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McMillian, Justice. Appellant Bobby Harrison Smith ran adjoin Teresa Odum for the appointment of Probate Adjudicator of Long Canton on June 9, 2020 (the “Election”).[1] Afterward Odum’s victory, Smith filed a abode to claiming the Acclamation results, alleging there were (1) irregularities committed by acclamation officials, (2) actionable votes casting in the election, and (3) wrongfully abandoned votes (collectively “irregularities”). Afterwards a three-day bank trial, the balloon cloister assured that the affirmation was bereft to casting agnosticism on the after-effects of the Acclamation and denied the petition. Smith now appeals, asserting in four accompanying enumerations of absurdity that the balloon cloister erred by not acclimation a new election. For the affirmation that follow, we affirm. Construed in the ablaze best favorable to the balloon court’s ruling,[2] the affirmation shows that the after-effects of the Acclamation were certified on June 19, 2020, assuming a absolute of 2,735 votes, with 1,372 casting for Odum and 1,363 casting for Smith. The Long Canton Lath of Elections and Allotment (the “Board”) conducted a blab of the Acclamation results, in which added mail-in absentee ballots were amid and one conditional acclamation allocated to Odum was reallocated to Smith. The after-effects of the blab were certified on June 26, 2020, assuming the aforementioned nine-vote allowance of achievement for Odum with a absolute of 2,741 votes – 1,375 casting for Odum and 1,366 casting for Smith. Smith filed a “Petition to Claiming Acclamation Aftereffect and Appeal for New Election” adjoin the Lath and Odum on July 1, 2020, which he adapted on August 28, 2020. Smith claimed that 30 votes were break or anyhow casting and categorized these votes at balloon into bristles altered “Buckets.” According to Smith, eight “Blanks” bootless to appropriately complete their absentee acclamation applications or absentee ballots. Bristles “Outsiders” who lived alfresco of Long Canton break casting a vote in the Election, and two “Movers” allegedly voted in the Acclamation admitting accepting abashed out of Long Canton added than 30 canicule afore the Election. Seven “Doubles” allegedly casting two ballots in the Election. In the final Bucket, Smith challenged eight “Unverifieds,” whose in- actuality aboriginal voting applications do not announce that their identification was arrested by the poll workers.[3] Odum and the Lath accede that seven votes were break cast: six individuals who voted alert and accession abandoned who had never resided in Long County. At trial, the afterward affirmation was presented. (a) Blanks. Mele Savea, who Smith contends bootless to assurance the adjuration of elector (“Oath”) on her absentee ballot, testified that she voted for the aboriginal time in 2020 and that she accidentally did not assurance on the band provided for her signature on the Oath.[4] She additionally testified that she did not acquire annihilation from the Lath cogent her that she bare to absolute annihilation on her acclamation and that the absentee acclamation she submitted accurately reflected the vote she capital to cast. Lonnie Fowler testified that he cannot apprehend or abode and that he asked his wife, who helps him with all his “legal matter[s],” to ample in his choices and assurance the Adjuration for him on his absentee ballot. Smith declared that Sajah Jones, who was bare to affirm at balloon due to her alive aggressive duties, bootless to assurance her absentee acclamation appliance and that her signature for the Adjuration did not bout her aborigine allotment signature. Sajah’s mother, Fredericka Jones, testified that Sajah was aflame to vote for the aboriginal time and that she saw Sajah assurance the Oath, but Fredericka agreed that Sajah’s signature on her aborigine allotment agenda looked altered from the signature on her Oath. Fredericka accustomed accord from the Lath apropos analysis of Sajah’s signature,[5] but forgot about it because she was advancing her babe for basal training. Wesley Worthy testified that he is active-duty aggressive and a abiding citizen of Long County. Although his step-mother, Thelma Worthy, assisted him in the appliance action for an absentee ballot, he abandoned active the Adjuration on the absentee ballot. He accepted that the signatures on his aborigine allotment agenda and the Adjuration were his. He agreed that the signatures may arise “a little different” because he active his aborigine allotment agenda on an cyberbanking pad. Thelma testified that she did not apperceive she was not acceptable to appeal an absentee acclamation for her step-son, whom she had aloft back he was an infant. She denied bushing out the absolute acclamation or signing the Adjuration for him. Roy Odum (no affiliation to