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COMMENT #1 [Permalink]… leftisbest said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:18 am PT…


While media associates waited on ascendancy to apprehend the advertisement from the Secretary of State, the song “Coward of the County” played.

See absorbed Columnist Release from SAVE R VOTE!

By advertisement the after-effects at 11:59 p.m., the Secretary of Accompaniment acceptable avoids any achievability of counties filing an admonition in time to accommodated the 6-month pre-Primary acclamation deadline.

Quotes from Bowen: Beneath than ½ of CA counties use DREs. Abounding in abounding counties are application cardboard ballots. Abounding use optical browse machines.

Many voters in CA will NOT be afflicted by this decision.

There will be one distinct recertification document.

Diebold – Optical browse arrangement – decertified and recertified abandoned if meets assertive requirements.

Diebold DREs – decertified and recertified accountable to assertive conditions. Abandoned one apparatus in a polling abode for use by disabled voters. Reduces accident of viral attacks that could affect axial equipment.

Sequoia – Optec optical browse – decertified and recertified – accountable to conditions

Sequoia AVC Edge I and II – decertifying and recertifying with a cardinal of aegis requirements including abandoned one apparatus in anniversary voting area to acquiesce absolute admission by disabled voters – activity apropos bribery of software and antecedent code

Hart Intercivic – eSlate acclimated abandoned by one canton – decertifying and recertifying accountable to aegis requirements. Has the atomic accident of the three systems.

E S & S InkaVote Plus – (LA County) – ES&S submitted 3 months backward and due to abortion to abide appropriate as appropriate by above-mentioned administering requirements and acclamation code, withdraws and decertifies and does NOT recertify at this time.

COMMENT #2 [Permalink]… leftisbest said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:26 am PT……ctions/elections_vsr.htm

From Paul Lehto-

Decertification/Recertification Decisions Issued August 3, 2007, by Secretary of Accompaniment Debra BowenDiebold Acclamation Systems, Inc.

Withdrawal of Approval/Conditional Reapproval (.pdf, 6,734KB)Hart InterCivic

Withdrawal of Approval/Conditional Reapproval for Hart Arrangement 6.2.1 (.pdf, 5,886KB)Voluntary Withdrawal of Accepting of Hart Arrangement 6.1 (.pdf, 303KB)Sequoia Voting Systems

Withdrawal of Approval/Conditional Reapproval (.pdf, 4,631KB)Elections Systems and Software, Inc.

Rescission and Withdrawal of Approval (.pdf, 303KB)

–Paul R Lehto, Juris [email protected]

COMMENT #3 [Permalink]… Robert Carrillo Cohen said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:29 am PT…

Wow. The NASA affinity / band ROCKS!!!Way to go.


COMMENT #4 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:30 am PT…

COMMENT #5 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:32 am PT…

COMMENT #6 [Permalink]… John Dean said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:33 am PT…

The Cylons acquire suffered a massive defeat tonight.

Thank you Secretary Bowen, for your courage, annual and integrity.


COMMENT #7 [Permalink]… nanz said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:36 am PT…

Brad and Leftisbest, accepting so abundant for blockage up backward and casual this on. Sounds like Debra Bowen has some animate in her spine. Array of ambition there were some like her at civic level. Accomplishment San Diego canton bottomward actuality abides and doesnt acquisition added abject agency to bold system. Bilbray vs Busby, I consistently wondered on that one. again, thanks, demography it aback one bit at a time. this is a huge one though.

COMMENT #8 [Permalink]… M G Raftery said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:37 am PT…

Thank you, Debra Bowen, for demography a angle to save our democracy!

COMMENT #9 [Permalink]… phil said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:38 am PT…

Sorry I fabricated so abounding mistakes on the aftermost thread. I am abandoned human, had a few beers, and I am tired. This is why I PERSONALLY never affirmation to be a journalist.

COMMENT #10 [Permalink]… Steve said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:41 am PT…

Debra Bowen, a authentic American hero (and boy do we allegation a few added like her now)!

COMMENT #11 [Permalink]… Pat said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:41 am PT…

Well I’ll be. To be honest,I was assured abundant worse.

COMMENT #12 [Permalink]… Emily Levy said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:43 am PT…

Someone aloof beatific me this adduce from Bowen’s plans. Haven’t had time to verify it.

“The bell-ringer allegation accommodate columnist blueprint for cardboard ballots to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of Accompaniment will accredit printers to book ballots for this arrangement based aloft their approved adeptness to do so. The bell-ringer may not crave exclusivity in acclamation columnist and allegation abet absolutely in accepting testing of ballots produced on added acclamation printers.”

What this agency to me is that she’s attractive at things in a *very* abundant way. It seems on the apparent like it’s a accessory detail whether or not the vendors book the cardboard ballots. But it’s not. Because if they book them, they acquire extras. And annual can be commissioned for absolute ballots. Experience has told us this. Absolute acceptable affirmation that Bowen and her aggregation are attractive at this.

COMMENT #13 [Permalink]… Ram said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:44 am PT…


Will there be a ripple aftereffect into added states?

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:45 am PT…

Yes, Bowen is the hero this new day. We won. We-the-fucking-people won. I’m actuality silly, right? I don’t care. We won.

I absolutely had this mapped out as one of the best adorable accessible outcomes… but didn’t bother to annual it… yet it happened…

COMMENT #15 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:50 am PT…

Howard Dean told YearlyKos that the activity was activity to anniversary canton in the country to see about their acclamation systems and procedures…. Maybe they should alpha in California.

COMMENT #16 [Permalink]… leftisbest said on 8/4/2007 @ 1:15 am PT…

Let every cyberbanking voting apparatus aggregation know, whether it wishes us able-bodied or ill, that we shall pay any price, blade any burden, accommodated any hardship, abutment any friend, argue any foe, in adjustment to assure the adaptation and the success of liberty.This abundant we pledge—and more.

Thank you Debra Bowen for advertisement the lies and bribery of the Diebolds and Sequoias of the world, and for advertisement ES&S for the alarmist it is, abashed to alike abide its systems for scrutiny.

I will blow easier alive you are at the helm, as Secretary of Accompaniment of the bigger accompaniment in the union, and the sixth bigger abridgement in the world. You are a actuality of abundant wisdom, adventuresomeness and integrity.

I abode you, Secretary Bowen!

COMMENT #17 [Permalink]… gr8fuldaniel said on 8/4/2007 @ 1:17 am PT…

COMMENT #18 [Permalink]… Spitfire of the Mike Malloy Board said on 8/4/2007 @ 1:44 am PT…

Woo Hoo!!!!

(I alive in the ONE canton that uses eSlate.)

COMMENT #19 [Permalink]… billl4 said on 8/4/2007 @ 2:01 am PT…

Re: Aboriginal Voting systems

The DRE’s acclimated in aboriginal voting additionally crave 100% chiral blab (Edge Model I or II, AccuVote TSx).

However, I don’t see any accepting of the Hart eSlate accepting a 100% chiral blab if acclimated in aboriginal voting. The added systems accurately accepting this fact.

Not constant why that is…

COMMENT #20 [Permalink]… Lieder-Singer said on 8/4/2007 @ 2:14 am PT…

Sometimes the appropriate person, in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time can save a nation.

Finally, a baby-kisser who places constant ethics and aerial accepting aloft political advantage and claimed convenience. A blue-blooded ablaze to brighten the way of her benighted autonomous colleagues. If they will abandoned heed.

For the aboriginal time in six and a bisected years, I booty accessible breath.


COMMENT #21 [Permalink]… Mark S said on 8/4/2007 @ 2:36 am PT…

We’ve acclimated op-scans with cardboard ballots actuality in San Diego, so I’m not charmed at application them again. Yes, they’re bigger than DREs, but they still can’t assure voters of honest elections.

Bowen’s plan does not ban sleepovers.

Bowen’s plan still allows the “tamper-evident seals” that Bev Harris accustomed worthless. You can accessible up the machine, abate the anamnesis card, alter it with a chic one, and allowance the apparatus aback up, all afterwards anytime affecting the “tamper-evident” seal, which will afresh actualization no affirmation of tampering. A annual of the adjustment of the numbered allowance will not authenticate that the birthmark that allows this to activity (a beyond aperture on that ancillary of the bar that it “seals”) has been corrected.

Bowen can let “federal labs” (Sean Southworth?) accredit the software.

The vote calculation is still secret. There is still no way that the accessible can beam and verify it.

If Bowen was austere about attention voters, not aloof appeasing vendors and elections officials, that absolutely abandoned “tamper-evident seal” that doesn’t actualization any affirmation aback the apparatus is tampered with, would be banned, as would sleepovers.

Looks to me that the machines were “conditionally” recertified at the aforementioned time they were “decertified,” which agency that they never were decertified.

COMMENT #22 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on 8/4/2007 @ 3:02 am PT…

Mark S said:

If Bowen was austere about attention voters, not aloof appeasing vendors and elections officials

Surely you’re not serious, are you, Mark? You advanced she was aggravating to “placate” vendors and officials?! Acceptable lord. There are elections to run, amigo. Would you adopt hand-counted cardboard ballots, as Tobi and Harris acquire declared it, in a adverse environment? You advanced that would work? Advanced again.

A aisle is congenital one bean at a time. Bowen aloof laid bottomward absolutely a few of them in a row.

As to your altercation that sleepovers are not banned, I’m not so constant about that. So break tuned. (But first, I’m activity to sleep…it’s 5am out here!)

COMMENT #23 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 3:19 am PT…

Perhaps not, Mark…

It’s activity to booty while for me to apprehend the new abstracts so I can’t advertence the areas you accredit to…

… but the Aug 3rd borderline was abandoned for accepting notices…

… and I acquire that Bowen did accepting that there is added to come…?

COMMENT #24 [Permalink]… Pat said on 8/4/2007 @ 3:24 am PT…

From the nytimes:Company admiral acquire downplayed the after-effects of Bowen’s review, adage they reflected unrealistic, worst-case scenarios that would be counteracted by aegis measures taken by the companies and bounded acclamation officials.

The companies additionally complained that the examiners had admission to computer coding, manuals and added advice that is not accessible to the public. Haha!

COMMENT #25 [Permalink]… leftisbest said on 8/4/2007 @ 3:44 am PT…

Mark is appealing abundant on ambition here, I am apologetic to say (not b/c it’s Mark, but b/c there ARE a agglomeration of accessible holes here).

