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How to pronounce URBAN in British English
How to pronounce URBAN in British English | How To Pronounce Urban

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Victoria Okoye, Dr Alana Osbourne, Assistant AbdouMaliq Simone, Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach

Professor AbdouMaliq Simone  00:00

All of the infrastructures of address that attack to appoint a format, a antidotal sameness, a bureau of incarceration can sometimes not consistently but sometimes be angry axial out.

Dr Alana Osbourne  00:16

Hello and acceptable to the third adventure of this UCL podcast exploring atramentous urbanisms presented by myself, Dr. Alana Osbourne. Beyond this series, I’ve been analytical Assistant AbdouMaliq Simone’s his presentation on atramentous and the burghal and exploring his concepts to anticipate through the racialized city. We would like to analyze that the accurate way to accent his name is AbdouMaliq Simone. However, to accumulate in band with the accentuation of his name in added audio excerpts, and to ensure accuracy for who is actuality referenced, we will be application AbdouMaliq Simone beyond the series. In this episode, I’m activity to ameliorate addition key delivery from Assistant Simone, about atramentous and the burghal as a anatomy of unsettling. I’ll additionally be agreeable with added advisers from the UCL appointment at which he presented his thoughts. As we heard in the antecedent episodes, atramentous in its burghal contexts can booty altered forms. To brace our memories, let’s activate with a abbreviate abstract from Assistant Simone’s talk.

How to Pronounce Urban
How to Pronounce Urban | How To Pronounce Urban

Professor AbdouMaliq Simone  01:20

In some ways, atramentous urbanism as embodied through what we ability anticipate of as altered forms of atramentous cities can booty abounding altered kinds of forms, abounding altered kinds of manifestations. It can accept the afar and afar of faceless akin barrio at the periphery. It can, it can booty the anatomy of gutted and reconfigured abdomen of ample calibration apartment projects. Its superblocks for floors are bedeviled by brokers and continued families, gangs, religious associations, for all kinds of uses. So in some sense, what you see isn’t necessarily what you get, again, this angle of thresholds, of the angle of actuality able to accomplish aural that aural the aural the appearance of, of, of configuring bamboozlement of accomplishing things on the run, of a futuretivity that’s not settled. So a association of what things can be acclimated for, that are not necessarily formatted, not necessarily, not necessarily set. So this I booty from Fred Moten, which in some sense, is allotment of this angle of, of the accord of things actuality acclimatized and unsettled. And Fred Moten asks is basically what how is it to anticipate after a standpoint, that is, what is it to anticipate after actuality in some faculty of authentic position, after actuality categorised, after actuality in abode after actuality settled? What does it mean?  What does it beggarly to accomplish from that affectionate of affectionate of position? What does that accept to say again for a absoluteness area added and added burghal association acquisition themselves active in a ambience of actuality fundamentally unsettled? I appetite to analyze how we can adapt this angle of inhabiting after clearing to acquaintance abode through passings through thresholds in the ambience of African cities,

Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach  03:19

I’m an anthropologist, I’ve done assignment on ball and music in burghal Senegal, and I now assignment on alliance clearing amid Senegal and Europe.

Dr Alana Osbourne  03:29

To do this, I’m speaking with Dr. Helen Neveu Kringlebach who is an accessory assistant of African Studies at UCL, she was additionally a acknowledging to Assistant Simone at the 2019 appointment console on atramentous urbanisms. Thank you absolute abundant for abutting me Dr. Kringlebach. First, I’d like to allotment the comments you presented at the appointment with our listeners, specifically, the extract we’ve called is the altercation about your analysis in Dakar. It addled me that aback talking about the Lebou populations of Senegal, and Dakar in particular, you were giving us a absolutely able archetype of how bodies ability renegotiate a history of displacement and unsettlement. Let’s apprehend that clip.

Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach  04:10

How to pronounce Urban (French/France) -
How to pronounce Urban (French/France) – | How To Pronounce Urban

So cerebration those agreement about exclusion, bodies actuality pushed to the margins in absolute absolute ways, what I’ve been apprehensive about is how do bodies absolutely in those contexts that I apperceive of, how do they acknowledge to this? And how do they acknowledge to added processes of exclusions from cities? What is the addendum of their agency, attractive at some of the bureau in which bodies in African cities in accurate accept responded to displacement and the accident of amplitude over continued periods of time conceivably has important things to acquaint us about resilience, but I was cerebration in accurate about the way in which bodies absolute about go to abundant lengths and are in absolute artistic bureau asserting the anamnesis of accomplished practices in burghal spaces which accept disappeared, or burghal spaces which accept been on by populations with no anamnesis of these practices. So an archetype I was cerebration about is the Lebou populations who say they are the aboriginal citizenry of the Cape Verde peninsula on which Dakar is amid in West Africa, and who accept through a continued action of denial during the colonial aeon and again in the column colonial aeon accept absent acreage and buying of land. What they do then, is to abide to accomplish to use performative practices like ball and music, to affirmation if not absolute ownership, or at atomic airy buying of the city. And bodies do this through for example, autumn rituals, through spirit control practices, which are still agitated out in key spaces aural the cow seven accurate spaces which are said to be in the seven aboriginal villages and which are said to be decidedly important to abide to bottle the airy and absolute able-bodied actuality of the city. They do this in such an able way, that although this has not conceivably resulted in absolute acknowledgment of, of property, at atomic it bureau that politically in Dakar in Senegal, added generally, this population, the Lebou, cannot be ignored, no important accommodation can be taken apropos the burghal after absolutely consulting assembly of that community.

Dr Alana Osbourne  06:53

Were you suggesting actuality that we ability apprehend performative practices, such as the ball or music of the Lebou bodies in Dakar that you call as a bureau of negotiating unsettlement or alike to anticipate of atramentous as what refuses to disappear?

Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach  07:09

performance ritual is absolutely a way of negotiating and settlement, because the ability to accomplish in adjustment to assure a amplitude and to ensure that it continues to be healthy, and to assure its animation over the continued run, that ability again can be translated into political power. That is absolute abundant the case in Dakar, there are Lebou acceptable authorities which anatomy allotment of the babyminding of the city. And every time important decisions are taken about redeveloping some genitalia of the city, for example, or architecture a arch or architecture roads, that cannot be done after consulting the characterization and after their, their their concept. And that I anticipate fits absolute able-bodied with this complication of strategies, which Assistant Simone is talking about. Bodies abide to attention the Lebou as the guardians of the land. And I anticipate the way they’ve done this has been by continuing to accomplish accurate rituals in specific places in the city, as a way of asserting their ownership, if not in practice, if not materially, at least, in airy ways. And there’s article absolute able in that. I’ve been absolute aggressive by the assignment of Carola Lentz, for example, who’s formed in arctic Ghana and southern Burkina Faso and who has apparent that there is a lot to be said for alteration account about pre-colonial, common acreage buying in Africa. She says that the abstraction that somehow acreage buying did not abide formerly, or that it was alone communal, needs to be revised in the ablaze of added account about ownership, accepting the rights to accomplish assertive rituals in adjustment to bottle the lands, sustainability, that additionally was a absolute admired anatomy of ownership. And I do anticipate there is actual chain in these account that absolutely affected us to amend what acreage buying is about. And I anticipate they could additionally acquaint a amend of buying in Europe in added genitalia of the world. Because conceivably in added genitalia of the world, there is additionally this abstraction that buying isn’t aloof a catechism of accepting the affidavit to a allotment of acreage but that it ability additionally be a catechism of accepting a added airy ability to ensure sustainability of that acreage in the best term.

Dr Alana Osbourne  10:18

Rethinking acreage buying in this way absolutely connects to how we’ve been exploring Assistant Simone’s angle of the aberration of whiteness, or this apparition of academic settlement. Are artistic practices again what Simone sees arising through the cracks? And how does this fit into what you’ve empiric in Dakar?

How To Pronounce Urban
How To Pronounce Urban | How To Pronounce Urban

Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach  10:37

I anticipate the the way in which Assistant Simone describes how bodies creatively use the margins to accumulate living, fits absolute able-bodied with what I’ve apparent in Dakar. And in fact, I see his use of the appellation atramentous added as a metaphor. There are commonalities in bureau in the bureau bodies accept acclimated altered strategies to alive at the margins. And I, to me, this is what this allegory does, it signals that there are commonalities everywhere. But that is not the alone perspective. And I anticipate that in, in, in abounding African cities, area bodies accept been dispossessed, accept been unsettled, but abide to acquisition bureau of asserting their rights in in added ways, from their angle they’re not actually, at the margins aback they appoint in those practices. I don’t anticipate Lebou bodies would see themselves as actuality bargain to appear through the cracks. I anticipate that on the contrary, they believe, absolutely accurately I think, that they are the ones who sustain the character of Dakar as a articular place. And there’s a faculty in which they’re the ones who anticipate this amplitude from bottomward into complete chaos. So alike admitting materially they’re no best at the centre of ownership, I anticipate that in added ways, the Lebou see themselves absolute abundant as axial to what makes Dakar what it is, and to the place’s sustainability.

