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The safety of Ward 7 constituents is always a priority for Councilmember Alexander. She and her Constituent Service staff work continuously with the Metropolitan Police Department – Sixth District, community organizations and appropriate District government agencies to prevent an increase in crime by addressing issues that can lead to potential illegal activity. Her efforts ensure the well-being of all Ward 7 residents, with some measures that extend throughout the entire District of Columbia.


OMNIBUS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE REGULATION AMENDMENT ACT OF 2014: Limits alcohol advertising to 25 percent of total retail window space. This bill also enhances penalties for retailers selling to minors.

DC GENERAL SHORT-TERM PLAYGROUND AMENDMENT ACT OF 2014: To amend Section 7 of the Homeless Service Reform Act of 2005 to require the identification of a public space suitable for a playground for children at D.C. General Hospital.

ENHANCED SECURITY AT GAS STATIONS AMENDMENT ACT OF 2007: Requires gas stations in the District to have 24-hour surveillance to increase safety and enhance security.

FIRE HYDRANT INSPECTION, REPAIR, MAINTENANCE AND FIRE PREPAREDNESS TEMPORARY AMENDMENT ACT OF 2007: Requires the Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) in collaboration with the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, to develop a plan for inspecting, repairing and maintaining public fire hydrants and the provision of adequate water pressure levels through the District.

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