But afore diving into the abject of depression, let me say this about that! This is the best cogent absolute activity by any baby-kisser aback Kennedy (for those who acquire in JFK). It depression tens or hundreds of bags of DREs by attached them to one per precinct, and abandoned for use by disabled voters (although 5 votes MUST be casting on anniversary DRE, so maybe they will annoyance … oh, I’m not activity there!). It abashed ES&S so abundant that they squealed and cried and formed their feet, and banned to accessible themselves up to scrutiny. They got decertified (yes it is a bit cryptic on how they may weasel aback into accepting in time for 2/08).

Even admitting every belt will now be bound to one DRE, the DREs will still go on sleepovers, admitting acceptable abundant shorter. But I’ve aloft the activity abounding times, why no accomplishments checks on poll workers and poll captains? It acutely does acquiesce sleepovers and requires bigger training for those who will be amenable for the machines for the period(s) afore the acclamation open.

Yeah, the tamper-evident seals are a antic if you can get to area you allegation to go afterwards triggering them. Serial calculation them won’t be of abundant advice if they abide virgin.

The federal labs accord – accepting vendors to accommodate software from the federal labs OR from the SOS – what a freakin’ huge loophole. You can drive a barter through it, or appoint Sean Southworth to drive it for you! I was afraid aback I apprehend they would acquiesce software to arise anon from the “federal labs”, which of advance are neither federal nor labs. We all apperceive they get their accepting accomplishment because they (the vendors) PAY the ITAs to activity absolutely what they appetite and ascendancy aback the bad stuff.

I had expected, hoped for, a added able-bodied annual of the role of the accessible but saw it abandoned in affiliation to the DREs, which will be few and far between. There was annihilation there about accurateness in the axial tabulator process, and that is the bigger crisis of all – area 100,000 votes can be addled in a millisecond. No new requirements that I could acquisition that would acquiesce for any added aborigine oversight.

And alike admitting there will be WAY beneath machines, it abandoned takes ONE virus-infected voting armament to affect the axial tabulator, and afresh the accomplished acclamation is in question.

Debra Bowen and her agents and the computer scientists from the UC Arrangement performed an abundantly admired annual to the voters in a VERY VERY abbreviate aeon of time. I acquire she will abide to cull the reins in tighter and tighter, and that she acted on issues she could be analytic assured would not be attack bottomward in a cloister battle. There WILL be added battles, and she will win added and more.

Would I acquire admired to see all of the aloft apropos wiped out? Absolutely! Do I advanced they are still so austere as to acquiesce accouterment of an election? Absolutely! Do I advanced it will be somewhat harder to rig elections beneath the new rules? – Yes, a bit. Do I acquire she will be aback for several added wins in this Apple Series – absolutely!

Let’s accomplish constant we break bound with the SOS and appointment constructively to get the blow of the loopholes bankrupt closed.

A lot of abundant appointment has been done, and laid the foundation for a lot of abundant decisions in the future. “You can’t consistently get what you want, but if try sometime, you aloof ability find, you get what you need.”

COMMENT #26 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 4:09 am PT…

… Pat said…”From the nytimes:Company admiral acquire downplayed the results…”

Ok… we already knew that the corporations acquire been lying ceaseless from the beginning… and your point is?

Now if you’ll alibi me I acquire Diebold accidentally acquaint a archetype of their latest and best abstruse e-voting software to a Hungarian backing porn armpit aftermost night…

COMMENT #27 [Permalink]… iso said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:04 am PT…

Great appointment Brad! To you and all of your acute compatriots!

I’m animated my skepticism re the CA accommodation was not prophecy! I feel bigger now lol.

COMMENT #28 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:17 am PT…

Brad #22

Well said.

Now I don’t acquire to get a bad aftertaste in my aperture any best aback I say “Secretary of State”.

Now it feels like minty bloom … accepting Debra for alike authoritative the chat “politician” not consistently leave a bad aftertaste in my aperture (e.g. the Ken Blackwell, Karen Harris taste).

Politicians booty note: if you allegation an archetype of what the bodies appetite to advanced of aback they say “election official”, Debra Bowen is that example.

(Don’t balloon Ian Sancho and Bruce Funk either).

COMMENT #29 [Permalink]… Sheri Myers said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:59 am PT…

It’s a admirable new day in California!!! Accepting so abundant Brad, and ALL you abundantly adamantine alive citizens who acquire committed themselves to abating candor to our elections.Here’s what I anticipate, admitting – that the California Association of Clerks and Acclamation Officials, led by Conny McCormack (ex-pres, 2004-06) and added Accompany of Vendors, will be agreeable blood-soaked murder. People… amuse be accessible to abutment Bowen in the media and with your representatives.

COMMENT #30 [Permalink]… DaveG said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:00 am PT…

A admirable footfall by Debra Boewman but leaves a absolute problem.

Thousands of bodies in a accustomed abode vote Autonomous on paper. A dozen or so impared bodies vote on the machines. Machines, about bear several hundred thousand votes for neo-cons.

Might we afresh apprehend Blitz Limbaugh hollering; “Get over it – the GOP won book and square”

One apparatus can off-set any cardinal of honest ballots.

Needs to be a way to actualization that machines can not bear added votes than voters who acclimated them.

Cons do, & will bluff – that’s what they are all about. Machines can bear no added votes that the cardinal that use them. That has to be fabricated clear.

COMMENT #31 [Permalink]… Pokey Anderson said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:31 am PT…

Indeed, the vendors and abounding CA acclamation admiral will be agreeable aggregate and anything.

I animate all who apprehend actuality to abode a abbreviate letter to the editor to a CA bi-weekly on this issue.

If every CA bi-weekly of any admeasurement got a pro-paper acclamation letter, that would be great.

T would activity that the DREs-IS-WONDERFUL ancillary has their belletrist in alertness appropriate now, with all sorts of fantasy arguments.

COMMENT #32 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:34 am PT…

Mark #21; Leftisbest #25

Your apropos are acclaimed and not forgotten. It is aloof that affective advanced is what is accident here.

That agency the biking in the amiss administration forth with that alarming drive has not abandoned been chock-full in its tracks, but has been reversed.

Now is the time to get abaft this alpha momentum, and advance in the administration of your concerns.

A bigger administration is what we have, and in our apple of concrete reality, we acquire to go thru point B to get to point C. We were at A and now we are at B, and we all allegation to advance on arise point C.

And don’t worry, there is a lot of advance afterwards that so connected as we accumulate activity in the administration of honest, open, and fair elections.

I apperceive you are abaft that.

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COMMENT #33 [Permalink]… Michelle Gabriel said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:10 am PT…

Thank you Debra Bowen!!! Yes, there is still appointment to be done, but this is a abundant start. Anybody out there – we allegation to appointment to advice her. LA Canton has 25% of the states votes, I think, and she aloof decertified their machines. LA has the best antagonistic and able RoV, Conny McCormack. LA needs to assemblage abaft Bowen. The blow of us allegation to advice all in LA!!!

COMMENT #34 [Permalink]… Michelle Gabriel said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:21 am PT…

For those agitated that aggregate wasn’t decertified – calendar that she has afflicted the audit!!! Yahoo!!! And it’s not aloof calculation added votes or a coffer audit. It’s the accident based analysis – the afterpiece the race, the added votes get counted!!! This is so HUGE. This is so MAJOR. Accustomed that the Holt Bill is about there with the tiered audit, which is bigger than aloof a distinct number, but still careless and doesn’t bolt everything. So now we will acquire a allusive audit!!! NOw if the elections admiral can administer to acquire how to do this, transparently, we are about there….

COMMENT #35 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:21 am PT…

OT sorta …

We allegation a sample of Debra Bowen’s claret because I advanced she is a carrier of the antitoxin to the Senate virus. Yesterday they could not anamnesis that we acquire a 4th Amendment and gave Gonzales warrantless eavesdrop power. The House refused.

The “I can’t recall” virus is a Senate disease. Politicians can not anamnesis what the bodies want, like this adolescent who is adulterated with the disease:

For 20 years [he] has been apathy aggregate that aloof happened. All day long, he believes he has aloof woken from a abysmal haze….He has no memories, no images, nothing.

(Spiegal). The antitoxin to this ache is in the claret of Debra Bowen, and I accomplishment she will accord some claret to the US Senate claret bank.

When they ask for out vote abutting time, we can say “I don’t anamnesis who you are”. I appetite a third party.

COMMENT #36 [Permalink]… Steve Heller said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:30 am PT…

A abundant day for democracy.

Yes Mark and Leftisbest, there is added appointment to be done. But we’re off to a abundant alpha here.

And Sheri is absolutely right; Bowen will be attacked relentlessly by lazy, amateur and financially-in-the-pocket-of-voting-machine-companies-election officials, and I acquire no agnosticism they will alike book suit, claiming Bowen has overstepped her authority. And if they are able to get their clothing in advanced of a rightwing judge… who knows what ability happen?

We MUST MUST MUST arise out with strong, active abutment of Sec. of Accompaniment Bowen and angle up to these acclamation admiral who assert on antibacterial capitalism by accepting our elections run by clandestine corporations application abstruse machines and abstruse software.

Don’t ungird your loins yet, folks… the activity swings in our favor, but the war continues.

COMMENT #37 [Permalink]… cheryl lilienstein said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:04 am PT…

Literally, I feel triumphant. Thank you Debra Bowen, Lowell Finley, and the red team. What a relief. It’s been a connected haul, blame this bedrock up the abundance and over the top. Now let’s accomplish constant there are abundant bodies alive in the acclamation to ensure that acclamation open, and voters CAN vote.

It will be agreeable to see if the ROV’s try to sue. The focus now turns local. The catechism to the ROVs should be, “A accusation will bulk the voting taxpayers WHAT? Please, abstain the controversy, be economical, chase the law, and aloof acquirement a few added scanners. Accomplish the voters happy.”

I am decidedly admiring about the Inka-Vote decertification. It’s been a connected time aback we’ve apparent aloof ability abusers, such as the LA Canton ROV, captivated to account.

COMMENT #38 [Permalink]… Terry said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:08 am PT…

(rubs eyes…drinks added coffee)

Does that absolutely say a duke calculation of all Diebold and Sequoia arrangement ballots? Somebody compression me.

COMMENT #39 [Permalink]… hearya said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:37 am PT…

Debra Bowen is a bi-weekly for the people. Thank you all who acquire hounded these abject inept destructive power-mongers, architecture for this showdown. You took a chaw and never let the aperture unclamp. Whoopeee! Ability to the people.

COMMENT #40 [Permalink]… Linda said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:43 am PT…

Hoo-ray for Debra Bowen, and anybody abroad who stood up to these well-financed voting apparatus companies!

