What did Dallas call a heater?

A “heater” is a slang word for a pistol or a hand gun. Dallas Winston, the toughest and most street-wise member of the greasers in The Outsiders, grew up on the streets of New York.

In The Outsiders, a “heateris a gun and Dally has one because of the conflict between the Greasers and the Socs that has escalated since Johnny killed Bob. He wants to have a gun so that he can at least bluff his way out of trouble.

Similarly, what did the greasers call a gun? Answer and Explanation: In The Outsiders, a heater is slang for a gun. Dally is armed because of the increased tension between the Socs and the Greasers.

why does Dally carry an unloaded gun?

To scare off the socs, the socs are hostile and angry since their friend was killed.

What does the unloaded gun symbolize in the outsiders?

It is where Soda works and further strengthens the idea that Socs are dirty people. What does the unloaded gun symbolize? The unloaded gun symbolizes something that seems a threat yet is not. As is apparent, the greasers seem like a threat to the Socs but are not.

What is another word for heater in the outsiders?

A “heater” is a slang word for a pistol or a hand gun. Dallas Winston, the toughest and most street-wise member of the greasers in The Outsiders, grew up on the streets of New York.

Why does Cherry agree to spy for the greasers?

Why did Cherry become a spy for the greasers in The Outsiders? She wanted the fighting to stop because she hated fighting; secondly, she had a huge crush on Dally, so she would do whatever it took to help the greasers; and finally, after meeting Ponyboy she realized that not all greasers are the same.

Who is spying on the SOCS for the greasers?

That Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for the greasers shocks Ponyboy and Johnny, but then they learn that Bob, the dead Soc, had been her boyfriend. Dally informs them that Cherry has said that she is willing to testify that the Socs were drunk that night and that Johnny acted only in self-defense.

Why is cherry helping the greasers?

Cherry helps the Greasers for a few reasons. She doesn’t think the fighting is right, and wants the fighting to stop. Secondly, she has a huge crush on Dally. Her feelings for Dally motivate her to do what she can for the Greasers.

What does savvy mean in outsiders?

“Savvy” is used here as a question that means the same as “you dig?” As a noun, it means “common sense” and as an adjective, it means “having common sense.” So a savvy person has savvy, savvy? “Listen, kiddo, when Darry hollers at you he don’t mean nothin’. He’s just got more worries than somebody his age ought to.

What does slugged mean in the outsiders?

Slugged (Punched) 14. Lift (Steal) .

What does break us mean in the outsiders?

reformatory. a correctional place for minors. break us. break drive. cancer stick.

What does gallantly mean in the outsiders?

gallantly. in a heroic or brave manner. sophisticated. having worldly knowledge and refinement.

How did ponyboy feel when he awoke in the church?

How did Ponyboy feel when he awoke in the church? He didn’t know where he was and wished it was all just a dream. In what ways did Johnny care for Ponyboy? He gave him food, supported him, thought of him, brought him entertainment, and protected him.

Why do the SOCS and greasers fight?

The Socs and greasers choose to have the rumble in a vacant lot in greaser territory, because the lot is a less conspicuous place where they hoped the cops would not break up the fight. Moreover, the lot is convenient for the greasers in terms of location because it is in their neighborhood.

Why is a gun called a heater?

Heater (Slang Meaning) Heater (Heat) is a slang term used to refer to guns. When a gun is fired it heats up, hence the term heater. Though people mostly refer to handguns as heaters, all guns are considered heaters. If a machine gun with large mag is fired repeatedly it might even catch fire.

Why does ponyboy get sick on the fifth day at the church?

Why does Pony get sick on the fifth day at the church? He smoked too much (12 packs), wasn’t eating, got sick from too much nicotine.

What does broad mean in the outsiders?

Broad. A term for a woman, usually offensive. Cooler. Jail. Turf.

What does ponyboy realize while hiding out in the abandoned church with Johnny?

Waking up in a church with the dull realization that Johnny’s killing of Bob and the flight from the law really did happen, Ponyboy daydreams about being with Darry and Soda and how wonderful life was at home. Soda had discovered Pony’s sweatshirt at Buck’s and realized that Dally knew where Pony was hiding.