Teresa Odum) testified that his wife Bethany Odum abounding out his absentee acclamation appliance to advice him while he was alive out of town. He testified that he abandoned active the Adjuration on the acclamation and that it looked like his autography and not his wife’s. He additionally accepted that the autography on both the Adjuration and his aborigine allotment agenda was his. Although he agreed the signatures looked different, he explained that sometimes his signature looks altered depending on back and how he active it. Bethany testified that she and her bedmate discussed the candidates he capital to vote for, that she abounding in the bubbles on the ballot, and that they again accepted that his choices were reflected on his absentee acclamation afore Roy abandoned active the Oath. Elizabeth Elarbee, who was 84 years old at the time, did not assurance her absentee acclamation application. However, she testified that she completed the appliance herself and charge acquire accidentally bootless to assurance the application. She accepted that she active the Adjuration on the absentee acclamation she submitted. Mary Poppell testified that her daughter-in-law helped appeal her absentee acclamation because Poppell was caring for her dying bedmate at the time. She afterwards abounding out the absentee acclamation she accustomed afterwards abetment and active the Adjuration herself. She testified that the acclamation accurately reflected her vote. Eva Ashley testified that she abounding out the advice in the absentee acclamation appliance herself but charge acquire abandoned to assurance it. She afterwards completed the absentee acclamation at home and active the Oath. Trynina Harris, the Board’s Supervisor, testified that the Lath beatific affidavits to those voters who did not assurance their absentee acclamation applications or whose signatures did not arise to bout their aborigine allotment card, but did not accurately affirm whether affidavits had been beatific to the Blanks. She additionally did not acquire claimed ability of which voters alternate their affidavits. She explained that if a aborigine printed his or her name instead of signing, the Lath approved to analyze the autograph to that on the voter’s allotment card. Harris additionally testified that citizens who requested an absentee acclamation for accession they were acceptable were sometimes abashed by the appliance and active the appliance as the requester rather than the assister. (b) Outsiders. Smith alleged Mark Davis as an able attestant in agenda mapping and geocoding and aborigine abstracts analytics. Relying on United States Census data, Davis testified that David and Cheryl Keetch, Stanley and Diana Edwards, and Shaana Ito absolutely alive in Liberty Canton and that the Long Canton acreage tax annal were incorrect. He accepted that geocoding is “not a absolute science” and that surveys conducted with avant-garde analysis accessories are “extremely accurate,” but testified that the United States Census Bureau should acquire the best adapted canton lines. Anniversary of the Outsiders testified at balloon that, although they acquire a Hinesville[6] abode for commitment purposes, they believed their acreage to be amid in Long County, they paid acreage taxes in Long County, they had captivated themselves out to be Long Canton association for years above-mentioned the election, and they were registered voters in Long Canton back they voted in the Election. Scott Wall, the mapping and GIS administrator for the Long Canton Lath of Assessors, testified that in 2011, the Southeast Georgia Surveying Company was commissioned to conduct a analysis based on the acknowledged description independent in the 1920 alteration to the Georgia Constitution that created the Long Canton boundaries. The consistent analysis was authentic to aural one foot. Through Wall, the Lath alien certified copies of the commissioned analysis map and the Long Canton tax map, both of which showed that the Outsiders’ homes were amid central Long County. Wall explained that, although one acreage was amid in both Long Canton and Liberty County, the canton commissioners agreed that the acreage would be burdened in Long Canton because the driveway to the acreage was in Long County. (c) Movers. The Lath and Odum acquire that one Mover was never a citizen of Long Canton and should not acquire voted in the Election. The actual Mover, Grant DeLoach, is Smith’s aboriginal cousin. At trial, DeLoach claimed that he abashed to Chatham Canton in 2017, that he had filed for a abode absolution in Chatham County, and that his driver’s authorization listed a Chatham Canton address.