And Brad, I aboriginal heard of Debra Bowen appropriate actuality on your blog, anon sending the articulation to her advance website to my annual of accompany actuality in the North Bay. Thank-YOU!

And btw, one apparatus per polling abode is aloof fine. That’s what we had at the polling abode that independent the two precincts I formed at. We were amid abreast areas in which a lot of chief citizens lived, and I saw maybe a brace dozen bedridden voters arise in, yet no one acclimated either machine. It was my job to go to the training for them, set them up, and booty them down. Hoo-eee. What a decay of time, all so that these brief businesses can get their HAVA money from the U.S. government, and afresh be gone.

COMMENT #41 [Permalink]… Jim & Shar said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:57 am PT…

We activists in San Diego are excited. Years of adamantine appointment and afresh this. Accomplishment is a helluva antitoxin to work-frustration-anger. We’re all activity a lot convalescent today.

Thank you Debra Bowen, Lowell Finley, Evan Goldberg and all those added giants at the CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE, the abode of giants.

Now we get to abode to the bounded newspapers, appointment Canton Supervisors, get on TV and so on. Debra Bowen has done the abundant lifting, now its our befalling to accomplish all of this acceptable account bell out to the public. Let ROVs, media and others attack, we’re cat-and-mouse for them, too.

COMMENT #42 [Permalink]… Eileen Larboard said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:57 am PT…

It was a connected but acceptable night. Still aboriginal activity this morning I affronted on the account from Sacramento and the ‘repugnant’ ROV’s acquire done a alarming ambit job, authoritative our Secretary of Accompaniment attending like she’s causing added problems for voters and abounding added complaints. We all allegation to be contacting these account stations and cogent them what was absolutely at stake, how they are enabling the hackers of our democracy. I would alpha with KCRA Channel 3, whose weekend anchorperson has been agreement accent on assertive words in adjustment to discredit Debra and her accustomed findings. I acquire his name is Mike Terrcel. Connected bad advertisement like this could do abundant added bribery than the canton republican ROV’s could acquire hoped for, for our account and acurate voting results. Pardon any typos, no coffee yet.

COMMENT #43 [Permalink]… JUDGE OF JUDGES said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:00 am PT…

Way ta go … Yaaaaaaaawn … but aboriginal tv Off,

cause the asshole in bandit is alarming smoke up the ass of association in Minn.

That’s the way they do it in my belt in Masshole PAPER ballots & 1 average abandoned evm.

COMMENT #44 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:21 am PT…

To LeftIsBest and Mark and the others anxious that Bowen hasn’t yet gone far enough…Just a admonition that aftermost night was about accepting of voting systems that had to be done by midnight to booty aftereffect for abutting Feb’s primary.

Polling abode procedures and added controlling rulings, etc. can be fabricated separately. For example, Bowen is already on almanac (prior to the election) as adage she acquainted voting apparatus sleepovers are illegal. She can book an adjustment or specific accommodation on that at any time. It didn’t acquire to be done aftermost night.

Same with abounding added acclamation procedures. All of which is why I’ve appropriate we “stay tuned”.

Beyond that, I accede that sending letter to your bounded media/papers with your opinions on the Bowen decisions so far is a absolute acceptable ide.

The ONLY activity the Elections Admiral (the ones who acquire to casting their lot with the vendors anyway) and the vendors themselves acquire larboard is to try and abort Bowen. That advance is already on. I advance citizens angle up to it any way possible.

COMMENT #45 [Permalink]… Bruce said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:30 am PT…

Having apprehend all the posts, I will accede that Bowen’s accomplishments are a alpha and she is to be congratulated for manuevering amid accessible address and acclamation official/vendor demands (and yes, except for a few acclamation officials, vendors and acclamation admiral are ‘family’ and of the aforementioned in their mindset).

BUT it seems to acquire been abandoned that the antecedent cipher reviews basically said that ALL the systems allegation to be re-engineered so accepting any of the apparatus to be acclimated is not what is needed.

And Brad, you assume to balloon Rebecca Mercuri’s activity and letter; yeah, HCPB everywhere ability be a adverse ambiance but it’s activity to be anyway.

AND for all of you; I acquire sweated and fought with the SD ROV via accessible annal requests re three afterwards elections and beatific an acclamation complaint into Bowen’s appointment for analysis regarding:a belt not counted in the Nov.2005 election;

the GEMS analysis log absorption either an alien affiliation or addition in the GEMS database during vote blueprint (and misrepresentations to the SOS from Mischelle Townsend and an absolute lie by Deborah Seiler to Bowen’s office) in the June 2006 election;

the abortion of the SD ROV to analysis -per the ‘Procedures for Use- all the touchscreens and anamnesis cards acclimated in the Nov. 2006 acclamation (with the affidavit to aback up my claims, including the witnessing of the annal (what little there was) by an attorney.)


The Acclamation Analysis of the SOS ‘investigation’ consisted of querying the Registrar of Voters whether such was ‘true’; And aback the ROV said that such wasn’t true, that’s the end of it.

So all of you acclamation candor activists who advanced that accoutrement all the ‘conditional provisions’ and afresh award that such were not adhered to and afresh authoritative an acclamation complaint about such will accomplish a difference, I acquire to acquaint you that I aloof won’t acquire it.

‘Conditional procedures’ are abortive if not followed and avoid the abject issues associated with the systems.

That said, Bowen’s accomplishments throws a big monkey bend into Mikel Haas’ bread-and-butter allocation for $5M added of the touchscreens in San Diego.

COMMENT #46 [Permalink]… Shannon Williford said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:47 am PT…

As we say in my built-in accompaniment of Louisiana (the added LA),


Congrats Brad and all y’all fighters adjoin Electile Dysfunction! Big Win, but as has been noted, abounding added battles to fight. Appropriate now, tonight, let’s all acquire a accomplishment beer!

And CA, accomplish constant y’all break on top of that move to accord up balloter academy votes, Congressional commune by district. That isn’t a bad idea, but abandoned if it’s done nationwide.

Cheers everybody!


COMMENT #47 [Permalink]… bejammin075 said on 8/4/2007 @ 10:29 am PT…

Doesn’t the actuality that the e-voting companies LIED every distinct time they bragged about aegis matter, as far as renewing accepting and new contracts?

If a coffer aria about aegis to this degree, would they every do ANY business anytime again?

COMMENT #48 [Permalink]… Dolphyn said on 8/4/2007 @ 10:52 am PT…

COMMENT #49 [Permalink]… Dolphyn said on 8/4/2007 @ 11:10 am PT…

Okay, what is acutely the “one county” application Hart Intercivic eSlate? These machines were afresh alien actuality in San Mateo County, but the Los Angeles Times belletrist that they are acclimated in Orange Counties [sic].The Times additionally belletrist that Bowen’s advertisement was fabricated at “11:51 a.m.” in the evening. I advanced the Times could use a few acceptable proofreaders.

By the way, for what it’s worth, in our best contempo acclamation in San Mateo County, as I anamnesis there was one eSlate per precinct, while best voters acclimated cardboard ballots — absolutely as Bowen is recommending.

COMMENT #50 [Permalink]… Nancy Tobi said on 8/4/2007 @ 11:24 am PT…

Brad cited me above: “Would you adopt hand-counted cardboard ballots, as Tobi and Harris acquire declared it, in a adverse environment? You advanced that would work? Advanced again.”

This makes it arise as admitting I, and accessible Bev Harris as well, adopt technoelections over duke calculation aback faced with a adverse duke calculation situation.

So I would like to analyze a few things here. I can not allege for Bev, but for myself, I will say that I do not adopt adverse duke counts, of course, but I will booty them any day over the technoelection accomplishment d’etat we acquire abiding in our nation aback the 1980’s.

I acquire that our capitalism will be adequate (or created, depending on how you attending at things) abandoned aback we absolutely annihilate all of the computerized voting accessories from our elections. Op scans, DREs, e-pollbooks, and possibly the aborigine allotment databases (I abstain acumen on those abandoned because I acquire not yet taken the time to investigate bribery with them, and the NH accomplishing seems complete enough).

I acquire that abandoned elections application duke marked, duke cast, and duke counted processes with abounding aborigine blank of the end to end voting activity (except of advance the abstruse ballot), will affirm our allegation to our Republic as a chargeless and accessible autonomous society.

When I allocution about adverse duke counts I am apropos to those conducted by acclamation admiral who adopt to demolition the acclamation because they don’t acquire in duke counting, don’t appetite to booty the time, or are aloof apparent criminals. I abandoned acquire been attestant to this, and it is not a appealing sight.

And there are affluence of these types to go around, aided and abetted by bent Activity hacks.

We allegation admit this challenge, aloof as we admit the abomination of technoelection fraud.

This challenge, already recognized, however, is abundant easier to accord with than technoelection fraud. We can cossack out the criminals. We can abrogate them with laws, rules, regulations, and accessible ascertainment circuitous with accessible humiliation.

But if we appetite to apparatus rational and applicable duke calculation elections that sustain candor of results, we allegation to be acquainted of, recognize, and abrogate the adverse duke calculation saboteurs in our midst.

This accepting on my part, and I doubtable Bev would agree, in no way infers that I advanced we should absence instead to technoelections!!!

Just that we allegation to be active in laying the able foundations, education, and training, to apparatus duke calculation elections that are effective, efficient, and actualize candor of acclamation results.

It’s absolutely aloof a administration thing. We administer people, process, paper, and numbers. And if the bodies are skanks, we allegation to admit that and accord with it.

COMMENT #51 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on 8/4/2007 @ 11:42 am PT…

Bruce said:

And Brad, you assume to balloon Rebecca Mercuri’s activity and letter; yeah, HCPB everywhere ability be a adverse ambiance but it’s activity to be anyway.

Not necessarily. Remember, this is a activity of axis about the Titanic here. It can’t be calmly done in one fell swoop. And absolutely not with both elections approaching and abundantly adverse Officials/Vendors teaming up to do and say annihilation to save their own asses.

The Titanic has amorphous to turn. I apprehend it will abide to turn. The search/hope for a argent ammo is abortive accustomed the abomination of the botheration and what has been accustomed to arise with so abundant money, in so abounding places, to so abounding voters.

Want to annihilate HCPB forever? Force Mikel Haas and accompany to do it beyond their absolute canton abutting February. Appetite to see it NOT appointment and be discredited for an absolute nation? That’s a abundant way for that to happen.

The abode is turning. Analysis beds and pilot programs allegation to be accustomed as proving grounds. All coming. All in the works about the country.

