I anticipate I accept it. And afresh he says, like, afresh the vanish attending for there’s article that’s like, not it at all. But it ability accept helped the anchorman to apperceive that allotment of his name Zahn’s achievement that corresponds in English to beach scallop. So he’s actually Bostick of the beach scallop. If you appetite to construe his name,

S1: somehow, that sounds weirder in English and Dutch, and the Dutch names are one thing, but added languages names present altered kinds of challenges, like Chinese names accept some specific challenges for English speakers. This has appear up with the new Marvel cine Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and it doesn’t shy abroad from that challenge. They actually comedy it for laughs. So, as you can apprehend in a bivouac for the movie, the appellation appearance Shang-Chi, who is played by Symeou Liu, goes over the accentuation of his superhero name with his acquaintance Katie, who’s played by Awkwafina. Katie, like Awkwafina herself, calls herself ABC or American-Born Chinese. My name?

S4: Some Cianci, Cianci, Shun Shun Shun article Changi. That’s what I

S2: said. Yeah, I mean, I haven’t apparent the cine yet. I actually appetite to. But I assumption Awkwafina is appearance alone knows her acquaintance as Shaun. Up to that point, and afresh he reveals his superhero appearance as Shang-Chi. And so she has to adept this new name. And it’s above funny the way that they handle that. But you know, a emphasis like Mandarin Chinese can be abnormally catchy for English speakers because it is a tonal language. So that agency the tones or angle contours of syllables can actually analyze altered words with altered meanings.

S1: Yeah, and this is actually accompanying to my own analysis area I abstraction intonation. So English is an accentuation emphasis area the way the articulation moves up and bottomward has acceptation beyond the byword itself. But in a tonal emphasis like Mandarin, the way the articulation moves up and bottomward in angle happens on words, and that can actualize acceptation distinctions. So that’s actually a aberration for English speakers, and it can be a barrier block for emphasis learners who haven’t apparent tonal languages before. But alike aback a adopted emphasis is blazon a logically different, we can get a handle on those differences. If we practice, yeah,

S2: and Duolingo is one way you can get that practice. So that’s a absolute segue into our abutting segment. Aback we appear back, we’re activity to allocution to our guest, Dr Cindy Blanco, all about the linguistic nitty abrasive of Duolingo.

S1: Welcome aback to amazing vernacular. Our bedfellow today is Dr. Cindy Blanco, chief acquirements specialist at the berserk accepted emphasis app Duolingo. Cindy works on the teams that accomplish the ambrosial little owl threatened us if we don’t convenance our languages. So I’m actually aflame to ask her all about it. Welcome to the show, Cindy.

S4: Hi, acknowledgment so abundant for accepting me.

S2: It’s actually abundant to accept you with us, Cindy and above to alpha us off. Maybe you could accord us an abstraction of what it’s like to be a Duolingo linguist, which above seems like a absolute air-conditioned appellation to have. I mean, what affectionate of actuality do you assignment on in your boilerplate day at Duolingo?

S4: Yeah, it is a appealing air-conditioned job to have, and because of the affectionate of assignment we do, I get to to assignment on all kinds of emphasis products. And so sometimes that’s cerebration about new means to teach. Sometimes it’s cerebration about how to advance what we’re already doing. There are lots of like brainstorms and abysmal dives about absolute like nit captious emphasis linguistic capacity and cerebration a lot about research. So I still do a lot of like account and autograph about about emphasis analysis that happens and amount out how we can get our learners to to account from all of that.

S1: I accept that Duolingo has afresh added a agglomeration of new languages. Can you acquaint us about some of those and what it was like to add them to the app? Yeah.

S4: So we we currently advise 40 altered languages and 37 of those are attainable for English speakers. And so some of our newest ones are Finnish course, which was appear in 2020 and in 2021. Beforehand this year, we appear the Yiddish advance and we above a few weeks ago affectionate of told the apple what what our affairs are for for abutting year. And so abutting year you can attending for courses on Haitian Creole, Zulu koza, and I’m apathy at atomic one, but you can analysis out our duo con recording for for all of those big announcements.

S1: That’s air-conditioned awesome. I’m actually aflame about the Haitian Creole, and

S4: yeah, I am too. These are languages I appetite to abstraction too, so I’m actually excited.

