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Imagine, two weeks in a new country! Jette, my companion, and I encountered Ireland’s balmy hearts audacious by algid winds. This was our aboriginal cruise alfresco Denmark aback Candelabrum set in. Ireland had aloof opened for travelers in mid-July.

How To Train Your Viking in 12 Bandar Baru Bangi für MYR 12,12
How To Train Your Viking in 12 Bandar Baru Bangi für MYR 12,12 | How To Train Your Viking

Of twenty Irish folk we asked for admonition or added assistance, alone one abandoned us. In that aforementioned period, ten bodies approached to ask if we bare help. Seldom can one acquisition such application anywhere!

On the streets can be begin everyman’s poet, song-writer, musician. Abounding accepted bodies still embrace alive chic consciousness. Several Irishmen we met knew of and admired Che (my ideal “new man”) for his adherence values. They are appreciative that Che had Irish ancestors roots, and of his one abrupt appointment to their country for which they fought so continued and adamantine to balance from burglary Scandinavian Vikings and British colonizer-slavers. (1)

My capital acumen for allotment Ireland to appointment was to accommodated friend-colleague Finian Cunningham. Aback we accustomed in west Ireland at his home in Enniscrone I abstruse from his acquaintance Gina that a adolescent Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick, had met Che in Ireland and afterwards fabricated what became the acclaimed painting based aloft Cuban columnist Korda’s iconic photo of the guerrilla leader. Fitzpatrick’s angel is acclimated on Che T-shirts, one of which I have.

Che has been my key adviser in life. Actuality is one of his visions, aggregate by abounding millions of us who activity for a apple based on adequation and peace, an end to affluent vs. poor and its consistent wars.

“At the accident of appearing ridiculous, let me say that a abounding activity of adulation guides the accurate revolutionary. It is absurd to anticipate of a 18-carat advocate defective this quality. One allegation acquire a ample dosage of humanity, a ample dosage of a faculty of amends and accuracy to abstain arbitrary extremes, algid scholasticism, or abreast from the masses. We allegation strive every day so that this adulation of alive altruism is adapted into absolute deeds, into acts that serve as examples, as a affective force.” (“From Algiers, for Marcha . The Cuban Anarchy Today.” Socialism and man in Cuba (

In this writing, Che additionally expresses how we bodies abide in an alienated accompaniment of activity and mind. He argues that eliminating breach allegation be top antecedence for left-wing revolutions. In apropos to the aboriginal few years of the Cuban anarchy in his Marcha letter of 1965, he wrote: “Man absolutely achieves his abounding animal activity aback he produces afterwards actuality accountable by the concrete call of affairs himself as a commodity.”

“The greatest obstacle has been our abhorrence lest any actualization of academism adeptness abstracted us [leaders] from the masses and from the individual, [which] might accomplish us lose afterimage of the ultimate and best important advocate aspiration, which is to see man absolved from his alienation.”

Not alone did Jette and I appointment abounding Irish bodies who anticipate able-bodied of Che but they were additionally added accommodating to see the ills of commercialism than best Westerners. I acquire this is so because they analyze with Che’s ancestors roots; what he stood for—liberation from acquisitive capitalism—and because of Ireland’s history of enslavement and bigotry beneath Vikings and afterwards the British Empire.

Fitzpatrick explained affair Che. “On a admirable brilliant morning in the summer of 1961, I was alive in the Marine Auberge bar in Kilkee, Co Clare on my own. I was alone a jailbait [16]. I travelled bottomward to the bank apple to assignment in the auberge while on academy holidays.”

Fitzpatrick saw Che and two added Cubans airing into the bar. They were on a flight to Havana from Moscow and had to stop in Ireland for technical-fog reasons. Che ordered Irish whiskey, and they “talked for a few account already he able I knew who he was. His English was faltering, but he could accomplish himself understood. The aboriginal affair he said was, ‘You apperceive I’m Irish. My ancestor was Guevara Lynch´ [the fifth bearing from Patrick Guevara Lynch, whose association fled Galway for Argentina in the 18th aeon aback the English were afterwards them. Argentina has one actor Irish descendants]. He said he was appreciative of his Irish ancestors and that the Irish brought bottomward the British Empire.” Fitzpatrick declared Che as “curious” about Ireland “from a advocate point of view” Ché Guevara in Kilkee – Kilkee Heritage: Past & Present ( and Jim Fitzpatrick (artist) – Wikipedia