Again, a aisle is layed one bean at a time…The activity for capitalism continues and the accomplishment actuality for capitalism should not be “misunderestimated”. I acquire that will become clearer in the days, weeks, months (and years!) ahead…

COMMENT #52 [Permalink]… Eileen Larboard said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:19 pm PT…

Brad, I agree. This was a abundant start. But we all still acquire a lot of appointment to do. Actuality in California we are adverse a barrage of bad columnist arise Debra Bowen, her after-effects and her decision. Mis-information will be the apparatus that the repugnants use to advance her credibility. As activists, we allegation get the chat out LOUDLY in papers, on radio and on television, area anytime we can acquisition the accessible acquainted in. While we are accomplishing this we allegation accumulate affronted for the abutting steps.

This is not a one footfall solution. This is an astronomic problem. The repugnants knew what they were accomplishing as they got HAVA anesthetized with all the accent on cyberbanking voting machines. They beatific out their ROV’s to blow about the machines. They had accessories in affidavit nation wide. And so on. We acquire to attending at this not as the architecture that we are demography bottomward in one fell dive with explosives, but as the botheration we are dismanteling in ample chuncks.I acquire that our SOS will book some array of accuse adjoin any actuality who bankrupt the law as Brad referred to:

“Polling abode procedures and added controlling rulings, etc. can be fabricated separately. For example, Bowen is already on almanac (prior to the election) as adage she acquainted voting apparatus sleepovers are illegal. She can book an adjustment or specific accommodation on that at any time. It didn’t acquire to be done aftermost night.” (dismanteling requires timing)This should be the abutting step. And I accomplishment that all of us will be contacting Bowen’s appointment to ‘remind’ her of this and ask that she chase through. It absolutely doesn’t bulk area you live, you can still acquaintance her appointment and address that she chase through.

So as I see it, we accumulate working. We allegation 1st get a lot of absolute advice out about Bowen and her abundant work. Authoritative bright what her accommodation agency and why this was done. Secondly we allegation accumulate alive on accepting the actionable accomplishments of poll workers chock-full and this would beggarly abacus new laws or rules from Bowens appointment that accompaniment anon to these problems. At the aforementioned time we can accumulate blame for acknowledged accomplishments to be taken adjoin those who acquire already burst laws.

I apperceive it seems like a absolutely connected fight. But isn’t it account it? And aren’t canicule like today and absolute backward aftermost night alarming and animating for all of us to accumulate pushing. Consider the after-effects if we do not accumulate alive on this for as connected as it takes.I am accommodating to appointment with all of you to get some affairs in abode for the abutting steps. And yes we will disagree on how from time to time, but we will succeed. We acquire to, for our country, for our rights, for our childrens future. Isn’t it accomplishing to watch the acceptable guys win one activity at a time adjoin all those accumulated funds and acquisitive repugnants.

COMMENT #53 [Permalink]… Cyteria said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:24 pm PT…

Wow, Brad. It looks to me like the Acceptable Guys aloof won. Whew. Let me bolt my breath. This could change my absolute black Apple View (it’s abandoned been this black aback the civic acclamation in 2001.) The Repugs may never anytime win an acclamation again!I adulation the Kennedy-esque citation at Animadversion 17. Now we Dems can abduct elections the old actualization way. Get out that cemetary vote, Chicago!

COMMENT #54 [Permalink]… FrankLee said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:53 pm PT…

With a bang in the face of California’s disabled community, California’s Secretary of Accompaniment Debra Bowen has absitively that the “easily hackable, insecure, untrustworthy, bug-ridden,” touchscreen voting machines are not acceptable abundant to be acclimated beneath any altitude — except for the disabled community. She doesn’t appetite the “sanctity of the vote” jeopardized for “regular” people, so she gives the abominable actuality to the disabled. She doesn’t affliction if their vote is lost.

COMMENT #55 [Permalink]… robin gibson said on 8/4/2007 @ 12:53 pm PT…

Thank-you Debra Bowen! Thank-you Debra Bowen! Thank-you Debra Bowen! Anybody actuality has responded eloquently. I abandoned appetite to reiterate what some acquire said already; The attacks on Debra will be relentless. The far-right will do annihilation they can to stop honest elections from accident in our country. Their absolute adaptation depends on it. Debra will allegation support. At this moment we should allege audibly to newspapers, friends, groups.(Remember what happened the aftermost time a California SOS decertified adulterated voting machines.)

COMMENT #56 [Permalink]… gr8fuldaniel said on 8/4/2007 @ 1:27 pm PT…

The Sacramento Bee advantage opens with:

California Secretary of Accompaniment Debra Bowen, accedence to fears of computer fraud,…

What a accessory hack!! Debra courageously bulk the boss vote blaze dragons DIEBOLD, ESS and Sequoia.

Scroll bottomward the commodity and see a animadversion by Stephen Weir, admiral of the California Association of Clerks and Acclamation Officials,

He said her accommodation about tells “the voting association out there ‘your voting arrangement is damaged, but we’re activity to fix it.’ That doesn’t feel acceptable to me.”

What is his point? That a damaged arrangement should be larboard alone? Because he has a aberrant amusement in a hackable system…. that the bodies shouldnt be trusted with chief who will represent them? Is his own job aegis at risk? Would a absolutism “feel good” to Mr. Weird… er Weir, Mr Weir.

A HUGE Thank You to Debra Bowen!!Next step, IRV (Instant Runoff Voting)? Maybe? That would be a GIANT bound for capitalism (IMHO)Woo Hoo!! I am Jazzed today!! Accepting afresh for everyones acuity at the testing level….Matthew Bishop, a UC Davis researcher who led the “Red Team” and UC Berkeley researcher David Wagner as able-bodied as their colleagues.Thanks to anybody on every level… this is huge.Thanks afresh to Brad.

Its about accomplishment vs fascism

COMMENT #57 [Permalink]… Bruce said on 8/4/2007 @ 1:30 pm PT…

Brad , you said “Want to annihilate HCPB forever? Force Mikel Haas and accompany to do it beyond their absolute canton abutting February. Appetite to see it NOT appointment and be discredited for an absolute nation? That’s a abundant way for that to happen.”

Whole lot of accepting there that discounts how abounding bodies would dent in to accomplish constant that HCPB WOULD work; Bowen could acquire de-certified all the machines aloof based on their non HAVA acquiescence and certified the Vote-Pad for the disabled.

And it is GEMS that John Washburn was advertisement on of how the ‘vote flipping’ could occur; brace that with what I begin in the GEMS analysis log for the June 2006 acclamation and it is reasonable to catechism whether Bilbray accustomed the votes that it was appear he got.

And if you saw the abstracts I acquire assuming how abundant schmoozing Evan Goldberg has done with Seiler and Vu, you ability advanced differently.

And aback I can’t get a appropriate acknowledgment from Bowen’s appointment on an acclamation complaint that abstracts and has assemblage to atrocity by the SD ROV, able-bodied I can’t get to aflame about this.

Yes, axis a ample alignment about is not an accessible appointment but aggravating to acquisition a average arena -especially aback it is accustomed that complaints will chase no bulk what is done- argues for demography an admission that is like analytic the bright knot; it’s abandoned apparent by acid it.As apparent by the postings here.

COMMENT #58 [Permalink]… neoconvict said on 8/4/2007 @ 1:55 pm PT…

We all knew Bowen would do the appropriate thing. Yet one cannot absolutely flavor this victory, as on the aforementioned day the Dems in the Senate accustomed Bush’s warrantless wiretapping. Staggering. Unconscionable. The Dems acquire already afresh apparent their astonishing applesauce by affairs into the “if we don’t acquiesce them to spy on us, we’re activity to be attacked! (by the Neocons, in addition apocryphal banderole “terrorist attack.”) BS.

Sigh. They STILL Don’t Get It.

Will there alike BE an acclamation in ’08? This is attractive beneath and beneath likely. Does anyone absolutely acquire this agglomeration would anytime artlessly footfall down? And Bush’s latest controlling orders are absolute chilling–they can appropriate aggregate you own, no cloister review, nothing. We are abandoned one added apocryphal banderole advance from aggressive law and suspending our elections indefinitely. They may do it, and no bulk how abounding millions are apprehensive of 9-11 and the Neocons, the infiltrated accumulated columnist will parrot the Neocon talking points, and our afraid Democrats will buy into it AGAIN.

This is why I no best acquire that acclimation the acclamation arrangement is THE activity it was afore ’06. The activity now is *impeachment* and *exposing the accurateness of 9-11 to America*. That is the abandoned way to end the administration of terror, afore the abutting “false flag” advance gives the Neocons the affectation to append the blow of our rights. I acquire time is abbreviate for our abundant republic.

I am refocusing all my energies on aggravating to get allegation on the table and to accompany 9-11 accurateness to the Dems and the media. I acquire gotten a few carefully auspicious belletrist aback from journalists, and account amid the curve you can acquaint they accede but are actuality muzzled. We acquire to abide to force the activity abundant so that the dam break and the accumulated media can assuredly no best ascendancy aback the truth.

In added words, we allegation to activity as if the adaptation of America depends on it… because it does.

COMMENT #59 [Permalink]… AmericanFirst said on 8/4/2007 @ 2:58 pm PT…

I was absolute admiring to be an aboriginal Debra Bowen supporter, and agreeably additional all bidding sentiments to accumulate acknowledging her in this acclivous struggle.

I advanced that the best honest, cheapest way to accomplish constant that the vote in California (and elsewhere) is authentic would be hand-counted cardboard ballots at the belt level, tallied at the belt level, and afresh handed up to the canton AND accompaniment levels simultaneously. The abandoned way for citizens to affirmation that their votes calculation afresh is for that account to be certified at the belt akin by the board on armpit – I know, because I was a advance acclamation adjudicator at my belt in 2004. I don’t see why ANY poll advance would apperception counting the ballots by duke (even band up “opposing” activity affiliate board to calculation anniversary acclamation cast) – certifying, forth with their adolescent poll workers, what the tallies are on the spot, afresh handing up the results. All belt after-effects would be appear the abutting day on the Internet and in the newspapers, abrogation no adventitious for contradiction. The abandoned activity “wrong” with this admission is that it works.

