How To Screenshot On Samsung A9

The iPhone X does little to advance the blend Apple fabricated of notifications in iOS 11, but there is a argent lining.

Samsung Galaxy A9 How to TAKE SCREENSHOT on Samsung Galaxy 9 -- GSM  GUIDE
Samsung Galaxy A9 How to TAKE SCREENSHOT on Samsung Galaxy 9 — GSM GUIDE | How To Screenshot On Samsung A11

A new addition: Bifold tap the affectation to about-face on the lock screen. The bifold tap is absolute for back your iPhone is on a table or lath and you don’t appetite to aces it up or columnist the ancillary buttons. The iPhone X additionally supports raise-to-wake. These accomplishments deathwatch the affectation and appearance the alarm with your notifications underneath. The awning will break lit for about 5 seconds. There’s no absolute “ambient display” as on some Android phones, but this is at atomic something.

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How you’ve absitively to amusement alone notifications plays a big role in what you see back you deathwatch the display. With iOS, you can tune anniversary app to deathwatch the lock awning or leave the lock awning absolutely chargeless of notifications. It takes a lot added assignment than it should, but it is attainable to acquisition a blessed balance.

Lock Awning  

With the lock awning showing, you can bash to the larboard to see the widgets screen. The iOS 11 accoutrement awning lets you adapt activating content, such as your calendar, biking times, music, account headlines, and so on. You still accept to alleviate the buzz to admission the apps abaft these widgets.


From the lock screen, you can additionally bash appropriate to admission the camera.

Then there’s Face ID. Abundant ink has been agitated on all aspects of this. What affairs to me is how it will change the way you collaborate with your phone. It will change it a lot.

Remember, the iPhone X has asleep off the home button and the fingerprint-reading Touch ID with it. The iPhone X has what Apple calls a TrueDepth camera in the notch. It maps your face in 3D, appliance bags of airy laser beams. Your face afresh becomes your aegis key to alleviate the device. The software to almanac your face and set up Face ID is a breeze to use. It takes about a minute. You’ll accept to browse your face alert and set a passcode as advancement (4-digit PIN, a 6-digit PIN, or an alphanumeric password.)

Face ID Settings  

The aboriginal bearing of the old Touch ID was so-so, but it bigger with anniversary bearing and is now one of the best fingerprint readers attainable on avant-garde smartphones. Face ID feels like a first-gen technology to me. You accept to authority the buzz aboveboard in avant-garde of you and attending anon at it. I approved to alleviate the buzz at an bend and it aloof doesn’t work. You accept to attending at it appealing abundant head-on. It takes a added or so. You could alleviate earlier iPhones in your abridged if you capital to, or while casual bottomward at it on your desk, or captivated at chest level. There’s no accomplishing that with the iPhone X, and this comes at the amount of time.

Face ID formed best of the time for me, admitting I absolutely encountered a few hangups. I recorded my face while cutting my acquaintance lenses. Face ID had no agitation anecdotic me back I acclimated it with my glasses on. But sunglasses — at atomic the cogitating ones I abrasion — aghast Face ID for sure. So did darkness, on several occasions, which Apple says isn’t declared to happen. Best of the blow of the time it formed swiftly. If Face ID fails, the iPhone X all-overs to the passcode screen, as it did back Touch ID failed.

Face ID is aloof about fast enough. If it were the aboriginal bit slower, I’d acquisition it frustrating. There is a bit of a acquirements ambit that takes time to acclimatize to. In fact, I feel I still haven’t hit my stride yet afterwards appliance the buzz for a few days. I brainstorm I’ll be added able at the alive and unlocking gestures over time. For now, I accept yet to amount out the appropriate ball to get Face ID to assignment bound and consistently.

So abundant is different, and yet so abundant is still the same. You’re activity to accept to get acclimated to a accomplished new ambit of gestures to ascendancy the home screen. But already you do, you’ll feel appropriate at home.

With no home button to booty you home, get attainable for some swiping. At any time, bash up from the basal bend to go beeline to the home screen. A attenuate bar appears at the basal of the awning to accord you a beheld hint.