In the after-effects of Che’s death, his ancestor batten of how ancestors roots had played a allotment in basic the insubordinate Che Guevara: “‘Che affiliated some of the appearance of our alive ancestors. There was commodity in his attributes which drew him to abroad wandering, alarming adventures and new ideas,’” wrote Pauline Murphy, Rebel Blood: Che’s Irish Heritage –

Kilkee acclaimed the 50th anniversary of Che’s visit. This anniversary is captivated every year since. Che’s babe Aleida batten at one. Che Guevara’s Irish Roots – The Irish in Argentina (

Fitzpatrick’s painting was called to be a commemorative brand in 2017, 50 years afterwards Che was captured in Bolivia and murdered beneath CIA orders.

Coincidentally, as I address about Che here, Denmark’s accessible account television, DR2, sends “Godfather 2”, which has several scenes of Mafia leaders in Cuba at two of their Havana hotels, Auberge Nacional and Auberge Capri. They were planning Cuba’s approaching as the July 26 revolutionary movement was acceptable their guerrilla war adjoin the dictatorship’s army.

Soon thereafter with Cuba freed from dictatorship, the U.S. government and Mafia, the Irish-born added Maureen O’Hara met with Che at Auberge Capri, on April 15, 1959. She was filming “Our Man in Havana”. (Graham Greene.) O’Hara wrote about this appointment in her memoir.

“When we accustomed in Havana on April 15, 1959, Cuba was a country experiencing advocate change. Alone four months before, Fidel Castro and his supporters had agitated Fulgencio Batista… Che Guevara was about at the Capri Hotel. Che would allocution about Ireland and all the guerrilla warfare that had taken abode there. He knew every activity in Ireland and all of its history. And I assuredly asked, ‘Che, you apperceive so abounding about Ireland and allocution consistently about it. How do you apperceive so much?’ He said, ‘Well, my grandmother’s name was Lynch and I abstruse aggregate I apperceive about Ireland at her knee.’ He was Che Guevara Lynch! That acclaimed cap he wore was an Irish rebel’s cap. I spent a abounding accord of time with Che Guevara while I was in Havana. Today he is a attribute for abandon fighters wherever they are in the apple and I anticipate he is a acceptable one.”

Maureen O’Hara in Havana | Chase Results | Appear Actuality To Me!

(1) About 40% of Irelanders allege some Gaelic today. Gaelic originated in Ireland. Gaels traded with the Roman Empire and fought them in aegis as well. In the aboriginal Viking Age, raiding parties took over genitalia of the Gaelic acreage and some of the bodies were affected to copulate, or adjustment to buck Norse-Gael offspring. They bedeviled abounding of the Irish and Scottish Sea regions amid the 9th and 12 centuries, and founded the Commonwealth of Dublin. Maureen O’Hara in Havana during filming “Our Man in Havana”. Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported — CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

DublinChe’s accepted eyes coexists with that of Irish choir for liberation. We begin that to be the case aback Ireland opened for travelers. We visited the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin. Admiral Éamon de Valera inaugurated the Garden in 1966. He had been a arch fighter in the 1916/1922-3 uprisings and the noncombatant war. The Garden opened on the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising, anniversary all abandon fighters during insurrections of 1798, 1803, 1848, 1867, 1916, 1919-21. A composition by Liam Mac Uistin was placed at the access to betoken what they stood for.

We absolved bottomward from the Garden to the centermost and forth River Liffey. We chock-full at a little sidewalk café, “Mulligan’s Potato Cake” for their accurate bootleg lemonade and potato cakes. We had to avoid a brace times not to be splashed with aviate shit. The burghal has been taken over by gulls that casualty on aliment waste, disturbing afar bins creating a mess, reminding me of abounding cities in India area monkeys rule. Monkeys and gulls don’t stop at rubbish. They attempt at sandwiches and ice chrism cones. Gulls cackle endlessly aerial and feasting on aerial ants. Gulls dive up ducklings from parks, advance bodies and alike foxes. Abounding herring and black-backed gulls additionally advance people, and affright parents of baby children.

Gulls accomplish a amazing arrest agitation perched on abode chimneys. They scream so audibly and consistently that we were alive in pre-dawn hours at the inn area we backward abreast the burghal center. The burghal lath issues permits to some organizations and clandestine individuals to alarm gulls away, and to abolish nests and eggs from buildings, such as the gigantic Guinness brewery. Nevertheless, Dublin is still beneath the wings of seagulls.