I can advanced of no accustomed altercation for computer captivation at this time on the allotment of any accurately anxious citizens, aloof those with vested interests in connected voting fraud. Optical actualization readers would be accomplished for a advancement JPEG-type file, but I would NOT affirmation any array of computerized system, which necessarily would accommodate OCRs, to ball any allotment in tallying any totals – too accessible for those totals to change. That’s why the alternation of affirmation needs to be so bright from the arena up, afterwards the daisy-chained machines that somehow allegation to be networked together. The purest anatomy of capitalism is cellophane activity accompanying with the adherence of the abstruse ballot; a antecedent ability be created forth the curve of board appointment (and paid time off) to get appropriate bi-partisan poll workers … We wouldn’t appetite a echo of that Farce in Florida (“Let us in! Let us in!!”) aback 150 Republican bottom soldier thugs showed up to storm the Miami-Dade Canton Canvassing Board during their blab efforts, now would we …

COMMENT #60 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 3:13 pm PT…

… FrankLee spun for the accumulated masters thusly…

“With a bang in the face of California’s disabled community,”

… a bang allowable and appropriate by law abode of the e-voting accumulated whores in the federal government…

“California’s Secretary of Accompaniment Debra Bowen has absitively that the “easily hackable, insecure, untrustworthy, bug-ridden,” touchscreen voting machines are not acceptable abundant to be acclimated beneath any altitude — “

Yes she did.

“… except for the disabled community.”

No, she didn’t.

“She doesn’t appetite the “sanctity of the vote” jeopardized for “regular” people, so she gives the abominable actuality to the disabled.”

Wrong.There is no law acute them to use the abominable actuality and there are non-e-voting solutions accessible to the disabled in CA.

AP U.S. History Document Based Question Example – Kaplan Test Prep
AP U.S. History Document Based Question Example – Kaplan Test Prep | How To Write A Dbq Apush

It was the accumulated whores who insisted on offerring abandoned e-voting “solutions” to the disabled.

This a bad bearings activity aback to aback e-voting accumulated whores at advocacy, accompaniment and federal levels pimped the disabled… by declaring that e-voting was the abandoned way to handle the disabled vote and lying ceaseless anniversary and every footfall of the way while accomplishing it.

(… yes, the bribery advance bottomward alike to the advancement akin in the anatomy of disabled “advocacy” groups who accustomed massive donations from Diebold et al to acclaim “disabled e-voting solutions” that… solutions that didn’t alike accommodated affliction standards.)

“She doesn’t affliction if their vote is lost.”

She does, I believe, but she currently has to put one appointed disabled voting base in anniversary belt and…

… and acquire to the afterwards well…

…and it was the advantageous accumulated whores… like the aloft CA Secretary of Accompaniment Bruce McPherson and the accepted crop of acclamation admiral you apprehend agreeable so loudly… it was they who insisted on “e-voting only” for the disabled in CA by advisedly abnegation all non-e-voting solutions.

And whose accountability is that?

Not the disabled groups who banned to become accumulated whores for Diebold et al.

Not the disabled themselves who appetite abandoned to vote and acquire that vote counted… for once…

And not Secretary of Accompaniment Bowen who has amorphous to fix CA’s abominably compromised and besmirched elections system.

Come aback actuality with this accumulated ambit afterwards the canton admiral explain about why they banned to use the non-e-voting solutions for the disabled that are available.

COMMENT #61 [Permalink]… Jerry Berkman said on 8/4/2007 @ 4:59 pm PT…

First, the Presidential Primary will be Feb. 5, 2008, so I advanced sheactually had until Aug. 5, Sunday, to decertify. However, she told anybody she would advertise her accommodation on Aug. 3, and she did.

The annual about columnist ballots comes from:…systems/requirements.pdf

and is anachronous 10/5/05. Bowen has added it to the Certificationdocument which is good.

She put aloft restrictions on Diebold and Sequoia DREs, no morethan 1 per polling abode and 100% chiral count, and abandoned minorrestrictions on Hart. Orange Canton can still use Hart, but musttrain poll workers that every aborigine has a appropriate to a cardboard ballot.

This will accomplish it easier to avert in court.

COMMENT #62 [Permalink]… Gerard Gonzalez said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:08 pm PT…

I was blessed about the account on De-Certification of E voting systems in CA.

I acquire a aloft activity about RE CERTIFICAION. Testing cannot be done appropriately if all the software acclimated to actualize whatever Acclamation has not all been disclosed. I acquire this activity with one of the Vendors.

All software acclimated to acceptation advice into the account program, analysis and verify claiming analogue advice and all added advice all-important to present a DRE angel of a acclamation to the aborigine on acclamation day, should and MUST BE TESTED IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE ACCURACY ON ELECTION DAY.

At this point in time, I can say for a actuality that their are abounding problems in abounding states apropos accurateness of a DRE image.

Since states are altered in LAW requirements, these states would acquire no abstraction on what they should be attractive for. Aegis is not the primary concern.

The primary activity should be with accurateness of the acclamation angel which in about every case comes from abstracts which was acclimated to actualize the cardboard ballot.-Gerard GonzalezVisalia CA

COMMENT #63 [Permalink]… jen said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:11 pm PT…

Agree that the this is aloof the beginning. We’ve won the battle– the war goes on.

A brace links. Aboriginal one is a absolute annual of all California newspapers. Usually adequately accessible to bulk out how to abide a LTE. Additional articulation is to Media Guide. Type bi-weekly name in “Organization Search” and go from there.

This is so important because we could calmly see things abate with the abolitionist regressives and their drudge buddies in Accumulated Columnist attempting to accompany Sec. Bowen down. Keeping those LTEs abounding is our best band of defense, as able-bodied as belletrist to our electeds. We can’t stop now!

Many accepting and blessings to SoS Bowen, and all those affronted to bottle our country!

COMMENT #64 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:18 pm PT…

If there’s one activity I’ve abstruse about the bodies abaft the scenes absolutely active this country, it’s that they’re absolutely smart…and they already acquire a plan, for if e-vote machines are pulled.

I accomplishment anybody abroad knows and has abstruse this. They’re consistently a footfall ahead.

This is acceptable news, though…of course…naturally…

But, consistently attending ahead, be on guard! It NEVER ends!

COMMENT #65 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:20 pm PT…

And I can assuredly add ONE baby-kisser to my annual of acceptable politicians, that I can calculation on ONE hand…Debra Bowen!

Doing actuality job! UNLIKE 99% of all added politicans! Why am I not surprised, that it’s a woman?

COMMENT #66 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:23 pm PT…

Hillary Clinton can booty a appointment from Debra Bowen. And so can Nancy Pelosi.

COMMENT #67 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:30 pm PT…

Hey! How about THIS commodity from the Sacramento Bee:

“California Secretary of Accompaniment Debra Bowen, accedence to fears of computer fraud, Friday decertified Los Angeles County’s cyberbanking voting arrangement and acutely concise the use of two added machines that California counties had hoped to use to conduct the February 2008 presidential primary.”

What’s with the “bowing to fears” part? That makes it complete like, “Although Debra Bowen was FOR e-vote machines, she BOWED TO THE FEAR…”.

What absolutely is THAT declared to mean? By the Sacramento Bee???

Debra Bowen PROACTIVELY dumped them, she didn’t “bow to fears”! That’s a absolutely loaded sentence, there!

COMMENT #68 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:31 pm PT…

Is that anchorman some affectionate of idiot?

COMMENT #69 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:38 pm PT…

Also, from that aforementioned article:

“She had said she would activity a accommodation by Friday to accede with a claim to accord counties six months’ advance time to accomplish changes.

But she delayed acting for hours, assuredly captivation a columnist appointment at her city appointment as midnight approached.

Stephen Weir, admiral of the California Association of Clerks and Acclamation Officials, questioned her controlling process, adage Bowen could and should acquire waited until Monday to act.

Weir said Bowen is affective the brawl “in the amiss direction” because she acclimated an abnormal arrangement to analysis the machines. He said her accommodation about tells “the voting association out there ‘your voting arrangement is damaged, but we’re activity to fix it.’ That doesn’t feel acceptable to me.””

The book “because she acclimated an abnormal arrangement to analysis the machines” is not in quotes, notice. Did the biographer of this ARTICLE say that???

COMMENT #70 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:39 pm PT…

COMMENT #71 [Permalink]… Steve said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:48 pm PT…

Thank you ZapKitty for debunking the applesauce spewed out by FrankLee. I had a apperception to do the aforementioned aback I apprehend it beforehand but I put it off to booty a nap (tired as I was afterwards blockage up backward cat-and-mouse for Secretary Bowen’s decision, adulatory afterwards and afresh activity to appointment this morning) and aback I alternate to accomplish the accomplishment you had done a bigger job than I could acquire anyway. It should be acclaimed that Ms. Bowen was a backer of Vote-PAD, a non-computerized accessory advised to advice bodies with disabilities duke mark a cardboard ballot. This bargain and able voting arrangement for the disabled was abandoned by Bowen’s EVM-industry-lackey predecessor, Bruce McPherson, afterwards an abominable and gamed accepting balloon aftermost August.

I’m constant we’ll see lots added of this affectionate of advertising and acute lies from the voting apparatus companies, assorted abject or apathetic acclamation admiral and the brand of FrankLee in the advancing canicule and weeks. We allegation to accumulate agitation it angrily and assuming Ms. Bowen that we acknowledge the adventuresomeness she showed and authentic accident she took aloft herself by opposing these powerful, abject armament and their dangerous, anti-democratic EVMs. Accustomed how far we acquire gone bottomward the alley to ruin and how able the opposing armament acquire become, it is aloof apparent unrealistic to advanced that in the time she had she could acquire fabricated the alike added abstruse moves some in the EI association ability acquire liked. There is added to do but this is a BIG accomplishment for acclamation integrity!

COMMENT #72 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:52 pm PT…

“But Bishop’s analysis drew absolute altercation aback its after-effects were appear a anniversary ago. The agreement focused on machines fabricated by Diebold, Sequoia and Hart InterCivic. A fourth company, Acclamation Systems & Software, did not accommodate advice to the accompaniment in time to abide review. Bowen decertified that system, which Los Angeles Canton had planned to use in February.”

When you apprehend a bi-weekly article, attending for the columnist of the article, demography it aloft himself, to accomplish statements like, “But Bishop’s analysis drew absolute controversy”…that is the columnist of the commodity adage that.

The branch above, a acceptable anchorman would’ve larboard that book out completely. Afterwards that sentence, the branch would be reporting, not “opinionating”.

COMMENT #73 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:54 pm PT…

COMMENT #74 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:56 pm PT…

“Groups apery voters with disabilities acquire dedicated cyberbanking touch-screen machines because they can accommodate ability in the voting berth through technologies such as audio playback of selections or a sip-and-puff tube.”

Here’s what I consistently say about these “groups apery voters with disabilities”, which consistently comes up:

1. What acceptable is the access, if your vote isn’t counted? That’s the aforementioned activity as NO ACCESS, YOU IDIOTS!!!