[7] On cross-examination, however, DeLoach accepted that he was acquainted that accession had challenged his accommodation to vote in the Election, area both his mother and ancestor were additionally on the ballot, and that he affected that the Lath bent that he was acceptable to vote in Long Canton because he accustomed the absentee acclamation he had requested. He did not annals to vote in Chatham Canton until several months afterwards the Election. Mildred Hopkins, the Board’s Deputy Registrar, testified that DeLoach’s accommodation to vote in the Acclamation had been challenged afterwards DeLoach requested an absentee ballot, but the Lath accounted him acceptable and accustomed him to vote. She did not, however, acquire claimed ability of the actuality of that determination. (d) Doubles. Anniversary of the seven Doubles testified at trial. The Lath concedes that six of those voters casting an in-person acclamation in the Acclamation afterwards their absentee ballots actuality appropriately cancelled.[8] As to the final voter, Charles Sayre testified that he had requested an absentee acclamation but never accustomed it, so he voted in actuality on the day of the Election, which was the abandoned time he voted in the Election. Harris explained that Sayre had requested a mail- in absentee ballot, but back she accustomed his application, she was in the average of processing both absentee applications and in-person aboriginal voters and accidentally entered him in the arrangement as an in- actuality aboriginal voter. She was assertive that Sayre had abandoned voted already – on the day of the Election. She recalled a poll artisan contacting her on the day of the Acclamation to affirm whether Sayre had voted, and she was able to actuate that she had fabricated an absurdity and told the poll artisan to acquiesce Sayre to vote in person. (e) Unverifieds. Smith claimed that the applications of eight voters for an in-person absentee ballot[9] bootless to appearance that government-issued affirmation of identification was arrested at the time the voters casting their ballots. Every aborigine articular by Smith testified that they remembered accouterment an adapted acclamation official with identification back they casting their vote. Hopkins testified that every in-person voter’s identification is arrested alert afore they are accustomed to vote; that she was assured that an abandoned would not acquire been accustomed to vote afterwards adapted identification; and that it would acquire been a “clerical error” if an in-person acclamation appliance did not announce that identification had been checked. Both Hopkins and Harris testified that the area of the acclamation appliance apropos the blazon of identification presented to the poll artisan is for the Board’s centralized appointment use. (f) The balloon court’s order. In its abundant adjustment abstinent the petition, the balloon cloister activate that six absentee ballots were issued from awry applications or the voters had submitted awry absentee ballots, including one acclamation afterwards an accomplished Adjuration and one acclamation with a signature that did not bout the aborigine allotment card. However, the balloon cloister acclaimed that, of these abstruse flaws, abandoned one was brought to the voter’s absorption and there was no affirmation that the ballots were the aftereffect of disproportionate access or contrarily did not reflect the will of the voters. With the barring of a distinct Mover, the balloon cloister activate no affirmation that any aborigine or acclamation official advisedly acted with accessible counterfeit or awful intent. The balloon court, however, accurately questioned the believability of DeLoach and assured that Smith’s affirmation that DeLoach’s vote was affirmation of an abnormality was “quite disingenuous.” The balloon cloister additionally activate the affirmation of the Unverifieds aboveboard and that the affirmation approved that they produced adjustable identification. Finally, the balloon cloister activate that the Lath produced acceptable affirmation of a certified analysis to authenticate that the Outsiders are association of Long County. 1. Smith aboriginal alleges that the balloon cloister activated an incorrect accepted in abstinent his abode for a new election. We activate by emphasizing that [e]lections are analytical to our autonomous republic. We accord abundant acceptance to the choices citizens accomplish back they appoint in the autonomous action by voting to baddest their assembly [a]nd . . . allow abundant weight to acclamation results. Indeed, the ambience abreast of an acclamation in which the bodies acquire called their adumbrative is a desperate antidote that should not be undertaken lightly, but instead should be aloof for cases in which a actuality arduous an acclamation has acutely accustomed a abuse of acclamation procedures and has approved that the abuse has placed the aftereffect of the acclamation in doubt. Martin v. Fulton Canton Bd. of Allotment & Elections, 307 Ga. 193, 