Source: Sam Boal/ ‘Unprovoked attacks by a assemblage of feathered brutes’: Dubliners cry abhorrent over aviate assailment (

Two waitresses at Mulligan’s are from El Salvador and Venezuela, and they reflect adverse political views. The Salvadorian had witnessed afterlife squads atrociously cardinal her country beneath the Pentagon’s hawkeye eye. She brand Che and comprehends the allegation for attempt to accretion liberation. Her aide hates Hugo Chavez, who admired Che. Chavez was Venezuela’s accepted folk president. Aback his death, the US has fabricated the oil-rich nation poor through its adamant sanctions, and some Venezuelans, such as this woman, acquire fled the country blaming Chavez’s adopted replacement, Nicolas Maduro, for their ills rather than the ever-dominating culprit.

I asked them why there are so abounding Spanish and Portuguese speakers in Dublin. They replied that it was accessible to get visas, account jobs are plentiful, and that it is accessible and affordable to apprentice English at schools while alive allotment time. As we spoke, a leash of Spanish musicians anesthetized by. They agreed about Ireland’s welcome, and that Irish adeptness meshes with Latin Americans.

The owner, Danny, seemed to accede about tempos aback I told him how appetizing his lemonade was. “Well, it takes a bit of time to make, and that is what Big Capital doesn’t have.”

At our aboriginal pub stop, barter and waiters batten to us, alike inquiringly. I was bent off guard. Such “forwardness” is frowned aloft in Denmark. Afterward conversations, bodies about say commodity like, “Thank you for the talk. It was affable affair you.”

How to train your viking, book cover by KodarDragon on DeviantArt
How to train your viking, book cover by KodarDragon on DeviantArt | How To Train Your Viking

I lived 13 years in Cuba, Brazil, Nicaragua and for months in Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Admitting the actuality that Ireland lays in the colder North Atlantic, Irish amore is about associated with abutting climate. Ron Blues

Ireland’s bounce can be ambiguous aback it comes to authoritative access amid buses and trains, for example. Some bodies told us that one allegation not booty organizing/coordinating for granted. Bus drivers may alcohol an added cup of coffee during pauses as the alarm ticks. It was additionally difficult to apperceive what exhibitions/museums were opened or area James Joyce’s house-museum was or alike if it still existed. We couldn’t acquisition lamb on the airheaded alike admitting during our train-bus campaign westward the all-knowing blooming grass was actuality eaten by bags of sheep and their lambs.

On the added hand, abounding of Ireland’s basement is added “advanced” than alike in Denmark, conceivably because Apple Corporation has taken over so much, and done so afterwards advantageous taxes. Added technology companies additionally casualty on our abilities to ascendancy technology. For instance, in one pub-inn area we backward the lights run on their own. One opens the ablution aperture and the light-fan goes on; abutting the aperture and they eventually shut bottomward but not until authoritative noises that the owner-technicians cannot ascendancy to the affliction of my annoyed ears.

Taking the alternation is additionally difficult for my senses. The old-timer at the admission appointment abreast me that he had to abetment the state-run alternation aggregation appearance out abounding jobs such as his. Anon tickets will be awash alone “online”. The man said he would retire anon and there would be no replacement. I didn’t accompany my computer on purpose. I was on vacation, afterwards all, and didn’t apperceive how to do the online, which is about not simple for me anyway. So, I had to pay 40% added than the admission would contrarily acquire cost. The old-timer alone to acquaint me that I additionally had to acquire bench reservations. Aback the time came to travel, I was referred over blast to acquirement them at a machine. I told the artisan that I didn’t appetite to be confronted with “fucking machines”. She afraid up on me, because I acclimated “vulgar language”. Tears of disability whelmed. I begin addition nicer at an advice cage. He explained how to do this and watched me as I fumbled. He afresh did it for me adjoin “the rules”. Already on the train, there were no bench anxiety due to corona.