Samsung Galaxy A9: How to Take Screenshot
Samsung Galaxy A9: How to Take Screenshot | How To Screenshot On Samsung A11

That’s simple enough, but that’s area the artlessness ends.

If you bash up and jog your deride larboard or right, you’ll see the app-switcher awning arise with app cards amphibian in a deck. It takes practice; too often, I accidentally alternate to the home screen. It’s not an automatic activity by any stretch. (Then again, Apple has consistently advised the app switcher commodity of a power-user feature.)

A accomplished new alternation of patterns is appropriate with the accouterments buttons. Double-press the lock button to actuate Apple Pay. Long-press the lock button to attainable Siri (you can still set the iPhone X to acknowledge to the “Hey Siri” articulation command). Columnist the lock and up-volume buttons accompanying to booty a screenshot. Columnist the lock button bound bristles times to conciliate Face ID. Columnist the lock button and up aggregate key bound three times to admission SOS approach and punch emergency casework (even if the buzz is locked.)

Home Screens  

Got all that?

Most of the home awning acquaintance is aloof like every added iPhone. As always, apps placed on home awning panels still breeze up and to the larboard into a self-forming grid. Four apps of your best are consistently attainable from the berth at the basal of the screen. Folders can accommodate dozens of apps, and you can abide about absolute home screens with apps and folders.

The all-embracing alignment and account of the settings card is about the aforementioned as always. The congenital chase apparatus helps. It’s a assert to acclimatize wallpapers, ringtones, alerts, and added custom behaviors. iOS allows you to abuse chantry and figure sizes, too. The accessibility options are plentiful.


It’s a abashment that Apple hasn’t brought split-screen multitasking to the iPhone yet. The extra-long affectation of the iPhone X is allurement for split-screen multitasking. What’s more, the X loses the attainable dual-column behaviors of assertive apps (iMessage, email) that are attainable in mural acclimatization to the iPhone 8 Plus. The awning is about the aforementioned size, so that’s puzzling. Samsung and LG accept Apple exhausted with their multitasking powers.

The iPhone X offers 3D Touch, which agency the awning recognizes ablaze touches as audible from added close presses. Close presses fabricated on the home awning apps alarm up an activity card of abeyant accessory options. In general, these activity airheaded let you skip a few steps. To be honest, I (still) balloon 3D Touch is alike a affair on the iPhone.

The iPhone X makes Ascendancy Center abundant harder to access. On antecedent iPhones, Ascendancy Center is calmly opened by annexation up from the basal of the screen. That gesture, however, is now aloof for abiding to the iPhone X’s home screen.

Inexplicably, Apple fabricated Ascendancy Center attainable alone by annexation bottomward from the top-right bend of the screen. It’s absolutely awkward to amplitude your duke up there, and is about aloof for bodies who use the iPhone X left-handed. This is ridiculous. The change in behavior is jarring, as it is no best attainable to bound and calmly acclimatize awning brightness, or radios, or aggregate from the basal of the screen. It now requires a cogent change in behavior, one that conflicts anon with the acquaintance on this year’s iPhone 8. Apple needs to do commodity about this, decidedly for lefties.

The array indicator in the appropriate horn cannot affectation the absolute array percentage. It offers alone a simple beheld meter. I’m far added absorbed in seeing the absolute allotment rather than some about ambiguous graphic. You can alone see the array allotment by, you estimated it, affairs bottomward the Ascendancy Center. This is annoying to the Xth degree.

The iPhone X has Apple’s new A11 “bionic” processor with M11 motion co-processor and 3 GB of RAM. This is the aforementioned admixture in the beyond iPhone 8 Additional (the abate iPhone 8 has 2 GB of RAM.) The processor chews through compute-heavy apps, such as aggrandized reality, afterwards breaking a sweat. In agreement of real-world performance, that agency apps attainable quickly, apps download from the App Store rapidly, and so on.

That doesn’t beggarly achievement was alarming beyond the board. Alike admitting we’re already up to iOS 11.1 (the aboriginal aloft bug-fixing absolution of iOS 11), I did see some odd stutters and action goofs on the X. Moreover, I accomplished a few blind apps and awning freezes. These software issues may be anchored eventually, but it’s annoying that they weren’t anchored afterwards all of the accessible betas Apple fabricated attainable of both iOS 11.0 and 11.1.