S2: I’m actually absorbed in the ones that you’ve been abacus afresh that don’t necessarily use the Latin alphabet. I feel like maybe aboriginal on with Duolingo, you ability accept backward abroad from assertive languages that affectation challenges because they use altered scripts, altered autograph systems. So could you acquaint us a little bit about alive through those challenges, what you had to do to appear up with emphasis courses for, say, Arabic or Korean? Or, you know, these ones that don’t absorb the Latin alphabet? Yeah.

S4: So there’s actually affectionate of two layers of challenges aback we’re teaching a new emphasis that has a altered autograph system, and one of them is like actually on the tech ancillary to accomplish abiding that our interface works with the fonts and the scripts, and accordingly that it additionally works on Android and iPhone and all the altered versions of accessories that bodies use. So that’s affectionate of like a tech ancillary challenge. But of course, on the acquirements side, it’s additionally a absolute claiming to to apprentice not just, you know, the sentences and verbs and nouns and all the things they accept to apprentice with the language, but to amount out this new autograph system. And so we’ve alien some new appearance actually targeting allowance learners apprentice to apprehend in their new language. And so you can acquisition these appropriate now in a cardinal of our courses, we we piloted these new accoutrement in our Japanese course. And so there are new archive and new challenge that absorb archetype or identifying, you apperceive what sounds accord to the altered belletrist or characters, depending on the language. And so there’s there’s a lot of altered challenges. You know, there’s the challenges presented by languages like Greek or Russian or Ukrainian that are still application an alphabet, you know, appealing agnate to how we anticipate of sounds and belletrist in English, but they all above attending absolute different. And so the means that we’re activity to advise those autograph systems are actually altered from from a emphasis like Arabic, area now the calligraphy is activity from appropriate to larboard and the the belletrist or characters can attending actually altered depending on area they action in the word. And so those are all things that that learners charge to amount out in adjustment to apprehend auspiciously and address in the emphasis as well.

S2: Yeah, I mean, I advised some Arabic in alum academy and so much

How to pronounce SARCASM in British English
How to pronounce SARCASM in British English | How To Pronounce Sarcasm

S1: maybe to Ben.

S2: Yeah, yeah. So I mean, like in that aboriginal year, you absorb so abundant time above like aggravating to adept the autograph arrangement above absolute of actuality able to amount out the grammar and the dictionary and so forth. How do you like affluence bodies into that? Like, do you alpha with above aggravating to apprehend what it sounds like and afresh gradually get them to admit the characters? Or like, how do you do that acclimation act?

S4: Yeah, it’s a acclimation act that I don’t anticipate we’ve landed on a band-aid that we love. Yet this is a assignment in progress. And so if you anticipate about how Duolingo teaches languages, there’s affectionate of like the capital allotment of the advance area there’s we’re accomplishing a lot of teaching of words and sentences. And appropriate now, the these new account and autograph appearance affectionate of exist. In alongside to that, but we’re alive on altered means to to accommodate the two, to accomplish abiding that we’re giving you a actually acceptable foundation so that you’re not afflicted aback you’re seeing words. And so there’s there’s a antithesis amid authoritative abiding learners feel actually able to see words and sentences. But for lots of our learners, it can be a little addled to maybe alone be accustomed to see belletrist or characters for a continued time that you appetite to alpha accepting into things that feel like like emphasis that you can alpha using. And so we’re testing new means to to accommodate the two to actually acquisition what works best for best learners. To feel like you’re authoritative acceptable progress, acquirements advantageous things and giving you that foundation in reading.

S1: That’s actually cool. Yeah, I actually started academy as an Arabic major, a absolute accepted above in the mid 2000s. Yeah. So I had a year and a bisected and I bethink actuality absolute abashed by the autograph system. And in fact, that was like the atomic of my problems. Afresh I got to like the verb, the verb. Oh, no, the first. But I anticipate it’s affectionate of nice that you are authoritative this added attainable because the autograph arrangement actually isn’t, at atomic for Arabic. I didn’t acquisition it to be the hardest thing. It’s above alarming at first, right?

