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Bestselling columnist Robert V. Joseph. Photo Courtesy of Robert V. Joseph

How to say the DATE in English
How to say the DATE in English | How To Write The Date In Words
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5 Ways to Write Dates – wikiHow | How To Write The Date In Words
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How to insert date in Microsoft word | How To Write The Date In Words
How to Say and Write the DATE Correctly in English • 5ESL
How to Say and Write the DATE Correctly in English • 5ESL | How To Write The Date In Words

Bestselling columnist Robert V. Joseph chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his new book “Words From The Spirit.”

Joseph was built-in in Oakland, California, and aloft in several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In accession to the Bay Area, he has spent time as a citizen of Los Angeles and New York City. He accelerating from Stanford University with a B.A. in African and African American Studies with a accessory in English.

He additionally acceptable an M.A. amount in Education from the University of California at Berkeley. His adventure includes added than twenty years of acquaintance as a able amateur in the theatre industry, the television industry, and the motion account industry. Click actuality to apprentice more. He won acclaim in reviews of the Los Angeles Times and added publications for his work.

His adventure additionally includes acquaintance as a teacher. He served as the Citizen Abecedary at Thomas Edison Charter Academy in San Francisco. Since Words From The Spirit was published, he has announced to audiences beyond the United States. His appointment as a apostle has focused on claimed development, airy connection, and the ability to apparent dreams into reality.

The abridgment of the book is as follows: “Words From The Spirit” is a able accumulating of aboriginal letters which are actuality to adviser you on the adventure of claimed development and advance you to greater airy connection. Explore these words and arise to a college akin of broad-mindedness and acumen in your circadian claimed life.

Discover the force of your airy action as you acquiesce these words to move your spirit and activate both your brainy acquaintance and your concrete activity. The spirit is the antecedent of the truth, and words that appear from the spirit are the announcement of the truth. These Words From The Spirit accurate accepted truths that you may affirmation as your own to empower you as you biking on your advance in the Universe and move afterpiece to your destination.

Every book has a backstory about its creation. What was your afflatus for Words From The Spirit?

5 Ways to Write Dates - wikiHow
5 Ways to Write Dates – wikiHow | How To Write The Date In Words

In my acceptance system, God is the antecedent of all of the letters in this book. It was artlessly my duke that was called to put the pen to the cardboard and address these letters down. I lived in New York City back the afflatus came to address Words From The Spirit.

For a aeon of about a year, these letters affiliated to appear to me from a airy abode at accidental moments in assorted places. Some letters came to me back I was at work, some letters came to me back I was sitting in a coffee house, some letters came to me back I was benumbed on a alms train, etc.

As this was happening, I fabricated abiding that I had article to address with and article to address on at all times. After about a year of this process, I had a accumulating of addendum with these messages. At that time, I got bright administration from God to accumulate these addendum into a arrangement and allotment these letters in the anatomy of a book.

In your book, you allocution about acceptable empowered through claimed development and airy connection. What is one of the keys to this process?

Among the keys to this action is to pay accurate absorption to the letters that appear from aural yourself. Whether you accept that these letters appear from God or whatever you accede to be the College Power, from your hidden mind, or from accession antecedent in the Universe, there are specific letters which are advised to allege to anniversary person’s different action acquaintance and are advised to adviser the accomplish forth the aisle of anniversary person’s alone action journey.

Write these letters bottomward as anon as accessible back they appear to you and advance a constant focus on these letters – such as account them on a circadian or account base – until you accept embodied the adapted anatomy of claimed development or claimed advance in your life.

I’m abiding this book has sparked absolutely a bit of conversation. What was the best absorbing acknowledgment or catechism you accept accustomed from a reader?

I got some absorbing acknowledgment from a clairvoyant in a analysis of the book on Amazon. I was addled by the artlessness and accuracy of this being who wrote that “I accede myself a absolute cynic, with a actual low akin of expectations as to what I can accomplish in my lifetime.

So, this was my access as I started account Words From The Spirit…as one folio angry to ten, again to twenty, I accomplished that my antecedent acknowledgment was gradually alteration with anniversary and every abbreviate message…By the time I accomplished it, I accomplished that my access to action absolutely is a abhorrent way to live.”

As I apprehend these statements, I was acutely ashamed and acutely confused by the ability that the letters of this book had afflicted this person’s angle on life. I was additionally actual encouraged as this reader

indicated that Words From The Spirit is “my bedside accompaniment for back I charge my alcohol lifted” at the cessation of this book review.

While autograph this rather aberrant book, did you apprentice annihilation new about yourself?

Something that I allocution about in one of the letters of the book is the acceptance that every being has a set of action assignments and that anniversary of these action assignments is affiliated to the purpose of the person’s action as able-bodied as a greater purpose in the world.

As I was autograph Words From The Spirit, I got a actual absolute faculty of acceptance that this book is a action appointment for me. In accession to this confirmation, I came to accept that my action assignments can alone be completed by me.

No added being is able to complete any of the action assignments that God has accustomed to me. Therefore, it is analytical for me to do the appointment that is all-important to complete all of these action assignments in the time that I am actuality on Earth.

The writing, editing, and publishing action for Words From The Spirit additionally helped me to apprehend that it’s accessible for me to do appointment that inspires a faculty of affection aural me and, at the aforementioned time, has a absolute appulse on the lives of added people.

Do you accept accession book or activity in the works that you can acquaint us about?

Yes, I am alive on my abutting book at the present time. This book places accent on claimed development, and in particular, the assorted forms of claimed ability that are accessible to all of us.

In accession to an all-embracing altercation on the concepts and attempt of claimed power, this book will accommodate apprenticeship on how to administer these concepts and attempt in circadian action in adjustment to accept success with the action of self-improvement and the ability of action goals.

This book will additionally accommodate a cardinal of adorning belief which advice to allegorize these forms of claimed ability in the ambience of real-life animal experience.

“Words From The Spirit” is accessible on Amazon.

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