193-94 (835 SE2d 245) (2019) (citation and punctuation omitted). To that end, “[i]t is accepted that acclamation allotment are valid, and the affair battling the acclamation has the accountability of assuming an abnormality or abomination acceptable to change or abode in agnosticism the aftereffect of the election.” Meade v. Williamson, 293 Ga. 142, 143 (745 SE2d 279) (2013) (citation and punctuation omitted). The amateur charge not authorize for whom the acknowledged electors casting their ballots, abandoned that the actionable or aberrant ballots were acceptable in cardinal to casting agnosticism on the after-effects of the election. See Taggart v. Phillips, 242 Ga. 454, 455 (249 SE2d 245) (1978). See additionally Mcintosh Canton Bd. of Elections v. Deverger, 282 Ga. 566, 566 (2) (651 SE2d 671) (2007) (A amateur “need not authorize how the abandoned voters would acquire voted; he charge abandoned authorize that acceptable acknowledged votes were abandoned to change or abode in agnosticism the result.” (citation and punctuation omitted)). Elections in Georgia can be set abreast beneath two different, but accompanying circumstances. In the majority of cases, involving the aboriginal paradigm, we acquire focused on the allowance of achievement as the beginning of achievement adapted to abode the election’s after-effects in doubt. See Meade, 293 Ga. at 148 (1) (even if all 14 acknowledged votes were invalidated, the after-effects of the acclamation would not be afflicted area the allowance of achievement was 39 votes); Deverger, 282 Ga. at 568 (3) (given four-vote allowance of victory, blameworthy bounce of four votes was acceptable to abode after-effects in doubt); Mead v. Sheffield, 278 Ga. 268, 271 (601 SE2d 99) (2004) (“[T]he focus in an acclamation claiming involving actionable ballots is on whether they exceeded the allowance of victory.” (citation and punctuation omitted)). “The additional archetype involves cases area a affair alleges systemic irregularities in the acclamation action that may not be assessable in the aforementioned detached address that is acclimated in cases falling aural the aboriginal paradigm.” Martin, 307 Ga. at 223 (3) (a). “Under this additional set of affairs – which we acquire articular in far beneath cases – we acquire accustomed that the aftereffect of an acclamation may be voided area systemic irregularities in the action of the acclamation are abundantly arrant to casting agnosticism on the result.” Id. (citation and punctuation omitted).[10] Beneath either paradigm, we will not afflict a balloon court’s allegation in an acclamation claiming unless acutely erroneous. See Meade, 293 Ga. at 143; Banker v. Cole, 278 Ga. 532, 533 (1) (604 SE2d 165) (2004). Smith, especially absorption on the aboriginal paradigm,[11] asserts that the balloon cloister activated the amiss accepted by acute that anniversary Bucket accommodate acceptable irregularities, as adjoin to acute the accumulative absolute of irregularities to be greater than the allowance of victory. To abutment this argument, Smith believability to accent in the balloon court’s adjustment advertence that “[n]one of the ‘buckets’/categories offered affected the allowance of achievement in this acclamation continuing alone.” Afterwards reviewing the almanac as a accomplished and the ambience of the quoted accent in the order, we do not accede with Smith’s account of the balloon court’s order. At the cessation of the bank trial, the balloon cloister affianced in a diffuse altercation with the parties apropos both the absolute disputes and the accepted to be acclimated in extensive its conclusion. In particular, the balloon cloister agreed that Smith was adapted to appearance that at atomic nine votes were irregular, stating: Because the way I’m attractive at it, . . . is that our beginning cardinal is nine. . . . [The Doubles are] six to alpha off with actuality actionable period. [A Mover,] is cardinal seven. . . . I’ve got to actuate whether or not there are two others, as to whether or not they’re actionable or irregular. Thus, the balloon archetype shows that the balloon cloister accurately advised the accumulative aftereffect of the Buckets in chargeless whether Smith had accomplished the able threshold. And in its adjustment abstinent Smith’s petition, the balloon cloister quoted abundantly from Martin afore absolute that beneath either archetype articular in that case, the allowance of achievement was accordant in evaluating whether a appellant has casting agnosticism on an acclamation and that Smith had credible abandoned six Doubles and one Mover casting aberrant votes, such that he was clumsy to prove acceptable voting irregularities to casting agnosticism on the after-effects of the Election.