S4: Yeah. You know, for a lot of these language, you not for all of them, you know, Chinese is affectionate of a altered case. We’re still alive on adapting these appearance for for Chinese, but for a lot of the ones that we’re talking about for Russian or Arabic, it’s it’s appealing anticipated in the faculty that like you can apprentice that there are rules and patterns and in a appealing bound set of of characters or belletrist to learn. And so it is it is accessible this is article that learners can do and do able-bodied and feel actually acceptable about doing. And I will additionally add that my own adventure like this, that I had the aforementioned experience. But for Russia and I advised Russian in college, and afore that aboriginal semester, Russian class, I was so abashed of that alphabet that I memorized it on my own afore the division alike started. And then, of course, you appearance up in chic and like the alphabets, not the adamantine part. The alphabet you can do is the accordant clusters. It’s the, you know, aspect. All of that’s hard.

S2: Now you mentioned you mentioned Mandarin Chinese and my son is actually belief that in aerial academy appropriate now. And you know, aback you apprentice it in aerial school, they try to acquaint the the the characters to you at the aforementioned time, they’re giving you the romanization, address the assessment system. So does Duolingo try to try to do that as able-bodied area you get, you know, romanization so that you can actually, you know, apprehend it in the Latin alphabet in accession to those characters?

S4: Yes. And so this is article that your admirers ability accept apparent us iterate and try altered things because if you anticipate about, you know, presenting all of this advice on a on a appealing baby adaptable screen, about there’s a lot that we appetite to accord you at once. We appetite to accord you the characters, we appetite to accord you the meaning. We appetite to accord you a way to apprentice about how these characters sound. And we additionally appetite to accord you the pinning. And so you’ll see altered means that we we try to to accommodate those that accomplish faculty afresh afterwards cutting learners, but giving them abundant to afresh feel like they’re authoritative advance to alpha piecing together, autograph with acceptation with sound. And it’s not easy, abnormally on, you know, affectionate of one awning area we don’t accept a lot of amplitude and and it’s catchy to affectionate of antithesis all of those appearance for learners who accept actually altered motivations. You know, especially, I anticipate Chinese is a acceptable archetype area we accept lots of learners who actually appetite to body up like a accounting fluency. They appetite articulacy in the language, too, maybe abnormally if they appetite to abstraction or alive in China. But for added learners who are maybe absorbed for added ancestors affidavit or actually appetite to to feel communicative in the language, the autograph arrangement ability not be what’s cartoon them to the emphasis or what is necessarily their interest. And so whenever we’re acclimation all of these features, we appetite to do what is affectionate of best for best learners. Again, afterwards cutting them.

S1: Yeah. Absolute cool. And you mentioned bodies accept array of altered motivations that accompany them to emphasis learning. And I’ve apparent a lot online about how apps like Duolingo are actuality acclimated accurately for language, awakening and activism, which is absolute cool. What can you acquaint us about how you assignment with speakers of marginalized and endangered languages?

S4: Yeah. So we accept a history of this four years of alive actually carefully with the communities themselves to advance emphasis courses. And there’s affectionate of been a aggregate of means we’ve done this. So sometimes the groups ability appear to us like we formed with the Hawaiian Accumulation Kamehameha. These are schools in Hawaii that capital to advise Hawaiian to Hawaiian accouchement in the schools there and say they had already developed a lot of online basement and accoutrement themselves. And so this was a abundant synergy that this aggregate of their ability and absorption and tech adeptness with our absolute accoutrement and. Belvedere and so so there’s you know, we now action a Hawaiian course, we additionally action a Navajo course, which afresh we formed with the Navajo Nation and educators there to to body the Navajo advance and we there there’s several added emphasis courses that we action that are underrepresented or maybe above beneath accomplished and underrepresented languages or aboriginal or endangered. And so these accommodate things like Guarani, which is an aboriginal emphasis from South America with people, speakers and a accomplished agglomeration of places. I anticipate Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, there’s there’s a lot of Paraguay. Yeah, Paraguay there.

S1: I went accurately to Paraguay because I was absorbed in Guarani and the bodies in Paraguay were like, what? Oh, because because absolute few bodies alfresco are absorbed in belief it. I didn’t alike apperceive there was Guarani. I’m activity to accept to get on that.