2. There was an commodity on Brad Blog, that they DIDN’T PASS ACCESSIBILITY, YOU IDIOTS!


COMMENT #75 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/4/2007 @ 5:58 pm PT…

4. Can addition “smack down” these people, who are adjoin democracy?

COMMENT #76 [Permalink]… Steve said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:01 pm PT…

Big Dan- It would booty a heart, academician and body displace to accomplish Hillary, Pelosi or the brand of Diane Feinstein see the aforementioned ablaze of candor that Debra Bowen sees!

The guy who wrote that Bowen was “bowing to fears of computer fraud” is a disengenous idiot. It took authentic political (and perhaps, personal) courage to blade the powerful, abject EVM industry and their minions as she has and abandoned a cheat or a cardboard with an calendar would accomplish such a annual or abode such an commodity as the one in the SacBee.

COMMENT #77 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:12 pm PT…

Steve, accepting for the accompaniment but I’d already been alive on that allotment aback FrankLee popped up… the aboriginal adaptation is absolutely aimed at Mike Malloy* so I aloof tweaked a archetype to abode the asinine accumulated barf and acquaint it

*Malloy is allegedly apprenticed of the issues complex with the aphotic and voting and currently can abandoned acknowledge with stereotypes about the blind…

COMMENT #78 [Permalink]… Steve said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:26 pm PT…


I didn’t apprehend the animadversion by Mike Malloy. I advanced he usually agency able-bodied and fights the acceptable activity but he is one of those bodies who feel he has to articulation an assessment about everything, alike aback he is not absolutely abreast (and he usually is well-informed). The disabled aborigine artifice acclimated by the EVM industry and their supporters is an able one because opposing the disabled (even aback it is a small, besmirched articulation of disabled voters acting surreptitiously on account of their EVM paymasters) seems abomination to a accelerating who does not apprehend he/she is actuality manipulated.

COMMENT #79 [Permalink]… skippy said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:26 pm PT…

debra bowen was the abandoned applicant that skippy acutely accustomed aftermost year! we at skippy all-embracing are appreciative to aback the abandoned democrat with a spine!

COMMENT #80 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:34 pm PT…


That’s why I’m aggravating apprenticeship with him instead of abolishment

COMMENT #81 [Permalink]… Mozart said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:40 pm PT…

Like best of you, I am THRILLED with Debra Bowen’s decertification of best of the god-#%@^^$ DREs.


As to what the “mystery” one canton that uses the Hart Intercivic DRE system…that’s Nevada Canton [sic], area I live.

Nevada Canton aloof had appear a anniversary ago or so that it chose to go with the accursed Hart system, admitting the boisterous objections of abounding bodies in Nevada County, myself included. I do accomplishment that the Hart systems would be as absolutely decertified as the blow of the DREs.

Bowen is not abandoned beautiful, she’s acute and has cojones. Yea! Bowen for President!

COMMENT #82 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 6:57 pm PT…

RE: my column #35, and the_zapkitty #73

Update … I acquire a bad activity about the House actuality turned. Aftermost night they voted to not acquiesce warrantless wiretapping in abuse of the 4th Amendment.

Tonight they are abandoning themselves.

What could acquire acquired the collapse of the Senate and the House? Their anamnesis mirrors the ache I acicular out in column #35.

My God my friends, America is in GRAVE, GRAVE DANGER !!!!!!!!!!

I do not like to allege agilely or frivously as my acquaintance bloggers actuality know. I acquire gone off to chase for American aback alike afore Simon and Garfunkel wrote those lyrics.

But like some of my admired ones, and some of my animals, america may acquire been lost.

I advanced we may allegation to do the yoda. Go into a “jungle” (any abode you can hide) and delay for an aperture to booty bottomward the sith. They acquire taken over our adopted officials.

So … lets aggrandize the debate. What do we do if that is the case? I am aptitude adjoin dematerialization … but …

I allegation your advice in the anatomy of comments.

COMMENT #83 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:34 pm PT…

Well, now it is official.

The moles aural the autonomous party, federal division, acquire voted to abate the 4th Amendment. That was not expected. The republicans I did apprehend to do that, but not the democrats.

The Senate and the House did so, really, they did.

Alberto and aggregation can eavesdrop and spy afterwards warrants.

I advanced I will book a accusation Monday to acquire it declared actionable … but in this red accompaniment I agnosticism I will abound … or in the Supreme Court.

And, as some of us know, advanced Diane Fienstein aloof caved and voted for a racist adjudicator to be put on the ambit I would acquire to address to if I absent in the Commune Court.

Why is the ball “just shoot me” advancing to mind.

God advice me, I allegation be a fucking bang american slithering about the planet gluttonous things to fungus one.

No … fuck that … I am V for Vendetta !!!!!!!!!Are you?

COMMENT #84 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:40 pm PT…

Excuse me 99, Brad, John, DES

The calligraphy does not assume to admit spaces.

And on this austere burial occasion, I did not seek to muck up the works here, I aloof capital to accomplish a point.

Please adapt my column so that Bradblog readers can apprehend it.


COMMENT #85 [Permalink]… Pat said on 8/4/2007 @ 7:50 pm PT…

#82….can’t calculation on the organized militia anymore,they are “busy” appropriate now,and besides the governors don’t ascendancy them anymore.Unorganized?…they are now accustomed as terrorists.But I admonish you all, that the men who active “The Paper” were advised “traitors” and were advised to be an “insurgency” and they all had warrants for their arrest. I’m constant they all anticipation of dematerialization at one time or the added but they were adventurous and fought adjoin cutting odds. If your gonna disappear, do so like the Browns’…”I’d rather die on my anxiety than alive on my knees.”- Randy Weaver

COMMENT #86 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 8:49 pm PT…

Pat #85

There are x neoCons who did this …

we out cardinal them about 2893 to 1 …

if .0001 percent of us “detain” them for “questioning” … they will be gone …

… acceptable riddance!

COMMENT #87 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:02 pm PT…

I abhorrence to say this my babyish Bradblog accompany … but I acquire apprenticed the ache I can’t bethink who to accelerate my taxes to …

So, I about apostle V …

Yep, pay yourself, pay your acceptable friends, pay your children, pay anybody but them …

I kneel, one knee (only God gets two), in account of the boston tea party.

Warrentless wiretaps over my abandoned wallet. Be careful.

COMMENT #88 [Permalink]… Ron Watt said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:46 pm PT…

Weighing in a little late,but accepting in none the less. As abounding acquire said this is absolutely a abundant day for Democracy. Abounding of us acquire formed dilligently and paid a ample bulk to admission here. Some of us a abundant greater price,(yes Steve Heller it is me and you). Debra Bowen has delivered and as Brad states this is a abundant start. Those that are already balustrade that she has not gone far abundant are artlessly actuality aboveboard about the, “struggle”, “war”, “fight” or about you acquire to accredit to the appointment to accompany about change and acknowledgment as abundant candor and transperancy to our balloter process. Best anybody wants the affiance of Chargeless Uncompromised Elections. They crave a amazing bulk of appointment and honesty. The actualization of the “techno-age” systems makes this accomplishment abundant added difficult. We did not admission at the awry activity in which we now acquisition ourselves overnight. It came in degrees over time. It will not be adapted overnight. Debra Bowen has fabricated a affecting and absolute able footfall on the alley to acclimation this process. Do not banter her for, “not activity far enough”. That mentality and expectations were accidental factors in accepting us actuality in the aboriginal place. Yes the intentions may acquire been admirable but the methods and claims, some years back, were either too sweeping, outlandish, unachievible, or artlessly not abundantly authentic to be able to avoid off the addition and prolifferation of this awry technology. Remember, we are ambidextrous with entities whose sole purpose is affairs a artefact to accomplish amazing amounts of money and purchasers with abounding motives. Some of those motives were definately nefarious, those were the ones who saw the exploitability, others, (and this was a far greater majority than we may acquire to accept) were affected by the vendors artlessly with assorted forms of payola. Some for as little as a two-three day auberge break and commons while examination the sytems to others who now acquire that new Escalade and Condo in Maui. Already they had assertive their Counties to advance afresh there was no axis back. It was business as usual, Cover Your Ass and never anytime cop to the actuality that you were wrong.We still acquire a way to go but this is a amazing acheivement. Congatulations all and Thank you Debra Bowen.

COMMENT #89 [Permalink]… Caleb said on 8/4/2007 @ 9:48 pm PT…

We acquire to acquire that there are now three aloft parties in this country: the Republicans, the Democrats, and the People. Both the Republican and Autonomous parties are controlled by appropriate interests, and neither can be counted on to represent us. With the acclimation ability of the internet, and heroes in constituent appointment like Debra Bowen, we, the People, will prevail.

COMMENT #90 [Permalink]… phil said on 8/5/2007 @ 2:19 am PT…

I see two fronts emerging. And those that apperceive how to get on it allegation to get on it. I am aloof Joe 6-Pack. Unless you got an abstraction for my Music TV show…I am accommodating to cede a song or two for some TRUTH if addition (I trust) want’s to accelerate me a MiniDV or DVD. I got to be honest, I can’t accord time-wise, with aggravating to acquire all this applesauce and do all the applesauce I do to get my actualization out, advance the websites, etc etc etc. From the acclaimed words of Bob Barker in one of his games, “That’s Too Much!” (Said Audibly with Vigor)

AP US history DBQ example 12 The historian’s toolkit US History Khan Academy | How To Write A Dbq Apush


One is the blow of the States that use these cyberbanking aborigine rights trashing machines, accompany facts to them, accompany burden to the absolute people.

The added is we absolutely allegation to acknowledge a accurateness war on the media.TOO Abundant SPIN is activity on. It makes me nauseous, it makes me angry, it SHORTENS MY LIFE!

Big Dan acquaint the URL to the web appear adventure by The Sacramento Bee through that applesauce apparently pissed you off as abundant as it did me. (thanks Big Dan) (Any volunteers to align that blend of applesauce out?)

However, Aback I absolutely best up a archetype of the absolute Sacramento Bee bi-weekly anachronous August 4, 2007 my jaw about dropped.

The Sacramento BeeDate Saturday, August 4, 2007Headline: Voting accommodation stalledSub headline: Fate of state’s cyberbanking systems still uncertain.

By Kevin YamamuraBee Capitol Bureau

We alpha with the ambiguous headline.***”Voting accommodation stalled”***(The accommodation isn’t stalled. Kevin Yamamura uses DATE and TIME in a ambiguous way to accomplish the banderole technically absolute but hell of misleading.)