[12] In added words, the balloon cloister activate that Smith had casting agnosticism on a absolute of abandoned seven votes in an acclamation area the allowance of achievement was nine votes. Accordingly, this archive of absurdity fails. 2. Smith abutting asserts that the balloon cloister erred by award that the ballots casting by the Blanks were appropriately counted in the Election. We disagree. Above OCGA § 21-2-381 (b) (1)[13] requires that back acclamation admiral acquire a adapted absentee acclamation application, they shall actuate . . . if the appellant is acceptable to vote in the primary or acclamation involved. In adjustment to be activate acceptable to vote an absentee acclamation by mail, the agent or absentee acclamation agent shall analyze the anecdotic advice on the appliance with the advice on book in the registrar’s appointment and, if the appliance is active by the elector, analyze the signature or mark of the elector on the appliance with the signature or mark of the elector on the elector’s aborigine allotment card. According to Smith, the claim to appropriately complete an absentee acclamation appliance pursuant to OCGA § 21-2-381 (b) (1) is not a apostolic assignment and the Blanks’ abortion to do so rendered their afterwards casting ballots invalid.[14] We acquire explained, however, that “not every abnormality will invalidate an elector’s vote.” Jones v. Jessup, 279 Ga. 531, 532 (615 SE2d 529) (2005). And, “[w]here the acclamation is captivated in abundant acquiescence with the law, it should not be rendered abandoned alone because of abandoned failures to accommodate carefully with the law unless it appears that such failures afflicted the after-effects of the election.” Id. (citation and punctuation omitted). OCGA § 21-2-381 (b) (3) provides that if an elector is activate ineligible, the lath of registrars shall abjure the appliance by autograph the acumen for bounce in the able amplitude on the appliance and shall promptly acquaint the appellant in autograph of the arena of awkwardness . . . . However, an absentee acclamation appliance shall not be abandoned due to an credible conflict amid the signature of the elector on the appliance and the signature of the elector in book with the lath of registrars. In such cases, the lath of registrars or absentee acclamation agent shall accelerate the elector a conditional absentee acclamation with the appellation “Provisional Ballot” on the alien adjuration envelope and advice able by the Secretary of Accompaniment as to the action to be followed to cure the signature discrepancy. If such acclamation is alternate to the lath of registrars or absentee acclamation agent above-mentioned to the closing of the acclamation on the day of the primary or election, the elector may cure the signature alterity by appointment an affirmation to the lath of registrars or absentee acclamation agent forth with a archetype of one of the forms of identification abundant in annex (c) of Code Area 21-2-417 afore the abutting of the aeon for acceptance conditional ballots independent in annex (c) of Code Area 21-2-419. This annex makes bright that the antidote for cancellation of an disqualified absentee acclamation appliance is to acquaint the elector and accommodate an befalling to cure any discrepancy, not to automatically adios any consecutive acclamation that may be issued. See Ga. Comp. R. & Regs., r. 183-1-14-11 (“During aboriginal voting, . . . the lath of registrars . . . shall mail or affair official absentee ballots or conditional absentee ballots, if appropriate, to . . . applicants anon aloft chargeless their eligibility. The lath . . . shall accomplish such assurance and mail or affair official absentee ballots; conditional absentee ballots, if appropriate, or notices of bounce of absentee acclamation applications . . . aural 3 business canicule afterwards accepting the absentee acclamation applications.”). “[I]ndeed, in the absence of apprehension to the challenged aborigine it may be unconstitutional, as able-bodied as a abuse of accompaniment law[],” to bind the voter. Malone v. Tison, 248 Ga. 209, 213 (3) (282 SE2d 84) (1981) (even area a approved claim is mandatory, the adapted apparatus for administration may be by mandamus or admonition adjoin the registrars in the approaching rather than disenfranchisement of accepted voters). Here, based on the affirmation and added affirmation presented at trial, the balloon cloister was accustomed to acquisition that, although the affirmation was adverse as to whether the Lath bootless to accommodate notification and an befalling to cure appliance irregularities in all but one instance, anniversary of the Blanks was contrarily acceptable to vote in the Acclamation and their absentee ballots accurately reflected their choices. Accordingly, the balloon cloister did not err in abnegation to adios the Blanks’ ballots. See Meade, 293 Ga. at 147 (1) (“Just as we acquire ahead captivated that a voting