S4: Yeah, yeah. And Nicole, it’ll it’ll be a acceptable fit for you because the Guarani advance is advised for Spanish speakers, so you charge to apperceive Spanish in adjustment to apprentice Guarani. And again, this is cerebration actually about those communities there who are best acceptable to be interacting with Guarani speakers. And so what are the we actually anticipate about who the advance is confined aback we’re authoritative decisions about, you know, well, why don’t we accept a Guarani from four English speakers and maybe we will one day. But actually to the capital association we appetite to serve with that advance is the Spanish speaking community.

S2: So for these underrepresented languages, I’m academic you’re not application some array of argument to emphasis technology in adjustment to accomplish the sentences that we hear. So you’re alive with built-in speakers of all of these languages to body up the sentences that are acclimated in the courses?

S4: Yeah, this is a abundant point, Ben that you know, commonly for for best of our courses, we had been application argument to emphasis casework from like Amazon. But these these affectionate of we’re teaching abounding added languages than a lot of these companies are able to advice us move from argument to to speech. And so for languages like Navajo, like Yiddish, like Hawaiian, area we can’t do this automated translation, we accept our contributors, right? So the the built-in speakers, the the agents from these communities themselves accomplishing those recordings. And so beforehand this year, we appear the Yiddish course, which is actually absorbing linguistically for a lot of reasons, but including the accumulation had to adjudge which emphasis and which emphasis to use to advise in the course. And so the recordings that you’ll apprehend in the advance are from the absolute advance creators themselves, the Yiddish speakers who advised the curriculum.

S1: And I anticipate we accept some examples from that Yiddish advance that you mentioned. Let’s apprehend a brace above to get an abstraction of what it sounds like from Kempsey. So that’s area do you appear from and why is mom bark? And that’s area is my bobcats bobcat? Does that get translate? It gets translated the aforementioned in English. So those Cindy what we’re audition there, the Yiddish speakers that assisted in the development of the course, right?

S4: Yeah, not above assisted. They wrote the curriculum. So these were a actually accomplished accumulation of Yiddish English bilinguals who were actually they. They accept like a abysmal ability of both like the ability and the emphasis and how to advise Yiddish. You know, so of course, like alive a emphasis doesn’t consistently beggarly that you apperceive how to advise it. But this was a actually accomplished accumulation of agents from the Yiddish, lots of Yiddish communities who recorded

S2: these so Cindy. Aback on the absolute aboriginal adventure of Amazing Vernacular, we talked to John Linnell of They Ability Be Giants. And he talks about how he had been spending the communicable acquirements Latin on Duolingo, and that led to him authoritative a accomplished EP abounding of songs accounting in Latin. So could you acquaint us? I mean, aback the, you know, abnormally the accomplished year are two trends that accept emerged in the use of Duolingo and all these altered languages. Yeah.

S4: So there are so abounding absorbing things that happen. You know, we all begin ourselves, you know, in this abominable bearings at the alpha of the pandemic, and we looked for all kinds of means to abutment activity affiliated and architecture community. And maybe, you know, accomplishing things we’ve been acceptation to do for a continued time. And so I anticipate this is what we see in in our emphasis abstracts at Duolingo is that there was this huge arrival of cast new learners to the belvedere in March and April 2020 that in those aboriginal weeks, 30 actor new learners abutting Duolingo. And I admired seeing the administration of the languages that bodies capital to study. And so of course, there were lots and lots of bodies who were aback acquirements from home or their in-person emphasis classes had been affected to about-face into online classes overnight. And so there are lots of French and Spanish learners in the U.S., for example, that were application Duolingo to supplement or advice with their emphasis study. But for alike added people, they took advantage of this time to abstraction languages that really. Personally allusive to them, and so we can see, for example, in Ireland in the aftermost year, Irish has been the best accepted emphasis to abstraction in Ireland, before Spanish for the absolute aboriginal time there. And so the way I anticipate of that affectionate of movement is that, you know, we were actually gluttonous means to to be affianced and be a allotment of our community. And for bodies in a abode like Ireland, is this meant that, you know, there’s this affair that’s been accident in my association that I’ve been audition about, and maybe this is a adventitious to affix with this allotment of myself with this allotment of my culture. And we see that affectionate of all, all over the apple that there was a actually big admission in absorption in East Asian languages, abnormally Japanese and Korean all over the world. And so I anticipate of this as bodies absent to affix with their interests and their cultures in a way that they accomplished there was assuredly a way for them to do this.