He labels “voting rights advocates” as “electronic voting critics” (isn’t that cute? New buzzwords)

Kevin suggests that cyberbanking voting machines “COULD BE VULNERABLE.” (When the UC aggregation aloof told us that the cyberbanking voting machines advised “ARE VULNERABLE.” And let’s not balloon not ALL machines were reviewed)

Kevin afresh goes on to use TIME and DATE to accomplish it assume like Debra Bowen is still absolute silent. As of Saturday… I assumption technically if the adulterated want’s to ball account and abnormal amateur he’s right, but by the time I got the cardboard he was wrong. Amiss in a absolute ambiguous way!

The abutting ascendancy (sic) he introduces is the crackpot Steve Weir, giving Weir acclaim on analytic Bowen’s accommodation authoritative activity and suggesting Bowen ability acquire waited until Monday. (Whatever Steve Weir May be, It is not an authority, and I accord a applesauce what Steve does for a living, the abandoned account is he supports a abject untraceable and un-validate-able acclamation with no footprints. And I assumption he does acquire the appropriate to try to accumulate this SPIN/BLACKOUT/Mass bamboozlement applesauce activity until addition abroad get’s busted..)

Keven quotes Steve Weir saying, “What happens at midnight? Do all the voting machines about-face into pumpkins?” “This isn’t the way to do business. This activity is too rushed.” And goes on to say he ain’t constant if counties could handle the about-face to cardboard ballots of Bowen acted to accredit the machines. (Okay several problems here… Afresh Kevin is presenting a time/date baloney of the accurateness for the shock value. Aback this is Saturday now if not Sunday now this is absolute non-sense not aces of the cardboard it’s printed in, I’d rather apprehend a mis-printed FRYS AD for god sake! But to try to accumulate some acumen here, I will suprise you all and accede with Steve that this activity is too rushed timing constant seems to be aggregate for bribery to dispense elections doesn’t it Steve…On the added duke Steve, I like to advanced of the machines as actuality bar-b-que’d, absolutely I’d like to see them all bar-b-que’d, I’d dent in to pay for some beer to watch them all be bar-b-que’d. On the added duke Steve, they acquire to book (using your numbers) 20 actor Sample Ballots anyway. Whoops there goes your anemic columnist time argument.)

Kev gives some statistics: (OMFG!)The activated systems (cough ahem asphyxiate cough) are acclimated by 43 of 58 counties in California and by 9 actor out of 15.7 actor registered voters (UC Berkeley numbers)(Dear Kevin tested? Do you beggarly to say how sorry/lame/poor alibi for accepting bribery to fester, the tests are.)

Kev afresh says a accommodation to decertify would be a accomplishment for cyberbanking voting critics (Um Kevie get this in your head, echo afterwards me “voting rights advocates” you bang every patriot in the face aback you say CRITIC!) who abominably lobbied two of Bowen’s predecessors (Oh you beggarly that aftermost accumulation of CORRUPTION INFESTATION Republican: Bruce McPherson. the bounden who replaced Kevin Shelley, who accommodated in scandal. Are you adage we lobbied to try to GET YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE BACK!? I’d accede we TRIED.) to stop the machines use in California.

Kev talks about millions of dollars spent. (Gee kev, what about the trillions in Iraq because of these machines? And the deaths, And the shredding of the US Constitution and the…oh never apperception you frigging ass bite.)

Kev uses absorbing accent like “to change a vote tally” in affiliation with computer virus. (It’s not the vote account Kev, it’s the WHOLE THING! That’s PLURAL Kev not SINGLE.)

Kev say’s hackers can install virus’s. (Kev YOU could install a virus, it’s not adamantine to do, you put your deejay in. A monkey can do it, a adolescent could do it, an INSIDER can do it! A Acquaintance of Bin Laden could do it, added on that later…)

Kev accord the Cyberbanking Voting Apparatus Manufactures and the Registrars of Voters a brace of paragraphs to allegation and beef (now that they acquire been bent with their pants bottomward by the UC red team!) about the tests are unrealistic because of the Procedures and Policies (My ad lib digest he agreement it “Layers of Security.” What a joke! I bet you couldn’t alike adhesive agglutinate on a ability band Kevin! Let abandoned apprehend that this isn’t a antic it is our frigging NATIONAL SECURITY we are talking about! You should be a LOT added austere about this Kev. Your and my, and anybody else’s absolute lives ability aloof depend on it! )Kev goes on.. about how Red Aggregation had complete admission and that’s unrealistic. (No it’s not keviee Insiders acquire complete access!)

Kev manages to leave the clairvoyant afflicted with what voting rights advocates want. Cardboard ballots vs. Op Scans vs. Accessible Antecedent software. (Kev do you apperceive any disabled folks? Acquire you apparent how they interface with computers? This allegation not be confusing, HAVA is actuality abused to acquiesce abject machines into the system, aback absolutely the accomplished activity needs to be on PAPER BALLOTS HAND COUNTED WITH PUBLIC OVERSIGHT, if your disabled, you can PRINT a PAPER BALLOT to be counted, the technology is there to do it. The blow of us advantageous to be healty association with eyes and easily can mark the cardboard ballots.)

Next branch he talks about the 2000 election, that cyberbanking voting machines became accepted to accede with HAVA (kev does not say HAVA) and the accessibility of voting booths. (Kev now you’ve gone too far, the accessibility address was appear afore Saturday August 4, 2007 . It shows that they STILL DO NOT COMPLY!)

Kev afresh talks about disabled voters adulation activity with DRE’s because they accommodate ability by audio playback of selections. (Kev, absolutely It’s my accepting that some electronics could be acclimated to advice the disabled PRINT A PAPER BALLOT TO BE HAND COUNTED WITH PUBLIC OVERSIGHT, the botheration is aback you acquire these un-validate-able cyberbanking machines absolutely accomplishing the COUNTING!!! Humans can not physically see electricity as it attack at 3e8 (lightspeed), they can see cardboard and can acquire accessible blank on PAPER they can SEE physically.)

The aftermost branch says how the time anatomy was fabricated abbreviate bla bla bla.. (I accede Kev the time is short!)

Kev Kevin Kevie whatever.. I acquire no account for you, if you alarm yourself a journalist. You apparently alike acquire a degree. Authentic Absolute crap. It should be revoked forth with your coveted columnist card.

If anyone out there wants to alarm kevin yamamura 916.326.5548 or [email protected]

But don’t acquire what I say, hey, I am aloof Joe 6 backpack with a DSL and actually; I am on my sixth beer appropriate now. Screw the spell checkers. Attending this all up for yourself, I don’t alarm myself a journalist. I am aloof a pissed off veteran, ailing of this crap. Pointing out actuality that absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely pisses me off.

I won’t be affairs a sac bee tomorrow. Hell (Bites) SN&R apparently has bigger actuality blockage than you do.

COMMENT #91 [Permalink]… gtash said on 8/5/2007 @ 4:52 am PT…

I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me there is now a almanac of antecedent set by a Accompaniment Government in abnegation adulterated and amiss voting equipment. Anybody up for a class-action lawsuit?

COMMENT #92 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/5/2007 @ 5:09 am PT…

Big Brother is a republican dejected dog democrat.

In the bill anesthetized Saturday, the republicans in the House all (except Johnson (IL) and Jones (NC)) voted to accord Bush what he demanded: warrantless wiretaps of americans.

These House democrats entered the preznit bloom anteroom of shame:

Altmire, Barrow, Bean, Boren, Boswell, Boyd (FL), Carney, Chandler, Cooper, Costa, Cramer, Cuellar, Davis (AL), Davis (Lincoln), Donnelly, Edwards, Ellsworth, Etheridge, Gordon, Herseth Sandlin, Higgins, Hill, Lampson, Lipinski, Marshall, Matheson, McIntyre, Melancon, Mitchell, Peterson (MN), Pomeroy, Rodriguez, Ross, Salazar, Shuler, Snyder, Space, Tanner, Taylor, Walz (MN), Wilson (OH)

(House Vote).

It is a day of infamy, and it portends the final canicule of what was already american democracy.

It is not the arrangement that counts, it is the bodies in the system. And those democrats in the House listed above, and all republicans save two, are authentic and simple traitors to the 4th Amendment.

COMMENT #93 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/5/2007 @ 9:23 am PT…

Dredd, I’ve been adage that all along: both parties are in on it.

COMMENT #94 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/5/2007 @ 9:28 am PT…

Dredd, I’VE BEEN SAYING that “the hack” starts in the Autonomous PRIMARY…like Hank Johnson over McKinney, and added little things like the Feeney/Clint Curtis things.

No one’s watching the Dem primaries actuality hacked, that’s area it all starts!

It makes sense, because attending at all the Democrats voting Republican!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT #95 [Permalink]… gr8fuldaniel said on 8/5/2007 @ 11:42 am PT…

Phil and Big Dan, I assumption its a bit moot, but I was 1st to accepting that SacBee commodity in Column 56

I allotment your sentiment… but the Bee does acquire a history of bias.I advanced Christine Craft annulled her cable aback they annulled her aftermost acumen for accepting it…. Mark Trail. God absolve her, She should acquire a gr8 actualization tomorrow… some absolute acceptable account for democracy!

Heres todays dosage of “Yammering” Yamamura:


Voting accommodation creates turmoilCounties abhorrence banned on cyberbanking machines will account chaos.By Kevin Yamamura – Bee Capitol BureauLast Updated 12:31 am PDT Sunday, August 5, 2007Story appeared in MAIN NEWS section, Page A1

~ ~ abbreviate ~ ~

County admiral abroad may activity Bowen’s actions, and Bowen said Saturday she would not be afraid if her appointment faces acknowledged activity from counties or manufacturers. She said she consulted with acknowledged admonition at breadth Friday and believes she can bear a challenge.

Of advance she can angle up to acknowledged challenges. We were awash a abnormal bill of goods. The (Republican owned) Acclamation Systems acquire had years to defended these machines.

Diebold has absent in cloister before….. BRING IT ON!!

We can accompany in a chimp to drudge their software and they will be laughed out of business. There will be a civic beachcomber of de-certifications! I accomplishment they DO try to sue! LOL!

Yamamura brought up “fear” again. This time its in the explanation “Counties fear… chaos”…. who fabricated this asshat agent for all CA counties? I advanced he needs to activity his own fears with a dosage of accepting and democracy.Poor babyish deceit drudge anymore elections… boo-hoo.

Peace out.

COMMENT #96 [Permalink]… gr8fuldaniel said on 8/5/2007 @ 12:12 pm PT…

I acquaint a animadversion on todays SacBee article….It hasnt apparent up yet.It went commodity like this:

Just Advance the Yellow Button and Vote as Abounding Times as You Appetite on Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machines!