This abstruse faculty of breach humiliates; it spreads and deepens throughout the world. For me, I feel added alienated than at any added time in my life. Not alone do the “employers” who adjudge the key affairs of bread-and-butter and political policies, accomplish wars, annihilation and ache millions. Employers alternation us to acquire that we acquire to acquire owners over us, in adjustment to aftermath and adjudge the big issues. It seems that few bodies remember, or apperceive of, the 60s-70s aback we had at least something to say aback we fought their wars from the streets. Today, we can’t alike ascendancy over our circadian lives. I alike acquire beneath ascendancy over advantageous for things. I had to use 20% of the sum on a U.S. government candelabrum analysis to get it cashed, in a complicated and baffling process, because the U.S. accompaniment alone sends checks to its citizens alike if they alive in countries, such as Denmark, that no best use checks. I donated the blow of the sum to Julian Assange’s defense—the best important agent of absolute truths in the apple today.

I won’t alike go into my adventures with Ryanair. I flew with them, my aboriginal and aftermost time, alone afterwards I insisted to apperceive if they are unionized. They are, admitting with poor conditions. Furthermore, aerial from Denmark to Dublin could alone be able with Ryanair unless I would pay FIVE times the Ryanair price, and absorb 6-12 hours abode in Oslo or Paris for the three-hour flight.

And autograph about these ills? All these words, and so what? Who cares?


Ireland’s sun glistens over ample amnion admixture the grasses every green, abolition aloft the shores, abounding in the Atlantic and in rivers with adorable angle and seashells so distinctively shaped.

People’s affability is additionally bountiful. Addition archetype occurred on the alternation abiding to Dublin. I was answer to a commuter my sorrows in this avant-garde apple of communication. Among my woes was the allegation to book our acknowledgment flight online or abroad Ryanair would allegation us 50 Euro at the airport to do it. A woman beyond the alley aloft her arch from her laptop.

“I overheard your botheration with online, and the allegation to book a flight. I can do that for you if you accord me the details.” Savior she. It angry out she additionally works for the aloft newspaper, The Irish Times. Finian formed there in the 1990s.

Now, the botheration was to get it printed, because, of course, I acquire no fucking apps on my “outdated” Nokia. Furthermore, because I don’t acquire a “smart” buzz I can’t pay for annihilation online any best aback Denmark “improved” aegis by banishment bodies to buy assertive mobiles, and abandon ancient ones like mine. No way!

Sebastian works at Dublin’s Georgian-style Gardiner Lodge. Aback he is from Uruguay, we batten Spanish aback we were there our aboriginal days. He adeptness be there for our aftermost night. Sure enough, we begin him at the accession desk.

No problema, compañero. Flicking feel clicks. Out came copies of our bookings. To top it off, Sebastian gave us a abatement and showed us to the one de lux allowance they have. Farewell present.

In the 12th century, Anglo-Normans (French Normans were originally Scandinavian/Norse Vikings) baffled genitalia of Ireland arch to centuries of agitated conflicts. Gaelic culture, however, remained able throughout Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Galloway. In the aboriginal 17th century, the aftermost Gaelic kingdoms in Ireland fell beneath English control.

Anglo-Normans became the cardinal chic in England afterward William the Conqueror’s achievement in 1066, which eventually affiliated England into a kingdom, including Scotland, Wales, and Ireland afterward the Norman acquisition of 1169. The Norman settlers acquainted no association with the beforehand Danish settlers in England, admitting the actuality that they were themselves partly bearing of the Danish Vikings.

Both abreast queens of the “United Kingdom” and “The Commonwealth of Denmark” (Elizabeth and Margrethe) say they are bearing of Vikings, as if 1000 year-old claret is angelic and acumen to over others. Gaels – Wikipedia and Norse–Gaels – Wikipedia

I won’t go into the history of how the Irish fought and assuredly won their adeptness from the colonialist-imperialist British but during our break in Dublin we visited museums and arrangement area the continued activity for liberation are explained. Among the museums is the abounding General Post Office. Actuality is area Irish rebels had their address during the 1916 Easter Uprising. You can see a documentary film, and abounding abstracts and photos of the uprising, the 1919-21 war for independence, which led to centralized capacity afterward a beneath than absolute victory, and the 1922-3 noncombatant war. These struggles resulted in the accepted Irish Republic absolute by parties that fought the British . GPO – General Post Appointment – O’Connell Artery – DublinTown

Today, there are four actor Irish in the Republic and one actor in Arctic Ireland. Moreover, some 70 actor bodies basic from Irish roots alive in added countries (about bisected in the USA). Millions of Irish acquire fled Ireland due to potato blights (especially in mid-19th century), added starvation periods due to frost and a one-crop economy, and animality by the English/British.


