How To Pronounce Southern

What’s in a name? It’s a catechism evoked by 16th aeon playwrights and amulet reformists alike.

How to pronounce SOUTHERN in British English
How to pronounce SOUTHERN in British English | How To Pronounce Southern

And aback it comes to the names of abounding places in Kansas, the state’s history provides some compelling answers.

“The one affair I absolutely adulation about accent is how accent can point to our history of animal contact, relationship and movement,” said Mary Kohn, an accessory abettor at Kansas Accompaniment University, who holds a doctorate amount in linguistics. “That’s actual accurate for Kansas, as well.

“Whenever we attending at abode names or pronunciation, what we’re accepting is a cultural representation that reflects our history, and I anticipate that’s absolutely beautiful.”

When it comes to pronouncing the names of places in Kansas — cities, counties, and alike bounded and bounded landmarks — built-in association of the state may accept a leg up.

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According to Kohn, bodies generally use the pronunciation of words to ascertain in-groups and out-groups related to altered cultures or tribes. For instance, an accent or the use of audible phrases ability accord you an abstraction of area addition is — or isn’t — from.

“This has been accident all throughout history,” Kohn said. “You oftentimes apprehend of bodies application abode names to array of actualize bounded identity. That’s not altered to Kansas, but it absolutely happens in Kansas.

“There’s lots of altered abode names, abnormally the ones that accept been taken from Built-in American languages, area outsiders don’t necessarily apperceive how to accent those and assembly do — and we can acquaint the aberration amid assembly and outsiders because we’re accustomed with these agreement and accent them a assertive way.”

With that angle in mind, you ability be a built-in Kansan if you can accent these 10 names correctly.

Here in Kansas, Arkansas Burghal isn’t arresting like the southern accompaniment of Arkan-SAW. If you accent it Ar-kansas, again you’d be right.

And, according to best Kansans, that accentuation additionally applies to the allocation of the Arkansas River that runs through the midwestern state.

How to Pronounce Southern
How to Pronounce Southern | How To Pronounce Southern

Linguist Philip Duncan, an abettor teaching abettor at the University of Kansas, said it isn’t aberrant for experts in his profession to claiming the abstraction of there actuality one “proper way” to pronounce a word.

“The able way is whatever the bodies do,” Duncan said. “The acumen actuality is that oftentimes aback bodies accept expectations about able against improper, they accept this to be about the congenital acreage of the language. But in reality, it has annihilation to do with how accent works, and it has to do with all of the brainy accoutrements we’ve absorbed to language.”

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Chautauqua is both a burghal and canton in southeastern Kansas, abreast the Kansas-Oklahoma border.

If you’re from the Sunflower State, you acceptable accent the name Shuh-TAH-qua, not CHAT-ah-qua.

“That accentuation aberration is additionally affiliated to the stress,” Duncan said. “As a apostle of English in the U.S., if you put accent on the additional syllable, ‘tah,’ you’re acceptable activity to accent that beat in the aboriginal affricate like ‘uh.’ It’s activity to get that reduction, so that’s allotment of it.

“But that one, if I bethink right, the history of that chat starts alfresco of Kansas and already had a continued history of affidavit and use, including spelling and accentuation differences.”

Pop ability references — like the 1966 blur El Dorado or the 2000 activated blur “The Road to El Dorado” — ability accept you accept this Kansas burghal is arresting with a abbreviate beat sound.

But a built-in Kansan knows that isn’t how you accent the bench of Butler County.

In Kansas, El Dorado is arresting El Dor-AY-doe.

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How To Pronounce Southern
How To Pronounce Southern | How To Pronounce Southern

Louisville is one that seems to alter depending on the state.

In Kentucky, for instance, it’s arresting Loo-a-vul. But if you’re in Kansas, you ability get some ancillary eye for adage it like that.

Native Kansans accent this boondocks in Pottawatomie Canton as Loo-iss-ville (and don’t worry, I alleged the Pottawatomie Canton Clerk’s appointment to bifold check).

Is it arresting like Omaha or not? The acknowledgment is yes, it is.

Kansans accent this northeast-Kansas canton as Knee-ma-HAW, not Knee-MA-ha, as some ability believe.

Duncan said he has heard assorted pronunciations of the name for this southeast-Kansas town.

The chat itself is acquired from a Built-in American language, and to acquisition the aboriginal adaptation and accentuation of the word, you ability accept to dig appealing far aback in the history books — or added aboriginal actual documents, as it apparently isn’t covered in your typical classroom textbook.

Nowadays in Kansas, this name is arresting Knee-oh-duh-SHAY. And the city’s website backs that up.

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Osawatomie is a aggregate of Osage and Pottawatomie — the names of two abstracted Built-in American tribes.

Kansans accent Osawatomie, which is home to the John Brown Museum, as oh-suh-WA-tuh-me, not oh-suh-wa-TOE-me or AH-suh-wa-tuh-me.

How to Pronounce Southern? (CORRECTLY)
How to Pronounce Southern? (CORRECTLY) | How To Pronounce Southern

When Steve Fossett flew out of the Salina airport in 2005 to commence on his celebrated flight about the world, TV account anchors beyond the country arresting this Kansas burghal as Sah-lee-na.

But, according to Kansans, that isn’t correct.

If you’re a citizen of the Sunflower State, you apperceive Salina is arresting Sah-LIE-na.

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Tecumseh is called for the Shawnee warrior arch who is accepted for opposing face amplification assimilate Built-in American lands.

Kansans accent the Shawnee Canton belt as Te-come-SEE, not Te-come-SUH or Te-come-SAY.

Wamego, addition boondocks in Pottawatomie County, could be arresting in several altered ways, depending on which affricate you put emphasis.

But for Kansans, there’s absolutely alone one appropriate way to say it.

Wamego is arresting Wa-MEE-go, not Wa-MAY-go or WA-meh-go.

This commodity originally appeared on Topeka Capital-Journal: Can you accent these 10 burghal names correctly? If so, there’s a acceptable adventitious you’re from Kansas.

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