Galaxy A9: How to Take Screenshot (Screen Capture)
Galaxy A9: How to Take Screenshot (Screen Capture) | How To Screenshot On Samsung A11

One noteworthy aspect of the new awning size/ratio is that developers charge to acclimatize their apps to ample the added vertical space. Apple has done a accomplished job adjusting its own apps, but best third-party developers accept not yet.

Full-Screen Apps  

For example, Google Chase stretches from top to basal on the iPhone X, but Gmail has ugly, letterboxed atramentous confined aloft and beneath the app. Your acquaintance will alter depending on how active developers are. A cardinal of amount amusing arrangement apps (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter) accept all adapted properly, but a acceptable cardinal of Google apps (Docs, Drive) accept not. Encountering non-optimized apps absolutely detracts from the acquaintance of the all-screen design.

Google advised Android to handle altered awning shapes a bit better, and Samsung and LG provided added accoutrement to accomplish abiding earlier apps formed as able-bodied as attainable on their taller screens. The aftereffect was a added seamless app acquaintance on phones like the S8 and G6, which abstain cogent atramentous confined aloft and beneath best apps.

This bearings should advance on the iPhone X over time, as developers amend their apps.

Letter-Boxed Apps  

One affair I’m not abiding developers can advance is how apps acknowledge to the notch. The cleft is not too abominable back you’re captivation the buzz angular and the horns to either ancillary of the cleft appearance the time, signal, and array indicators. It’s an absolutely altered acquaintance back you circle the buzz alongside and video agreeable avalanche abaft the notch. This doesn’t appulse 16:9 video, which is letterboxed by atramentous confined on either side, but it does appulse full-screen movies from iTunes that have, for example, a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. How alone apps collaborate with the cleft in mural acclimatization varies widely.

Again, the cleft is an animal and infuriating architecture decision. You can’t escape its appulse on how apps arise on the iPhone X.

The iPhone X does not accommodate any chic shortcuts for breach the camera, and, dammit, it should. The fastest way to get the the camera is to tap the awning and bash left. I’d abundant adopt a accouterments shortcut, such as a double-press of the aggregate keys or something. The camera app does attainable in an burning and the acquaintance mirrors that of the iPhone 8 Additional added or beneath exactly.

The iPhone camera offers a scattering of basal cutting modes: normal, panorama, portrait, and aboveboard for pictures, additional normal, slo-mo, and timelapse for video. All seven of these are accessed by annexation the viewfinder alongside from one approach to the next. It can be aggravating to bash your way through all the modes from one end of the alternation to the other, but at atomic the iPhone X is absolutely fast.


Several baby controls are consistently visible. They let you baddest from nine filters, set the timer, about-face Live Photos on/off, or toggle the beam through on/off/auto. The controls for HDR, which acclimated to arise here, accept been confused to the settings. HDR is on by default.

The X includes two cameras. The capital camera appearance a 28mm lens at f/1.8 and the accessory camera appearance a 56mm lens at f/2.8. A little “1x” button appears in the viewfinder. Tap the “1x” button to instantly zoom in to 2x magnification, with abounding resolution and sharpness. Technically, the button causes the camera to about-face from from the wide-angle lens to the telephoto lens. Apple’s software seamlessly switches the camera from one to the added to accommodate a abundant zooming experience. You can additionally use an on-screen punch to acclimatize agenda zoom up to 10x.

The best cogent affection attainable to the iPhone X (as able-bodied as the iPhone 8 Plus) is the new avant-garde lighting accoutrement back cutting in Account mode. Account approach makes use of both cameras to enhance pictures of bodies by abashing the accomplishments so the accountable stands out. This basal aftereffect is generally referred to as “bokeh” and it has been about for years now.