Finian and I aboriginal encountered one addition at King’s College in Cambridge, in 1993. England’s civic adherence lath with Cuba had arrive me on a bout to allege about Cuba and my aboriginal of six books about the advocate country, “Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn”. I was on leave from my assignment in Cuba touring several countries in Europe and California. [PDF] Backfire by Ron Ridenour Download Book ( or Back Fire: the CIS’s Biggest Burn: Ridenour, Ron: 9780962497513: Books

We didn’t acquire acquaintance afresh until aftermost year aback Finian accomplished me afterwards account an commodity I wrote. It deals with the US/UK conspiring to end any affinity of absolute “free press” by imprisoning Julian Assange for the “crime” of publishing their abounding crimes adjoin humanity. Finian is now autograph for addition media afterwards 15 years with the accumulation media, which bound his adeptness to address the accuracy about what Western governments appetite to hide. We both now address for assorted websites, and we anatomy a little aggregation at one of them, Strategic Adeptness Foundation (

Finian’s acquaintance beyond the artery is McNutley’s Bar & Accommodation area we stayed.  Authenticity oozed throughout, admitting sans chiral ablaze switches. Alongside the pub bench is Caroline’s Kitchen. Overnight B&B guests acquire a abounding Irish breakfast, all we can eat of bounded produced bootleg food, including afresh broiled breads. Afterwards a day’s activities, Finian and I would acquire a brace Guinnesses at the bar.

One afternoon, Finian and I fished from the adjacent berth and forth the littoral walk. Although we didn’t bolt anything, fishermen about cull in mackerel, sea trout, blah mullet, pollack, sea bass, alike Atlantic salmon. Apricot are sometimes abounding in adjacent rivers too, an allure for accretion numbers of civic and all-embracing tourists.

Another day, Finian and I aggregate our activity belief walking by the sea and on hilltops. We came aloft a meter-deep aperture beneath the charcoal of an old castle. We absolved to the abundance area the bounded councillor works. Anon afterwards Finian told him about the aperture it was covered over. In this boondocks of about 2000 abiding resisdents bodies apperceive one another. Whatever crime, or acid atrocity may occur, one policeman, who does buck a weapon, can handle.

Jette by Kilcullen’s aboriginal Seaweed Ablution Abode from mid-19th century. Seaweed is aggregate and acclimated in the avant-garde bizarre bathhouse aloof above.

How to Train Your Viking, by Toothless the Dragon book review
How to Train Your Viking, by Toothless the Dragon book review | How To Train Your Viking

Jette and I advised ourselves to a accustomed solace.  Immersed in a ample bathtub abounding with warmed, antibacterial Atlantic seawater, we drag the float blow algae’s oils beginning aroma. We rub the cottony bulb over our alive and bodies. Stress melts as the sea plant’s iodine works its wonders. To heighten relaxation, a beef ablution stands amid the tubs. One’s arch rests chargeless aloft the ellipsoidal lath enclosure, which operates like a sauna. From bathroom to tub and reverse. Afterwards an hour, one teeters boring out to find, perhaps, a Guinness abstract in one of several pubs.

Seaweed Baths Enniscrone HomePage ( Kilcullen’s Seaweed Ablution – YouTube

Enniscrone is acclaimed for its aces sunsets. Aback the advance comes in, surfers from far and advanced appear to adore benumbed the waves. Enniscrone has surfboard and stand-up-paddle schools.

Vikings in Enniscrone

Vikings are still accustomed as heroes in Denmark, in Scandinavia generally, Britain and alike Ireland, admitting accretion affirmation that they were adamant invaders: plundering, murdering, raping and enslaving. Ten percent of the citizenry area Vikings accustomed settlements were slaves. Their activity fabricated it accessible for Vikings to body the fastest and longest sailing ships and the best animate swords. Vikings accomplished bartering bazaar commercialism with the bondservant barter continued afore Spain and added nations did during the average ages. They awash the majority of bodies they apprenticed to added flush people, which helped allow Vikings’ marauding.

Viking warlord Ingólfr Arnarson commands disciplinarian on Iceland. 19th century painting by Peter Raadsig. Wikimedia Commons. History of Iceland – Wikipedia

In the Aboriginal Viking aeon (790s), Scandinavian warriors invaded Dublin and Cork. From there they broadcast throughout the arctic regions, murdering monks and noncombatant Christians, raping women, and demography some to buck children, bearing added warriors to sustain battles and slavery. Vikings aperture people’s throats like abreast Islamic Accompaniment fanatics.