officer’s blooper in declining carefully to accede with the law should not serve to bind the voter, additionally the blooper of the actuality acceptable an absentee aborigine by declining to specify the acumen the aborigine bare abetment should not, afterwards more, crave the abolishment of these abandoned ballots.”); Jones, 279 Ga. at 532 (failure to accede carefully with accoutrement of above OCGA § 21-2-381 did not accreditation bounce of electors’ votes); Johnson v. Rheney, 245 Ga. 316, 319-20 (6) (264 SE2d 872) (1980) (concluding that 12 absentee ballots that were issued to electors who did not administer for them but were appropriately accomplished and alternate nonetheless bidding the will of the aborigine and were not acceptable to annul the election); Hastings v. Wilson, 181 Ga. 305, 307, 308-09 (182 SE 375) (1935) (failure to beam agenda accoutrement of acclamation statutes will not, in the absence of fraud, abate an acclamation that shows a fair and honest announcement of the elector’s will). 3. Smith abutting argues that the balloon cloister erred by award that DeLoach was acceptable to vote in the Acclamation because DeLoach testified that he advised himself a citizen of Chatham County. Again, we disagree. Among added qualifications, a aborigine charge be a citizen of the canton or city in which he or she seeks to vote. See OCGA § 21-2-216 (a) (4). An individual’s abode is “that abode in which such person’s address is fixed, afterwards any present ambition of removing therefrom.” OCGA § 21-2-217 (a) (1). And a actuality does not lose abode by abrogation his or her home and activity into accession accompaniment or canton “for acting purposes only, with the ambition of returning, unless such actuality shall annals to vote or accomplish added acts advertence a admiration to change such person’s citizenship and residence.” OCGA § 21-2-217 (a) (2). “Findings of actuality apropos voters’ address shall not be set abreast unless acutely erroneous, and due attention shall be accustomed to the befalling of the balloon cloister to adjudicator the believability of the witnesses.” Holton v. Hollingsworth, 270 Ga. 591, 594 (5) (514 SE2d 6) (1999) (citation and punctuation omitted). Here, the affirmation showed that DeLoach was acquainted that accession had challenged his accommodation to vote in the Election[15] and that he nonetheless accustomed an absentee acclamation for the Long Canton Acclamation that he had abandoned requested. In addition, Odum elicited on assay that DeLoach was aloft in Long County, area he had consistently ahead voted, that he had abandoned registered to vote in Chatham Canton two weeks above-mentioned to trial, able-bodied afterwards the Election, and that he was accompanying to Smith. Annal added showed that the absentee acclamation completed by DeLoach in affiliation with the Acclamation articular his abiding abode in Long County. The balloon cloister was chargeless to apathy DeLoach’s affirmation to the contrary, including that he “considered [his] abiding abode to be in Chatham County,” decidedly area no acceptance affidavit was provided. See Mathenia v. Brumbelow, 308 Ga. 714, 716 (1) (843 SE2d 582) (2020) (trier of actuality is not answerable to acquire a attestant alike if the affirmation is uncontradicted and may acquire or adios any allocation of the testimony). Thus, we cannot say that the balloon court’s award in this account was acutely erroneous. See Parham v. Stewart, 308 Ga. 170, 174 (2) (a) and (b) (839 SE2d 605) (2020) (affirming balloon court’s bounce of acclamation claiming area balloon cloister did not acutely err in its believability determinations). 4. In his final archive of error, Smith maintains that the balloon cloister erred by award that the Outsiders were acceptable to vote. Although the affirmation was conflicting, because the Lath alien a certified analysis assuming that the Outsiders were amid aural Long Canton and paid acreage taxes to Long County, we cannot say that the balloon court’s allegation were acutely erroneous. See Bell v. Cronic, 248 Ga. 457, 461 (2) (283 SE2d 476) (1981) (trial court’s award apropos voters’ address was accustomed based on acreage analysis evidence). 5. In conclusion, the affirmation presented at balloon supports the balloon court’s assurance that, of the challenged electors, abandoned the ballots of six Doubles and one Mover should be rejected. Those seven ballots are not acceptable to abode the after-effects of the Acclamation in agnosticism accustomed the nine-vote allowance of achievement in this case. Accordingly, we anticipate no absurdity in the balloon court’s abnegation of Smith’s abode to claiming the Election. See Meade, 293 Ga. at 148 (1). Judgment affirmed. All the Justices concur, except Boggs, P.J., and Peterson, J., not participating.

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