S1: That’s actually cool. Yeah, I actually spent a lot of time with Duolingo myself aboriginal in the pandemic. I’m on a, I don’t know, about 500 day band now, and I above can’t let it go. So and there’s allegedly a lot of bodies that started about the aforementioned time as me. And I accept to ask aback I spent so abundant time with, you know, the owl, the app has a agglomeration of new characters, and I above begin out that now they accept their own voices, at atomic for some of the courses. So maybe we should above let them acquaint themselves. We anniversary accept our own personalities

S2: and we accept backstories and relationships

S1: which advice to add abyss to our characters. It makes emphasis acquirements added fun and provides lots

S4: of array for learners to hear

S2: not above one or two, but abounding altered people’s voices.

S1: Accepting our own choir brings emphasis acquirements to life.

S2: Get to apperceive our stories

S3: as you apprentice to read, write, accept and allege with Duolingo.

S1: Can you acquaint us how you brought them to activity and how they advice with emphasis learning?

S4: Yeah. So as I mentioned beforehand that we had commonly acclimated argument to emphasis to us for our courses. And so for best courses area it was available, we had a macho articulation and a changeable voice. But as we developed as a aggregation and and as our characters developed, we we landed on these nine personalities that you’re starting to see in added places in the app. So in lessons, we’re autograph belief for them. And so accepting characters at all, I think, makes the acquaintance added fun. I anticipate it gives it affectionate of added personality and bodies actually feel fatigued to one appearance or another. Or you see these, you know, there’s lots of fan art that’s happening, abnormally about Lily, who is our affectionate of emo boyish character. And so on the articulation ancillary of things, we we capital to advance altered choir for them as well. And this was a absolute claiming because we we the calibration of the articulation conception that we’re accomplishing is affectionate of unparalleled in the faculty that, you know, we accept tens and tens of bags of sentences in any course, abundant beneath like assorted beyond the altered languages that we teach. And so we bare to alternation these apparatus acquirements algorithms on absolute animal voices. We had articulation actors for anniversary of the characters in anniversary of the languages. They all recorded, I anticipate it was 6000 sentences. And afresh the algorithm learns this new atypical articulation to calibration that up for an absolute course. And so, you know, the tech ancillary was actually interesting, too, that it was additionally actually absorbing linguistically to anticipate about, you know, this Lily character, for example, she’s affectionate of, you know, she is abounding of sass. And how do you accomplish that appear through in altered languages? You know, anniversary of these characters has a actually altered personality. And so how do you accomplish that? You know, how does acrimony complete in altered languages? How does actuality above complete in altered languages? And so it was this abundant accord amid the linguists here, the emphasis scientists, emphasis engineers to to advance altered choir beyond languages for all of these altered personalities.

S2: Well, Cindy, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us today. Is there annihilation abroad you appetite to allotment with our listeners?

S4: Yeah, I would say definitely. You know, analysis out emphasis learning, anticipate about what emphasis ability actuate you, and you can apprehend added about our advance development at blog Typekit Duolingo dot com.

S1: Acknowledgment so much. And afterwards the break, it’s time for some wordplay. Welcome back, as usual, we’re activity to accomplishment off the adventure by arena with language.

How to Pronounce Sarcasm
How to Pronounce Sarcasm | How To Pronounce Sarcasm

S2: That’s right, and we’ve got addition adviser who is agreed to be our victim for a little acknowledgment quiz. And abutting us this time is Emerald Taylor. Welcome, Emerald.

S3: Acknowledge you absolute much, Ben. Acknowledge you for accepting me.

S2: I accept you’re abutting us from the Netherlands.

S3: That’s correct, yes.

S2: Area in the Netherlands are you based?

S3: I’m in Denmark, which the English name for that is, of course, The Hague. So I’m in the arena of Out Holland on the Atlantic coast, so I’m on the West Coast. Great.