In 874, Viking warlord Ingólfr Arnarson led captured Irish disciplinarian to assemble the aboriginal adjustment on Iceland at what became Reykavik. Irish disciplinarian rose up and dead some Vikings, including a arch warrior, Hjörleifr Hróömsarsson. They afresh fled to the adjacent agitable island, Vestmannaeyjar. Arnarson and his men bolter them bottomward and collapsed them. The islands got their name from this massacre. Vestmenn is a chat that Norse men afresh acclimated for Irishmen.  [2]

I encountered Irish (and Icelandic) bodies who anticipate able-bodied of the Vikings, because they were “clever” sailors and craftsmen, and women Vikings had absolutely a lot of freedom. Fifty percent of Irish DNA is Norse. Some Irish I met, however, apprehend that Vikings were barbarous and backbreaking invaders, and some bounded bodies had dedicated themselves adjoin the brutes. There is such affirmation at Enniscrone’s golf advance area a Viking raiding affair was defeated and their basic buried. Golfers adjustable beneath the “Hill of Corpses” (Cnoc nag Corp in Gaelic) at Emerald Island golf course.

“hill of corpses” enniscrone golf advance – Bing images

A Cultural Evening

Our farewell-until-next-encounter cultural atramentous belted a broiler alfresco Finian and Gina’s apartments. Gina and her sister Renée, Nuala, Bryan, Finian-Cristina-Musa, Jette and I aggregate as aphotic acclimatized in. We apprehend balladry and sang songs. Some balladry and songs were our own, while Gina and Renée apprehend W.B. Yeats poems. One of the greatest of English-writing poets, Yeats won the Nobel Literature Prize (1923). He was additionally alive in the liberation movement. Built-in in 1865, he died the year of my bearing (1939) and is alive in a adjacent County Sligo village, Drumcliff.

During Finian’s alteration from accumulation media journalism to people’s journalism, he becoming a bashful alive for a brace years arena guitar and singing songs—many he wrote—as a artery performer. Ireland is acclaimed for its artery performers: singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, and thespians.

One of Finian’s admired songs he wrote is, “The Revolution’s Here”:

Let’s go bottomward south to Mexico, hey let’s goDon’t you apperceive the peasants could use your words of revolutionCos you advised Karl Marx, Mao Tsetung and Ho Chi MinhAnd you chase the people’s attempt everywhereExcept the acreage you’re in

But hey, hey brother don’t you knowThe Revolution’s hereHey, hey brother don’t you knowThe revolution’s hereStarts appropriate actuality now

Now don’t get me wrong, I apperceive you got to anticipate bigAnd angry the multinationals and banks is the argot I digBut we’ve gotta acquire some activity appropriate now and we gotta acquire it hereSo you can alpha this anarchy by affairs me a beer….

In this mood, I apprehend Liam Mac Uistin’s “We Saw a Vision” (see aboriginal part).

Nuala followed clothing and won our hearts with her “Something Amiss”.

I bethink frogs and bearded molliesproud workers whistling the accomplished day throughI bethink aback accustomed bodies had timea abandon in the aircolorful characters in every townland

‘imithe’ (gaelic for ‘gone’)

Now I apperceive a acreage of microwaves and annoyance controla acreage of absent wildlifeher bodies rushingbrain fog clingingservitude and sanitized personalitiesthe absolutism of affected positivityquestions accounted abhorrentas the artful apparel ruleshouting their mantras of‘money is king’‘time is money’

While the apple sobs for her children!

Bryan sang the acclaimed acquisitive abandonment song, Spancil Hill, accounting by Michael Considine who was built-in in County Clare. Due to the Abounding Famine (potato crop blithe), gouging rents accepted by acquisitive landlords, and all-inclusive unemployment, Michael became one of a actor Irish affected to emigrate. Considine went to the U.S., in 1850, acquisitive to acquire abounding to accelerate for his sweetheart. However, he anon died, age 23, from backbreaking work. Spancil Hill – Christy Moore

Jette, sang a Danish song, “Jeg Ved en Lærkerede” (I apperceive a Distraction Nest), about a mother distraction and her backup hidden from accouchement and foxes in a heath. Melody by the acclaimed artisan Carl Nielsen.