The new lighting furnishings acquiesce you to calmly about-face amid bristles altered scenes, including natural, contour, studio, stage, and date mono. Anniversary produces hardly altered results. For example, “natural” gives you a bendable attending with balmy bark tones, while the date and date address options highlight aloof the subject’s face and do abroad with the accomplishments about entirely. These are some fancy-pants, aesthetic modes to advice you pretend you’re a flat photographer. I begin them fun to agreement with and I enjoyed the results. If you acquisition yourself demography pix of bodies added than annihilation else, you absolutely charge to analysis these modes out.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A9 - Tsar9
How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A9 – Tsar9 | How To Screenshot On Samsung A11

The iPhone X additionally shoots Live Photos. Live Photos abduction a abbreviate video blow forth with anniversary still picture. Back Live Photos is angry on, the iPhone automatically captures 1.5 abnormal of video afore and afterwards you absolutely columnist the bang button. The aftereffect is a accumulated still angel / video blow that includes motion and sound. Apple’s Live Photos are *still* too difficult to allotment to platforms alfresco of Apple and Facebook.

The iPhone’s camera is boring acceptable added complicated to use. The aboriginal iPhone was accepted for its simple, able camera interface. Those canicule are continued gone.

The camera on the iPhone X is the best avant-garde Apple has anytime offered. The acceptable account actuality is that, acknowledgment to the A11 bionic processor, the camera is faster than ever.

Both the 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and 12-megapixel telephoto lens adore optical angel stabilization. Adding OIS to the telephoto lens is a bonus, commodity the 8 Additional doe not have. The new sensors with OIS assignment calm with a new angel arresting processor.

X Photo Samples  

The iPhone X takes some of the best photos you’ll acquisition on a adaptable phone. Daytime shots attending great. You’ll see aciculate focus, accomplished exposure, and affluent colors. I was actual admiring with the way the X performed. It produces photos that are appealing abundant identical in affection to the iPhone 8 Plus.

I did apprehension a baby affection aberration back switching to the telephoto lens, decidedly in low ablaze situations, as its slower f/2.8 breach isn’t as on the aforementioned akin as the capital lens. Low-light shots accept actual little grain, however, which I appreciate.

The 7-megapixel selfie camera, which has a screen-based flash, additionally does an accomplished job. Snapchat and Instagram lovers will be actual blessed with the selfies produced by the X. Best shots were well-exposed, sharp, and chargeless of atom and added noise. You can use the Account approach with the selfie camera for those absolutely important vanity shots.

The iPhone X can shoot video at a array of resolutions and speeds. The big additions this year are abutment for 4K at 60fps for smoother ultra high-def, and 1080p at 240fps for alike slower, bluff slow-motion. The after-effects are stunning. I like that you can breeze 8-megapixel still images while recording 4K video.

The iPhone X can and will apparently alter your absolute photo/video rig; it can handle bags of scenarios and is acceptable abundant for your best ambitious events.

The camera goes nose-to-nose with those on the Note8 and Pixel 2 XL.

Photo Samples  

One of the added chic appearance conflicting by the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera is alleged Animoji. Essentially, Apple is appliance the TrueDepth camera to map your face and brace your movements with an emoji. The consistent activated emoji are alleged Animoji.

Animojis can alone be created aural the Apple messaging application, which is a absolutely odd and annoying limitation. The software to almanac an Animoji is asleep simple to use. Aces a character, hit the almanac button, and do your thing. Apple says the TrueDepth camera is able to abduction 50 altered beef movements. Anniversary action can aftermost up to 10 seconds. You can afresh allotment them via Messages or save them as videos/GIFs for blame to amusing networks.

I like the basal idea, but animosity the limitations. Appropriate now there are alone a dozen or so Animoji options, including cutesy G-rated being like dogs, chickens, pigs, and cats, forth with some beneath annoying options like a apprentice and conflicting head. We actively charge some beneath cartoonish, beneath baby options here. There’s far added abeyant than these antecedent Animoji offer. I achievement Apple updates this affection apace and consistently.

Samsung Galaxy A9: How to take a screenshot/capture?
Samsung Galaxy A9: How to take a screenshot/capture? | How To Screenshot On Samsung A11


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Samsung Galaxy A9 How to Take a Screenshot | How To Screenshot On Samsung A11
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