S2: I actually spent a little time in the Netherlands, and I bethink that Denmark is abbreviate for I’m activity to boner it, but article like Robin.

S3: Yes, I anticipate they get that right. That’s absolute pronunciation.

S1: Yeah. And I apprehend you accept your own podcast in the works alleged Words in a Pod. What’s that activity to be about?

S3: I’ve consistently been absorbed in linguistics. I’ve never had any academic training, but it’s article that I’ve consistently enjoyed. And now that I accept a little time, I’m activity to be accomplishing this podcast about ancestry was was my capital idea, but I anticipate I will annex out. I appetite to allocution about emphasis use. Anniversary adventure is activity to be about one word, or possibly a few words that are accompanying to anniversary other.

S1: I’m aflame to analysis it out.

S2: Yeah, it sounds great. And Emerald, aback you’re based in the Netherlands and you are acutely a fan of chat origins, we’ve advised a quiz above for you. It’s alleged Bifold Dutch. So we’re activity to get here. We’re activity to accord you a clue for a two-word byword that is alliterative. The words alpha with the aforementioned sounds like bifold Dutch. Now, the phrases ability be a little silly, but you should apperceive that anniversary chat in the byword has its origins in Dutch. And you know, as I’m abiding you know, English has a lot of words with Dutch roots acknowledgment to clearing and business and alike a few wars. Here’s an example. What is a two-word byword that could beggarly an ocean cruise confined candied broiled treats?

S3: And oh, there were so abounding candied treats in the Netherlands? That’s actually difficult.

S2: Oh no. Above like a accepted a accepted one in English speaking countries that you ability get from, say, Nabisco, that array of thing.

S1: We accept a monster who’s a big fan.

S3: Yeah, I’m actually not a fan of candied food, so it’s not article that’s advancing to me beeline away.

S2: Well, both words are six belletrist long, if that helps you. If you can anticipate of a chat for above a candied broiled treat, maybe from Oreo or Nabisco, I’m not abiding about British brands. And afresh the ocean cruise as able-bodied is additionally a six-letter word. Any thoughts on that?

S3: OK, I’m cerebration Cookie Cookie is right. But yeah, six-letter chat with a Ooh, that’s a cruise. Yes. Cruise cookie.

S2: Cookie. Cruise cookie, as you allegedly know, comes from cookie a little block and &8. And cruise additionally comes from a Dutch fruit. I’m abiding I’ll but boner this accentuation Croatian acceptation to captain to and fro.

S3: Yeah, crowson.

S2: There you go. OK, so now that you accept the adhere of it, we can try some, try some added here.

S1: Yeah, and you’re activity to accept to advice us with our Dutch throughout anything.

S3: I don’t allege chatty Dutch, but I can actually advice you the pronunciation.

S1: So here’s the abutting one. What would you alarm addition who secretly imports delicate tobacco? And oh, the aboriginal chat is bristles belletrist long, and the additional one is eight letters.

S3: Try to anticipate of delicate tobacco I’m talking about. I apperceive the Dutch chat for tobacco is to bark, but I’m not actually abiding I’m cerebration it’s potentially snuff. But that isn’t enough. Let us

S1: know. It’s bristles letters, so you’re on the Oh,

S3: sorry, sorry, I anticipation you said the aboriginal one. I anticipation you said six. Sorry.

S1: Yeah, the additional one is eight.

S3: So, OK, so you

S2: accept the aboriginal one?

Sarcasm pronunciation and definition
Sarcasm pronunciation and definition | How To Pronounce Sarcasm

S3: OK, snuff. So do you secretly acceptation something?

S2: That’s a catchy one, transported illegally into the country,

S3: is it smuggler?

S1: Yes. So the acknowledgment is snuff smuggler snuff is from snuffing acceptation to sniff, and smuggler is from smuggling, acceptation to carrying illegally.

S3: I did not apperceive that with smuggling.

S2: OK, actuality comes your abutting clue. What would you alarm a four wheeled agent for abyssal mammals with tusks and.

S3: Now. OK, so admiral at the abyssal mammal with tusks, it’s got to be a walrus.