I followed with a little composition of mine, Salt to David:

Kaufe How to Train Your Dragon - Dragon & Viking - Ruffnut, Barf
Kaufe How to Train Your Dragon – Dragon & Viking – Ruffnut, Barf | How To Train Your Viking

For every atom of alkali we havethey acquire a boulderFor every Goliath they havewe acquire a stone

Finian bankrupt our atramentous with his “Don’t Be A Stranger”, in my honor:

It could be a continued timeWay on bottomward the lineWhen we accommodated afresh my friendBut aback you beating on my doorOne affair is for sureDon’t be a stranger, don’t be a stranger

Cos accompany are accompany appropriate to the endFriends are accompany no allegation to pretendSo aback you beating on my doorOne affair is for sureDon’t be a stranger, don’t be a stranger

Now you could acquire fabricated itOr you may be fadedWhen we accommodated afresh my friendBut aback you appear aback this wayThis is all I’ll sayDon’t be a stranger, don’t be a stranger…

As we were leaving, seven year-old Musa told Jette he had been animated actuality with us. He bankrupt a letter with a cartoon he fabricated about our appointment into a boat, suggesting we adeptness acknowledgment on it.

Following our cultural evening, Nuala’s acquaintance Martin Maher capital to accord to adulatory Che. He fabricated me acquainted of Christy Moore, Ireland’s greatest alive musician, so awarded in 2007. Moore sings Ewan McColl’s song, “Compañeros”, in the anthology “This is the Day”. The song is in account of the Cuban anarchy led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Christy, like abounding Irish musicians (such as the longest recording group, the Dubliners), writes abounding able alive chic and liberationist songs. (223) Compañeros – YouTube

Afterword: Che’s Son and Ron

A bistered white man of average acme with shoulder-length atramentous beard met me at the wrought adamant accommodation architecture gate. His aphotic eyes shone affable into mine. His accessible announcement and quiet articulation put me at ease. There was commodity magnetic, commodity far abroad accustomed with Omar Lopéz Pérez.

I had aloof alternate to Cuba, in 2008, for several months to see what had become of the country and to bless its advocate 50th anniversary. In 1987, the Ministry of Adeptness had asked me to address and construe for its adopted publishing house, Editorial José Martí, and afterwards Prensa Latina, which Che had launched during the advocate war. I formed in Cuba from 1988-96. A alternate aide had appropriate that Omar could construe a book appear in English, “Cuba at Sea”, about my advance aeronautics on bristles Cuban ships over a six-month period. Cuba at Sea – Resistance Books

Here I am afore the U.S. Appointment of Interest, in Havana, afire my authorization afterward the Yankee aggression of Iraq, January 16, 1991. This act broadcast about the apple on CNN and added media.

Omar had let me apperceive that I could use his accommodation and he insisted that I not pay anything. This was awful unusual, but I acquainted it was OK to acquire the acceptable action accustomed that he didn’t allegation the accommodation now, and I had paid an able sum for his Spanish translation. He lived mainly with his girlfriend.

Omar showed me to a allowance area I would be sleeping. The bed was a lath placed aloft the asphalt floor. There were two bedding or blankets amid the copse and my back. Omar was sleeping that night on addition lath applesauce bed he had congenital abutting beneath the aerial ceiling. Omar believed in alive frugally, allotment of his Zen Buddhist philosophy. He earns his alive mainly as a translator. He is additionally a well-recognized poet. He won Cuba’s Nicolás Guillén Civic Prize of Balladry in 2010.

I bankrupt out a canteen of seven year-old Havana Club bought on way from the airport. The aphotic bland rum is bashed straight, which we proceeded to do continuing on the balustrade overlooking the Malecón. We conversed and gesticulated for the blow of the night. Omar batten boring and clearly. My bounce alike anguish bottomward from its accustomed fast clip aback excited.

Invitado El Escritor Omar Pérez López Al Espacio Literario “Lecturas En Tiempo” – Voz Habanera. See also: Here’s What The Sons Of Cuba’s Advocate Icons Are Doing Today (

We hit it off immediately. He was a fascinating, backward man; honest, almighty so! His amusement ranged from badinage to irony but never snubbing. His wit fabricated me beam unabashedly. We exchanged political thoughts too, of course. While he was not a Marxist, he anticipation like a revolutionary—gently advancement bodies he could ability to advance equalitarian and adapted forms of living. Omar—carpenter, poet, translator, musician, teacher—combined assorted philosophies, from Marxism to Buddhism, existentialism and atheism.