Diebold systems can be afraid in 90 abnormal to casting the acclamation after-effects from one applicant to another… by a child.

COMMENT #97 [Permalink]… Stan said on 8/5/2007 @ 1:09 pm PT…

Its not absolutely a defeat for Diebold and Sequoia but not absolutely a accomplishment for the bodies in added words its added important to be apparent accomplishing the appropriate thing.Thanks for aggravating Deb.

COMMENT #98 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/5/2007 @ 2:57 pm PT…

… Stan said…

“Its not absolutely a defeat for Diebold and Sequoia but not absolutely a accomplishment for the people….”


In your (perfectly normal) attack to acquaint that the battles are far from over you acquire fabricated an incorrect statement.

It is a acerbic defeat for Diebold… and the added e-voting corporations.

Not abandoned did yet addition set of studies actualization up the absolute BS that underlies e-voting, but afresh the “largest voting bazaar in the US” took absolute activity adjoin Diebold and added e-voting corporations based on those studies… and are putting austere measures in abode to try and bouncer adjoin the absolute absolute dangers that the corporations can no best pretend aren’t there.

And this is absolutely a accomplishment for the bodies of CA… and the blow of the world. It’s aloof not the aftermost accomplishment that allegation be won.

But it is absolutely a defeat for Diebold and the added e-voting corporations… and a accomplishment for the people.

Of advance the accumulated spinmeisters will be badly attempting to portray this as “no big deal”… but afresh lying is what they do, right?

COMMENT #99 [Permalink]… MarkH said on 8/5/2007 @ 3:14 pm PT…

We won!

Debra! Debra! Debra! Debra! Debra! Debra! Debra!

Now, on to Washington and let’s win there!

COMMENT #100 [Permalink]… KYJurisDoctor said on 8/5/2007 @ 4:03 pm PT…

COMMENT #101 [Permalink]… youngharry said on 8/5/2007 @ 4:57 pm PT…


Hopefully the blow of America will wake-up and apprehend that they acquire no absolute affirmation that their votes will be counted for the applicant they vote for as connected as they are application cyberbanking voting machines.

Paper ballots and duke counts are the abandoned absolute answer.

COMMENT #102 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/5/2007 @ 5:35 pm PT…

… KYJurisDoctor whistled in the dark…

“That is why I ALWAYS use the machines with absolute cardboard trail.

Then you acquire been misled, like so abounding others…

“This way my vote is NOT manipulated!”


Once it was anticipation that “paper trails” were the answer… but afterwards the aboriginal blitz to get such trails that abstraction affronted out to be wrong. Because of the computer’s corruptibility and animal foibles it’s now accustomed that “paper trails” aren’t alike account the cardboard they’re printed on.

With DRE e-voting (what bodies accredit to as touchscreens) the computer can acquaint you one thing, book out commodity to bout what it told you and afresh the computer will absolutely casting and calculation your vote for… … (wait for it) for whatever aftereffect the actuality who aftermost accessed the apparatus capital from you.

This was afresh authentic yet again:

The answer?

The absolute acknowledgment has affronted out to be cardboard ballots that are absolutely counted.

Opscans use cardboard ballots and (hopefully) calculation anniversary one. Opscans are additionally hackable. But at atomic aback the opscan apparatus screws up there are absolute cardboard ballots larboard abaft to count.

COMMENT #103 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/5/2007 @ 7:50 pm PT…

“COMMENT #95 [Permalink]… gr8fuldaniel said on 8/5/2007 @ 11:42 am PT…

Phil and Big Dan, I assumption its a bit moot, but I was 1st to accepting that SacBee commodity in Column 56″

Sorry, I’m demography abounding acclaim for it! (smiley face)

COMMENT #104 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/5/2007 @ 7:53 pm PT…

Yamamura’s autograph could acquire been, “Debra Bowen is affronted for democracy”, but it’s accounting like, “Debra Bowen is creating controversy, and is dangerous, and doesn’t assume to apperceive what she’s doing.”

This is to Yamamura’s biased writing:


COMMENT #105 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/6/2007 @ 1:26 am PT…

The antecedent reactions I apprehend from the Daily Voting Account assume to announce absolute shock from the pro-corporate-control acclamation officials.

They shouldn’t acquire been surprised, really… but it seems that they absolutely acquire developed to acquire that it is the corporations who are in allegation of elections in California.

Debra Bowen is accomplishing her job, she is assuming her duty, and the corporation-compliant acclamation admiral aloof couldn’t… or wouldn’t… apprehend the advancing train.

COMMENT #106 [Permalink]… RICHARD SHADE said on 8/6/2007 @ 3:04 am PT…


COMMENT #107 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/6/2007 @ 6:02 am PT…

Richard #106;

Ron Paul bootless to vote to advocate the 4th Amendment and stood on the sidelines as Alberto Gonzales was accustomed acknowledged approval to eavesdrop afterwards a warrant.

Big Dan #93, #94

The neoCons in the autonomous activity (a.k.a. “Liebercrats”) alarm themselves “blue dog democrats”. Absolutely they are red accompaniment dogs.

Join the advance to booty them bottomward in ’08!!

Don’t apprehend any advice with voting apparatus improvements from these phonies. Break authentic dejected like Debra.

COMMENT #108 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/6/2007 @ 6:17 am PT…

Dredd forgets that acclamation candor is not about Appropriate and Left, it’s about appropriate and wrong.

COMMENT #109 [Permalink]… DaveG said on 8/6/2007 @ 7:39 am PT…

I acquire been attempting to accelerate the followiong letter to our Sec of Accompaniment but it comes aback as undeliverable:

Thank you for your efforts to restore capitalism to CA. I acquire that to accede with HAVA you acquire fabricated one e-machine accessible in anniversary voting place. Let us say that through out the accompaniment 100 broken voters address to use those machines. May I advance that the machines and those 100 votes be captivated sepirate and not alike be counted until afterwards all added varifiable votes are counted and after-effects published. Absolutely you could alike accept that those 100 votes went to the GOP. My fear, and I affirmation yours, is that, if counted, those 100 broken voters ability somehow bear 11,000,000 votes to the neo-cons. That’s what the cons and their machines are all about.

I am suggesting that an authentic calculation be maintained of those broken voters that address to use the machines be maintained and that those votes not be comingled with added votes. Absolutely they should not alike be counted until afterwards all added after-effects are published.

We acquire the affliction of abyss in ability because of riggable machines. We allegation to apperceive clearly, how abounding in the accompaniment requested to vote on the machines and those votes allegation to be captivated afar from all others.

COMMENT #110 [Permalink]… BOB YOUNG said on 8/6/2007 @ 7:49 am PT…


It may not about appropriate or left, but about appropriate or wrong. Authentic abundant but aback none on the appropriate anytime beasts from the backpack they are either all appropriate or all wrong. The RNC does not booty any angle on voting issues that could bigger facilitate artifice in elections. So they afterwards abort consistently booty the anti-democracy position.

They are either all appropriate or all amiss on added issues as able-bodied due to their chase the baton mentality. Let’s see how they arise out on bread-and-butter issues:

If you can acquire what they acquaint you then:

1. Anybody who gets any allotment of any tax cut allowances from that tax cut. 2. All tax cuts are acceptable tax cuts aback they pay for themselves. 3. Tax cuts pay for themselves because they actualize a able-bodied economy. 4. That able-bodied abridgement will absolutely aftereffect in an access in tax acquirement for the government.

If you acquire all of the aloft you can acquire all the nonsense you are fed by the appropriate addition “pundits” through the “liberal press”. If you can’t acquire the aloft you can’t acquire annihilation you apprehend from the “liberal press” via the appropriate addition “pundits” who accomplish up that “liberal press”.

In adjustment to acquire the aloft four claims you acquire to acquire that government revenues will be college if the tax ante are bargain to aught percent than they will be at any akin of taxation college than aught percent. If you can’t acquire that afresh you can’t acquire the complete nonsense the believers in accumulation ancillary economics are agriculture you through the mouths of all of those on the right. If 0% of aggregate is still nothing, afresh those on the appropriate are collapsed out amiss as usual! If 0% of aggregate is still nothing, afresh the absurd claims advancing from all of those on the appropriate via the “liberal press” can abandoned be believed by those who can’t advanced absolute well!

COMMENT #111 [Permalink]… the_zapkitty said on 8/6/2007 @ 8:09 am PT…

… DaveG said…

Nevermind what DaveG said.

Why should the disabled acquire their votes captivated aback from actuality counted? They shouldn’t… and beneath Bowens plan they won’t.

Bowen has ordered that all the votes that are casting on the DRE machines are to acquire their aborigine printouts 100% counted by duke – about axis the DRE’s into makeshift printers for bogus cardboard ballots…

… not as acceptable or as defended as absolute cardboard ballots but far bigger than the DRE’s accepted “vanishing cyberbanking ballots”.

COMMENT #112 [Permalink]… Angie Caputo said on 8/6/2007 @ 9:26 am PT…

News beat – Bethink the two acclamation workers who were bedevilled in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Kathleen Dreamer and Jacquelyn Maiden? They were prosecuted by “special prosecutor” & Erie Canton Prosecutor Kevin Baxter who was called by adjoining Cuyahoga Canton Prosecutor Bill Mason. The women were bedevilled and bedevilled to 18 months but were additionally accepted an appellate bond. The Appellate Cloister adjourned it aback to the balloon cloister and Cuyahoga Canton Common Pleas Adjudicator Shirley Strickland Saffold was accustomed the appointment to apprehend the Motion for new trial. Well, this morning Adjudicator Saffold accepted that motion. A attorneys eyewitness relayed that the adjudicator fabricated statements to the aftereffect that there was a accessible actualization of barbarism and that the women had a appropriate to a fair balloon and there was an actualization of an incestuous accord amid Bill Mason and Adjudicator Peter Corrigan. Break acquainted for Bill Mason to be put on the attestant stand. I admiration if Michael Vu and Bob Bennett will accept supoenas as well. It will be interesting.

COMMENT #113 [Permalink]… Barbara Bellows-TerraNova said on 8/7/2007 @ 2:49 am PT…

As always, Brad, amazing advantage for us and thanks.

Days later, though, is there a armpit area the best absolute archetype of that columnist appointment is posted?


COMMENT #114 [Permalink]… Larry Bergan said on 8/7/2007 @ 11:09 pm PT…

This won’t change annihilation in Utah for about thirty years, but what abundant news!

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