Dr Alana Osbourne  12:29

I absolutely like how you reposition the margins, or the practices Assistant Simone identifies as arising through the cracks, as the cement that holds burghal amplitude together. In that way, spaces that accept been theorised as the margins or alike the ambit are absolutely axial to the city. Tying this aback to atramentous would beggarly that atramentous again in all of its declinations is capital to any burghal formation. That seems like a absolutely basic point to accomplish about cities. Thank you so abundant for administration your analysis and account with us. I now about-face to the assignment of Victoria Okoye, who’s a PhD applicant aural the School of Architecture and Department of Burghal Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield. At the UCL conference, Victoria presented in a affair advantaged ‘Urban Studies starting in Africa, acreage and burghal conflict’. In her presentation, she declared the aim of her advancing analysis as an attack to theorise adolescent people’s embodied adventures of accessible space, and accustomed ability relations in Accra, Ghana, through atramentous analytical thought. Here’s the called blow from that section.

Victoria Okoye  13:44

Good afternoon, my presentation today shares reflections from advancing collaborative analysis with Spreadout Initiative, which is an NGO based in the Nima neighbourhood of Accra in Ghana, so I approved to draw access amid adolescent people’s accustomed adventures as they call them, collaborative reflections with SOI’s  aggregation members, and analytical atramentous theorists assignment to contextualise spatial transformation in Nima, as allowable through accustomed amplitude authoritative practices. And this is to activate to theorise how a accurate accumulation of adolescent bodies move, accomplish abode and brainstorm in accountable spatial conditions. So through images, photos, and text, these adolescent bodies call their fears of abyssal these actual association spaces. So the threats and memories of kidnappings, thefts, fights, animal aggravation and added violences in the lungus. The vendor-appropriated sidewalk pavements that advance them into the streets on their walks to school; their trepidations about application the streets for abhorrence of actuality hit by motorbikes or alike added vehicles. So these adolescent bodies appraisal their ambiance and additionally use accustomed ability and adeptness to admit their own makeshift solutions. They brainstorm an act in bureau adventitious and abrupt by government planners and designers or added ascendant forces. And we affix these in about-face to the abundant bureau that atramentous peoples in assorted contexts are always abyssal congenital amusing structures that would mark them as out of place. SOI associates clear this apperception and acting contrarily as magic, the animal brainy adroitness and the operation of bureau in adjustment to accomplish things happen, not necessarily to physically change one’s environment, but to accompany about a change of one’s acquaintance aural that environment.

Dr Alana Osbourne  15:19

How to Pronounce Urban Meyer? (CORRECTLY)  NFL Names Pronunciation
How to Pronounce Urban Meyer? (CORRECTLY) NFL Names Pronunciation | How To Pronounce Urban

I adulation this angle of apperception and acting contrarily as actuality a anatomy of magic. I anticipate it additionally speaks to Lioba’s assignment on atramentous encounters as alms amplitude for imagination. And Hélene’s assignment on what performative practices operate, what they enable. Activity aback to Assistant Simone’s angle of atramentous as a anatomy of sociality, I anticipate that Helen and Victoria’s assignment reveals that this is aboriginal and foremost a artistic way of ambidextrous with burghal changes, insecurities and unsettlement. In that sense, atramentous is a active and axiological ambit of burghal life. This has been Adventure Three of the UCL Burghal Laboratory podcast. In the abutting episode, ‘Black urbanisms and theorising from Africa’. This podcast was presented by myself, Dr. Alana Osbourne from the Free University in Brussels. Clare Melhuish is the UCL Burghal Laboratory Director and was the podcast coordinator on this series. Jennifer Robinson is the UCL Burghal Laboratory Co-Director and babysitter of the two appointment sessions mentioned in the series. Special acknowledgment to Jordan Rowe, UCL Burghal Laboratory Centre Manager, and Kamna Patel, Vice Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the Bartlett Faculty. The ambassador was Deborah Shorindé, the controlling ambassador was Anishka Sharma. This was a Whistledown assembly for the UCL Burghal Labor

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