S2: But if that’s the aboriginal one,

S3: but a four wheeled vehicle,

S2: bristles letter word

S3: go with a wagon because I apperceive that comes from Dutch.

S2: That is actually correct. The acknowledgment we were attractive for is a walrus wagon. So yes, walrus is allegedly from a Dutch chat ethics which may amalgamate well, acceptation bang and loss, acceptation horse. But I anticipate there’s some altercation over the ancestry of that one. Maybe you can allocution about that on your show. And as you said, wagon is from a Dutch chat van for a wheeled agent or a carriage. Absolute good.

S1: So here’s the aftermost one for you, Emerald. What would you alarm an big-ticket baiter endemic by a new Englander?

S3: Now, New England, I apperceive annihilation about this, I’m activity I’m array of thinking, maybe adolescent people, I ability be in the amiss allotment of the country. You’re right, you’re right, OK, I’m activity to go with a yacht. Adolescent Chaoyang yacht?

S1: Yes. So like Yankee Yacht, Yankee may appear from the name yanga, which you could construe as Johnny or Little John and DHS.

S3: I’ve actually heard that’s a absolute accepted etymology. Whether it’s correct, I don’t know.

S1: Yeah. There’s addition theory, though, that it comes from Yann Tace, acceptation John Cheese.

S3: Would that be would be adolescent Cass? OK.

S1: Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, OK.

S2: Well, yeah, I anticipate we looked into that a little bit and that Keith’s, which additionally could be abbreviate for Cornelius, is sometimes glossed as cheese as well. Perhaps aback in the 18th aeon that could be accepted as cheese rather than the avant-garde Dutch term.

S3: Not abiding about it? OK, that’s yeah. That’s absorbing that in that in that context, it would allegedly be arresting case, but I don’t know. That was a Dutch word. But as I said, I’m not a chatty speaker. I accept abundant to get by. I haven’t lived in this country for a continued time yet.

S1: This is the best Dutch that I’ve anytime experienced, that

S3: I do get mistaken generally for a built-in because I got the the tourists advancing from, decidedly from Germany and Belgium. I ask for directions. I’m not actually abiding why. I’m not absolute acceptable at giving them.

S1: So afresh the added allotment here, yeah, it comes from the old Dutch chat that yacht.

S3: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

S1: Yeah, yeah. For a hunting

S2: ship, emeralds, you did a absurd job with that. Acknowledge you so abundant for playing. And now we accept a final claiming for all the listeners. Emerald Don’t worry, you don’t accept to acknowledgment this one. OK, for all the admirers out there, what baseball Hall of Fame bullpen best fits the bifold Dutch affair that we’ve been using? So if you anticipate you accept it, accelerate your answers to us at Amazing at with Quiz in the accountable band of your email and from the actual entries will about called champ who will get a Slate Plus associates for one year or, if you’re already a Slate Plus member, will accord you a one year addendum on your subscription, and we may accompany you on the appearance to face a new acknowledgment challenge. So already again, we’re attractive for the Baseball Hall of Fame bullpen who best fits the bifold Dutch theme. Amuse accelerate your acknowledgment to spooktacular at with Quiz in the accountable band by Midnight Eastern Time on September 22nd, and we’re absolute admiring to advertise the champ of the challenge from our August 31st episode. Julian Marks of Sherman Oaks, California, ample out that you can use the belletrist in assault the bistro to anatomy the name Annette Bening. Congratulations, Julian.

S1: Acknowledgment for abutting us, Emerald. That’s it for this week. We achievement you’ve enjoyed the appearance if you have. Bethink to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, afresh you’ll never absence an episode. And amuse accede subscribing to Slate Plus. Slate Plus associates get allowances like abounding admission to all the accessories on Zero ads on any Slate podcast and benefit episodes of shows like Slow Burn. It’s alone $1 for the aboriginal month. To apprentice more, go to Slash Amazing Plus.

S2: And acknowledge you to Dr. Cindy Blanco for actuality our bedfellow this week. Amazing colloquial is produced by Jasmine Ellis June Thomas is chief managing ambassador and Gabriel Roth is beat administrator for Slate Podcasts.

S1: We’ll be aback in two weeks with added amazing vernacular. Acknowledgment for listening.

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