“The affair is to become aware. Facts and articulacy is not the essential. But awareness! That can activity with anyone, community or not, if you search,” he said. And he beheld amusement as a absolution from the absurdity man commits, from the absurdities of reality.

As the aboriginal application of sun sparkled on the sea, we were exchanging claimed information. I told him of my aimless background; the acceptation his citizenry had for me—a anarchy for justice, the Bay of Pigs, Che Guevara. Omar batten of his mother but did not acknowledgment his father. I asked about that.

“Now that you ask, I allegation acquaint you the truth. He was Che,” Omar replied beeline away.You’re kidding. No I’m not. It can’t be. Yes, it can. The smile, the eyes and abysmal amber brows!

I had bound developed to like Omar, and I admired his ancestor for his thoughts and accomplishments afterwards accepting anytime met him. I knew Che, though, for his ethics, which I embraced. And now, the astrologer of accompaniment had brought me to his son’s house. Yet addition reward!

Omar is Everyman. In that sense: like ancestor like son. Omar inspires and enlivens. He urges us on to feel good, to anticipate positively, to booty accomplish we adeptness be afraid to take. In after months, he would ask me, “Ron, could you not delay a day or so to save humanity?” And, instead of criticizing me for my pointing finger, he would say, “Ron, you are a actual acceptable policeman of error…Do not eat the heart!” Ron Ridenour: Adherence and Resistance: 50 Years with Che, VI Che’s Artisan Son Omar

[Jette thinks Omar’s words of acumen do allege to and of me. Omar and Jette are right.]

Omar did not acquisition out that his ancestor was Che until he was 25. He was already a translator and poet. Omar’s mother and Che had him out of wedlock. Che had bristles added accouchement with two women he had married. He additionally wrote poetry.

Upon abrogation Cuba, Omar handed me a hatchet he had fabricated of a timberline annex and flint stone—a farewell-until-we-meet-again present. It hangs in my library by a red banderole emblazoned with Che´s account corrective by Jim Fitzpatrick.

(Dedicated to colleague-friend-comrade Finian Cunningham) 

(1) About 40% of Irelanders allege some Gaelic today. Gaelic originated in Ireland. Gaels traded with the Roman Empire and fought them in aegis as well. In the aboriginal Viking Age, raiding parties took over genitalia of the Gaelic acreage and some of the bodies were affected to copulate, or adjustment to buck Norse-Gael offspring. They bedeviled abounding of the Irish and Scottish Sea regions amid the 9th and 12 centuries, and founded the Commonwealth of Dublin.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Dragon-Viking Games Vignettes: Bobsled
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON – Dragon-Viking Games Vignettes: Bobsled | How To Train Your Viking

[2] I lived on Vestmannaeyjar in the summer 1981 fishing with a aggregation of a dozen Icelanders and loading ample ships with fish. I had afresh interviewed the aboriginal changeable admiral in the world, accord activist Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (1980-96). She is now UNESCO’s Goodwill ambassador. You can see genitalia of my account amid in this piece: Icelanders: Best Peaceful and Politically Conscious of Bodies – This Can’t Be Happening! ( also: Ingólfr Arnarson – Wikipedia;;

How To Train Your Viking – How To Train Your Viking
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How to Train Your Viking No.12 by Crownflame — Fur Affinity [dot] net | How To Train Your Viking

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Kaufe How to Train Your Dragon - Dragon & Viking - Ruffnut, Barf
Kaufe How to Train Your Dragon – Dragon & Viking – Ruffnut, Barf | How To Train Your Viking
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Dragons Dragon & Viking assorted | How To Train Your Viking
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ASofía Urbano – How To Train Your Viking | How To Train Your Viking
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Dragon-Viking Games Vignettes: Medal Ceremony
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON – Dragon-Viking Games Vignettes: Medal Ceremony | How To Train Your Viking
How to Train Your Dragon – What’s your Viking name? Tell us below | How To Train Your Viking
Kaufe How to Train Your Dragon - Dragon & Viking - Tuffnut and
Kaufe How to Train Your Dragon – Dragon & Viking – Tuffnut and | How To Train Your Viking